The weather around Europe may not exactly feel like spring just yet but Dior have brought Spring to us all in the form of their NEW Glow Squad Collection. It's feminine, girly, elegant, bright, fun and simply stunning. It symbolises exactly what we want at this time of year, a glow. I picked up two items that really caught my eye hence I had to share them as  Dior are causing a stir with this latest collection as I have seen it literally everywhere so the campaign is hot

The launch is based around their best selling Lip Glow line as Dior have introduced many more shades and finishes into their range. Alongside this are two Limited Edition Eye Palettes and a Highlighter. I J.Adore Dior eyeshadow palettes are they are always so unique and exquisite and worth the buy every time. The collection is the epitome of girly-ness, but grown up and sophisticated; kind of like Barbie all grown up, married and living a life of luxury.

Dior Glow Addict
As soon as I saw the eye palettes on my IG feed and knowing they were Limited Edition (which means they will sell out) I was sold. At first glance I knew that the softer pastel version would be very me but Thrill, the more electric version just excited me way more! It is unlike anything else in my collection and makeup should take you out of your comfort zone at times so you don't end up with a dozen palettes all the same shade. We know we are all guilty of this. So let me show you this stunning palette first off .... 

Dior Glow Addict
• DIOR GLOW ADDICT LIMITED EDITION 2018: 5 Colour Spring Palette £48.50 (link!)
Two blossom bright eye palettes based on Dior's Iconic looks; one palette has more of an electric look where one is more pastel. 

- #887 Thrill - One beautiful burgundy matte shade that partners perfectly with four shimmers. A Pearly Pink, a Luminous Nude, a Champagne Ivory and an Electric Pink. (featured!)

- #667 Flirt - A pastel Grey, a Rosewood, a Rosy Taupe, a Pearly White and a Black. 

Dior Glow Addict
As you can see from my swatches below, the bright pastel shades are beautiful and even bridal looking. The Dior details like the embossing in the shadows all add to the beauty of this stunning edition. There are so many ways to use this palette that shall easily work with other tones like bronze and silvers etc. The shadows are amazing to apply; buttery soft, highly pigmented and so blendable which is why I love Dior eye shadows as much as I do. I need to play around with the palette some more but this is very day and night time appropriate. You can create a natural day look by using the lighter shades on the lid and socket and the dark matte at the base of the lashes as a liner - or transition into a more glamorous look by using the darker glittery, pinks and matte shade in the socket to smoke out the look more (see above). One shade (bottom left in the palette) is actually more glittery than the other 4 shades which adds to a more glamorous end result. 

In short this is a very luminous palette full of satin and metallics that work for both day and night. If you are a matte lover then this may not be for you as there is only one matte shade, so another matte may have been a plus. They shadows are so easy to apply with no fall out or mess. It is one to get your hands on for Spring/Summer

Dior Glow Addict, Thrill Palette
Dior Glow Addict, Thrill palette 
You cannot deny this is one stunning eye palette and the Lip Glows make the perfect pairing as they are so delicate and light and great to see that Dior have added more shades to the line as I was already a big fan.

Dior Glow Addict, Thrill palette 
Dior Glow Addict, Thrill palette 
DIOR LIP GLOW, in 10 new shades! £26 (link!)
Lip Glow is the Dior's best selling universal lip balm that gives every skin tone the perfect custom pink shade. Dior have now added 10 new shades and launched two new finishes alongside glow, there is now Matte and Holographic

Lip Glow is the perfect mix of makeup and treatment as the colour reviver technology reacts to the unique chemistry of each persons lips to give a natural flush of custom pink that suits each skin tone so your lips look fuller with a hint of colour. They are formulated with mango butter to really hydrate and stay comfortable on the lips. The three finishes are; the Original Glow that adds a subtle shine, NEW Matte Glow works exactly the same but gives a soft matte finish instead of shine and NEW Holographic that gives a gorgeous iridescent holographic finish.

I already had the original glow which I love but I had to pick up the new Holographic shade 010 Holo Pink because it is so me and it hasn't let me down because it is absolutely gorgeous. These balms don't cause pain to your lips as some other pumping products do, you just may get a little tingle but it's nothing trust me, you are safe with these! I am lucky not to have too much blue in my lips so this balm gives me the most prettiest pink lip which suits me perfectly and with the glittery, holographic finish of this new balm, my lips look plumper which is all good with me! I adore this shade and now feel I want to get a few more of the newer finishes. I am wearing this lip glow below entirely alone with a tiny touch of liner to shape my lips. 

Dior Glow Addict, Thrill palette 
Dior Glow Addict, Thrill palette , Lip Glow
The highlighter from this collection (here!) is also stunning and recommend you check it out if I haven't already gone back to buy it myself. A truly beautiful, feminine collection and I cannot recommend these products enough. Dior eyeshadow palettes in my opinion are some of the best quality palettes out there today. For me, the shades always excite me and  take you out of your neutral comfort zone without being too much. 

Dior Glow Addict, Thrill palette , Lip Glow
Remember the palettes are Limited Edition so act fast if you fancy being part of the Dior Glow Squad. I hate the term, but these really are Glow Squad goals

What do you think of this Beauty Glow Collection?

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I posted about Beauty Pie and my word, have they come on leaps and bounds since then. I realised the other day whilst doing my make-up that I now use at least one Beauty Pie product in my daily routine as it has fast become a brand that I absolutely adore, so about time for an update. 

Since that first post where I introduced you to Beauty Pie, my collection has grown massively. I always get asked what my favourite products are as I do post a lot of what I am using over on my IG feed, so for those of you wanting recommendations I thought it best I do an updated post on what's new and what I currently love from the brand. Beauty Pie have since launched a full Skincare line which has a few star players that I cannot recommend to you all enough.

Beauty Pie, Skincare
If you are not familiar with Beauty Pie then please do read my initial post that tells you how it all works before you read on [here!]. In brief, Beauty Pie is a monthly membership (NOT a subscription) the most important part to remember, NOT a subscription. Instead Beauty Pie brings it's members the best beauty products at FACTORY COST, yes you read that correctly. No Mumbo-jumbo, no middleman, no markups, simply a Private Buyers Club for Beauty Addicts. Unlike a subscription, you get to choose what you want, when you want. Membership starts from just £10/Month or £99/Year and get two months free, all with £100 monthly spend limit that can be carried over to another month should you want.

I was kindly sent over a few new products to try as well as ordering a few items myself and I have to say not only do Beauty Pie produce some amazing makeup products, they have got skincare well and truly figured out too

Beauty Pie, Skincare
The Beauty Pie Skincare range itself is just right; there isn't too many products that it overwhelms you but enough to cater to all skin types. The packaging is beautiful; very Chanel-esque with gorgeous clean, sleek, weighty glass jars that add to the feel of a high end line.

There is in fact already a famous star of the show that has had many beauty editors, make-up artists and skincare specialists talking, so you may have already seen this one pop up in articles .... the Fruitzyme Five Minute Facial, now a Skincare Icon

Beauty Pie, Skincare, Fruitzyme Five Minute Facial
Suitable for Normal/Combination/Oily Skins - £60 / Member Price £7.73 (link!
This new icon is a weekly DIY at home facial peel that promises to deliver salon worthy results. Containing AHA's and BHA's it is designed to slough away all that dead skin that stops our skin from glowing. Pomegranate enzymes are used to clarify, Quartz and Bamboo grains are used to reduce clogging of pores as it gently buffs the skin as well as protecting it against free radicals. I love enzyme masks because you simply apply, then lie back and let them do all the work ... mess free! This particular mask works some serious wonder to give you clear, smooth skin and it really is that good. You know when you go for a facial and you leave the salon with 'that glow' well this is just that. It gives you 'that glow' in just 5 minutes. We can all spare 5 mins, whether you apply it as your brushing your teeth, or before you go to bed, or as your hair mask is on  ... regardless, I highly recommend adding this one to your shopping list as the hype around this one, is all very real. 

Beauty Pie, Skincare, Super Pore Detox Black Clay Mask
Beauty Pie, Skincare, Super Pore Detox Black Clay Mask
Suitable for Normal/Combination/Oily Skins - £50 / Member Price £6.15 (link!) 
A Clay Mask that is designed to clear and detox your skin leaving it looking brighter and fresher in just 10 minutes. Containing Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic acids this mask means business because all these ingredients work to triple exfoliate the skin, whilst Kaolin Clay, Bamboo, Liquorice and Eucalyptus all pull together to unclog pores and keep your skin clear. Ohhhh this is great for T-zones! Your skin shall never feel so clean after using this one and it doesn't dry hard so you won't get any tightness. If you are sensitive you may feel a slight tingle as the mask gets to work but that is all very normal when using acids. Once again I love all of the ingredients here as acids are one of the most powerful anti-ageing tools available to us at home. They really make a massive difference in helping with skin tone, texture, lines, wrinkles, acne, scarring, pigmentation etc hence acid lovers out there shall love this one. 

Beauty Pie, Skincare, JeJu Overnight Moisture Super fusion 
Beauty Pie, Skincare, JeJu Overnight Moisture Super fusion 
Suitable for Normal/Dry/Mature Skins - £70 / Member Price £9.84 (link!
In the words of Beauty Pie "Hydration junkies, strap on your beauty helmets because this might be the most mind blowing night cream ever" - I mean, they hit the nail on the head with this wording; this is a DREAM CREAM.

This insanely luxurious Night Treatment contains JeJu Basalto micro volcanic sand that helps to detox and balance the skin and gives an immediate moisture infusion that hydrates, plumps, restores and ultimately moisturises like a dream. The texture of this cream is so unique and so beautiful with a fresh floral scent that literally feels like you are draping your face in velvet. It is so difficult to describe because I have never felt anything like it; not heavy, not sticky just a feeling of rich velvet that glides over your skin making it feel the softest it's ever been. I have been using it non stop because the results are simply amazing and my skin has never looked and felt so good after each use. Even though it is suggested to be suited to more normal/dry skins, I found it to work perfectly fine on my normal/combination skin as it is in fact designed to help balance, so just use it more sparingly. I really have noticed how good my skin feels and looks the next morning when I have applied this cream the night before and I have to say, my make-up sits on my skin so much better and looks flawless. In fact, this is one of my favourite skincare discoveries to date and I don't say that lightly. 

In my opinion any skin that is dry, dehydrated and a bit parched shall want to marry this cream. The fact that it has sold out due to an overwhelming demand speaks for itself. ** It is due back in stock at the end of January so I suggest you get yourselves on that waitlist because this is a MUST.

Beauty Pie, Skincare, Uber Youth Super Serum
Suitable for 35+ - £85 / Member Price £8.21 (link!)
A highly concentrated serum that is designed to act as a mini face lift in a bottle, plus who doesn't want 'Über youth'? This serum is designed to be hydrating, wrinkle fighting, skin brightening, pore minimising, firming whilst helping with age spots and pigmentation. This really is a multi-purpose anti-ageing serumI adore serums as I use them every day without fail and the description of this one had me nodding in agreement; Yes, I want ALL that! 

This is one of the best serums I have tried to date. I can't believe Beauty Pie has me so much in love as I far from excepted to be this impressed by a product, again. The gorgeous weighty bottle adds to the high end feel of this serum and makes any bathroom shelf look posh. It feels like a lightweight cream and as you warm it between your fingertips is loosens into a nice creamy consistency that smells divine, just like fresh roses in fact. This is a dream serum and my skin feels incredible every time I apply it. I haven't used it long enough to know the long term effects but after a few weeks of use combined with the SuperInfusion Night Cream, my skin definitely feels plumper, is well hydrated and just in really good condition. I would re-purchase this again and again without a doubt which makes me want to venture into trying more of their serums because this one beats many high end brands out there and is a total joy to use day after day.

Beauty Pie, Skincare, Plantastic Youth Guard Eye Cream
Suitable for 20-35; All skins / first signs of ageing - £40 / Member Price £5.63 (link!)
A de-puffing caffeine based eye cream that visibly firms, energises, de-puffs, hydrates and smoothes the delicate eye area. It uses powerful plant lipids, shea butter, caffeine to name a few to become a perfect everyday eye cream. It is so important to use eye creams from as young as you can because the eyes are the first area to show signs of age.

I have always used an eye cream from a very young age and I am lucky to still not have any deep lines or wrinkles around my eyes because of my skincare upkeep. I personally like to layer this cream over the top of another eye treatment so it's a little more intense and adds in some extra hydration being in my late 30s now. This is a lovely, lightweight, creamy, hydrating eye treatment that is an ideal everyday eye cream for those who don't have too many eye concerns. Great for keeping the eyes protected and a preventive against the first signs of fine lines. It kind of reminds me a little of La Prairie's Eye Contour Cream which is a good starting block for those looking to start using a good eye cream.
Beauty Pie, Skincare

In all honesty, I was not expecting the skincare line to be this good. It wasn't that I had no faith in the brand, far from it, I just did not expect it to rival high end brands that have been around for years ... and Beauty Pie do. For a newbie line, they have well and truly done their homework. The Stars have definitely been the Über Youth Super Serum and the JeJu Overnight Moisture Cream both of which have made noticeable differences to my skin and are products I no longer want to be without in my collection. I would subscribe for those products alone, honestly.

The Make-up line looks simple yet modern and may not stand out as much as some other brands that spend a lot of money on packaging but I feel the Skincare packaging is so functional yet very luxurious with it's weighty glass bottles and black and white clean lines, making them stand out well amongst the competition. 

Beauty Pie, Skincare
Do I, Don't I .... 
The Beauty Pie concept won't appeal to everyone but you can't deny the products do, which is why you can of course purchase them at a non-members fee should you want to dip your toe in to see how you like them before you commit to reaping the full benefits of becoming a member. Don't forget when you are a member you can carry your allowance to the next month so if you re not quite ready to order more then have a month off and let it build up over the months it really is so workable. Beauty Pie is that brand where once you try one thing, you only want to try more things, hence Marcia Kilgore and her team have worked wonders to develop it in a way where they listen to what the consumer wants. 

If you are interested then Beauty Pie are currently offering DOUBLE your first months spend allowance, see all here!

Beauty Pie, Skincare
Stay tuned to read Beauty Pie Update - (Part 2) New Make-up Recommendations for all my favourites from recent launches plus a shopping list for all those needing a few ideas. I hope you get to try this skincare line and if so, do let me know! 

Are you a already a PIEGIRL or PIEGUY?
What do you think about the line?

At this time of year, we are bombarded by the words 'detox, diet, fitness, health etc' which sometimes forces you to turn the other way because getting motivated can be really hard. We know we can't ignore the fact that we may have indeed had a little too much indulgence over the past month, but when it comes to detoxing your skin, thank god it is a lot easier. You simply need some magical beauty gems in your life that shall awaken, brighten and revitalise your skin to make you feel recharged and ready for the new year ahead. Of course having a healthy diet and lifestyle is most important to your skin's health so start one step at a time because that way you are more likely to succeed.

I must admit I find getting motivated physically hard, but when it comes to skincare I am more than ready to change things up and I look forward to what my Mintd Box has to bring, as I know that they shall help me get through any month... *sigh* if only Mintd did fitness boxes too, then I would be skinny with fabulous skin. Looks like I shall have to settle on fabulous skin for now! Which brings me on to telling you all about the January edition box themed Recharge. 

Mintd Box, Recharge Box, January 2018
Once again I will just reiterate in case you are not familiar with Mintd Box exactly what they are as I review them each and every month here on the blog. In brief, when you subscribe to Mintd Box, every month or every other month, you only ever receive FULL sized or DELUXE sized high end, a-list, beauty products that are themed for the month and shall save you a small fortune. No Samples, no let downs, just the latest in beauty. You can in fact click Mintd Boxes in the Categories section in the header bar (top of page!) where you can see all previous months boxes and their contents. It mainly features skincare as opposed to make-up but all is only ever 'high end'. 

The January Recharge box contains 4 FULL SIZED + 1 SUPER DELUXE SIZED products all of which are all stocked in high end beauty stores such as Space NK, Harvey Nicols and Net A Porter.

All products featured in the Recharge box bring formulas and ingredients that are warm, uplifting, gentle and full of vitamins to help both our skin and body. They shall all help to hydrate, boost and renew the skin and give you your glow back. 

What better way to get your skin feeling and looking great than with this little lot and the bright colours alone instantly make you feel energised .... let the recharging begin! 

Mintd Box, Recharge Box, January 2018
Mintd Box, Recharge Box, January 2018
The 'RECHARGE' Luxury Contents:-
1. Sunday Riley C.E.O. Cleansing Oil (Full Size £35)
2. Anne Semonin Radiance Cubes (Full Size £50)
3. Rodial Dragons Blood Hyaluronic Mask (Full Size £45)
4. Scentered Escape Balm (Full Size £14.50)
5. Quinteassential Cleanse Loose Leaf Tea (Super Deluxe Size £8)

The contents of this box have a combined value of over £152.50/€171 for which you only pay £70/€79 per month or bi-monthly giving you an enormous £82.50/€93 saving as opposed to buying all products individually. A brilliant saving as always and is exactly why Mintd Box is the ideal way to try new brands. 

Mintd Box, Recharge Box, January 2018
When I saw the line up of this months box, there were two brands in particular that got me very excited so let me tell you about the first one that did ... 
Mintd Box, Recharge Box, January 2018
1. Sunday Riley C.E.O. Cleansing Oil (Full Size £35(link here!)
A Cleansing Oil that is suitable for both wet and dry use and instantly dissolves make-up, dirt, excess oils etc to thoroughly clean your skin. It contains ingredients that are naturally rich in AHA's, BHA's and antioxidants like Vitamin C, Tumeric and Lime Pearl extract to ensure your complexion is left feeling soft and calm. 

Sunday Riley is a brand where every product intrigues me and whatever it is, I want to try it. I think this is solely down to Instagram where Sunday Riley products are always a hot topic. Thanks to Mintd Box I have tried a few things now and I did love the Luna Sleeping Oil (here) so I had high hopes for this product. I love cleansing oils in general and this one is very different to any other that I own. It is a very loose, slippy oil which makes it great for facial massage yet it's very lightweight which I love. I used it on a dry face only (not on the eyes) to remove my face makeup and it did the job well. The oil smells of tangerines which I really love as it makes the oil feel fresh and clean. Being a Vitamin C based cleanser this really does help to brighten the skin and would be a great first step for those who like to use brightening Vitamin C serums also. I don't know if it is just me, but when I wash it off, my skin smells of bar soap! It did leave my skin looking very matte and I felt my pores were tighter which is a great bonus to this product. However I wouldn't advise using it on the eyes as I feel it could cause them to feel sensitive and sore. But all round, this is a lovely cleanser that I think would be more ideal used as a second cleanse to help with large pores and super ideal as a summer cleansing option! 

Mintd Box, Recharge Box, January 2018
2. Anne Semonin Radiance Ice Cubes x 8 (Full Size £50(link here!)
An innovative creation in the form of facial ice cubes; think of them as cucumber for the face! Designed to be used straight from the freezer, they are based around 'cryotherapy' of lowering skin temperature, to instantly calm, de-puff, tighten, lift and brighten. By cooling the skin, blood vessels are forced to constrict which accelerates drainage and awakens skin and senses which is ideal for times when you need 'perking' up! Each cube contains a cocktail of ingredients such as wild indigo, marine spring water, red micro-algae, azaelic acid, primrose oil and lysine (all goodies!). To use, you take out your frozen cube from the freezer and wrap it inside one of the gauzes provided then rub it all over your face and neck. Simple.

These are super fancy pants I know and not at all an 'essential buy' but they're good fun plus they really help your skin in times of need. Another reason why Mintd Box is such a good deal as these are the type of products that you probably stalk online but are not likely to click 'buy' as they not cheap. I love the Anne Semonin eye cubes featured in a previous box (here) and are in fact in my freezer as we speak. I have to say having used these Radiance Cubes myself they do in fact work well. My skin definitely looked fresher and had more of a glow about it so I think there is a lot to be said for cryotherapy. The cubes are quite large in size so you may be rubbing for a while just to get value for money! These are definitely worth setting aside for special occasions or for when you have had a lack of sleep, woken up too early, over indulged and so on, which all contributes to puffiness so they will be a god send. I am a big fan of the Anne Semonin Exfoliating Mask as it has been a cult favourite of mine for a while now so I do recommend this brand if you are looking for a new line to try.

Mintd Box, Recharge Box, January 2018
3. Rodial Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Mask (Full Size £45(link here!)
A super hydrating gel mask that is designed to make skin look plumper with clever 3d filling spheres and gransil, a high performing spherical powder which provides enhanced aesthetics to formulations. The mask shall help to plump out fine lines and maintain hydration giving you a more comfortable feeling skin. The Dragon's Blood line, which is in fact an ingredient found by Rodial's founder Maria whilst travelling in Asia that has been used for centuries as a healing extract, works to form a second skin like film around the face to protect it against the environment.

I am a huge fan of the Dragons Blood line and absolutely love the velvet cream (here) plus the scent is delicious! I cannot put my finger on the smell but it's so fruity and gorgeous which makes me love the products even more. This mask is beautiful and it woks. It is all of the things that it claims; lightweight, hydrating, plumping and best of all, easy to use. I like to apply a generous layer and leave it on overnight to fully absorb and my skin loves it. You really don't need to wash this gel mask off at all as your skin shall drink it all in and reap the benefits. It does indeed plump up your skin making fine lines look less visible making it in my opinion, a tad magical! In fact this would would make a perfect in-flight mask and I absolutely love it. highly recommend it to anyone needing hydration and plumping ... I mean, who doesn't?!

Mintd Box, Recharge Box, January 2018
4. Scentered Escape Therapy Balm (Full Size £14.50(link here!)
A highly luxurious balm that helps you to recharge your batteries through essential oils. Escape is a woody, exotic blend featuring Oud, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Amber, Patchouli and Rose. The idea is to apply the balm to your pulse points and inhale, then reset your mood. Escape was designed for times in your life when you need to do just that and gain perspective and inspiration or to let go of your worries and frustrations. I think we could all do with one of these! 

First off, love the brand name Scentered, very clever! I love anything involving high quality essential oils as I am a firm believer in their power but I am not a big lover of a stick balm I have to admit. They just end up in a box somewhere kicking dust and going out of date, but after taking the lid off of this balm to sniff it, I am a new balm convert, .... well, only to this brand. This is me in a balm; all the essential oils that I adore. Oh and .... it works. Little story, my husband is a sceptic of anything like this but these are all his favourite notes so after telling him to 'sniff this' and him replying "my god what is that, it smells amazing?!" I was already applying it to his pulse points. Within seconds, I thought he was pulling my leg, he told me he was feeling odd! It literally got to work that quickly on him and it really helped to chill him out (work stress!) and that was him sold. I may have to wrestle him to get it back in fact. These balms are way more mighty than they look and 100% worth having in your collection. Little tip, don't apply too much as the scent is very strong and as your body warms, you will inhale the full force of this beautiful balm. 

Mintd Box, Recharge Box, January 2018
Mintd Box, Recharge Box, January 2018
5. Quinteassential Cleanse Loose Tea (Super Deluxe Size £8(link here!)
Quinteassential was created by Bernadine Tay, who used her scientific knowledge to create unique blends and has won 7 Great Taste Awards out of her 13 blends and is now tea judge. This 'beautea' holds some serious powers. Cleanse is a loose leaf tea that was inspired by chai tea and is designed to heal and rejuvenate containing, Top notes: ginger and cardamon, Middle notes: dates and oats, Base notes: Cacao and Pepper. Recommended after exercise, a meal or chocolate. 

The tea smells incredibly festive and very much like Chai. You are either a tea or a coffee person and I am so a tea person, especially being a Brit as I cannot function without a big mug of Assam first thing in the morning! I discovered this brand Quinteassential (again, brilliant name!) in a previous Mintd box here and loved their whole philosophy. You can actually see small pieces of dried ginger in the tea so if you like high quality tea then it doesn't get much better than this. Cleanse is an acquired taste, but knowing it is doing you the power of good helps! The tea comes with infusing pouches and stirrers so you can let it infuse resting over a cup and I love the clever QR code which you scan to play a music track that acts as your tea timer so you get the perfect brew time. It is details like that which make me love this brand and I am a strong believer in tea being good for the inside as well as the outside. 
Mintd Box, Recharge Box, January 2018
What a way to start the year; cleansed, recharged and brighterI have enjoyed each and every product in this box but for me the stars are definitely the Rodial Hyaluronic Mask and Scentered Escape BalmI have reviewed every monthly Mintd Box for over a year now and I say it post after post, Mintd Box are the only beauty subscription worth investing in if you are serious about skincare as you shall never be wasting your money.

If you are interested in the Recharge box for yourself don't forget your are saving  a massive £82.50/€93! Sign up to Mintd Box here with free delivery in the UK and free delivery worldwide on your first box using code MB2018! Available online Worldwide and ships to UK, W Europe, North America and Australia.

Another fabulous box don't you think?

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