When we see a change in the weather, we see a change in our skin. This means ideally you should adapt your skincare in a way that works to keep it happy. A simple way of doing so is by the magic of Facial Oils. A face oil has so many benefits and is suitable for all skins, yes, all. When heading in the cooler months, my personal trick is to add an oil into my routine both day and night. You can obviously adapt this to what your skin needs but as I have gotten older, I see better results from using oils at both ends of the day. This means I can, in fact, use two different oils ... for instance, a light, nourishing oil for day to sit well under make-up and a more intense, anti-ageing oil for night. Plus oils are an aromatherapy experience to give you a few mindful minutes of self-care so what is not to love?!

I have many recommendations when it comes to oils but I wanted to focus on this one brand. 

Back in 2016, I wrote a blog post introducing the beautiful skincare brand, Rosalena and now here in 2021 they are still thriving and I am still to this day, a huge fan. Back then their range simply consisted of four facial oils who are still stars of their show but they have now been joined by other wonderful products such as a cleansing balm, a facial mist, facial tools, a lip balm and even a candle so I wanted to highlight the range as a whole because they are an affordable, luxury brand that works for all skins, all ages. 

Rosalena Skincare, Face oils
Rosalena is a small UK company but one that is beautiful inside and out regarding both product and the women behind it. Their philosophy has always been simple; passion for natural skincare. Guided by science and powered by nature, they create pure, bio-active, oil-based skincare products and facial oils that transform your skin, and all made from the finest sustainable natural ingredients. Their hydrating blends promote nourished and glowing skin, whatever your age, skin type or tone.

There is something about a brand having a smaller range that is attractive to most of us. It cuts out the confusion of 'where do I start?' and instead gives you easy to use skincare products that can be slotted into any existing routine. I'm super proud to have been a part of the journey with Rosalena as they have been very much part of mine.

Rosalena has in fact had a recent facelift so to speak, with a brand new image and even though the facial oils are what ignited my love for the brand, there are also some new additions I think you will love. 

Rosalena Skincare, Face oils

Rosalena Facial Oils | £52, 17ml (linked here)

Each Face Oil has a natural yet gorgeous scent that adds to the whole experience and their philosophy to Pause, Breathe, Be. The range allows you to choose which oil is best suited to how you and your skin feel. This is not just a case of 'putting on some moisturiser' this is a complete aromatherapy experience each and every day with a few mindful minutes of pure bliss for your skin and for you. Oil can penetrate into our skin cells directly underneath the surface of the skin. This results in shine-free hydration with more nourishment and brighter skin. Most importantly these oils are so hydrating yet have such a beautiful light feel about them that anybody will fall in love with oils after using them.

What Oil is Best for you ... 

- Rock and Rose; The driving force behind the legendary Rock & Rose glow is Prickly Pear, Rosehip and Pumpkin seed oil to boost radiance, restore elasticity, lift, and firm skin. Perfect to revitalise tired and lacklustre skin.

- Love and Me; Like a hug in a bottle, this gentle blend is made with Baobob, Chamomile and Bisabolol used to balance, hydrate and protect sensitive skin that’s in need of a little love. Especially beneficial to stressed, hormonal and redness-prone skin.

- Frank and Sense; With hero oils like Buriti, Frankincense, Sea buckthorn and Calendula to restore, hydrate and repair skin after exposure to sun or harsh winter weather. Containing high levels of Vitamin A, nature’s own retinol, frankly, this award-winner is a must for dry, dehydrated skin, all year round.

- Beauty and the Beast; Supercharged with Borage, Camellia Kissi flower and Watermelon seed oil to energise, condition and clarify breakout-prone skin. Instantly absorbed for a matte finish, use pre-makeup or post-shave for healthy, hydrated skin.

How I use my Oils ... 

I love to go between Rock and Rose (my autumn/winter go-to) and Frank and Sense depending on the season and what my skin is telling me (Oh, and my husband is an avid user of Beauty and the Beast!). You simply take a few drops of oil, warmed into your palms and press into your skin ... and breathe. It is that simple. Within my daily routine I Cleanse - Tone - Serum - Oil - Moisturiser. Some days/nights I will use 1-2 serums and may add in a mask or treatment but by layering up your skincare, always applying the lightest textures first, you will see a huge improvement in your skin. 

Whether you are new to face oils or a lover of them like me, I highly recommend trying at least one and you will thank me later. 

Rosalena Skincare, Face oils

Rosalena Cleanse and Be Nourishing Cleansing Balm | £45, 100ml (here)

Another product I am never without is a cleansing balm and when I saw that Rosalena has launched this one I knew it was going to be good. This is a rich, luxurious cleansing balm made with plant butters that melt on the skin to cleanse without stripping. Moringa and Meadowfoam dissolve dirt, daily grime and makeup whilst Castor oil acts like a magnet to attract impurities, ensuring a thorough cleanse but with less irritation than soaps and foam cleansers. Apricot kernel and Safflower oils hydrate and nourish, revealing clear, supple and velvety-soft skin.

The scent of this is another 'spa in a jar' type feel and in these cooler months I love to leave a thicker layer on as a mask; it's an experience in itself trust me! If you are looking for a new cleansing balm to try if you fancy a change then definitely make it this one.

Rosalena Skincare, Face oils

Jade Magic Mushroom Facial Stone | £24 (here)

I think facial tools are very specific to the type of person that you are i.e. you either love to use them or you don't. Rosalena is definitely one of those brands whose products warrant massage and treatment to the skin hence this is a great add-on.

The mushroom is specially shaped like this to work some magic to your face to tone, lift and smooth facial muscles and promote relaxation and calm. It helps to de-puff under the eye and reduces the look of dark circles. It's a great tool to relieve any tension and is just extra help.

Rosalena Skincare, Face oils

Goodness and Tonic Facial Mist | £26, 50ml (here)

I love a good facial mist and this is one I have used ever since it launched and have spoken about many times before. This one gives you an intense burst of mist that hydrates and protects your skin against blue light from screens. It's in a handy-sized handbag spray and smells of a fresh G&T… hence what is not to love here?! 

Lip Conditioning Balm | £14, 10ml (here)

I've gone through a few pots of this balm and absolutely love it. It is fuss-free and super hydrating, restoring moisture balance, repairing, protecting, and soothing lips without stickiness. The star ingredients are Peppermint essential oil to stimulate circulation for a gentle plumping effect and Oat Lipid E to lock in moisture levels for soft kissable lips. It has a fresh feel and glossy finish hence it's great over your lippy! 

Rosalena Skincare, Face oils
Very excitingly, Rosalena has indeed just launched two NEW Glow Toners! (here). There is Recharge & Glow with Electrolytes and Hyaluronic Acid to deeply hydrate and recharge your complexion throughout the day and Resurface & Glow which gently exfoliates the skin in the evening! Safe to say, they are on my wishlist!

If you are looking to boost your current skincare routine in a simple yet very effective way then this is a great place to start. Adding something as easy as a Face Oil into your regime will do wonders to the results you will visibly see in your skin and Rosalena's are most definitely worth a try. I am proof of it! 

Kelly xx

*non-affiliated/ some items gifted/ real love only!