The Body Shop are a beauty brand that I have grown up with. I remember back in my teens, going shopping with friends on the weekend buying everything White Musk (because I was cool) and lots of bath pearls, remember them? I never used to use the pearls, just put them into pretty pots and scatter them around my bedroom because the smelt so good! Now bath oils are in pretty bottles and bath bombs have taken over so gone are the days of the bath pearl. As I have grown up I realise that I now have new Body Shop favourites like their body butters and the Camomile cleansing range but nevertheless, Body Shop is still a part of my beauty regime as it was all those years ago. I think this is the case for many of us, both male and female and is a strong testament to that brand when it has gone through life with you.

I have noticed over the past month's how Body Shop have really stepped up their game when it comes to skincare with the launch of some pretty impressive products that are becoming very popular on the skincare scene i.e. the face masks. I was very happy to be invited to join in on The Anti-Pollution Campaign as The Body Shop are on a mission to get us all on board! I was kindly sent a few items of skincare to try which had me very excited seeing as this is a line that has had everyone talking. Plus it's great to see how a brand has grown as I have grown (and got older, a lot older) too.

The Body Shop's Anti-Pollution Revolution invites us all to 'peel' and help protect our skin with the Drops of Youth Anti-Pollution 100% Vegan skincare duo

The Body Shop, Drops of Youth
Being 100% Vegan Skincare this a line that shall appeal to many of us. The Body Shop want to bring awareness about the damaging effects of pollution and how it is really is bad news for our skin. An alarming 80% of all our ageing is caused by environmental aggressors and with the beauty industry being as big as it is, is proof that we are all willing to try whatever we can to preserve our youth. 

With this in mind, they have come up with a pollution fighting team that is widely available to us all. The products that I have been trialling are Drops of Youth Liquid Peel and Drops of Youth Fresh Emulsion SPF20 enriched with three plant stem cells: Edelweiss, Sea Holly and Criste Marine as well as Community Trade Babassu Oil from Brazil. Ingredients that I have seen in many high end (pricey) skincare brands. 

The Body Shop, Drops of Youth
The Body Shop, Drops of Youth, Liquid Peel
The Body Shop, Drops of Youth, Liquid Peel
STEP 1 Peel of the Pollutants with Drops of Youth Liquid Peel, 145ml, £18 (buy here!)
A liquid exfoliator that gently peels off impurities, lifting dead skin cells and residues. This very unique gel-to-peel leaves skin super clean and purified and with regular use shall keep your skin smooth, fresh and more luminous looking. Apply 1-2 pumps (a little goes a long way) over cleansed skin 2-3 times per week and then massage it all over your face for about 20 seconds until the gel balls up and turns into white flakes that are busy removing all the dead skin, then rinse. It's that easy!

I personally love liquid exfoliators as they get to work more effectively and this gel texture is very unique. I did not know what to expect from this product but I was very excited to try it and turns out it's amazing, LOVE it. In fact it has been living next to my sink where I have been using it religiously 2x week and my skin does feel a lot smoother and looks fresher, this I know because my make-up sits on my skin better and looks flawless. This is a product for everyone to use; all skin types and all ages as it is very gentle. Who doesn't want fresher looking skin? Hence there is no reason you would not like this one. It is ideal for younger skins that want to safe guard their skin against premature ageing and for all others that want to do all that they can to keep the skin fresh and smooth which results in a more youthful glow. I did read up about this one prior to me trying it and the reviews were all 5* and now I see why; the hype is defineitely real. It impressed me a lot more than I thought it would and enough to say, this is a product you should try to see the results for yourself.
The Body Shop, Drops of Youth, Fresh Emulsion
STEP 2 Protect from Pollution & UV with Youth Fresh Emulsion SFP20 PA+++ 50ml, £22 (Buy here!) 
A hydrating gel emulsion that is ultra-lightweight and infused with Thyme and Buddleia extracts and SPF20 PA+++. It helps to hydrate and protect the skin against pollution and premature ageing to maintain that healthy glow. It can be used as a daily moisturiser or as well as. 

That is exactly what this emulsion does, hydrate and protect, very well too. It has a lovely cool feel making this perfect for the summer as it really refreshes your skin as you apply it and of course gives you a good level of sun protection. Make-up also sits beautifully over the top of this. I would say this emulsion is more for those who have first lines creeping in or oily/combination skins that need help with pores as this is designed to refine them. Having wore this a few times now on some make-up free days, I did notice my skin was glowing and I mean to the point where I kept looking at it in the mirror as it really did have a youthful glow! I don't quite know how The Body Shop have done it, but they have and this works and is a lovely product. In addition I would also recommend dry/dehydrated skins using this as a hydrating serum to hydrate and give you that glow back. 

The Body Shop, Drops of Youth, Liquid Peel
The two of these products go arm in arm and really do compliment each other to give great skin results. I for one was not expecting to fall for them or be so impressed by them as much as I have been, I hold my hand up and admit it, but Body Shop really have something with this line. If anything, the Liquid Peel is definitely a must try as we all can really benefit from this one. The packaging is also so much more grown up, yet still simple and appealing to both sexes.

If SPF20 is not high enough for you then you can layer up with their Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF50 PA++++. 

The Body Shop, Drops of Youth,  Skin Defence
The Body Shop, Drops of Youth,  Skin Defence
Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF50 PA++++, 40ml, £16 (Buy here!)
A milk-to-water essence containing Broad Spectrum UV filters (safe guarding against both UVA and UVB) Brightening Algae and Vitamin C to help protect against many skin aggressors whilst being comfortable to wear layered over your moisturiser. A strong multi-protection to help protect the skin daily.

This is a sunscreen for all. It is incredibly light so if you hate heavy feeling sunscreens that you shall love this one. The moment you apply it to your face it turns to water making it super easy to absorb and work along with your other skincare. I actually gave this to my husband to use for a day's game of golf in the French Riviera heat and he loved it. He always catches the sun and instead of coming home red and burnt (and then have me lecture him) he looked bronzed and healthy! Fair to say it works well but you must reapply it every few hours so that it is fully effective and your high protection lasts all day. FYI for under make-up, this is a total dream. You get no awful white cast and being so light it does not interrupt any of your other products. It also has this lovely brightening effect that makes the skin look luminous and healthy. My only issue was the scent; it does smell of alcohol when you first apply it which does dissapear almost instantly but I know for some this may be an issue. The fact that this is a really good product justifies any con for me.

The Body Shop, Drops of Youth, Liquid Peel
A big positive about this line is that these are very affordable products and very accessible to us all being a global brand and Body Shop are renown for having their mega promotions and sales which makes these even more of a great deal. They surely get my seal of approval making them a welcome addition to my blog. The Drops of Youth line is definitely designed in my opinion for 20's+ to safeguard against premature ageing but also beneficial to all ages as the protection and hydration factors make it possible for us all to have that 'youthful glowing' result

A great campaign by the Body Shop and one that I am fully behind! Whatever your skin type or age, protecting your skin and wearing SPF is the most important step we can do to help our skin. Please make sure that you do. 
The Body Shop, Drops of Youth, Liquid Peel
You can see the full Drops of Youth Collection online here or in stores as there are many other products in the line such as an Eye Concentrate, Day Cream, Sleep Mask for example, so definitely go check them out and get on board with this very important campaign. Thank you Body Shop for not only giving me a Youthful Glow but for the trip down memory lane! 

Have you tried this line yet? What do you think! 

BLISS is a brand that I truly love. This you shall probably know if you are a regular reader to my blog or follow me on Instagram. I am always drawn into SPA brands which kind of comes from my facialist/beauty therapist working background (read more here!) as I know the products are designed to be a treatment for the mind as well as the body. 

Just to update you in case you are new to the brand, BLISS are a beauty brand who have luxury spas in London and New York and feature in the W Hotels in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas. After having performed millions and trillions of massages and their very famous 'Triple Oxygen Treatments' (what Bliss are known for) they have certainly learnt a thing or two about skincare. The thing I love most about the brand is their very 'tongue and cheek' attitude which is a definite trademark of theirs, I feel it brings the fun back into pampering by simply being unpretentious, as like they say, what good is grooming if you can't do it with a grin? Here here!

I love this relaxed approach to pampering as it is 'real' for once and not all fake, so if you want to eat a chocolate brownie whilst getting a facial then do so, which is exactly what BLISS let you do and is what I did when I was invited down to their treatment Spa in London a few months back. Let me just say this, if you are looking for an out of this world facial then you have to visit BLISS Spa (here!). My facial was one of the best I have ever had and it made me realise, why don't I do this more often? I want to book myself in for another one that is for sure. My skin was the best it has ever looked and since then I have been hooked on making sure BLISS is included in my skincare routine as the Triple Oxygen line is a miracle worker. **BLISS Spa selfie alert** .....

This brings me onto a *new product launch* with some products to which I was kindly sent that truly are and will be the ideal skin saviours for us all this summer, Triple Oxygen Ultimate Protection UV Moisturiser SPF33 (a long title I know, but there is a lot of good things to cover!) along side it's perfect partner, Triple Oxygen Radiance Restoring Mist. 

BLISS SPA, Skincare Triple Oxygen UV SPF33
BLISS SPA, Skincare Triple Oxygen UV SPF33
BLISS SPA, Skincare Triple Oxygen UV SPF33
*NEW* BLISS Triple Oxygen Ultimate Protection UV Moisturiser SPF33 (buy here!)
A new daily moisturiser with UV defence, CPR technology (Vitamin C, Cruciferous Extract, EUK-134, Fluid 02, and Soy Protein) and ingredients that our skins love to give the ultimate protection whilst repairing damage that may have already happened caused by the environment, resulting in a more radiant, healthier looking skin. Other ingredients include Green Tea to help protect skin from damage, Grapeseed Extract for help against collagen and elastin breakdown, Mulberry Root Extract to help soothe and protect against free radical and White Lily Extract to soother and hydrate. 

It is a peachy looking cream that smells exactly like freshly squeezed oranges I kid you not, it's divine and gets you into that summer mode in an instant. The texture is nice and light yet rich enough to make your skin feel nourished and hydrated, leaving no dreaded white film on the skin. The first time I tried this I was hooked. It was love at first apply and I thought "well that's me sorted for everyday!". I cannot recommend this one enough for both gals and guys as a daily moisturiser with a good level of protection having SPF33. Everyone shall love this one, especially as it does so much for the skin.

BLISS SPA, Skincare Triple Oxygen UV SPF3
BLISS SPA, Skincare Triple Oxygen UV SPF33
BLISS Triple Oxygen Radiance Restoring Mist (buy here!)
This is the first multi-beneficial facial mist with the same CPR technology and a unique blend of 7 extracts that give our skin radiance, toning and hydration whilst protecting against environmental aggressors for a more glowing, youthful complexion. Vitamin C helps to brighten and even skin tone whilst oxygen boosters energise and give our skin it's glow back. Impressive hey? But it actually is.

I am such a facial mist junkie and this is one of the finest mist's I have ever tried. For me this is how I want all of my facial sprays to act as you get the perfect all over dose that does not saturate your face. I really is very special, super luxurious and not your average 'facial mist' but a whole lot more. The moment it hits your face, you instantly feel and look better, you really do! The oxygen boosters really do get to work and just make you feel more alive and refreshed. When I had my Triple Oxygen Facial there was a step that included a vitaminized oxygen spray which was so soothing and relaxing but totally transformed my skin hence I was all for this version as I had experienced the magic it had worked. In fact anything with "Triple Oxygen' in the title is a magic wand for your skin, trust me. 

BLISS SPA, Skincare Triple Oxygen Radiance Mist
BLISS SPA, Skincare Triple Oxygen Radiance mist
Our skin is constantly under attack so it is very important we protect it and give it a helping boost of protection so we can reap all of these amazing skin results. These two products used together are a dream team for all skins and I am totally, utterly, 100% obsessed with them both

If you are looking to prep your skin before hand then another love I have discovered from BLISS is the 'Mask-a-Peel' face masks which are a great skincare treat, plus they are so much fun to do! There are two options in this mask, Radiance Revealing and Complexion Clearing.

BLISS SPA, Skincare, Mask-a-peel
BLISS SPA, Skincare, Mask-a-peel
BLISS SPA, Skincare, Mask-a-peel
BLISS Radiance Revealing Rubberising Mask (here!) is a unique rubber mask that transforms dull skin, inspired by the facials done within the Spa, to give it a more luminous, smoother looking texture. It starts out as a paste once water has been added then turns to rubber once applied onto the skin which then you can peel off and see the benefits! The Complexion Clearing version (here!) is designed for more oily congested skins to declog pores and combat breakouts. If you have time to spare (about 30 mins) and love a little experiment then these are the masks for you. I love them as they are such good fun and give you great skin results!

BLISS SPA, Skincare, Triple Oxygen UV SPF33
Protecting our skin really is important so please all make sure that SPF is on! I can massively recommend that you try this new one and your skin shall thank you. I am stocking up because I truly hand on heart, love this winning skin team.

BLISS products are very reasonably priced making them a very affordable, high-tech skincare line to use and I personally recommend checking out my new favourite website as they stock all that I have featured plus a lot of my all time favourite skincare brands (plus they have some great discounts and promos as we all love a discount code!).

Here is to a Bliss-full start to the summer 😉
Have you tried any of the Triple Oxygen Line?

The fact that our skin is our biggest organ means that it's not only our faces that should be getting a lot of TLC but our body too. Being the body product junkie that I am, have always been into daily cleansing and moisturising my whole body so testing out new brands to find good products is always a joy, especially when a new one comes along and wows you ... such as now. I was kindly sent a few things to try from the fabulous body care brand Soaper Duper, don't you just love the name?! I knew right away I was going to become a big fan. 

You may or may not be familiar with them already but Soaper Duper was created by the amazing Marcia Kilgore, Founder and Advisor at Beauty Pie (see here), FitFlop Footwear, Soap & Glory, Laboratoire Remede and BLISS Spa. Soaper Duper bring to us naturally-derived bath and body products formulated with real ingredients, no plastic microbeads, no parabens, no phthalates, no mineral oils and they produce their products in big, basic, recyclable bottles at very reasonable prices. So all the luxury with no guilt as they are available from UK Tesco stores & in Liberty London with their entire collection ranging from just £5-£10! 

On a big plus note, Soaper Duper support Water Aid and Clean the World to bring soap and water to communities that need it. They truly do believe that 'soap can change everything'. Seems this is very true! 

Soaper Duper, Body care
Soaper Duper, Body care
I am very excited to tell you more about a few of the products that I have been using and ones I can happily say I have fallen in love with. They are quirky, fun, fresh, easy to use and so luxurious without the hefty price tag, whilst being kind to our body and the environment. 

Soaper Duper, Body care
Soaper Duper, Body care
Soaper Duper's range consists of Body WashesBody Butters, Body Lotions, Body Scrubs, Sea Salt Scrubs, Hand Creams and Hand Washes. These currently come in Lemon, Tuberose, Ginger, Fig & Yuzufruit and Vanilla & Shea scents.

Their latest scent is the Vanilla and Shea and I was sent the Body Butter, Body Wash and Hand Wash. This is a time where I wish we had smell-o-vision as the scents are so fresh and authentic without being overpowering. 

Soaper Duper, Body care
Soaper Duper, Body care
Soaper Duper, Body care
Shea Body Butter, 300ml (Buy here!)
Containing super nourishing Macadamia and Sweet Almond oils as well as Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Tahiti Monoi, Cotton Seed oil, Peach Kernel oil, Camelia oil, Rice Bran oil, Wheatgerm oil and Vitamin E, it is packed full of goodness for the body. I much prefer my body butters in a plastic container and this one still feels of very good quality yet non heavy. 
This smells of fresh vanilla pods and good enough to eat quite frankly, it's divine! If you usually find body butters too heavy and sticky and you find you have to wait ages until you can dress, then this is the butter for you. It's perfect for summer, winter, literally all year round. It's creamy and super nourishing but sinks into the skin immediately to leave no heavy feel. Being the massive body butter addict that I am, I take a butter over a lotion any day and this has to be one of my all time favourite formulas, hand on heart. It's that good. 

SoAper Duper, Zingy Ginger Body Butter
• Zingy Ginger Body Butter, 300ml (Buy here!) 
Containing a mix of Sweet Almond, Lime and Kukui oils, Shea Butter and Eucalyptus as well as Ginger, Grapefruit, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Macadamia, Camelia oil, Cotton Seed oil, Peach Kernel oil and Cocoa Butter. Again jam packed full of some of my fave ingredients and scents! This Ginger is so far my favourite scent of all, it makes me so happy each time that I apply this one and I cannot recommend the you try it enough! Great to wake you up in morning and get you and your body going. This shall be a summer staple for sure. (I actually won this Body Butter in a IG competition from Soaper Duper some few months back but am nearly out so I need back-ups as I cannot be out of this one!).

Soaper Duper, Body care
• Shea Butter Non-Drying Hand Wash 500ml (Buy here!)
This special formula is made up of a skin protecting Glycerin, Shea Butter and real pressed Vanilla Pods to give you most amazing Coconut smelling suds! I mean, need I say any more?! It is beautiful and a great yet fun looking product to take centre stage in your bathroom. Talk about value for money as this product is 500ml where as most other hand wash brands are 300ml so this is a much more affordable option yet still as luxurious and most importantly, non drying on the hands! Win win. 

Soaper Duper, Body care
• Shea Butter Body Wash, 500ml (Buy here!) 
Again made with 97% naturally derived ingredients, this vanilla body wash contains Monoi oil, Quillaja Soap Bark, Coconut oil, Sweet Almond oil and Vitamin E all with the gorgeous scent from fresh pressed vanilla pods to give you Shea Butter suds. It's so rich and creamy and great for dry skins especially. Being 500ml again it shall also last you a fair while whether used in the shower or in the bath. 

Soaper Duper, Body care
• Zesty Lemon Body Wash, 500ml (Buy here!) 
With Hydrating Aloe Vera Juice and pure pressed Lime oil you could mistake this for a cocktail! This zesty version contains Quillaja Bark, Orange extract and Shea Butter for a lightly scented everyday body wash that is great for all. I actually bought this one myself after spying the range in a Tesco store and being as hooked as I am, I had to get another one! 

Soaper Duper, Body care
One thing I must mention is the packaging
FUN FACT: The iconic bubble bottle design was designed by Ross Lovegrove, a genius industrial designer made from 100% PCR (post consumer recycled) plastic. Something that is not seen because to comes from semi-skimmed milk cartons and the green lids mean that the plastic has a natural tint. The Tubes are 55% PCR because that is the most you can use without them going crinkly and Soaper Duper still want to look luxurious. 

I am totally sold on this brand as I love their quality of product and their general fun, happy vibe that they have going on. It really does remind me of BLISS (one of my top fave brands!) as not many body care lines stand out as much as these both do. I highly recommend that you try them out for yourself. 

Soaper Duper, Body care
You all know the drill by now that even though some of these products were gifted to me this by no way clouds my judgement on what I think because if I disliked them, you would not be reading about it. Simple as. Only the best make it on to KELLiLASH.COM! Hence it is my duty to scout out the best for you! 

Soaper Duper are currently available in the UK at Tesco and LibertyLondon but still being new I feel they shall progress into more and more stores so stay tuned to their website here

Let me know if you try the Soaper Duper Range!
(Ps. You must try a Body Butter if nothing else)

Keeping our skin happy so that it behaves 24/7 can be a tricky task in hand and somewhat impossible. We all know that even the best and most religious of skincare routines can be disturbed from time to time through climate, hormones, health, stresses etc but with a little helping hand from some skincare saviours, we can do our very best to keep all in check the best we can.

So with a sprinkle of facial mist, some luxury packaging and a piff, paff, poof ... Mintd Box are to the rescue once again to make sure our skin is well looked after with this months 'The Upkeep' themed box.

Mintd Box, April, the Upkeep
You really all must be familiar with Mintd Box by now if you are indeed a regular reader to my blog but just in case you are new then check out a past un-boxing here or if you want to see what was in last month's check here (or search Mintd in the search tab top of page to see them all!). So let me tell you more about what new skincare products you may need to add to your wishlist .... 

This month comes complete with 4 full sized and 1 super sized skincare products all stocked in the premium stores, Space NK, Harvey Nicols and Net-A-Porter. 

Mintd Box, April, the Upkeep
Mintd Box, April, the Upkeep
Mintd Box, April, the Upkeep
Mintd Box, April, the Upkeep
The Luxury Contents:-
1. Potion London, The Beauty Formula (Full Size £25) link 
2. Sunday Riley, Mattifying Melting Water Gel Toner (Super Deluxe Size £18.46) link
3. Rosalena, Beauty and the Beast Facial Oil (Full Size £42) link 
4. Skyn Iceland, Brightening Eye Serum (Full Size at £30) link 
5. Apa Beauty, Lip Exfoliator (Full Size £16) link 

The contents of this box have a combined value of over £142/€169 for which you only pay £65/€77 per month or bi-monthly giving you an enormous £77/€92 saving as opposed to buying all products individually.

Mintd Box, April, the Upkeep - Potion London, The beauty Formula
Mintd Box, April, the Upkeep - Potion London, The beauty Formula
1. Potion London, The Beauty Formula (Full Size £25) Buy here!
Potion London are a health and wellness brand dedicated to making our life healthier. They help to promote the importance of a varied and balanced lifestyle, but still with a fun and enjoyment factor! The Beauty Formula is a daily supplement that is designed to support healthy hair, skin and nails containing a mix of 19 vitamins and minerals to help this process along. I even have my eyes on their The Probiotic, The Hyaluronic Complex & The Collagen Boost Supplements now as they sound amazing! (here)

Now I am a big fan of supplements because for me personally, without them, my health would be even more crazy than it is already. They have helped massively in certain aspects of my life so I know the positive effect that they can have on your body and lifestyle. We all strive for better hair, skin and nails or we would not invest in the amount of beauty products that we do already! This is an easy way to help your body along so in my opinion they are a must for all. It takes time obviously before you see results taking a pill form, but trust me, they will come in time. 

Mintd Box, April, the Upkeep - Sunday Riley, The Martian
2. Sunday Riley Mattifying Melting Water Gel Toner (Deluxe Size £18.46) Buy here!
A cooling gel to water toner that has been designed to target combination, oily, acne prone skin concerns to tighten pores for a more clear, mattified skin. Containing Bentonite Clay to mattify and reduce pores, Marshmallow, Cucumber and Green Tea to soothe and cool redness, ManukaBlack Cumin and Magnolia for antibacterial properties and balance to give a clearer, smoother shine free look to your skin. 

This is my first introduction to Sunday Riley as to be honest I was so unsure where to start with their products but has been a brand that has most definitely intrigued me for some time so I was super excited to have this in my Mintd Box this month. This is the most unique toner I have ever tried and you know what, I like it. I have combination skin so this actually works great as a summer toner for me. It feels so cooling and refreshing on the skin which is great to wake your skin up in the mornings as well as soothe in the evening and once it turns to water it is so easy to massage into the skin for a fresh, matte finish. It is so green too which makes it even more fun to use! The scent of green tea and lemon is beautiful and a toner that I shall throughly enjoy using this summer. If you are prone to breakouts, redness, oily t-zone or hormonal issues then this is the toner you need to add in to your skincare regime for sure. It's not the cheapest toner granted, but indeed worth it should your skin be in need of some serious care. A great first impression of the brand that has me wanting to try more.

Mintd Box, April, the Upkeep - Rosalena, Beauty and The Beast
3. Rosalena Beauty and the Beast Facial Oil (Full Size £42) Buy here!
Beauty and Beast is a unisex facial oil for all 'Princesses and Beasts' out there as all skin types can use this one. Packed full of antioxidants, these bio active ingredients are absorbed instantly into your skin leaving your skin hydrated, radiant yet shine free.

You may already know that I am a humungous fan of Rosalena as in my opinion, their facial oils are some of the very best we have available to us today. I have been using them for some time now and count Rock & Rose facial oil and Frank & Sense facial oil firm staples in my skincare routine. The Beauty & the Beast facial oil is perfect as a pre-makeup primer and a post-shave treatment and shall work as your daily multi-tasking moisturiser to give you major healthy looking skin. All the Rosalena oils tackle different skin concerns so head over to my review for all the details in full here. It is safe to say I was over the moon when I saw this in my box as the more I have in stock, the better. In fact, my husband has stolen this from my box because he is addicted too - that says a lot right there! 

Mintd Box, April, the Upkeep - Skyn Iceland, Brightening Eye Serum
Mintd Box, April, the Upkeep - Skyn Iceland, Brightening Eye Serum
4. Skyn Iceland Brightening Eye Serum (Full Size at £30) Buy here!
A supercharged eye primer serum designed to optimise other eye care products whilst providing targeted wrinkle repair, intense hydration and improves elasticity over time. Loaded with an infusion of 20+ powerhouse peptides, potent algae extracts, antioxidants all designed to target and treat signs of ageing. It also helps to boost collagen and relax muscles to reduce expression lines. This serum was created to be used alongside the Skin Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels should you want the maximum boosting treatment. 

Skyn Iceland is a brand that I am slowly getting to know more and is one that always excites me to try. The fact that this months Mintd Box features a full sized eye treatment made my day to be honest because we all strive to find that magic eye potion that makes us look like we have slept for a week and the question I actually get messaged about the most is always to do with eye creams so the more I can try and recommend then the better I can be of help!
I am a big fan of eye gels/serums as I find you get much better results as they can penetrate the skin deeper and get to work faster, they an layered under other eye products and they don't cause milia. This serum is super light in texture, feels very cooling and refreshing and you can feel the tightening effect I have to say. Obviously you can't tell instantly whether it delivers the results it claims so I shall keep you updated with that one but so far, so good. It certainly does wake your eyes up so one to most definitely consider. 

Mintd Box, April, the Upkeep - Apa Lip Loofah
5. Apa Beauty Lip Exfoliator (Full Size £16) Buy here!
A lip product designed to exfoliate and moisturise your lips in the most gentle and luxurious of ways. Sugar and Sweet Almond Seed are used to exfoliate and Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Orange Peel are used to soothe and hydrate. 

The one thing I truly love about Mintd Box is their ability to introduce you to new brands in which their products soon become new loves. I adore lip products and on first glance I kind of thought, "oh another lip scrub" but after using this just once, I was totally in love. This is not just another lip scrub as the formula is so luxurious and beautiful and works wonders. The scent/taste is just like chocolate orange which instantly got my vote, it's delicious. The sugar particles are just enough to get the job done and the balm feels so hydrating and comforting hence I am so happy to have been introduced to this brand. I actually googled to read more about them and discovered that they all about transforming then way people think about their smiles hence they produce oral care products that all relate to that .... so very unique! A brand that I can highly recommend checking out and would love to get to know more. 

Mintd Box, April, the Upkeep 
Mintd Box, April, the Upkeep 
Well the April box, another huge hit I think it is safe to say! If anything, this months box is worth it for the Rosalena Facial Oil alone as the value is too good to pass on. 

I have never known a subscription service please me as much as Mintd Box does as I hand on heart can say they make my month. Bringing you the latest and best in beauty is what I feel my duty to you as a reader is and Mintd Box make it so easy for me to do so. 

Mintd Box, April, the Upkeep
In case you did not know, when signing up to Mintd Box you get free delivery in the UK, free delivery on your first box when you sign up using the code WELCOME17 worldwide and ships to UK, W Europe, North America & Australia  - so head on over [here]

I know stocks are very limited so if you are interested then I would act fast! 
What product from this month has caught your eye?

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