Bardou • *NEW* Booster Brow

30 September 2016

Bardou Booster Brow
Today marks the launch of a brand new exciting product from the famous luxe hair brand, Bardou, a British brand that specialises in luxury haircare and styling. They have prestigious salons in London, Marbella and soon to be opening in Dubai, all with a varied clientele including professionals, fashionistas, bloggers and celebrities. Founded by Charlotte Davis and Adee Phelan (celebrity hair stylist) the idea behind Bardou was to offer treatments and instant beauty solutions from express make-up to perfect blow dries for all of us that are 'on-the-go'. 

Bardou excitingly bring to us, the new Booster Brow, a one step brow gel that helps build and shape the brow and lasts for days. This miracle gel is enhanced with Permafix Technology and Hair Fiber Complex that produces hair like fibres to create the perfect brow shape. This semi-permanant gel can last for up to four days

Star Products of the Month • August

15 September 2016

Time for that monthly round up of what beauty products have been in the spotlight for me over the month of August. I have many, many, many faves as you shall know if you follow me on Instagram and too many to list as always so I have picked out the key stars that I think you shall all love and enjoy too. We are in that transition stage where summer holidays have ended, children are back to school and the Winter/Fall collections have made their way onto the fore front and I hate this in-between stage as I feel sad to see summer go and try to cling on to it as much as I can, but I do enjoy the autumn months when they are here but for now, we are very much still in summer dresses and sandals here in the South of France as a heatwave is in full flow! So let's have a look at what has earnt that gold star status this month ...

Rosalena • 100% Natural Face Oils

8 September 2016

Rosalena Natural Facial Oils
Being a beauty blogger I test out many skincare brands so there are times when a product really stands out and ultimately blows me away and that is exactly what has happened with a new skincare brand on to the scene, Rosalena who specialise in 100% Natural Face Oils and have created something that is skin changing.

Rosalena are a London based company set up by two very inspiring women, Maja & Helena who set out to give us just what our skin needs and to make it an experience without putting chemical-laden ingredients into our bodies. The small range consists of 4 daily moisturising face oils made purely from plant ingredients with no nasties whatsoever. Each oil is naturally beautifully scented which adds to the whole experience and their philosophy to 'Pause, Breathe, Be'. The range allows you to choose which oil is best suited to how you and your skin feel. This is not just a case of 'putting on some moisturiser' this is a complete aromatherapy experience each and every day with a few mindful minutes of pure bliss for your skin and for you

Mintd Box • Post Summer Skin Rehab

1 September 2016

Mintd Box, Post Summer Skin Rehab
Last month I spoke about a brand new concept in beauty boxes bought to you by the marvellous Mintd Box. It is safe to say that Mintd Box caught all of our attentions and this months box theme shall indeed grab your attention even more.

Just to recap, Mintd Box is like no other beauty box service you have seen before and doesn't even come under the same umbrella as other companies. This is gold star service offering the latest A-listers in beauty. A monthly or bi-monthly (the choice is yours) luxury beauty subscription that sources exceptional high end, luxury brands so that every month or two, you receive a selection of 4/5 full sized beauty products. Their team of London Beauty Experts ensure that the products are in tune with global trends and your personal preference. Mintd Box aim to inspire and encourage women to reveal their inner beauty through discovering new brands. In my opinion, the only beauty box that is worth knowing about. Forget all others, this one beats them all. 

Chanel Le Rouge Collection No1 • Fall/Winter 2016

25 August 2016

Chanel Le Rouge Collection No1 AW 2016
Chanel are here this Winter/Fall to tell us that it is all about red. Now I for one have been stalking the Chanel counters, eagerly awaiting this hot launch as I knew that it was going to cause a wave of opinion, but in my eyes, this was very much a collection that I was going to fall in love with. 

Chanel Le Rouge Collection No1 is the debut collection designed by Global Creative Colour Designer, Lucia Pica who expresses the power of red throughout the entire line to give women a new power. Lucia Pica is rarely seen without a slick red lip herself. This collection isn't red as you know it. Red shall always be a classic make-up look when it comes to lips and nails, but what about cheeks, eyes and lashes? Chanel aren't talking pillar box red worn everywhere, but shades of red that range from bold poppy hues to deep dark black cherry and burgundy, making this all very modern. 

Lilibeth • The Brow Shaper

18 August 2016

Lilibeth, The Brow Shaper
When I posted a picture to Instagram some weeks ago showcasing my 'brow team' it got a lot of attention, especially my new brow gadget that I was raving about in that post. Just in case you didn't know, I swear by Anastasia Beverly Hills when it comes to brow products as I use them religiously, mainly the Brow wizBrow powder and Dip brow pomade. But I am here to discuss a new beauty tool that shall take all the stress out of brow grooming as we now it, because we all know how important brows are and what a 'pain in the backside' they can be to get right. 

MINTD Box • Explore | Luxury Beauty

11 August 2016

MINTD Box, August 2016
Time to talk beauty subscription boxes, but not as we know it. The beauty box game has a new contender that in my opinion shall blow a lot of other competitors out of the water. We all know that the subscription box craze has slowly died down after 'luxury' samples became more like 'samples', but what if you could receive a beauty box that actually had more than 1 full size product inside? How about 4 or 5  for instance? ...  

Clarins • Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

7 August 2016

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster
I was sold at the title of this product alone, 'Golden Glow booster', yes please! I have always been a Clarins body care fan as I have used and loved it for many years but have not always got along with their skincare. Saying that, one product I have used in the past and  loved was the Radiance-Plus moisturiser that was a moisturiser with a little self tan so if applied before sleep, you woke up looking golden bronze but you could only use it a few times a week or it built up to much on the skin I felt. Hence my excitement when I heard about this new product.

Star Products of the Month • July

2 August 2016

July Beauty favourites
It is that time again where I like to share with you all what I have been loving over the past month and there has been a lot. So I have decided to split this up into two posts as I have been away on holiday for half the month and we all know that holiday beauty differs from day to day choices so I thought I would do a holiday round up post after this one to show you what my holiday faves were, hence not to make this post too long. Like I said there has been so many products that have worked wonders for me this month and I couldn't miss any out .... so let me get started with part 1! 

Feel Unique • The @Moomooi Collection

28 July 2016

Feel Unique Moomooi Collection 
Feel Unique are a company best known for their fabulous selection of online beauty brands available worldwide and I for one use their website a lot as they are one of my favourite online shopping destinations. They recently contacted me to share the news of a new and exciting accessory line that they have created, so I for one was very excited to see and know more about it. Feel Unique have collaborated with the incredible 'Insta-famous' Fashion Illustrator, Meredith Wing (aka @moomooi) best known for her floral art work, to turn everyday necessities into beauty accessories thus a partnership of beauty meets fashion. Beauty, fashion, art, flowers ... just a few things that we all love, have been brought to life through Meredith's sketches onto a phone case, make-up bag, soft kabuki brush and travel wallet.

Lancôme • Grandiose Bendable Liquid Liner *new*

22 July 2016

Lancôme Grandiose Liner
I do love when a make-up artist is behind the design of a make-up product because they  see the issues that everyday make-up users have with a product hence creating innovations that grab all of our attentions, which is what is behind Lancôme's latest product launch, Grandiose Liner link! i.e the best liquid eyeliner you shall ever come to use!

Star Products of the Month • June

7 July 2016

Beauty Favourites
The summer has hit us here in the South of France and the temperature has certainly risen so it's that time of year where both skincare and suncare play a bit part in my daily routine. I regularly update my Instagram to what products I am trying out as I have many that shall be making an appearance all soon. I have many favourites as always, but this month I have focused in on those products that have made a new difference to my daily beauty routine. A few have been mentioned here already but for me, they have been a true standout.

BLISS • Multi-'Face'-eted Anti-Aging Clay Mask

28 June 2016

Bliss Multi-'face'-eted Clay Mask
There is no doubt about it, face masks are one of my favourite beauty products and they are that one skincare product that you can dip in and out of, as and when you need it and you don't feel dis-loyal should you want to try another one out as it all depends on what your skin needs at that time. They are also a damn good excuse for 'you time' even if just for ten minutes to sit back, relax and let your mask (hopefully) work some magic. For this reason of having little time, we do expect a lot from our skincare nowadays as most of us want super effective, multi-tasking skincare and my newest skincare member promises to do just that as it takes only 5 minutes to work its magic. 

The Rose Gold Edit • Accessories

23 June 2016

Rose gold accessories 
Anyone who knows me, knows I have a huge rose gold obsession. I love all things rose gold and it was even the colour theme for my wedding. Now don't get me wrong, I don't walk around head to toe wearing rose gold, god no, but when it comes to having a colour love, it's best to accessorise with it, whether it be fashion or beauty. With this in mind I thought why not share a few of my favourites rose gold accessories with you, inspired by getting ready for a day out and posting some IG shots and thinking "don't they look pretty". I also have a very exciting giveaway to tell you about if you keep reading which was also an accessory inspiration behind this post ... 

Star Products of the Month • May

20 June 2016

Makeup Favourites 
We are now well into June, anyone know how that happened?! My how this year is flying. My birthday month of May held a lot of make-up stars as I had quite the social calendar so found myself reaching for some star products that made the task in hand of 'making-up' a lot easier. There is a real mix of old and new here  as I am sure I have talked about a few of these items before but nonetheless, I am loving them all.