Milk Makeup has been causing quite a stir in the beauty community and taking the lead with this latest innovation to create what will be your go-to Spring/Summer go-to for lips and cheeks. 

Milk Makeup are a skincare-infused makeup line, known for its clean beauty, cutting-edge products and inclusivity of all skins and genders. It is a brand I have been enjoying getting to know having tried their bestselling Hydro Primer, Bronzing/Contour Sticks and Lip Oils, which all reeled me in. The latest campaign got my attention on social media because of the lure of 'the jelly sweets theme', hence my excitement when this launch landed at my door. 

Milk Makeup, Cooling Water Jelly Tints

Milk Makeup, Cooling Water Jelly Tints
... wearing shade Chill

COOLING WATER JELLY TINT | $24/ £22 (linked here)

A long-lasting lip and cheek stain with a hydrating, bouncy jelly texture that glides on for a sheer, buildable burst of colour. This blush and lip stain is 90% natural, clean, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, non-comedogenic, and non-acnegenic.

Let's Chat Formula ...

One of the standout features of the Cooling Water Jelly Tints is their revolutionary formula. Infused with Vegan Collagen that helps to firm and hydrating ingredients like Watermelon and Aloe vera, giving a refreshing sensation upon application to the cheeks and lips. The lightweight, jelly-like consistency ensures a smooth glide, making it easy to achieve a natural, dewy finish. Do not try to eat them. It’s makeup, not a jelly sweet. 

Milk Makeup, Cooling Water Jelly Tints

Milk Makeup, Cooling Water Jelly Tints
Milk Makeup, Cooling Water Jelly Tints
Milk Makeup, Cooling Water Jelly Tints

The Shades:

Milk Makeup understands the importance of inclusivity, and the Cooling Water Jelly Tints reflect this with a versatile range of 4 shades, suitable for all skin tones. 

BURST - poppy pink (more neutral)

SPRITZ - coral (more neutral)

CHILL -  red (intense)

SPLASH - berry (intense)

Milk Makeup, Cooling Water Jelly Tints
Milk Makeup, Cooling Water Jelly Tints
Milk Makeup, Cooling Water Jelly Tints



Simply apply straight from the bullet onto the skin, and blend with fingertips. You need to blend quickly as these are a stain, hence they will set fast so if you leave them, you won’t be able to blend so do one cheek at a time. Also a little heads up; if you don’t want to stain your fingers, blend with a brush. 

You can also under paint with them, ie apply before your foundation for a more natural diffused look. 


Apply straight from the bullet itself as it feels lovely and cooling! You can build up the intensity of colour and we are simply as a light stain or build up the colour more and apply a glass over the top (this is my favourite way!).

Milk MAkeup, Cooling Water Jelly Tints; On Cheeks shade Chill, Lips - all shades with Werk Trip Lip Oil.

One layer will give you that light flush of colour, for no makeup, make-up kind of days, and a few layers will give a more intense blush look. The cooling effect also makes them ideal for a quick pick-me-up during warm weather or after a workout.

Milk Makeup, Cooling Water Jelly Tints

Tried + Tested Results

In brief, the Jelly Tints offer a sheer burst of colour, are mess-free, long-wearing, feel super refreshing with skincare benefits and come in some really great shades.

This is the product for those who find that their blusher and/or lipstick disappears and looks non-existent; because this stain will not go anywhere. It is truly fantastic! It shall be a summer staple for that juicy, natural look that wears well and stays put in the heat. 

Having had time to play with them, I love how instantly refreshing they feel on your skin, especially on the lips and the fact that they don't transfer. The Jelly texture just makes application so easy and mess-free and because they are a stain, it means that they will stay put all day long and trust me, I've tested them and they do. I found it really important to make sure you apply these before any powders as they can tend to go a bit patchy if you do, just use any powders lastly. I prefer to apply them with a brush direct from the bullet or dab on and then blend with a brush as it looks more seamless. Plus it's really easy to build up the intensity this way without disturbing the rest of your base, but also because then you won’t have stained hands, because it doesn’t come off! 

This is the first time I think I have ever enjoyed all shades in a product and actually love the brighter shades because once blended down, they just give that real pop of colour that I like to wear. Chill is my favourite shade so far, and I know that Burst and Spritz will be favourites with many, but they are all gorgeous and so wearable.

Be Aware; apart from the staining, bear in mind, the jelly texture is very delicate, which means the more you use it, the more likely it will develop small indents so just be gentle. 

Milk Makeup, Cooling Water Jelly Tints

Love them!

I can see why it sold out instantly in the US and highly recommend anyone trying! It will be a Summer makeup staple so thanks to Milk Makeup, for making makeup fun again and creating a product that has not been done before ... and makes you want to play! 

Milk Makeup, Cooling Water Jelly Tints

Where to Shop

Available in US + Canada right now, and get ready from 4th March for Europe and from 18th March UK at MilkMakeup (here) Sephora, SpaceNK and Cult Beauty.

..... 'coolest - stain - ever'. 

Kelly xx

*products sent as PR for review purposes only, not sponsored.