When you look at pretty pictures on Instagram, Blogs, in Magazines, Editorial shoots or even watching tutorials on YouTube ... they all have one major thing in common; the need for good lighting. It can make or break a shot because, without it, the quality of your content will be affected such as shadows, darkness or a loss of vibrancy with colours and selfie wise, it can seriously take years off you! Good lighting is worth its weight in gold hence why many professionals invest highly in good quality equipment that elevates their work, I included. 

I am so lucky to be blessed with gorgeous sunlight most of the year living in the South of France but this isn't the case for Winter and when it is sunny, that sun is only here for a few hours a day. I think many of us love to see and know how people create their content and what they use as well as tips and tricks which is what this post is all about (its picture heavy!). Keep reading for 15% off all products!

Professional Portable Lighting , Glamcor MultiMedia Content Creation Kit

Earlier this year, I reviewed and featured the amazing RikiLovesRiki mirror (reviewed here) which has been life-changing and a forever favourite ever since I got it and I know many of you have also invested in one yourself. Ever since then, I have lusted after the professional Glamcor lighting setups because I just knew it would benefit my work ..... and to my mass excitement, Glamcor sent me over a professional kit to try and review. Christmas came early for me!! (*PrProduct). 

In case you didn't know, GLAMCOR is a global brand and is the No1 lighting brand in the beauty industry. They design innovative lighting products that help professionals illuminate their work with the highest-quality, portable LED-lighted products including beauty, high fashion, TV, video and photography etc RIKI is the name of their portable range of lighting, designed for use at home and on the go. 

Professional Portable Lighting , Glamcor MultiMedia Content Creation Kit

I have lusted over Glamcor lighting setups for months and as you can well imagine, these things are not cheap so this has really helped me let you know if this is worth your hard-earned cash. 

Spoiler Alert: This is 100% WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY and is one of the best lighting systems I have ever owned. I wish it would follow me around in general life! 

Professional Portable Lighting, Glamcor MultiMedia Content Creation Kit

Professional Portable Lighting , Glamcor MultiMedia Content Creation Kit

The GLAMCOR Multimedia X Content Creation Kit    (priced at €392/£359/$475) here (use code KellyLovesRiki for 15% off!)

The Glamcor Multimedia X Content Creation Kit is a complete lighting system that’s designed especially for content creators. There are a few different styles and packages to choose from, but this particular kit is the full package and the most ideal for what I would use this kit for. This LED multimedia light kit is sleek, modern and compact with insane amounts of cutting-edge technology. The Bluetooth selfie function and colour temperature control allow you to take professional photos and videos with your smartphone, tablet, or camera or simply use as a makeup light. You can keep the device battery charged by using the on-board USB charging port. The flexible and height-adjustable LED lights are perfect for precise application. 

Multiple uses such as:- 

- Cosmetic photography lighting
- Lighting for social media videos and photos
- Lighting for YouTube videos
- Selfie light and tripod
- Zoom video call light
- Esthetician light
- Tattoo artist light
- Eyelash extension light
- Makeup artist light
- Office Light!

This Kit Includes -

- 1 x Multimedia X Light (Universal Phone Clip included)
- Tripod
- Universal Camera Clip 
- Tablet X Clip
- Mirror Accessory for models
- Remote Control
- Bag for travel and storage

It also comes in a choice of finishes too; Grey/Silver (this one), White/Silver, White/Gold and even the option of Crystal Sparkles on the lighting arms (want!!). 

Professional Portable Lighting, Glamcor MultiMedia Content Creation Kit
Professional Portable Lighting , Glamcor MultiMedia Content Creation Kit


• HD Adjustable colour temperature from 2,700K to 5,600k
• Bluetooth selfie function built-in
• Super smooth colour temperature and dimming transition
• Flicker-free
• Remote control for power, dimming, colour temperature, presets, memory, and selfie function
• No "cool down" period, once finished you can pack it and go!
• Dual voltage 100-240V
• Lightweight: 5.5lbs/2.5kg
• USB fast-charging port for charging phone/tablet

Being the latest version, Multimedia X has some added bonuses compared to other models such as ...

• The lighting is 25% brighter and has 672 LEDs (168 Warm & 168 Cool on both arms) vs 336 LEDs on the MULTIMEDIA EXTREME (48 Warm & 48 Cool on both arms). 
• The arms and body have been redesigned to be slimmer and sleeker with a polished grey finish.
• The mechanical buttons have been replaced with capacitive touch buttons. 
• A designated power button has been added. 
• The geometric shaped protective case stands on its own. The case has a longer padded strap and trolly sleeve make travelling with your lighting system even more convenient.

One (1) year unlimited unconditional warranty for manufacturer's defect, loss of functionality, parts, shipping, and service. After one year we will continue to warranty the product provided we have the parts to repair and/or replace.

The Very Easy Set Up!

Professional Portable Lighting , Glamcor MultiMedia Content Creation Kit
Professional Portable Lighting , Glamcor MultiMedia Content Creation Kit
Professional Portable Lighting , Glamcor MultiMedia Content Creation Kit

Travel Bag & Stand 

This has to be the easiest lighting system to assemble ever. I didn't even need to read the manual in-depth as it was all very self-explanatory. I love the well-designed storage bag because everything sits inside its compartment so all is laid out waiting for you. You simply assemble your stand, which is very sturdy, then attach the main lighting part which sits on top and all screws in! You then have the option to add any of the attachments you wish to use like your phone, iPad, Mirror etc. It all takes a few minutes of which I was blown away by how simple it really is to set up. 

A little tip; Make sure you fix your chosen attachment well as it was a little fiddly to slot the fixture into my phone & camera etc but when you figure it out, just make sure it is firmly attached and not loose so that is doesn't fall off. Same with the base too. Just make sure all the knobs and screws are firmly secured when using so you don't lose any parts.

When dissembling and packing away; again its as easy as it was to assemble and the carry bag makes it so easy to store each part back into its compartment so it is ready for when you next need it. It even has a suitcase trolley slot on the back of the bag so you can really travel easily with it. They really did think of everything.

Professional Portable Lighting , Glamcor MultiMedia Content Creation Kit
Professional Portable Lighting , Glamcor MultiMedia Content Creation Kit
The padded little socks that cover the lights are very important as these protect them so you must keep them on all times when not in use and the lights won't actually switch on with them on anyway. 

Professional Portable Lighting , Glamcor MultiMedia Content Creation Kit
Professional Portable Lighting , Glamcor MultiMedia Content Creation Kit

Controls & Lighting 

The Control panel on the main part of the light is fantastic and again simple to navigate. You plug in your power cord and the touch-sensitive buttons are so responsive. Here you can switch it on/off, cool/warm, up/down and even plug in a USB to charge so you can keep your battery charged while shooting. 

You then connect to the Bluetooth option and you can then operate every aspect of the light remotely and even take your pictures all from the remote which means less getting up and down! Oh and another touch I love, the remote actually magnetises to the light so you can rest it anywhere .. genius (see pics below!) 

Take your pictures from the remote! 

The LED arms are so flexible that you can bend them in any way shape or form that you need. You just need to make sure that you keep them in the closed 'M' position when packing them them away.

There is such a choice of brightness and tone which you can adapt to wherever you will use it. The adjustable arms let you move the light where you need it or don't need it and could not be easier to operate. The playing around with the light settings is great fun ... to find that perfect tone needed for that setting as you can see the difference between warm and cool below. Oh, and let me warn you the highest brightness is insane; you will need sunglasses bright, it's superb!!! 

Professional Portable Lighting , Glamcor MultiMedia Content Creation Kit
Professional Portable Lighting , Glamcor MultiMedia Content Creation Kit

In Action - a little Behind the Scenes!

This is just a little behind the scenes of how and where I take my shots for IG and my Blog etc. As I said I use natural daylight 100% of the time when taking all of my images and have only had the light for a couple of months but it has helped me so much for the afternoon times when my daylight has gone and I need that extra boost of light. I take all my product images on my terrace at home and have the daylight always behind me. My terrace is like a giant white box, it's perfect! I take my pictures using my Samsung Camera and sometimes iPhone as the new camera is amazing, I go between the two, then upload them to my iMac desktop. From there I edit any lighting adjustments on my desktop using iPhoto then onto PicMonkey and they both work so well for me. I also use some other apps for IG should I want to add detail or add effects etc like Lightroom and Snow. 

Professional Portable Lighting , Glamcor MultiMedia Content Creation Kit

Professional Portable Lighting , Glamcor MultiMedia Content Creation Kit

Using for Selfies and Videos etc 

Professional Portable Lighting , Glamcor MultiMedia Content Creation Kit
The light is SO flattering, trust me you will be eyeing yourself up in this light as my skin looks absolutely flawless in it! I swear I lost a few years here.

With makeup looks, for instance, the higher the brightness, the makeup intensity washes out and looks quite natural hence this is why tv and stage makeup is heavy and intense and the same will apply for filming looks etc. Here I look very natural in these shots as I didn't want to wear too much on the eye and kept it to a day look just to show how the light will react. 

Professional Portable Lighting , Glamcor MultiMedia Content Creation Kit

My Thoughts & Feedback

The Glamcor Multimedia System has most certainly exceeded my expectations of just how good I knew this would be and I think this is one of the best light and lighting systems out there. Not only is the lighting phenomenal but I love how up to date and 'with the times' this entire system is as Glamcor has covered every angle with all the chosen attachments and workings being so well thought out. I definitely feel this was designed by someone who actually works in the indusrty as it does tick every box. 

This lighting system has so many uses I cannot get over just how useful it has been and just how portable it is too. You could be creating content, filming videos, doing makeups on clients or yourself, using for treatments in beauty ie nails, facials, lashes or even using it as a desk light ... it will help the way you work massively. It is so professional to look at and really makes you feel professional when you work with it. I love the Glamcor branding too that is subtle yet really chic. 

This will undoubtedly transform the way you create content or simply just take pictures, film videos, work on clients or just use and feel more confident; even on a simple zoom call! I actually used it recently on zoom as I lost the daylight but needed something subtle and it worked a treat! A huge plus for me is that I no longer need to plan shoots alongside the weather as this is my own little pop-up studio and I just love it. 

The big factor,  COST ... 

FYI *This is currently on sale on the Glamcor website (was €392 now €305)*

It's obviously not cheap, which is why I debated the buy before now but having had this amazing opportunity to use it and to bring you a real review and opinion, I can hand on heart tell you that it is 100% worth the investment if this has been on your wishlist. It will without doubt benefit your work and content hugely, so if it is within your budget, or you are saving up .... then rest assured it won't be in vain.  I would never want you to waste money if you have gone off of my advice but it is a totally wise investment and I would reccomend to all. 


Of course, my furry sidekick aka Louis wanted in on the action and wanted a piece of Glamcor (plus he is wayyy cuter!).

Professional Portable Lighting , Glamcor MultiMedia Content Creation Kit

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If you are looking to invest, there is shipping Worldwide! Have a look at all the options and do check out the RikiLovesRiki line too for a mini travel version as they just have the best lighting options all around. 

If there is anything I haven't covered here then please don't hesitate to get in touch or comment below and I will be sure to get back to you.

Kelly xx