Charlotte Tilbury • Film Noir Nights

8 December 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Film Noir nights Makeup gift set
Are you set for some holiday seduction?? Well you had better be! Charlotte Tilbury is by far one of my favourite beauty brands of today, which you may have guessed if you are a regular follower of mine, because for me it ticks every box that I want a brand to tick and as soon as Charlotte launches anything new or a Limited Edition, I know it shall be a sell out. This time of year always brings some stunning limited editions and I think this one is one of the best we have seen. 

Mintd Box • The Christmas Edition

5 December 2016

Mintd Box, December, The Christmas Edition
Tis' the season to ..... get your Mintd Box quite frankly. If you are a regular reader to my blog and to my monthly Mintd Box unveilings then you shall know that it was inevitable that this month was going to have a Christmas theme and oh what a theme it is. In my opinion, one of the best we have seen so far and I know I say that month after month, but to put  so many amazing products together that shall please an array of beauty lovers every month takes skill and passion which deserves a big round of applause in my book. Cheryl and her team at Mintd Box never disappoint us unlike other beauty boxes as they have introduced me to some amazing brands that have now become a firm favourite to my beauty regime and ones that I don't think I genuinely would have tried had it not been for Mintd Box. 

The First GlossyBox Advent

30 November 2016

GlossyBoxfr Beauty Advent Calendar
With tomorrow being December 1st, it's nearly time to open up those Advent Calendars and the releases this year have once again bombarded us. I usually do a blog post all about my top picks but this year I felt that this subject has been well covered with even more than last year to choose from. I did purchase the Charlotte Tilbury Book of Beauty last December but felt this years version was quite similar to last years so I passed and decided that with so many products in my stocks, I didn't really need one. So imagine my sheer joy and delight when a surprise parcel from GlossyboxFr showed up on my doorstep with a gift of 'GlossyBox's First Ever Beauty Advent' .... let's say I was tad speechless. 

TRIA • Hair Removal Laser 4X

24 November 2016

Tria Beauty, Hair Laser Removal 4X
Body hair is that taboo subject that embarrasses many people but it is something that we all have so we should all address it. We all have hair where sometimes we don't want any i.e. legs, arms, underarms, bikini line as well as the pesky upper lip, face, chin, toes etc so wouldn't it be great if you could eradicate it forever by doing so yourself at home?

Star Products of the Month • October

17 November 2016

Kellilash Beauty Stars, Monthly beauty favourites 
October has been a jam packed month full of products, some old, some new, but all in all incredible beauty stars that you should be aware of. The month consisted of a real mix of skincare, body and make-up mainly because I have now made that change into my autumn wardrobe. Hydration has been stepped up, textures have become richer, makeup tones has become warmer and basically, I needed full body pampering due to the cold/flu season being ever so present and TLC was high on my agenda.

Mintd Box • Winter Skincare Hydration

10 November 2016

Mintd Box, Winter Skincare Hydration
The Autumn/Winter has definitely made a grand entrance because I am certainly feeling the effects of the season change. Having been struck down with the usual cold/flu bugs that circle every year, my body has been suffering. My 'non existent' immune system has had it's work cut out and with all the medications taken, my body and skin has suffered a few set backs. This means pulling out all the stops to get it back to it's happy, normal self. 

Herbivore • Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask

6 November 2016

Herbivore is a brand that I have seen crop up more and more in many a beauty article and Instagram picture over the past few months and with it's modern clean image, stunning colours and wonderful sounding ingredients, it is a brand that has intrigued me. I was kindly offered the opportunity to try one of their best selling products from the range so I could see for myself what the brand was all about. 

He-Shi • Self Tanning (aka the BEST)

27 October 2016

He-Shi Self Tanning Liquid
It's that time of the year where our summer glow is nearing its end and although our bodies get covered up more, we still need a bit of colour to make us feel good and for the times when we need to get our bodies out!

Self tanning is one of life's beauty missions where we strive to find that one miracle self tanner that ticks all the boxes. For many years I have been very happy with my self tan of choice as I have recommended it to many people over the past years, but for me, my skin has decided that suddenly, it just needs more. I found that my regular tanner was just not working how it used to and not lasting long enough to the point where it was just becoming a hassle to keep it up. This made me dip my toe back into the self-tanning waters and I  believe that I have found the one. Yes the ONE.

Chanel • The 'New' No 5 L'Eau

20 October 2016

Chanel No 5 L'Eau New 100ml

The Re-make of a Classic - good idea, bad idea? You can't get any more classic than Chanel No5, the ultimate iconic symbol of luxury. Originally created in 1921 by Gabrielle Chanel, No5 has since become more than just a fragrance.

Star Products of the Month • September

14 October 2016

Monthly Beauty Favourites September
Time for another round up of what beauty items have stood out for me over the previous month and have had all my attention on a daily basis. There has been a lot of new launches occurring and many sneak previews of what is still to come on the beauty underground and my god, it is all incredible. Never have I been so indecisive about what I want to invest in so it is safe to say, my 'wishlist' is more of a 'wishbook'. 

Mintd Box • Your Essential Beauty Sleep Kit

7 October 2016

Mintd Box, Your Essential Beauty Sleep Kit
One thing guaranteed to make the start of a new month instantly better is receiving my Mintd Box. Never have I been so keen to rip into packaging because I know that each month, this box holds some A-List beauty treasures. So it is time again for me to let you all into the secret of what lies in store for the October Mintd box.  

Bardou • *NEW* Booster Brow

30 September 2016

Bardou Booster Brow
Today marks the launch of a brand new exciting product from the famous luxe hair brand, Bardou, a British brand that specialises in luxury haircare and styling. They have prestigious salons in London, Marbella and soon to be opening in Dubai, all with a varied clientele including professionals, fashionistas, bloggers and celebrities. Founded by Charlotte Davis and Adee Phelan (celebrity hair stylist) the idea behind Bardou was to offer treatments and instant beauty solutions from express make-up to perfect blow dries for all of us that are 'on-the-go'. 

Star Products of the Month • August

15 September 2016

Time for that monthly round up of what beauty products have been in the spotlight for me over the month of August. I have many, many, many faves as you shall know if you follow me on Instagram and too many to list as always so I have picked out the key stars that I think you shall all love and enjoy too. We are in that transition stage where summer holidays have ended, children are back to school and the Winter/Fall collections have made their way onto the fore front and I hate this in-between stage as I feel sad to see summer go and try to cling on to it as much as I can, but I do enjoy the autumn months when they are here but for now, we are very much still in summer dresses and sandals here in the South of France as a heatwave is in full flow! So let's have a look at what has earnt that gold star status this month ...

Rosalena • 100% Natural Face Oils

8 September 2016

Rosalena Natural Facial Oils
Being a beauty blogger I test out many skincare brands so there are times when a product really stands out and ultimately blows me away and that is exactly what has happened with a new skincare brand on to the scene, Rosalena who specialise in 100% Natural Face Oils and have created something that is skin changing.

Mintd Box • Post Summer Skin Rehab

1 September 2016

Mintd Box, Post Summer Skin Rehab
Last month I spoke about a brand new concept in beauty boxes bought to you by the marvellous Mintd Box. It is safe to say that Mintd Box caught all of our attentions and this months box theme shall indeed grab your attention even more.