Following on from my last blog post with gift ideas for body, I have gathered up a collective of make-up products which have been kindly sent in to KelliLash HQ so if you are looking for a few last minute gift ideas, new inspiration for freshening up your own make-up bag or simply ideas of what to target in the sales ....  then have a little look at these beauties. 

This gives me the chance to showcase more of what I have trialling behind the scenes as I have been inundated with some amazing products that I had to tell you all about, some pr gifts, some purchased by myself but all winners
Makeup/Beauty Gift Ideas

Makeup gift ideas, MAC Glow Getter set
• MAC COSMETICS - The Glow Getter GOLD Set (£39/€43) (on sale here!)
MAC shall always be a go to for many as the brand appeals to all ages, caters to all spends and are always on trend. I have to say this set here is perfect for all because who doesn't want to glow at Christmas?! This face kit includes a mini size of their famous Skin Finish in the shade Whisper of Guilt, Goldlite Strobe Cream (30ml) and a travel sized 161SES Duo Fibre Face Brush ... and is in fact worth £61! There is also a PINK Version of this same set should you want a choice, or get both, for the price they are a fantastic deal. 
Makeup gift ideas, Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown has been as brand that I have got more and more into of late, having purchased many palettes, lipsticks and blushers myself over the last few months which I posted to my Instagram! BB just seem to do get everything right and I find myself really loving exploring their range and just having fun with it because after all that is what make-up should be about. 

Makeup gift ideas, Bobbi Brown Ace of Base
• BOBBI BROWN - Ace of Base Set (£54/€60) (here!)
I was actually in fact gifted this set by BB themselves for no reason at all. Nothing was asked of me but the fact that I LOVE what they sent over means of course I am going to show and tell you all about it. This beautiful Ace of Base set (brilliant name!) contains: the Vitamin Enriched Face Base (50ml), Hydrating Eye Cream (15ml) and Lip Balm Spf 15 all FULL sized and worth £94! All of their best selling hydrating skincare items and designed to restore and replenish radiance so your skin naturally glows. A amazing gift set and great value for money I think you would agree? I have been dying to try the famous Face Base so I am very excited to - I would ear mark this set for yourself! 

Makeup gift ideas, Bobbi Brown
• BOBBI BROWN - Beauty Brush Essentials (£69/€76) & Large Make-up Bag (£29/€32.50) 
Both kindly gifted to me but Bobbi Brown have such a great choice of brush sets online as well as all being sold individually; but the sets hold great savings of course. The quality of these brushes is superb and 100% worth the buy. I especially love gorgeous velvet case in which all these brushes are housed as it really does feel extra special and highly luxurious. 

The Large matte black faux leather makeup bag is amazing. Make-up bags are always too small, or maybe I have too much to out in them, who knows anyhow, this is gigantic and I LOVE it. If you need a decent sized make-up then you need this one. Simple as (here!).

Makeup gift ideas, Fenty Diamond Bomb
• FENTY Diamond Bomb Veil Powder (How many Carats?) (£33/€36.50) (here!)
As soon as I saw this Collection in Sephora, it was in my basket. The Diamond Bomb Veil powder is a diamond dusted highlighter that works as a 3D glitter veil to give you super sparkle for the face and body. I cannot actually capture just how gorgeous this powder and the compact are because it is just so sparkly ..... just like diamonds. Now I am not usually as glitter gal but there was something about this powder that lured me in. It is so finely milled  that it just disperses a super fine glitter to wherever you want it. Perfect for times when you want to be a grown up wearing glitter! This is a perfect gift for anyone because even the box is fancy pants sparkly ..... so maybe get two. 

The Gloss Bomb (£15/€17.50) lip comes in three shades and this one is Diamond Milk, basically the lip version of this powder and it gives your lips the shine of their life. The texture is gorgeous and how I like a gloss to be hence I am a little bit addicted and have been wearing this non-stop; it is just beautiful.


Makeup gift ideas, Gold Class brush
• AN INCH LONDON, GOLD CLASS Thermal Super Brush (£30/€34) (here!)
An Inch London is a very trendy, stylish and popular London Hair Salon that has it's own range of products and I cannot wait to one day hopefully visit myself soon! Haircare vouchers and products are always a great gift idea for any occasion and if you want something a little different then how about this stunning gold brush! It may not seem like a typical gift but any brush that comes in it's own silk pouch is a worthy one. This is in fact a gold-plated hairbrush designed to speed up your blow dry and add volume and create texture without over heating and damaging your own hair. The vented shape allows for even distribution of hot air without stressing your hair out so this should help to improve the condition of your hair as you use it. You can use it on wet and dry hair and is great to brush through hair masks and detangle etc and on all hair types and extensions too. I have to say this is one clever yet fancy brush and I love it

Makeup gift ideas, Gold Class brush
Just as another idea, you could combine products from other ranges and make a little luxury hair hamper. If you want to stay fancy then the Bardou Dry Shampoo is one of my favourites as it adds a perfume to your hair as well as being an excellent dry shampoo that is not too powdery yet livens up your hair in an instant. My latest love is the Briogeo Deep Conditioning hair mask as it not only smells divine but is a really superb, hydrating hair mask. It is free from all nasties and can be used by all hair types including extensions. I can highly recommend trying these yourself should you be looking for new haircare. 

Makeup gift ideas, Kure Bazaar
Makeup gift ideas, Kure Bazaar
• KURE BAZAAR Nail Polishes (£15/€17) (here!) - L/R: Sienna, Or Rose, KELLY, Parisienne. 
A nail brand that I have been using for some time now and they are fantastic. Kure Bazaar are non-toxic vinyl effect nail lacquers with a 90% natural formula that actually preserves the vitality of you nails and their natural growth. They dry in no time, give your nails super shine and wear amazing well. They have so many stunning shades in their collection and for me they hold that fun factor of say OPI, but are much better in quality in my opinion. It is so nice to know that you can wear polish and have it treat your nails rather than harm it. I have quite a few shades that I adore but these are ones I chosen because they are so appropriate for now. I even have a shade named after me. KELLY, the bright pink! If you are yet to try these polishes then I highly recommend doing so plus they make a perfect gift and scream 'pamper night!'. 

Makeup gift ideas
• BEAUTY BOOKS (here!)
You may notice a few pictured suggestions here as I love having beauty books on my shelf. Facepaint by Lisa Eldridge is the perfect gift for any make-up lover and Radiance by Hanna Sillitoe showcases recipes that all help towards healing your skin from within which is so important. I also recommend Younger by Dr Lancer and Pretty Honest/Pretty Iconic by Sally Hughes, all fantastic reads.

• LILIBETH Brow Shaper (pictured above!) (£14.95/€17 x2) (here!)
I have raved and recommended these time and time again as for me these are like nail files and hair bands, a necessity! If you don't own one then get one. You can read my full review about how to use them (here) but they make the perfect small gift or add on and the limited edition funky designs like this leopard print design really jazzes them up. 

LIPS - Tints/Treats 
Makeup gift ideas, Dr Lipp
• DR LIPP, Nipple Balm (£5.99) & Lip Tints (£6.99) (here on promotion!)
One product, 100 uses! Dr Lipp is the Multi-Award Winning Original Nipple Balm famed for it's muti-uses such as: chapped  lips, sore nips, softens cuticles, conditions eyelashes, works as a glitter glue, after sun, cheek shine, healing sore noses, helping babies bottoms, a shoe shiner ... to name a few! I am a long term fan of this product as it was always a top seller in store when I worked at Space NK. The magic is, it's medical grade Lanolin, a natural moisturiser that is basically the Rolls Royce of Lanolin. It is thick, balmy, hydrating and if you have dry skin anywhere then you really should have one of these on you at all times. There are also tinted versions should you solely want to use on your lips. Dr Lipp is a mini must-have especially as it is so affordable for all that this little tube of magic does for you!

Makeup gift ideas, By Terry 
 • BY TERRY GEM GLOW Baume de Rose Mini Tree Decoration 3g (£20/€22) ((here!))
As already mentioned in my post here, another lip option is the highly luxurious lip balm from By Terry, Baume de Rose; made even more irresistible in the form of a mini tree decoration. A perfect small gift or handbag size for yourself. 

Makeup gift ideas, Rodin Lipstick
 • RODIN x Vanessa Traina (£28/€31) (here!)
Rodin is a brand I have never tried before but the stunning packaging had my interest right away. These two items, kindly sent over are from a new Limited Edition collection, a collaboration with fashion stylist, Vanessa Traina, whose fascination with florals inspired this line. The lip products may look super bright but they are in fact very sheer and have been designed to resemble the effects of crushed petal stains. The lipstick comes in three shades and I have Dahlia, this gorgeous red. They give your lips a soft stain as opposed to full on colour and feel super hydrating as they are in fact infused with Rodin's signature Jasmine and Neroil oils. These for me feel like a glossy lip tint and are sheer yet very buildable but look super pretty on. If you are scared of red then I feel this would help you as it will ease you into seeing more colour on yourself but in the most subtle of ways. The painted design and attention to detail is so beautiful, you shall definitely want to show this one off in your makeup bag. 

Make up ideas, Rodin
The Lip and Cheek Oil (£25/€27) (here!) in the shade Granantum is very glossy yet very hydrating with no stickiness or tackiness whatsoever. It has been designed to give a healthy flushed look to your lips and cheeks using Safflower seed and Sunflower seed oils. It is very light weight and just adds a subtle tint of colour and brightness so again a great one for those scared of brights but want a hint of colour. If you suffer from dry lips then this will help being intensely nourishing whilst perking up your complexion at the same time. Keep your eyes peeled to my IG to see them in action! 
Makeup gift ideas
All great smaller gift ideas from some amazing brands which I thank for contributing to this post so that I could show case them in all their glory. 

If you fancy treating yourself, then I have a few more suggestions to follow featuring some of my own recent purchases that I think you may just love as much as I am. 

Enjoy shopping! 

Finding gift inspiration in general and not just at Christmas time can be a challenge as years go by so fast and it gets tougher and tougher. I could recommend products until the cows come home quite frankly (just check this blog and my Instagram) so this time I wanted to be introduced to brands/products I wasn't so familiar with so that I could share some new ideas from newer brands as well some known ones too. Ideas help so whatever gift you need, these products may be a solution. I have been testing them behind the scenes so all that you read about has made the 'kellilash' cut!

As it is indeed nearly Christmas, the hardest presents to buy are always the little somethings because they can end up costing you a fortune so here are a few 'smaller gifts' that still pack a punch and are in my opinion, well worth the buy! Whether it's for a friend, a teacher present, a dog sitter present, a thank you gift, a birthday or just for yourself ... L'Occitance have some great ideas to start us off with ... 

Gift Guide - L'Occitane Gift Sets, Baubles, 

Gift Guide - L'Occitane Gift Sets, Baubles, 
• L'OCCITANE Star Festive Baubles, £12 each (here!)
A gorgeous smaller gift or stocking filler that is literally the cutest thing ever. The hanging star shaped tin houses 3 miniatures from their most popular collections. You have Sparkling Verbena with lemon and grapefruit as well as L'Occitane's famous Shea Butter. Each set contains a 25g Soap, 30ml Body Lotion and 10ml Hand Cream. All products are some of the brands best sellers and they really do make such great travel/handbags items. The tin alone is useful and great for using as storage afterwards. For the price, you really can't get much better than this. Highly recommend!! 

Gift Guide - L'Occitane Gift Sets, Baubles, 
• L'OCCITANE Festive Ball Baubles, £12 each (here!)
You also have the choice of the round bauble too! You can choose from the stunning Amande and Cherry Blossom ranges. Each ball contains a 35ml Shower Gel/Oil, 35ml Body Lotion and 10ml Hand Cream. The Amande is my personal favourite and all time favourite L'Occitane range in general so this would be my top pick. If you have never tried the Amande Shower Oil, please do, then thank me later! 

Gift Guide - L'Occitane Gift Sets, Baubles, 
Gift Guide - L'Occitane Gift Sets, Baubles, 
Another small idea is ✨CRACKERS! A perfect table decoration, stocking filler or little treat for yourself (why not!) .... 

Gift Guide - Beautitude Crackers
Gift Guide - Beautitude Crackers
• BEAUTITIDE Joy Bath Oil Cracker, £10 (here!)
A beauty brand that I featured last year as I think they are wonderful. Lets face it, Luxury Crackers can be a rip off but not when they contain quality products such as this gorgeous Joy Bath Oil which is a nice, unique idea too. Joy is designed to uplift and cheer when you just need a simple lift. It uses a blend of Orange, Mandarin, Petitgrain, Grapefruit and Bergamot to stop you flagging on a busy day. All the oils are 100% natural, non greasy and shall have you wanting a full size. I had the Patience bath oil last year coming from someone who really isn't a 'bather' (I am a shower fan) and this is one product that gets me in that tub. If you are looking for a luxury table gift or little fun yet 'worth the money gift' then this is perfect.

Gift Guide - Caudalie Crackers
• CAUDALIE Vinosource Skincare Cracker €6.90/£10 (here!)
If you want to mix up the cracker selection then add in some skincare as it doesn't get any more ideal than this one from Caudalie. It is the time of year where we all need extra hydration and this cracker contains a highly moisturising trio; Vinosource Serum 10ml, Moisturising Sorbet 15ml and a Cleansing Water 30ml. This is a range I have spoken about and highly recommend previously as this really helped my skin during the summer months, so a great one for all year round. This makes the perfect starter kit at a bargain price! Get them whilst you can.


Gift Guide - Caudalie Vine Body Butter Set
Gift Guide - Caudalie Vine Body Butter Set
• CAUDALIE Luxury Vine Body Butter Set, €23/£22 (here!)
I fell in love and raved about Caudalie Gift Sets last year as I think that when it comes to creating a set, Caudalie always deliver and offer nothing but a great deal on luxury skincare. Their bodycare is everything; luxurious, indulgent, nourishing, affordable and grown up. They use no gimmicks as they don't need to, hence they always come to my mind for when I need a gift idea. This beautifully packaged Vine Body Butter set includes a full sized 225ml Body Butter and a FREE 75ml Hand and Nail cream! I am currently using the body oil in this range and the scent is out of this world. One of my personal favourite body sets I have seen this year and they look a lot more expensive than what they cost. I highly recommend trying this range for yourself if you haven't as it shall work to really transform your skin.

Gift Guide - Korres Total Indulgence Set
Gift Guide - Korres Total Indulgence Set
• KORRES Total Indulgence Body Care Set, £20/€24 (here!)
Another brand that I think have some great deals and are a superb brand are Korres. This 'Total Indulgence' Bergamot Pear and Guava Body Milk and Shower Gel Collection is fabulous. The set contains full sizes of the Bergamot Pear Shower Gel 250ml and Guava Body Milk 200ml as well as a mini 40ml Bergamot Body Milk 40ml and mini Guava Shower Gel. The products all use a blend of Shea Butter, Almond oils, Quince and an array go lovely ingredients all designed to nourish and hydrate the body. The Korres Guava line is my absolute favourite and so reminds me of being in my 20's because I was obsessed with it back then! The tropical scent is unlike anything else as it is so fresh and clean smelling. The set is worth it for the Guava alone, seriously. 

If you are looking for something 'super' luxurious and highly unique then .... 

Gift Guide - Vanderohe Skincare 
 VANDEROHE (here!)
A very unique range of products that is designed to help your skin and your mind set so when I was asked about trialling this range, I immediately jumped at the opportunity because for me this was highly luxurious, new and very exciting. Yep, right up my street. 
Gift Guide - Vanderohe Skincare 
 VANDEROHE No1 Enhancing Body Serum, 100ml, £108, (here!)
This is not your average body moisturiser or oil, it is in a fact a Tonic that is designed to be used very sparingly tan o add a little extra something to your body. It feels exactly half serum, half oil in texture and absorbs beautifully into the skin. The serum is fast absorbing, very rich in nutrients (which you can feel!) and also acts like fragrance as this tonic adapts to the warmth of your body skin to give you your own individual scent. The special blend of plant oils help to firm, tone and enhance the skins appearance as well as helping to promote a calm feel to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety. It really is a treat for the body and I felt I kept sniffing my arms as the gorgeous scent warmed and made me feel so comforted. The glass bottle makes this feel even more luxurious and the pastel packaging is so pretty which is why I think this would make a really thoughtful gift if you wanted to splurge on someone needing a little help and TLC. 

This is definitely a higher end purchase as it is not cheap but I wanted to add this brand in because it is so unique which is exactly why it would make a stunning gift for someone who would really benefit from the results that would never spend on themselves. 

Gift Guide - Vanderohe Skincare 
• VANDEROHE NO1 Nourishing Face Serum, 10ml,  £33 (here!)
To pair with the stunning body tonic there is a facial serum. This is just as unique being made from cold pressed oils and enriched with 100% pure organic, harvested, steam distilled oils, each chosen for their unique skin healing properties and mood enhancing results. The results are balancing, anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, moisture boosting, strengthening as well as helping to reduce scarring and redness. Sounds like a magic potion right? Once again, the scent works in harmony to help combat feelings of stress and anxiety which I feel would benefit a lot of us as we live in a stressful time today. I love facial oils which is why this has been a joy to try and I shall continue to use and keep you posted should you want to know more about the results I get from using this one. 

To go with giving the gift of calm and tranquility, candles always go hand in hand .... 

Gift Guide - Beautitide Christmas Candle
• BEAUTITIDE Festive Christmas Candle, £30 (here!)
If you want an authentic festive smell in your home then look no further than this Beautitide Candle. It has been blended using the finest aromatherapy oils such as Lavender, Geranium, Mandarin, Orange, Cinnamon, Clove and Cardamon and it will transform your home into a festive little nest. Who doesn't love a Christmas Candle; they just make a perfect gift at this time of year. 

Gift Guide - Taylor Benfield Candles
• TAYLOR BENFIELD Luxury Scented Candles, £30 (here!)
Taylor Benfield UK is a new brand that I have fallen massively in love with. When it comes to luxury candles we are spoilt with the likes of Diptique, Jo Malone, Byredo, Neom etc producing some of the most beautiful luxury candles and I love to find new brands to add to that favourites list.

Taylor Benfield candles are all hand poured and created in the UK, founded by Suzanne Taylor who is very passionate about travel so she created scents that can literally take you to another place in time. We all know the power of scent and the memories they can create so I welcomed them in with open arms! Their capsule collection consists of 6 candles designed to recapture holiday memories and explore the world we live in. I was kindly sent over two of the most popular scents and my word, they are truly STUNNING. I love the classic white and grey styling and all scents are available in either a matte white or matte grey version. Love that idea and concept as I know they shall match many homes. 

Gift Guide - Taylor Benfield Candles
Head Notes – Pink Pepper, Cardamom, Thyme, Frankincense
Heart Notes – Clove, Patchouli, Lily, Plum, Raspberry
Base Notes – Tobacco, Cedar wood, Guaiacwood.

Based on scents from Malaysia and Indonesia, the spicy, woody, musty notes are very sophisticated with an air of Paris, London and New York. The first thing I thought of when I smelt this one was Byredo's Black Saffron perfume which happens to be one of my favourite fragrances so I instantly fell in love and is now quite possibly my new favourite scented candle.

Head Notes - Lemon, Lime, Orange & Lemongrass
Heart Notes - Eucalyptus, Bois de Rose 
Base Notes - Pine

This scent was inspired by the lemon groves in the Amalfi and Ligurian Coasts in Italy and having been there, and living here in the South of France, I can tell you it is just that. It also has a hustle and bustle of Bangkok and sunny shores and Thailand where Lemongrass is used a lot. This scent is fresh, citrus and very uplifting

Everything down to the packaging just makes these beautiful candles in my eyes, true perfection so I urge you to try them and have them in your own homes. I am thrilled to have discovered this lovely, lovely brand. 

Christmas Gift Ideas!
Anything caught your eye? Hope so! I really wanted to showcase a mix of brands, tried and tested by myself that I felt were unique, affordable, luxurious and yet very exciting. For me it has been a joy getting to discover new products that have become new favourites of mine too.

Stay tuned for the next instalment with some 
Beauty/Make-up Gift Ideas to follow!

When it comes to high end beauty, it doesn't get much better than BY TERRY as they are a brand way up there. As you may already know I am a big fan having used their line for many years now, yet they still excite me with every new launch.

We are in that zone where we have been bombarded with gift set, after gift set and it gets overwhelming as not all gift sets save you money, so make wise choices. Let me say this, By Terry know how to create a gift set; luxurious, high quality and you get what you pay for so should you be looking for some last minute gift ideas or some shopping ideas for yourself then I may just have a few ... 

By Terry, Gem Glow Collection 2018
This years BY TERRY GEM GLOW COLLECTION includes products all designed to make your skin glow for the festive season and all year round. Amongst the collection are two Limited Edition items that had me so excited and are not to be missed out on. I love the precious gem theme and the rose gold detailing on the boxes making them my favourite gift sets so far. They are not only visually stunning but they hold products that are just as gorgeous inside. By Terry did kindly gift me these sets to me so that I could share them with you and showcase my personal favourites ... which I would have asked Santa for anyhow! 

By Terry, Gem Glow Collection 2018
Starting with one of the Limited Edition products that had me CRAZY excited, the GEM GLOW Trio Compact  ... 

By Terry, Gem Glow Collection 2018
By Terry, Gem Glow Collection 2018
• GEM GLOW Trio Powder Compact, £49/€55 (buy here)
This Limited Edition Compact powder was inspired by the reflection of gemstones and is designed to illuminate your eyes, face and lips. The silky soft powder feels like velvet and contains light reflecting mineral pigments and prisms to naturally radiate your skin. It is not glittery, shiny or 'moon-beam' like, but a stunning colour palette that works to lift and boost your skin. Ideal for all skin tones and especially those who hate sparkle and shine in a highlight. You can apply it alone or mixed together, however you do it .... your skin shall simply glowThis really is one stunning highlighter powder. 

The rose gold compact and gem stone design is just so beautiful (and so me!) making it one very elegant yet stylish compact. However, it is made from plastic which may disappoint those who like a weighty metal compact but this for me means that it's very portable and less fragile. Whether you just buy this one for yourself, I highly recommend doing so whilst you can!

By Terry, Gem Glow Collection 2018
On to another favourite and a product which I use near enough every day ...

By Terry, Gem Glow Collection 2018
By Terry, Gem Glow Collection 2018
• GEM GLOW Brightening CC Serum Set, (39ml) £76/€85 (buy here)
This Special Collectors Edition Set houses the three best selling CC Serums; all of which are an iconic product loved by many of us. This is a colour correction radiance serum that lifts your complexion instantly whilst evening out skin tone. The silky serum is enriched with white rose stem cells to add a natural glow whilst micro-spheres create a soft focus, a bit like a real life filter to blur out fine lines. The signature rose scent just adds to the luxury of the serum. You can use it in so many ways but I love to use mine as a base under my foundation or mixed in with it. On a good skin day, you can even wear it alone! I wear shade No.3 Apricot Glow and this is certainly a hero product of mine, reviewed on the blog here

The Shades
N°2 - Rose Elixir - The perfect partner for rosy skin tones, it restores flush to dull complexions and youthfulness to lined faces.

N°3 - Apricot Glow - Adds plump, juicy, vitamin-rich radiance to lacklustre skin tones. The secret to a sexy nude look... for all ages! 

N°4 - Sunny Flash - This milky amber caramel shade delivers the first flush of summer or balances out dark skin tones with a gorgeous glow.

The CC Serum retails individually for £61/€68, 30ml full size so the set is a little more expensive than buying it alone but you do get an extra 9ml and is a great way to get your hands on all of the shades.

By Terry, Gem Glow Collection 2018
By Terry, Gem Glow Collection 2018
• GEM GLOW Brightening CC Serum Limited Edition, Shade 100 Gem Glow £61/€70 (buy here)
If you already love your CC Serum as above then this here is a brand new Limited Edition Nude-Rose shade that is out of this world!! I think if you were to mix all three other shades together then this would be the result; it is one stunning shade. If you are a CC serum fan then I would get your hands on this one fast as it is possibly my new favourite.

By Terry, Gem Glow Collection 2018
By Terry, Gem Glow Collection 2018
• GEM GLOW Baume De Rose Duo Set - Lip Balm/Hand Cream, 37g, £44/€49 (buy here)
You can't think of By Terry and not think of Baume de Rose; it is famous worldwide! In the beauty world, this rose balm is a serious icon and a diamond of all lip balms. It has a non-sticky shine that is unlike any other balm out there and the delicate rose scent is so feminine and chic. I love the fact that Terry built a whole body range around it yet with that said, I still haven't got round to trying the body care so I am thrilled to have this luxurious hand cream in my possession! The delicate scent, the richness, the packaging ... add it to your wishlist.

In this set you get the applicator version of Baume de Rose as opposed to the pot version which is ideal for using on the go for your cuticles as well as on your lips as a treatment and for a glossy lip finish. This is such a perfect pampering gift for anyone ....  if you can bear to part with it that is. 

By Terry, Gem Glow Collection 2018
 • GEM GLOW Baume de Rose Mini Tree Decoration 3g, £20/€22 (buy here)
Mistletoe kissing lips at the ready! Featured again in mini either under your tree .... or on it! The original Baume de Rose has never looked so cute and would make the perfect small gift should you need a little something. Maybe some fancy table gifts perhaps? (I then want to be sat at your table!). It really doesn't get any cuter or more luxurious than this. 

By Terry, Gem Glow Collection 2018
There are a few more gift sets online also here!

By Terry, Gem Glow Collection 2018
I think you can agree, By Terry sure do know how to make us want it all. The whole GEM GLOW Collection has been well thought out and the Limited Editions just make this collection even more enticing. For me, my top recommendations would have to be the LE Glow Compact and the CC Serum Set as I just think they are star products that would make any beauty lover happy especially if they wouldn't necessarily spend that on themselves. I do however recommend getting your hands on the Limited Edition CC Serum should you already be a fan as it really is stunning.

By Terry, Gem Glow Collection 2018
These are essentially all high end beauty gifts, so if you are looking for something a little bit special then do take a look at By Terry in general as they are a brand that is definitely in my opinion worth investing in. 

What item is your favourite from this collection? 

🌟 With big big thanks to Santa aka By Terry for these stunning Christmas gifts; I hope you will love them as much as I do! 🌟

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