When it comes to beauty lighting and accessories, RikiLovesRiki is the brand to go to. They are for me, the leaders when it comes to beauty lighting and their flare to create much-needed accessories is a talent. They just know what we need! I have reviewed many of their products here on the blog already being the huge fan that I am as well as the Professional Glamcor lighting set up. I most recently added the RikiSkinny Carry Case and suction cup to my collection (reviewed here) and they are a sure-fire staple accessory! Keep reading as there is a *15% off code in this post!

Riki loves Riki Mirrors

I was very excited to see that more recently, Riki launching new decor accessories for your bedroom or beauty room.  Trust me, these will add light, prettiness, style and personality to any room.

Riki Loves Riki Acrylic Table

The RIKI Acrylic Table | $165 (code kellylovesriki for 15%off) (linked here)

This has the famous, stunningly pretty Riki iridescent look, which magically brings out a rainbow of unicorn colours from all angles and reflects light beautifully. Its distinctive and modern geometric shape is so modern and stylish. It is ideal as an end table, coffee table, bedside table or just placed in a small room to create an open and airy feel. Most importantly it is aesthetically pleasing and perfect for your Instagram feed! 


- 16”x 17.71” (40 cm x 45 cm)
- Made of premium acrylic material
- Easy to clean and maintain
- Very easy assembly!

Riki Loves Riki Acrylic Table

Riki Loves Riki Acrylic Table

Riki Loves Riki Acrylic Table
This was the easiest piece of furniture I have ever assembled. It takes minimal effort to put together and like all Riki products, it comes well packaged and protected. 

I cannot cope with how stunning this all looks in bright sunlight (all photographed here in natural sunlight) as the colour changes depending on where you are looking in on it from. It truly is magical. This is what you call a showstopper and one of those pieces that anyone who sees it, will want. It really does make a room come to life and with a Riki Mirror sat on top, is the most pleasing of scenes. It is simply made of acrylic, but very sturdy and steady and an item of furniture that just makes a room come to life. 

Hence, you may just want the Vase to match ... 

Riki Loves Riki Acrylic Vase

The RIKI Heart Vase | $25/$30 (code kellylovesriki for 15%off) (linked here)

If the table was not enough, there is a matching heart-shaped Vase! But, is it a vase, or is it a brush holder? You decide! There is even a choice of two sizes and choice of colour being pink or iridescent. I mean, really, it's got to be iridescent. 


Small: 7.28" x 6.89" x 1.57" (pictured) 
Large: 10.43" x 10.04" x 1.57"

Riki Loves Riki Acrylic Vase

I love it as a brush pot and a vase together, but lovely to have the choice. This again is just a nice change to plain, clear acrylic make-up brush holders. I have the small here which is a perfect size but lovely to have both if you have the space.

These new accessory additions are just so fun and like every Riki product, just transform a space in a very stylish way. The table may not be cheap, but it's well built and very unique so most certainly worth it should this be something you want to change up a room or beauty space. 

In case you missed ...

Riki Loves Riki Mirror Reviews 

GLAMCOR MULTIMEDIA  my full review here 

This is your real pro lighting kitYou could be creating content, filming videos, doing makeups on clients or yourself, using it for treatments in a beauty salon, nail salon, facials, lashes or even using it as a desk light. This not only gives brightness choices but also the option of tone, being cool, warm and neutral whereas say the Riki Tall is one tone yet adjustable for brightness. This is more ideal for live filming and professional working. You can also place this on a tabletop with a mirror attachment. 

RIKI TALL my full review here

Your at-home, on a vanity, professional lighting stand mirror with the ability to use for hair, makeup, outfits, filming etc. If you want great lighting for a vanity that is showstopping with all the added bonus of bluetooth allowing you to film social media content but mainly to use from one room, then this is the one. 

RIKI SKINNY PLUS Skinny Carry Case And Suction Accessory!  my full review here 

This is Tall's portable offspring; ideal for use on the go being super travel friendly and perfect with the added options to use for filming and makeup look pictures. I would use this for travelling. 

RIKI CUTIE  my full review here 

This is basically your mini handbag Riki to keep in your makeup bag for touch-ups! 

Riki Loves Riki Acrylic Table

Can you tell I am a Riki fan? The fact that you have read another post about them here shows you my genuine love for this brand. I truly adore them. 

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Kelly xx