That well known saying of having a bad hair day is very real because I for one know that if my hair is misbehaving then it will 100% affect the way I feel that day. This may indeed seem very vain and unimportant to some but for a lot of us, hair is part of our identity so I try and do all that I can to make it look and feel the best it can. I would love to be that girl who can rock a two second messy top knot and look fabulous but I can't. Therefore I need appliances and products that do a good job and I feel I have found my mechanical dream team.

I actually fly back and forth to the UK to see my hairdresser as he has done my hair now for about 12 years and we all know how hard it is to find a good one so when you do, you hold on to them! I have had some hair disasters here in Monaco believe it or not so I take no chances.

I always get lots of lovely compliments on my hair which I am always so grateful for, hence I thought I would let you into my styling secrets to run though my top three hair appliances that I use on my hair and truly believe them to be the best of the best. For me, Dyson, GHD and Lee Stafford take all the stress out of styling and give nothing but a professional finish.

Hair tools, Dyson, Lee Stafford Rainbow wand, GHD Styler 
My Hair ... naturally fine and fair and highlighted to lift my natural blonde colour. It is poker straight but goes like cotton wool when left to dry naturally so I always have to blow dry it, then straighten for sleekness ..... oh and getting a curl to stay in it is always a challenge!

I love to change how I wear my hair now it's longer so I switch from either straight to waved or big bouncy curls depending on the occasion but most days when I am working from home it is simply tied up in a pony tail or on my head in a clip (sorry to shed the illusion of being glam 24/7!) but these are the tools that help my hair to do all that .... 

Hair tools, Dyson, Lee Stafford Rainbow wand, GHD Styler 
Hair tools, Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer
The DYSON Supersonic Hairdryer, £300 (link here!)
I am sure that if you don't already own this hairdryer then you would have heard about it. I remember the news of "dyson doing a £400 hairdryer' and thinking WTH?! I read so many reviews about it online because as badly as I really wanted one, the price tag just seemed insane when I was actually very happy with my GHD AirDryer at the time. I put it off until my lovely husband bought me one as a gift and I swear to you now, this is by far the best hair dryer I have ever, ever owned in my lifeSo let's get a little technical first up ... 

Dyson had a total re-think about the way that hair dryers are designed then enlisted a hair 'a-team' to create a light, efficient, easy to use dryer that powerfully dries hair whilst styling it too. The change has transformed the shape as we know a hairdryer with the motor being in the handle which rebalances the shape and weight allowing us to be able to dry our hair longer without getting arm ache. (Hands up who always did? ME!). The V9 motor spins up to 110,000 times per minute making it super fast but quiet! The heat is cleverly regulated to keep the temperature under control so that it never burns but instead gives hair unbelievable shine. If you want to see more then check out this amazing video about the design and testing process here. Each dryer comes with the most ideal and perfect accessories such as two magnetic nozzles for smoothing and styling, a magnetic diffuser, carry case and rubber grip mat. The buttons are well positioned, easy to use and you shall see LED lights show up when it is switched on. The filter is actually located in the bottom of the handle which hardly ever needs cleaning out. 

Hair tools, Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

Hair tools, Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer
This is without a doubt, 100% worth that hefty price tag. It is not until you use this dryer that you are convinced on the spot, to the point that no other hair dryer will do even if you think your current favourite dryer is good enough. Drying my hair usually takes AGES (ask anyone) at least a good hour from start to finish which I thought wasn't that bad considering it used to take even longer before the GHD Airdryer. The Dyson is not only well designed to the point where I no longer get arm ache but I can dry and style my hair start to finish in about 30-40 mins ... I repeat, including straightening or curling! Not only does this supersonic dry your hair but it styles it at the same time too; it smoothes and straightens, making the styling part afterwards easier than ever and cuts the time in half. I simply love how quiet the dryer is aswell as the design, the lightweight feel, the buttons and even the attachments as they just magnetise on. The Dyson team really did think of everything

I honestly was not expecting it to be this impressive but turns out, it is. I actually now hate to dry my hair without it which is why it comes everywhere with me now! 

I say this in all honestly that the Dyson is not an essential to all because yes it is very expensive and certainly won't be in everybody's budget or even a priority but if you are someone who would invest and just needed an honest opinion then it's absolutely worth the investment because once you have it, you shall never pick up another hair dryer again

Now onto waves and curls .... 
Hair Tools, Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Wand
Hair Tools, Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Wand
The Lee Stafford RAINBOW SHINE WAND, £35 (link here!)
My hair (annoyingly) doesn't like to be curled. It does that annoying thing where you have lovely bouncy curls for all of half an hour before it drops out and you just look like you haven't been bothered to dry your hair, when in fact I took ages to get that result. I have drawers full of curling wands; fat ones, thin ones, curly ones, cheap ones, expensive ones ..... but I have now found my soul mate (in curling wand terms). I was in fact gifted this for review last year and had no expectation whatsoever seeng as I was just repelling them, so when this actually freaking worked, I held it up to the air like something from the Lion King.
Hair Tools, Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Wand
Hair Tools, Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Wand
Not only does the rainbow wand look amazing but it actually is just that. The special rainbow electroplated finish makes this very unique. It has a clipless 25mm barrel (which I love!) which is better suited for giving glamorous waves and big bouncy curls. You simply wrap a section of hair around the barrel and release, it's that easy. It heats up to a good 220ºc and is so easy to hold and use. Another plus is the cable is a good 3metres long as there is noting more annoying than a short cable. There is also a heat proof glove included but I find it easier to use without. 

Last year I bought the GHD Soft Curl Tong 32mm (£120 as above) and being GHD I thought it would be amazing seeing as I am a loyal straightener user but sadly I just couldn't get it to work for my hair. After half an hour of having lovely glamorous curls, I was left with semi-straight hair which was very disappointing. I found the clip to be a tad fiddly so I think the wave wand may have been a better option to be fair. In comparison, the Rainbow Wand is so much cheaper (£35!) and works for my hair so it really is all about trial and error and 'expensive' not always being the better option. 

When you see my hair curled or loosely waved, it shall be this little hair gem behind the look as I get so many compliments on my hair when I have used this!

Hair Tools, Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Wand, GHD Styler
GHD Straightener, around £130 (link here!)
I have always been a GHD straightener girl and have spoken about them before many a time because for me, they are the best. I have lost count on how many pairs I have owned over the years and I have about three sets at this present moment in time in use as I keep one in each location that I travel back and forth too. That is how much of an essential they are to my life! 

I love GHD's because as well as making my hair super sleek they are so lightweight which is great for travel, they have a universal voltage and they heat up insanely quick with an added safety switch off function which is a huge help for times when you can't remember if you switched them off?! The plates glide through hair which means you hold the heat on your hair for less time which is less damaging. I do actually use them to curl my hair too but I just prefer the looser wave effect that the Rainbow Wand gives. 

My rose gold set are of course my favourite pair and I find however much they change the styler version, they are still just as good and they last you years, which is why they are worth the money. 

Hair Tools, Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Wand, GHD Styler
I also wanted to mention a few key products that I swear by ... 

I have been an Elnett Hairspray (here!girl for years and years and no other hairspray comes close for me. I like that you get no stickiness, no heavy feel and no crispness yet it holds you hair in place, smells amazing and best of all, brushes right out! Personal friends that have grown up with me know that this hairspray is just me. I have mini cans for my handbags and the large ones for home! I even have back stocks and I am yes, a little obsessed. Safe to say, you shall always have hairspray if your in my company. 

The Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo (£4.99, 200ml here!) was a new find thanks to my mother in law buying me a can and since then I have repeat purchased time and time again as it's under £5! I have to say, I love Batiste dry shampoo as being very fair I don't mind the white residue that it gives as it adds to my highlights but I find after one day of using it, my hair will then need a wash as it builds up too much in my fine hair, but this one from Lee Stafford doesn't. It is less powdery yet really works and smells divine! Definitely worth a try.

If you are looking for ultimate luxury in Dry Shampoo then look no further than the Immaculate Spray from Bardou (£15, 200ml here!). This is actually amazing. The Spray seems to texturise your hair, adding body and volume as well as refreshing it and the formula is enriched with keratin to nourish at the same time. It really is one of my favourites that I tend to save for more special occasions when I want to add some grit and body into my hair for a day/night out rather than just be sat home! [Use code KELLYS10 for 10% off here]

Hair Tools, Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Wand, GHD Styler
As far as appliances go, Dyson and GHD are indeed investments, so you can hopefully rest in the knowledge to hear that they are indeed worth the money. Plus it is nice to know there are amazing affordable options out there too like the Lee Stafford Rainbow Wand, which would always make a great gift; they all would! 

Hair Tools, Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Wand, GHD Styler, Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer
Are you hair obsessed?
Let me know your favourite (*hair flick) hair item!

We all want it, we all look and feel more youthful with it and if it's not there already, we can fake it. I am of course talking about making our skin glow. We all know that a healthy diet, lifestyle and drinking lots of water all contribute to achieving healthy skin as well as a good skincare routine because taking care of your skin is key to making it look radiant and healthy but there are of course products out there that can help accentuate and show off good skin or maybe just give it a little helping hand. 

It maybe age, but I now find that I am not a fan of heavy, full coverage foundations unless it's for a special occasion. I like my skin to shine through and my skin to 'look like skin' as I have thankfully always had nice skin and pride myself that I have always taking care of it. I prefer lightweight formulas that you can build upon to tailor make your own level of coverage and have over the years come to have a few firm favourites that work wonders ... as well as picking up a few newbies along the way. 

Spring/Summer is the time of year where we mostly want light, glowy makeup and radiant skin promotes youth and I for one want youth on my side! I shall be writing another post soon about my favourite spring/summer makeup go-to recommendations but for now I wanted to focus in on the latest glow enhancing product from Charlotte Tilbury because even though there are many reviews already out, I still get asked what my thoughts are seeing as Charlotte Tilbury makes up a big percentage of my daily face, plus I shall run through a few other products from the range that always guarantee healthy looking skin.

Charlotte Tilbury, Flawless Filter 
I am sure you already know that Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favourite make-up brands to date and one that I purchase from the most, as well as receiving the occasional PR package that always makes my day, I did indeed purchase this myself from Cult Beauty

There are 5 key items from the collection that I love and use all the time to help my skin look flawless and radiant and are products that are ideal for most skins but you won't necessarily need them all; Magic Cream, Wonder GlowLight Wonder Foundation, Filmstar Bronze and Glow and the latest launch the Hollywood Flawless Filter

Charlotte Tilbury, Flawless Filter 
• Hollywood Flawless Filter, 30ml, £30/€40  (link here!)
This is a customisable complexion booster with the ability to act as a primer, highlighter and digital filter. The magic ingredients all help to soft focus your skin, by illuminating and making lines and pores appear smaller and more refined. 

Shades & CT Foundation Matches:-
 • 1 Fair - neutral beige for fair skin (Light Wonder shade Fair & Magic 1/2)
• 2 Light - neutral peachy beige for fair skin (LW 2/3 Fair & Magic 3/3.5/4)
• 3 Light/Medium - neutral peach for light to medium skin (LW 4/5 & Magic 4.5/5)
• 4 Medium - neutral golden yellow for medium skin (LW 6 & Magic 6)
• 5 Tan - neutral caramel fir medium tan skin (LW 7/8 & Magic 7/8)
• 6 Tan/Dark - warm amber for deep skin (LW 9/10 & Magic 9/9.5/10)
• 7 Dark - a deep bronze for dark skin (LW 12 & Magic 11)

I have to say the shades are very accurate to the description and foundation matches above as I wear Light Wonder foundation in shade #3 (winter) and #4 (summer) and #4 Magic Foundation and No 2 Light is absolutely perfect for me, as recommended. So do use this colour guide if you re looking to try it out as you can rest assured it shall be a good match. 
Charlotte Tilbury, Flawless Filter 
Charlotte promises us that this a celebrity skin filter in a bottle as it is her little secret to making all those stunning screen siren clients of hers glow. It is supposed to make your skin look as good on and off screen ... hence the hollywood theme!

So let's discuss the ingredients that enable this to do magic ...
Smoothing airbrush polymers roll over the skin to create a powerless finish and you shall know from charlottes other products, she is all about making the skin poreless and flawless. A glossy lightweight oil moisturises and reflects light to your face when needed. Finely milled powders create this magical soft focus to make lines look less visible and less pronounced on camera. Porcelain Flower Extract brightens and antioxidants and anti-inflammatories help to enhance circulation. As you can see, it has a lot of skincare properties to it's formula. 

There are a few ways to make this work for your skin ... 
- Use as an over all primer underneath your foundation for a subtle glow and polished look.
- Mix it in with your make-up on the back of your hand to make the skin look more dewy. 
- Dot it along the tops of your cheekbones, nose, cupids bow, brow bone ... anywhere you want glow.
- Wear it alone for a full on fresh, glossy, mega glow!

Charlotte Tilbury, Flawless Filter 
Charlotte Tilbury, Flawless Filter 
As I said, I use Shade 2 Light and it works perfectly for my skin tone. This product is so unique that is it actually quite hard to describe but I can tell you that I absolutely love it, more than I actually thought I would. Of course I knew I would like it, it's Charlotte Tilbury after all, but I initially thought this was one of those add-on's that you didn't 'need' as such but I now realise this is a product all in itself and by no means an add-on

How can I explain it? Ok, this is not a highlighter or a primer but like Charlotte states, it is a complexion booster that delivers a totally different result to that of the two. There is no glitter, no sparkle, no shimmer .... but a formula that makes your skin look like it's naturally glowing - just like a real life filter. I love that it is so multi-tasking and you can customise it to what works for your skin. 

I have used it in all the suggested ways and for me my favourite way to use this filter is actually under and over makeup for a flawless look when I want my skin to do the talking. I use it on clean skin with my primer (not mixed, just dotted on) to add more dewiness to my base then I dot it on my cheekbones and high points over make-up and even over powder, which works like a dream I have to say! I did hear a few reports of people saying that it felt tacky but I have to disagree as I have normal/combination skin and it doesn't feel sticky or tacky on me at all - so maybe this is personal preference and like I said, I even used it over powder and the results were flawless. 

I posted a picture over on my Instagram on a very natural makeup day and wasn't anticipating to post a pic of myself (or I would have done my hair nicer) but I had to document how incredible my skin looked with this product ... (as below!). I couldn't stop looking at my skin as I just can't tell you how good this makes skin look. It will be beautiful on the décolleté area in the summer to give your body a sexy glow!

With this product, you still use your bronzers and highlighters as normal because when you use the Flawless Filter you will see that the results are all totally different as it promotes that 'good skin' look where as a bronzer adds depth and a highlighter brings forward aspects of your face. 

So whether you want a subtle or mega watt bulb glow, this shall work to do both. The only real way to know how good this is, is to try it. This is not an essential make-up item to own but once you own it, you soon realise that you won't want to do your face without it. 

Charlotte Tilbury, Flawless Filter 
As well as this gorgeous Flawless Filter I have some other CT favourites that all contribute to making my skin look good and ones that may be worth trying if you haven't already. 

CHARLOTTE'S MAGIC CREAM, 50 ml £70 (link here!)
Magic Cream is a moisturiser that has been designed to lift and intensely moisturise to wake up tired looking skin - being targeted for more 35+ age wise. This is one of Charlotte's secret weapons and she uses it on all her celebrity clients prior to make-up application. It does have mixed reviews and I wouldn't say this is the best moisturiser ever made because for me it's not, but I do love it as a pre-primer step, after my other skincare because this really does plump up your skin to make everything else sit better and look more amazing which is a reason why I love it. It is pricy but a little also goes a long way so do expect it to last.

• WONDER GLOW, FACE PRIMER, 40ml, £38.50 (link here!)
A primer that acts as an instant pick me up to help keep your makeup looking fresh and dewy. This is also great used alone for those no make-up days when you just need a bit of freshening up and for both these reasons alone, I love this product. This is my go to primer and I would not be without it because it just works. I even combine it with pore minimising primers and use this along side them and it works like a dream. Definitely a hero product and although I have yet to try theYouth Glow Primer, this for me shall always be a favourite. A lot of people were wondering what the difference between this and the Flawless Filter were because in hindsight you kind of think they are designed to do they same job but Wonderglow is a Primer with a dewy finish, designed to help make the rest of your make-up go on better and make it last where as the Flawless Filter is a complexion booster with two totally different finishes. 

• LIGHT WONDER FOUNDATION SPF15, 40ml, £32 (link here!)
A light coverage foundation that is designed to illuminate, smooth and hydrate your skin for a natural look. Again, it's packed full of skincare benefits that you feel as you wear this one. I have used this since it launched and is still one of my favourite foundations today because it gives light, buildable coverage to all skin types. Very oily skins may find this a tad too slippy so may want to try another or use alongside a mattifying primer. I do like the Magic Foundation for special occasions when I want to 'glam up' but for every day this one is perfect. If you want to know more, check my original review here

An iconic contour palette that helps to sculpt and highlight your face perfectly. The formulation of powders is spot on and both offer buildable effects. This has to be my favourite contour/bronzing palette that I have ever owned because I use it every single day, even on no makeup days as it can warm up your complexion single handedly. I think I am on my 3rd one because it comes everywhere with me but I have had a few accidents so be mindful that this is a very delicate powder so if you drop it, it shall likely smash so treat it with care! It is just as beautiful on the outside housed in a stunning rose gold compact which is a great size to keep in your handbag. If there was one item I told you to invest in, it would definitely be this. 

Charlotte Tilbury, Flawless Filter 
Two further items that are a must have for me is of course the Beauty Glow Look in a Palette because I use it near enough every single day and always talk about it! See my review on this and the Glow Mask in more detail here

Charlotte Tilbury, Flawless Filter 
Safe to say, the new Flawless Filter gets a big thumbs up from me as I find myself reaching for it daily!

Have your tried the Flawless Filter yet?

Question: Do you take any time out for yourself? If you answered yes, then well done and stay tuned for some products that you may want to add into that 'you time', if you answered no, then we seriously need to change that, starting from now.

One thing I love about living in the South of France is that the lifestyle here is a lot more relaxed. No one is running around chasing after that next big thing like the house was on fire, but instead people are taking time to savour the moment and are living in it. I feel this is a life lesson that a lot of us should take note from. Life is indeed what you make it but making time for yourself shall surely extend it and make it that little less stressful, right? I do feel that sometimes we are all guilty of focusing on the future so much so that we forget to live in the moment. 

Look, I know in realistic terms we don't all have the luxury of time but to just simply sit, read a magazine or book, make a cuppa, check your Instagram, listen to some music, watch a movie, have a bath, phone a friend, have lunch with a friend, cuddle your puppy, say NO to that party you really don't want to go to ... whatever 'pause' is to you then do it, more

So, how about throwing some beauty into the equation? Thanks to this months Mintd Box, this is exactly what their aim is to achieve, with the Pause & Rewind Box. Think of it as a ready made way to take some time out whether that be for 5 minutes or 5 hours, just take that time. Your mind and body shall thank you for it.

Mintd Box, April, Pause and Rewind
As always I shall repeat what I say on each and every one of my Mintd Box reviews for those that may be new to them.

"When you subscribe to Mintd Box, either every month or every other month, you will only ever receive FULL sized or DELUXE sized high end, a-list, beauty products that are themed for that month which shall save you a small fortune. No Samples, no let downs, just the latest must haves in beauty. You can in fact click Mintd Boxes in the Categories section in the header bar (top of page!) where you can see all the previous months boxes and their contents. It mainly features skincare as opposed to make-up but all is only ever 'high end and full size'. It isn't cheap but the products are premium and the savings are huge".

The April 'Pause & Rewind' themed box contains 4 FULL SIZED products all of which are all stocked in high end beauty stores such as Space NK, Harvey Nicols and Net A Porter.

All products featured in this box shall all contribute to making your mind and body less stressed, from a bath oil of dreams to a facial roller made from real rose quartz that shall help you to counteract the effects of stress on your skin. 

Mintd Box, April, Pause and Rewind
Mintd Box, April, Pause and Rewind
The 'PAUSE & REWIND' Luxury Contents:-
1. Omorovicza Rose Quartz Facial Roller (Full Size £55)
2. African Botanics Enzyme Exfoliatior Polish  (Full Size £60)
3. Siskyn Frankincense & Jasmine Night Oil (Full Size £46)
4. Aromatherapy Associates Perfect Partners Bath Oil Set  (Full Size £21)

Get a free Omorovicza Oxygen Booster when you sign up to a 6 or 12 month plan! 

The contents of this box have a combined value of over £182/€208 for which you only pay £70/€80 per month or bi-monthly giving you an enormous £112/€128 saving as opposed to buying all products individually. A big saving once again which is exactly why Mintd Box is the best when it comes to beauty boxes and the most ideal way to try new high end beauty brands. 

Let me tell you more about the contents that I have been testing out beginning with a product that I know really does work wonders on your skin from brand that I wasn't even aware made one! .....

Mintd Box, April, Pause and Rewind, Omorovicza Rose Quartz Facial Roller
Mintd Box, April, Pause and Rewind, Omorovicza Rose Quartz Facial Roller
Mintd Box, April, Pause and Rewind, Omorovicza Rose Quartz Facial Roller
1. Omorovicza Rose Quartz Roller (Full Size £55) (link here!)
Hand carved from Rose Quartz, this is one luxurious facial roller. It can be used from your forehead down to your décolleté to help build younger, firmer, stronger skin. The roller can help in so many ways such as improving elasticity, stimulating collagen production, promoting lymphatic drainage, reducing pore size, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and under eye  dark circles, soothing irritated skin, toning facial muscles and most importantly on a daily basis, it encourages your skincare products to penetrate deeper into your skin cells to work more effectively. The positive effects of using a rose quartz facial roller are endless and all skin types can use it.

How to Use:-
1. Skincare - Apply a serum, oil, moisturiser or mask to clean skin.
2. Start rolling at the forehead applying a gentle pressure and roll up & out down the face. 
3. Carry on to the cheeks & jawline, down to your neck and décolleté. 
4. After 2 mins of rolling, remove any excess product and apply skincare as normal, easy! 

Skincare TIP - remember roll up for firming, down for drainage!

I am a big fan of facial rollers because back in my days of working as a facialist for La Prairie, we used them as part of one of the treatments and I could see visible results on my clients. Facial Rollers are extremely effective and so relaxing to use. I sometimes sit and watch tv whilst 'rolling my face' and it feels very therapeutic and you soon become addicted to using it daily. Trust me if you haven't tried one, you have too as it will really chill you out as well as helping your skin too of course! Being real Rose Quartz, the stone stays naturally cool which is why it works as it does, but for extra coolness if you are suffering from inflammation you could store it in the fridge to get even better results. I had no idea that Omorovicza made a facial roller which is why I was over the moon to receive it as I am a huge fan of their skincare, especially the Elemental Emulsion (here) which works really well with this roller. I know gadgets are not for everyone but this is so much more which you shall eventually see for yourself. In my opinion they are definitely a key investment for your skin.

Mintd Box, April, Pause and Rewind, African Botanics Enzyme Polish
2. African Botanics Enzyme Exfoliatior Polish  (Full Size £60) (link here!)
A gentle exfoliator that works to lift off dead skin and purify without irritation as this is suitable for all skin types. It uses a combination of dried Buchu plant, crushed Baobab fruit sourced from Africa, Papaya, Pineapple, Aloe, Essential Oils, Micro-Algae and tiny granules of ancient Volcanic Minerals to help refine texture and soften the appearance of lines and dark spots. What a combination of ingredients! 

The exfoliator itself is a gel texture and smells incredible being infused with all of those lovely fruits. It is like drinking a tropical drink whilst at a spa; the two scent combinations really do come through! Whilst the look of it isn't that inviting, the smell and feel of this are beautiful. The granules are super fine so it doesn't feel harsh and it works instantly to refresh your skin. I have to say my skin looked so much brighter after having used this due to a few late nights and a poor immune system, it really gave my skin life again. African Botanics recommend that you leave the exfoliator on the skin for 2-3 minutes after massage to let the enzymes work which I feel made a huge difference compared to other manual exfoliators. I like that you can use this up to 3x a week because going into summer, we shall all want to keep our skin looking fresh and radiant. This is definitely a luxury buy but as you can see the price of this one nearly pays for the whole box - making this month another great deal. I have to say the African Botanics Botanical Hand Cream (here) is one of my all time favourites now thanks to MB - their signature scent is literally a spa in tube and one to try of you are a hand cream addict as I am. 

Mintd Box, April, Pause and Rewind, Siskyn Night Facial Oil
3. Siskyn Frankincense & Jasmine Night Oil (Full Size £46) (link here!)
This is an intensive overnight skin boosting treatment with a blend of 17 organic, highly active botanical oils. Blended with vitamin rich organic Rosehip known for it's antioxidant properties to help combat free radical damage and increase collagen production as well as soothing and calming Calendula and Baobab for skin maintenance. This is a great nourishing night oil ideal for all skin types (but not if your pregnantand very beneficial for balancing acne prone skins.

We have indeed had the pleasure of this beautiful oil before from a previous box which is how I became familiar with Siskyn. It is such a lovely brand with a great story behind it and the 'Siskyn Sisters' purely focus on producing 100% natural oils (read here!). The Frankincense and Jasmine Oil is a rich oil so only use a small amount and I suggest that once you start using it, carry on, don't save it because being so natural I find that it can turn quite quickly as you shall be able to tell from the the smell. It is lightly scented which is nice because I think anything too overpowering at night time can actually keep you awake and defeat the object but this one smells beautiful. This oil is a bit like a comfort blanket for your skin whether you have had to much cold or too much sun, it will tuck your skin into bed and kiss it goodnight. It just wants to take care of your skin! Whatever your skin type, this oil shall leave you feeling hydrated and nourished. As you know, I love facial oils and this is a brand that is really made with love and care. 

Mintd Box, April, Pause and Rewind, Aromatherapy Associates
Mintd Box, April, Pause and Rewind, Aromatherapy Associates
4. Aromatherapy Associates Perfect Partners Bath Oil Set  (Full Size £21(link here!)
This gorgeous duo consists of Aromatherapy Associates' two most popular 'award winning' bath and shower oils. Bath time doesn't get any better than this! You get Revive for the morning and Deep Relax for the evening and each oil is enough for about 3 shower or bath treatments. You simply add one third of the bottle to your bath or apply directly onto your body before showering for the best bath/shower of your life. 

If you know my taste well by now, then you will know I am an Aromatherapy Associates addict. In my opinion they are the best for aromatherapy because these oils are all 100% natural and more importantly, they work. You could call them 'a little magic in a little bottle' because they do as they say. I have used them for years and try to keep a bottle in stock at all times for times of need plus my husband is a big fan of them too. I am not a bath person at all, I am a shower and go person but these oils make you want to bathe, that is how relaxing and amazing they are. They use such a high concentration of oil which is why you get such powerful results and is what sets them apart from other brands. My favourite oil in my household is the De-stress muscle; the scent of this alone fills my whole apartment and has you all relaxed in an instant. These smaller bottles are a great way to discover the different oils and perfect for taking away anywhere with you. With Aromatherapy Associates in your life, there really is no better way to pause and rewind.

Mintd Box, April, Pause and Rewind

A beautiful line up once again from Mintd Box and for me the star of this month's box is the Omorovicza Rose Quartz Facial Roller because it is so unique and something that was lacking in my own skincare collection, plus it is great value for money in this months box.

So then, the face and body is prepped, firmed, smoothed and relaxed and ready to start another day. Aside from the products, I hope that you take away a lesson on how to make that time to Pause and live every day in the moment, do not wish life away, but make it as best as you can .... and have that glass of wine at lunch ;-)

Mintd Box, April, Pause and Rewind
Mintd Box is premium beauty that doesn't get any better than this and there is still time to get your hands on this box should you feel this could be your way to have some time out.

Just to recap, the contents of this box have a combined value of over £182/€208 for which you only pay £70/€80 per month or bi-monthly giving you an enormous £112/€128 saving as opposed to buying all products individually. Plus you get a free Omorovicza Oxygen Booster when you sign up to a 6 or 12 month plan! 

Sign up to Mintd Box here and get free delivery in the UK and free delivery worldwide at the Gift Store - Ships to UK, W Europe, North America and Australia. 

Pause & Rewind - and enjoy!
Spot any favourites?

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