First came Skinny, then Cutie, then Multimedia and now ... Tall. I am in fact referring to products from those lighting gods, Glamcor that produce the best lighting in the industry. I have featured both the Glamcor Multimedia Professional Lighting System as well as the highly popular Riki Skinny and now I have the bigger version .... the amazing Riki Tall. I can now really let you into how they all compare and look so that you know what would work best for you and suit your lighting needs. I also have a couple of their fab accessories to show you too. 

It was in fact a year ago this month that I reviewed the original Riki Skinny that I know many of you now own and as soon as you do, you just know you want the big one! As I mentioned before in case you are new to the brand, GLAMCOR is the No1 lighting brand in the beauty industry. They design innovative lighting products that help professionals illuminate their work with the highest-quality, portable LED-lighted products including beauty, high fashion, TV, video and photography etc Riki is the name of their portable range of lighting, designed for use at home and on the go. 

So here is the adult version aka Vanity version of the Riki Skinny, the Riki Tall of which you can see the size comparison ... and keep reading as there is a *15% off code in this post!

Glamcor, Rikilovesriki Tall Mirror

RIKI TALL Led Lighted Vanity Mirror | $495/€415/£355 (buy here) 

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This is the best-selling LED vanity mirror and a social media favourite. The ultra-thin and lightweight frame takes little to no space on your vanity, helping keep it streamlined, clutter-free, and Instagram worthy. It has 5 dimming stages and a round magnetic 3x magnifying mirror for close-ups. The Bluetooth selfie function and magnetic phone holder allows you to take effortless photos and create or stream quality videos with the included remote control in hand.

The Look/Specifications ... 

It is sleek, modern and uber glam! There is only one choice of colour, being this clean, crisp white. 

• Customized HD Daylight lighting
• Dual voltage 100-240AC (Use in any country)
• Ultra Thin: 1/8"/2,9cm
• Five stages dimming
• Bluetooth selfie function
• Virtually zero heat generation
• Remote control for power, dimming, and selfie function
• Weight: 14lbs/6.4kg

The RIKI TALL includes the following:
(1) RIKI TALL lighted mirror (28"L x 20" W x 3/8" D) (72*51*1cm)
(1) Acrylic Stand (16"L x 8"W) (41*20cm)
(1) Magnetic phone clip
(1) Magnetic 3x magnifying mirror
(1) Lightweight power supply
(1) Remote Control for light setting 

Glamcor, Rikilovesriki Tall Mirror

The Plug is plugged into the socket at the back which is very discrete with only one wire. The mirror must be plugged in to stay lighted, unlike the Skinny which can be charged and used remotely. As you can see there is also a USB to plug in and charge your phone etc too. 

Glamcor, Rikilovesriki Tall Mirror
The clear acrylic stand will blend in and easily match any Vanity, this detailing I love, plus it is very sturdy and holds the mirror extremely well and is the perfect place to rest your remote. The thickness as you can see is minimal so it really does take up little space on any table for such a big mirror. Again, another well thought out design by the team. 

Glamcor, Rikilovesriki Tall Mirror
Like the Skinny, you get your magnetic phone clip and 3 x magnifying mirror and the Tall has a few points where it can be magnetised giving you the option of where you want your phone positioned on the glass. 

Glamcor, Rikilovesriki Tall Mirror
Glamcor, Rikilovesriki Tall Mirror

The remote powers the mirror on/off, changes the light intensity and works to take your pics/videos when connected to Bluetooth. There is no choice of lighting ie cool/warmth but I would say that is pretty neutral and the same as the Skinny lighting. 

Glamcor, Rikilovesriki Tall Mirror

My RIKI TALL thoughts // 

I knew this mirror was big, but it really is big! It is also so, so, so beautiful and when you are in front of it you feel like you are doing your hair and makeup about to go on stage! It just makes you feel bougie. I love that you can see your whole self (so you will see yourself sat from the waist up), making this great for doing your hair and makeup plus you can also stand and see an outfit too which is why this one is used by many fashion influencers and is a tool to how they film IG reels etc. You will want to keep this set up on a Vanity as it's not really portable and you don't want to risk breaking it. You have no lightbulbs to change and the intensity of the brightness will really shock you .... it's insane, so no worrying about if it will be bright enough because in any room, it will be. There is zero heat generated and it couldn't be easier to clean and keep nice and shiny. 

Like all Riki/Glamcor products, they are so easy to use, minimal setup and they just make such a statement in any room. It is a big investment but given the size and the functionality of this piece, you do get what you pay for. This really is the mother of all mirrors so if you have been debating the buy, its 100% worth it without any doubt. I knew the Skinny was brilliant but this is a whole other level! 

What To Choose? The Comparisons ...

Glamcor, Rikilovesriki Tall Mirror

The RIKI SKINNY // vs RIKI TALL // vs GLAMCOR MULTIMEDIA - an easy guide! 

GLAMCOR MULTIMEDIA  my full review here 

This is your real pro lighting kitYou could be creating content, filming videos, doing makeups on clients or yourself, using it for treatments in a beauty salon, nail salon, facials, lashes or even using it as a desk light. This not only gives brightness choices but also the option of tone, being cool, warm and neutral whereas say the Riki Tall is one tone yet adjustable for brightness. This is more ideal for live filming and professional working. You can also place this on a table top with the mirror attachment. 


Your at-home, on a vanity, professional lighting stand mirror with the ability to use for hair, makeup, outfits, filming etc. If you want great lighting for a vanity that is showstopping with all the added bonus of bluetooth allowing you to film social media content but mainly to use from one room, then this is the one.  

RIKI SKINNY  my full review here 

This is Tall's portable offspring; ideal for use on the go being super travel friendly and perfect with the added options to use for filming and makeup look pictures. I would use this for travelling. 

RIKI CUTIE  my full review here 

This is basically your mini handbag Riki to keep in your makeup bag for touch-ups! 

Glamcor, Rikilovesriki Tall Mirror

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Hope this helped!
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