I love organisation. I hate mess and clutter and I am that person who is tidying the 'messy drawer'. So when it comes to organising my makeup and skincare, I am in my own little heaven. There are so many great storage and travel options available today as I believe convenience is key to ensuring you look and feel your best. If things are accessible and easy to use, you will use them. 
Whether you're a jet-setter, a weekend traveller, or someone just sitting on your bed and you are simply someone who loves keeping their beauty products in order, the Beautifect Beauty Case is here to revolutionize your beauty routine. 

In this blog post, we'll dive into the features, benefits, and why the Beautifect Beauty Case is a must-have for every beauty enthusiast because I for one am addicted. 

Beautifect Beauty Case

The Beautifect Box | Rose Gold, €299 linked here

The Beauty of Organization. I have lusted over this beauty accessory for so many months and I am so glad to own it thanks to the team at Beautifect. You no longer need to be tied down to one place with Beautifect as it enables you to get ready in less time, with less effort whilst achieving better results with the advanced lighting system.

One of the most frustrating aspects of travelling is packing and organizing your cosmetics, skincare products, and beauty tools. Digging through a jumbled mess of makeup bags and toiletry pouches is never ideal, hence this is a game-changer in the world of beauty organization.

Beautifect Beauty Case

Beautifect Beauty Case
Beautifect Beauty Case

What's Included -

1 Beautifect Box
1 Beautifect magnification 5x mirror in sleeve
1 Beautifect USB-C charging cable
1 Beautifect cleaning cloth
1 Insert card demonstrating best use & a quick start guide 
1 Luxury Beautifect gift box

Dimensions -

Size - 29cm x 25cm x 9cm
Weight - approx. 1.7kg or 3.5lbs

The Beautifect Beauty Case is sleek, elegant and crafted with high-quality materials.  It's not only stunning but also built to withstand the rigours of travel. Its hard-shell exterior protects your precious beauty items from bumps and spills, ensuring they arrive at your destination intact and ready for use.

Beautifect Beauty Case

The Beautifect Perks

  • The Beautifect makeup case features 5 lighting colour modes and 3 brightness settings.
  • Powerful LED's simulating daylight quality lighting. 
  • The ultimate makeup storage with mirror and light combination. Organise your makeup for ease of use with designated compartments and flaps separating your pencils and brushes.
  • Beautifect makeup case with mirror completely distortion-free
  • Magic Hinge allows you to easily angle and hold to any position that best suits you. 
  • Rechargeable and cordless luxury vanity case. A single charge via USB-C lasts up to 1 month.
  • Compact portable makeup station allowing you to get ready in comfort wherever you are. 
  • 5 x magnification mirror which can attach to the main mirror.

Beautifect Beauty Case

Using your Beautifect Box

These cases come in the most beautiful gift box so they make such a great gift and I love all the little touches that come inside. You get a little magnifying mirror, inside a cute leather pouch that magnetises onto your main mirror should you need some close-ups. There is also a cleaning cloth so you can keep your mirror nice and clean! The USB cable makes this super easy to charge anytime and anywhere which I love. Then the options are endless with what you want to pack inside your case. 

The lighting controls are all touchscreen on the main mirror and you can just adjust the lighting intensity and the kind of like you want with the touch of a button! The ability to get true daylight lighting is just perfection and I love that you get to see your whole face in the mirror which makes it great for doing your hair too. 

Rose Gold 

The rose gold shade is the standard, original colour and for me, it could not be any more perfect. There are however a few limited edition options like Matte Black, Gold and White - here!

What truly sets the Beautifect Beauty Case apart is its well-thought-out interior design. Upon opening the case, you'll see multiple compartments, pockets, and removable dividers that allow you to customize the layout to suit your personal preferences. Whether you have a collection of makeup brushes, skincare products, or full-sized cosmetics, there's a dedicated space for everything. This means you won't waste time searching for anything! 

Beautifect Beauty Case

Versatility and Portability

The Beautifect Beauty Case is not just for travel; it's perfect for everyday use as well. Its compact size makes it easy to fit into your bathroom cabinet or vanity, helping you maintain a clutter-free beauty space. And when it's time to hit the road, the sturdy handle and lightweight construction ensure you can carry it with ease. Plus, its easy-to-clean interior encourages you to use and reuse, reducing plastic waste from disposable makeup bags.

Beautifect Beauty Case


Let's de-brief. It is an investment but anything that involves good make-up lighting, I am telling you frankly, costs money. The fact that you are reading this article proves that I for one think this is a fantastic product. The fact I get to collaborate and work with such a wonderful brand is a testament to us both. 

Now don't be fooled this will be quite weighty once you've loaded it up and it will take up probably half of your suitcase if you're planning to board a flight, but there are so many instances where you will use this regardless. I think most people will just use it sat on the bed, a kitchen table or at the vanity!

The Beautifect Beauty Case most definitely is a game-changer for beauty fans and travel-goers. With its elegant design and organization features, your beauty products are always at your fingertips, whether you're at home or on the go but will always have an organized routine.

Personally, when I travel I always take some kind of make-up lighting with me as you can guarantee it will never be good or ideal when you stay somewhere unknown! It's just one of those items that when you really start to use it you wonder how you ever coped without it. 

Beautifect Beauty Case
Hint hint; it does make the perfect gift as it comes in a large gift box. 

Head over to Beautifect as they do also sell lots of other gorgeous beauty accessories that may just interest you as I the one I've got my eye on quite a few other things! 

Kelly xx

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