Lighting; the one thing that is imperative to getting any beauty look right and in today's filter friendly world, it makes a massive difference. A major pet hate of mine is bad lighting when trying to get ready especially on the go because it is a rarity that hotels have great makeup lighting and a mirror that is located in a good spot. If you don’t have good natural light at home, then a good light up mirror is essential yet a lot of them are not great. 

I have been eyeing up this specific lighting brand forever as I have tried many cheaper options but they have been useless compared to this Glamcor/RIKI range. It is now thanks to them, my problems are solved because not only do I have the best beauty lighting at home .... but on the go too. This is why I need to tell you just how fantastic they are!

GLAMCOR are a global brand and in fact, are the No1 lighting brand in the beauty industry. They design innovative lighting products that help professionals illuminate their work with the highest-quality, portable LED-lighted products including beauty, high fashion, TV, video and photography etc RIKI is the name of their portable range of lighting, designed for use at home and on the go. 

The brand very kindly sent over the RIKI SKINNY and CUTIE for me to try out and my word, I now want everything they sell. The SKINNY is the no1 bestseller so I was crazily excited to try it. Granted, are not cheap, but you pay for what you get so read on to know why I think this ... Keep reading for 15% off all products! 

Glamcor RikiLovesRiki Skinny Makeup Mirror

The RIKI SKINNY | £177/€180 (buy here!) use code KellyLovesRiki for 15% off!

This is the #1 portable lighted vanity mirror for beauty junkies, makeup artists etc (tick!). It is thin and lightweight at just 1.5 lbs so you can use it as a travel mirror or sit it on top of your vanity at home. The SKINNY also has five levels of brightness from natural light to full-on photoshoots with simulating LEDs to ensure you always look good. It’s their most popular product and is the best lighting for applying makeup, skincare etc and is 300% brighter than all the competitors! 

The boxing/packaging that the mirror came in was so sturdy, protective and luxe hence I had to mention this. Every part of it was protected and the inserts all arrived in pristine condition. This is always a sign of a good brand as they care about their products getting to you in immaculate condition.

Glamcor RikiLovesRiki Skinny Makeup Mirror
Glamcor RikiLovesRiki Skinny Makeup Mirror
Glamcor RikiLovesRiki Skinny Makeup Mirror

Features -

• Customized HD daylight lighting
• Dual voltage 100-240AC (Use in any country)
• Ultra lightweight: 1.5lbs/0.68kg
• Five stage dimming
• Bluetooth selfie function
• Rechargeable battery
• Weight: 1.5lbs

Includes the following -

(1) RIKI SKINNY lighted mirror (9.5" x 13" x 3/8") (24*33*1cm)
(1) Adjustable stand 
(1) Magnetic phone clip 
(1) Magnetic 3x mirror
(1) Dual USB power supply for recharging the internal battery

The pushbuttons on the front of the mirror are very easy to navigate ... 

Glamcor RikiLovesRiki Skinny Makeup Mirror
Glamcor RikiLovesRiki Skinny Makeup Mirror
Glamcor RikiLovesRiki Skinny Makeup Mirror

Adjustable Stand ...

The stand grips well and is very stable and holds your mirror when you want it to stand upright and adjusts to different heights and angles.  You can, of course, hold it by hand also as it is so lightweight! The stand closes up completely to be packed away for travel. 

Glamcor RikiLovesRiki Skinny Makeup Mirror

Magnetic 3x Mirror ...

The Mirror also comes with a circular magnifying mirror with a built-in magnet that can be firmly attached to the mirror just by holding it up to the front. Great for close up work like filling in eyebrows, precise eyeliner, tweezing etc. The magnifying effect combined with the bright lighting means you will see it all! (be warned lol).

Glamcor RikiLovesRiki Skinny Makeup Mirror
Glamcor RikiLovesRiki Skinny Makeup Mirror
Glamcor RikiLovesRiki Skinny Makeup Mirror

Magnetic Phone Clip ...

The mobile-phone holder has a built-in magnet that attaches to your phone and the screen. You can connect your phone to the mirror and use the inbuilt Bluetooth function to take a selfie with your phone or for things like IG lives, video recording and tutorials. There is also a snapshot button on the mirror which you can press to take the shot! This is a massive selling point to this model and is why you would invest in this particular version. The mirror also comes with a charger but holds a 4-hour charge to remain cordless on the go. 

Glamcor RikiLovesRiki Skinny Makeup Mirror

Selfie/Video Mode!! 

As I said the selling point of this mirror is the ability to take photos and shoot videos knowing you have the best light possible! The 5 light settings get brighter and brighter the higher the setting and the brighter the light, the more filtered and flawless you look which is the trick to making yourself look airbrushed as we know. Ideal for makeup tutorials and shoots .... and is just total genius.

LEFT: Taken with my phone attached via Bluetooth.
RIGHT: Hello ... obligatory mirror selfie so you can see the light! 

The Lighting ...

I have never seen LED lights on a mirror be as bright as these, so much so it is just like having studio lighting at home!!

There are many other RIKI versions alongside this best-seller including the CUTIE as below ...

Glamcor RikiLovesRiki Skinny Makeup Mirror
Glamcor RikiLovesRiki Skinny Makeup Mirror

RIKI CUTIE | £55/€50  (buy here!) use code KellyLovesRiki for 15% off

The most compact pocket makeup mirror with LED lighting for on-the-go makeup applications anywhere, anytime. Travel-friendly, shatterproof and wearable by using the patented retractable ring which means you can use both hands to apply your makeup hassle-free!


• Customized HD daylight LEDs
• 3 Stage dimming
• USB rechargeable battery
• Ultra-lightweight: 80g
• Scratch-resistant, shatterproof mirror
• Retractable ring and stand

Includes the following:

(1) RIKI CUTIE lighted mirror (5.6"x2.8"x3/8"D) (14.2*7.1*.95cm)
(1) Soft carrying sleeve
(1) Micro USB cable

Glamcor RikiLovesRiki Skinny Makeup Mirror
Glamcor RikiLovesRiki Skinny Makeup Mirror
I love the little Cutie, which by the way was aptly named! It is about the same size as my iPhone XS Max so a really good size where you will see a good amount of your face. I love that it has a little stand on the back to sit it up or the ring so you can hold it without touching the screen both landscape and portrait. This has the same lighting power as the SKINNY and is mighty bright let me tell you!! It comes in the same luxe packaging complete with a little carry case and charger lead. This is a great addition to your handbag for touch-ups on the go and ideal for nights out! 

Below you can see my mirror in a darker setting so you can see just how bright it gets and trust me, in real life, it's even brighter! 

Glamcor RikiLovesRiki Skinny Makeup Mirror
Glamcor RikiLovesRiki Skinny Makeup Mirror


Yes, there are cheaper versions out there for sure but they do not have the lighting ability that Glamcor has. Simple. They really do blow all others out of the park so spend the extra cash and get what you want if it is within your budget. The size of the Skinny is spot on as it is compact enough to travel with yet big enough to see your whole self so you can do hair and makeup no problem. Super lightweight, portable, helps you to do makeup flawlessly and take professional shots ... it just ticks ALL the boxes. You can literally do your makeup anywhere; inside, outside,  in the garden, wherever you want with this mirror! Superb high quality and judging by my use so far, it will stand the test of time for sure, unlike other brands that may scratch, look used and not perform as well over time. I just now need to get a carry case for it as I do believe the brand sells one as you definitely want to protect this if you are on the go. 

If like me you were debating this mirror, do it, invest, you will NOT regret it. 

Glamcor RikiLovesRiki Skinny Makeup Mirror


The RIKI SKINNY Suction Cup | $25 (buy here)

This has been on my shopping list for some time as it allows you to mount your RIKI mirror on any glass surface which is perfect for basically lighting up anywhere - we all know hotels have poor lighting for hair/makeup so this is the resolution! It also comes in a few colours but is a must-have. 

Glamcor RikiLovesRiki Skinny Makeup Mirror SUCTION CUP

The RIKI SKINNY Carry Case | $50 (buy here)

I knew I wanted this for ages as I was keeping my Skinny in the box to protect it hence this was needed. The Carry Case is designed just for the Skinny and is super lightweight and heavily padded. It is compartmentalized to hold the Stand, Magnetic Phone Clip, Magnetic 3x Magnifying Mirror and charger. There is a choice of colours and just looks so smart and chic.

Riki Skinny Carry Case¢ 

15% off RikiLovesRiki & Glamcor!

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Have you tried RIKILOVESRIKI? 

Kelly xx