KelliLash Reviews are 100% My Own!
This Blog is focused around all things Beauty, whether it be make-up, skincare, bodycare, haircare, health, lifestyle etc. My aim is to help, advise, review, discuss and put all my years of professional experience within the industry into writing - about what I know and love.

Everything that you read about is entirely of my own honest and thorough opinion. All topics and products featured are of my own choosing and are ones that I feel shall be really beneficial to read about. As well as the products that I purchase myself, I do receive products from PR companies and brands to test out but this does not influence my final opinion on a product. If I like it, then I feature it! 

All images featured on my blog and Instagram are taken solely by myself (unless stated) and shall hold my watermark.

I may use referral links when talking about products in my posts (not always) which simply means I earn a tiny amount of commission from you buying through my blog. I personally find this so useful to be directed straight to a website that someone has recommended! Any sponsored posts will be declared. 

PR Enquiries
Let's collaborate! If you are interested in doing so then get in touch and contact me at! 

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