Sweed Beauty is a brand that has fast become a favourite of mine and a brand that just seems to be going from strength to strength. Founded by Swedish makeup artist Gabriella Elio, Sweed Beauty embodies her vision of creating cosmetics that celebrate individuality and empower self-expression and her love for the 'no makeup, makeup look'. Gabriella's motto is 'look like yourself after a 2 week' vacation – glowing skin, lush lashes and full of life"... aka my kind of brand! 

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Sweed Beauty 

Sweed Beauty 

I became familiar with Sweed via their viral selling Lash Lift Mascara and from that moment on, I was hooked. Sweed has become a regular in my makeup bag and my collection has grown. 

Sweed Beauty 

SWEED BEAUTY (linked here)

LOVED BY MAKEUP ARTIST AROUND THE WORLD! Sweed is known for its vegan, clean products and for being an animal-friendly brand that saves one sea turtle for every sold mascara. Sweed is a pioneer in the eye category with popular and award-winning Mascaras and Eyelash Growth Serum that is free from prostaglandins. They have over the last few months really expanded their make-up line up which just impresses more and more. 

One of Sweed's standout innovations is its revolutionary lash growth serum alongside its two mascaras and false lashes. I thought I would talk through the standout products that I personally own and use, as there is still much sweet beauty that I want to try myself too! 

Sweed Beauty 

SWEED Lash Growth Serum, 3ml & 5ml options (shop here)

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I have tried and even recommended quite a few lash growth serums over the past years, but as science has evolved and we have learned more and more about the effects of certain ingredients, technology is a lot more advanced and this is the most advanced lash serum that I feel addresses all of those side-effects that we once used to face and no longer have to. 

In fact, this sells out frequently because it really is an innovation.  Formulated with potent ingredients like biotin and peptides, Sweed's lash serum nourishes and strengthens lashes from root to tip, promoting natural growth and thickness over time. More importantly, it is prostaglandin-free! This means the formula contains no hormones, which contribute to bad side effects, such as redness, sore eyes, and a depletion of volume around the eye area over time. They are the serums you really want to avoid so do check the ingredients list as I think you'll find most of the common ones of today, do you contain hormones.

Sweed Beauty 

This wonder Serum makes your lashes grow longer, fuller, and darker and gives a beautiful curl with gloss effect in a matter of 4-6 weeks, although I guarantee you will see results sooner. It's also a two-in-one solution and can be used on sparse gaps to achieve more full brows too. It’s ideal for helping to enhance short or thinning lashes, and it’s also ideal for restoring the appearance of brittle or damaged lashes.

How to use: Apply directly along the lash line once a day! Simple. I use it at night whilst I do my nighttime skincare routine. Consistency is key, that is the secret!

This is by far the best and safest lash serum that I have come across, and have personally gone through about 4 tubes myself as I use it on constant rotation. I have very sensitive eyes and wear contact lenses and this does not interfere with my eyes in any way because it is hormone-free I have zero redness around my eyes, and no other side-effects that I know a lot of hormone-based lash serum can eventually cause. 

Unlike other lash serums that can make your eyelashes grow in all different directions and become all different lengths, Sweed Serum thickens the lash line, to add volume and length, but keeps them all neat and tidy and in sync with each other. In fact, I get so many compliments on my eyelashes and it's all due to this serum and a good mascara. I went for a facial, not so long ago and managed to sell the therapist this serum and mascara, because of how she was studying my lashes!

Sweed Beauty 

Sweed Beauty 

SWEED Lash Lift Mascara, Black & Brown (shop here)

Another lash secret of mine, this mascara! In fact, this was where it all started, and was the first Sweed product that I ever purchased.

This is a clean mascara that lifts, lengthens and separates with a wand that is so unique ..... and so tiny! Trust me, it's all about this brush. It doesn't look like it's going to do much, but it delivers all the lashes.
Unlike most mascara brushes that leave the first third of your lash roots bare, this skinny brush really gets every single lash and coats it from root to tip creating maximum definition and volume as it physically pushes the lash upwards to create a lift effect. Because the brush is so flat and small, it lays a deep black pigment between each and every lash for an instant tight line, which is a make-up artist's trick and one I do all the time.

The formula is infused with vitamin B5 to nourish your lashes and it feels super lightweight, is very buildable and flexible and leaves your lashes glossy .... oh and the 'lift', stays all day. Easy to remove yet won't flake, clump or smudge. It’s water-resistant, but not waterproof but I find the staying power is perfect. If I could tell you to try only one thing, it would most definitely be this mascara!

Sweed Beauty 

SWEED Cloud Mascara, Black & Brown (shop here)

Another amazing Sweed mascara choice! The Cloud Mascara gives maximum volume and length instantly. The wand separates each and every lash for a dramatic fan-like effect.

It has the same fantastic lightweight formula as before (see above) as well as Vitamin B5 that nourishes and creates long, full, lightweight lashes. I love that the wand is still nice and compact yet really gives your lashes a boost! Plus I love that the packaging has clouds on it too so you don't get your mascaras mixed up.

The main differences are that Cloud mascara gives you volume, and length and fans out your lashes, whereas Lash Lift basically lifts and pushes up your lashes and gives slightly more definition. Both are incredible mascaras, hence, I always keep both in my collection, depending on my mood!

Sweed Beauty 

SWEED PENCILS; Eyes & Lips (shop here)

Just when I thought Sweed couldn't impress anymore, I tried their liners and realised they really could. I am really fussy when it comes to eye pencils because being a contact lens wearer I find a lot of them transfer into or onto my eye. I like them to be super soft, long-wearing, staying put and not straying. 

Their Satin Kohl Eyeliners deliver a soft creamy formula that glides on effortlessly and stays all day. With a rich color payoff, it can be used as a classic eyeliner as well on the waterline. Ophthalmological- and dermatologically tested.

Now two shades, I highly recommend you try; the first is Dusty Brown as this shade is so flattering and less harsh as opposed to black, and I think it suits everybody. It really intensifies your eyes and the silky-soft, creamy texture makes it so easy to apply without pulling or dragging. It's the dream liner which is why it often sells out. 

Sweed Swatches: Eye Pencils in Dusty Brown, Bright & Barely There Lipliner

The second shade I highly recommend is Bright; aka the secret to bigger, brighter and more awake eyes. I have used flesh-toned eyeliners ever since I started wearing make up and I have to say this is ultimately the most perfect tone of nude for the inner eye that I have ever come across. It's just the perfect shade that makes your eyes pop as the slight hint of pink just makes it so natural looking. This is my own personal trick to making my eyes look more awake and erasing any signs of redness.  

They also have some great metallic shades that are on top of my Wish List to try next.

Sweed Beauty 
Sweed Beauty, Lip liner


Again, I'm fussy with lip liners too, as I rely on them a lot to give my small lips some va va voom. I have my favourites (ByTerry, Mac, Charlotte Tilbury) and this has now joined them, and they have stolen the top spot.

The Sweed Lip Liners are so creamy soft, and smooth like velvet and just glide onto your lips. You can use it to overline and reshape your lips, or as a base all over to make your lipstick stay in place. I love that the pencil comes with a vegan brush on top so you can blend the liner into your lips to make it look more natural, and this is the only lip liner where I have actually used the brush on the end because it is that good!

I'm definitely looking to get more colours, but I can highly recommend the shade Barely There which is the first one I recently got my hands on, and it's perfect for when you want a nude lip to be framed with a long-staying power. This is the ultimate liner. 

Sweed Beauty 


False lashes were actually what Sweed were originally known for, and any make-up artist worth knowing has a bunch of these in their kit. This is because they make the most natural-looking eyelashes that don't look like fake lashes, and I for one I'm a huge fan of that. 

"The Signature No-lash lash" is a staple in every makeup artist kit and frequently worn by celebrities I keep them in my stash for special occasions, because for me, the serum and mascara do all the work for my lashes anyway!

Sweed Beauty 

So as you can tell, I have become quite the Sweed Superfan over the last few months, and I hope this has introduced you to the brand some more. I already have a shopping list of products I want to try so expect to see more of them on my channels! 

You can shop all Sweed products here. 


Kelly xx

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