When it comes to luxury, the Swiss are renowned for it and living here in Monaco, it's not surprising that when this Swiss Skincare Company reached out to me, it was magnetism. Coming from a luxury Swiss Skincare background myself having worked for La Prairie for many years I learnt that we actually had that in common which is maybe why you may see and feel some similarities.

To get started, myself and the Swiss line team spoke briefly about my skin as I completed a Skin Analysis to see what suited my skin needs. The analysis actually maps out an entire Swiss line day & night routine and even calculates the cost for each. In no time at all the most beautiful delivery arrived with an array of luxury gold and silver boxes housing their skincare line. What I really did like was the personalised letter that had been typed up to me explaining my personal Swiss line Skincare routine all mapped out with a brief description of each product and how to use it. I thought this was a really lovely yet very helpful touch (as below). 

Swissline by Dermalab, swiss skincare

Swissline by Dermalab, swiss skincare

Who are Swiss line? ... in their own words

"Renowned in Switzerland and worldwide, Swiss line’s products are highly praised by doctors, beauty experts and media alike. For the past 30 years, Swiss line has been at the heart of science-based skincare thanks to Switzerland’s longstanding tradition of biotech innovation. At Swiss line, we’re skincare experts with a passion for skin biology and beauty. Our philosophy is simple: Intelligent skincare respects and works with the skin, not against it. From ideation to creation, our Swiss DNA informs everything we create. Our award-winning formulas embrace natural actives and skin-identical ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Niacinamide, Pre and Probiotics, Madecassoside® and more. 

Swiss line’s effective formulas awaken the senses, giving you the relaxation and revitalization you’ve been longing for and can be found in exclusive locations across the globe. Our Golden Circle partners are made up of luxury medical clinics, medispas, 5-star hotels, and premium retailers. These state-of-the art settings are perfect to bring our products to life in all their experiential and sensorial glory". 

Swissline by Dermalab, swiss skincare

How I give new brands a fair trial ... 

When a brand comes in that is totally new to me and a whole 'routine' as such is sent over, I like to make sure that I try it as a routine rather than slot items into my existing routine but make sure that my skin stays happy at the same time so I do it gradually, one thing at a time. Not always easy but I listen to what my skin needs. Having had a good skincare routine since my teens, it has paid off as my skin is very good but there is something about turning (*cough) 40 that makes you feel like you really need to step up the game a tad. A big change of late has been redness on my cheek area when hormones kick in so I am always careful around high powered ingredients such as retinol and acids. 

Luxury £$€ ... 

I will add in here as you may have guessed that Swiss line is a luxury brand with a luxury price tag which I know may not be in everybody's taste or budget but that doesn't mean you have to count it out entirely. If you are someone that invests highly in their skincare as I do and are maybe at a skin age where you warrant the investment of really looking after your skin, then this is definitely a brand that will interest you. It may be the case that you invest in a treatment like an eye cream or serum perhaps; a high price tag shouldn't scare you if it is within your budget and that product works for you and ultimately, you like it

Having now given my Swiss line products a really good trial, I can give you my honest feedback as always and tell you how they have worked for my skin. 

Swissline by Dermalab, swiss skincare

I was sent over 6 products to try; the Cell Shock Luxe Lift Eye Cream, Luxe Lift Rich Cream, Triple Collagen Complex Serum, Evenness Booster Serum, Resurfacing Water and the SPF 50 Veil. 

I will prewarn you in case you need to inform the bank, there is nothing I did not like, yet a few things really did stand out and may just need to stay in my routine permanently. The first pot of gold ... ie the Cell Shock Luxe Lifting range caught my eye instantly and is exactly where I started.

Swissline by Dermalab, swiss skincare


Nothing works better than skin-like ingredients. Bio-mimetic growth factors, collagen from marine sources… as well as silk and gold for that much-needed touch of glam.

Swissline by Dermalab, swiss skincare
Swissline by Dermalab, swiss skincare

SWISS LINE CELL SHOCK Luxe Lift Eye Cream, 15ml (€125) here

This super light, silky cream/gel tackles dark circles, firmness, lines and wrinkles and nurtures dry skin around the eyes. All skin types. 

The Science: 

- MARINE COLLAGEN: Hydrolyzed collagen effectively moisturizes and delivers line-filling benefits.
- BIO-MIMETIC GROWTH FACTORS 3%: Botanical-only growth factors mimic the expression of the FGF-2 (Fibroblast Growth Factor), which intensely activates dermal synthesis and boosts collagen production.
- GOLD & SILK COMPLEX: Colloidal gold, helpful in immunoregulatory activities, such as the stabilization of collagen and the improvement in blood circulation, promotes renewed vitality.
- HALOXYL™: This pharma-grade complex is made of peptides, flavonoids and an iron-reductase (N-hydroxysuccinimide). It diminishes the natural-occurring leaks in blood vessels, the resulting degradation of haemoglobin, and the formation of subcutaneous blue/violet pigments (= oxidation of haemoglobin).
- GRAPE FERMENTS: All the parts of organically grown Aglianico grapes: the pulp, skin, seeds and stems come together in this fermentation. It has been proven in vivo to promote detoxification. 
- CELLACTEL 2 COMPLEX: Cell Shocks signature complex assists in all essential skin functions, while also helping to lift and revitalize the skin.

Review: My initial thought was 'this texture is a dream'! It feels light, cooling, fresh and absorbs nicely around the eyes leaving you with a lovely hydrated feeling. It's a great cream to couple up with a serum if you want to give your eyes a definite boost. The weighty glass jar, the gold packaging, the performance ... all very luxurious and  is lasting well too. We know that dark circles can never be eradicated but you can help the appearance of them and this cream is one that I definitely think helps to do that. It has certainly helped smooth out fine lines hence I now want to keep this in my stocks. This is an ideal eye cream for me as it helps to tackle all the concerns that I need it to and think this cream will be loved by many. 

Swissline by Dermalab, swiss skincare

Swissline by Dermalab, swiss skincare

SWISS LINE CELL SHOCK Luxe-Lift Rich Cream, 50ml (€199) here

This gorgeous velvety cream is ideal for dry/dehydrated skins to lift, revitalize and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. With its high concentrations of pure Marine Collagen, Colloidal Gold and Fibroin (protein from silk), among other ingredients, it helps to prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals and protects the skin’s natural collagen. Ideal for Normal/dry/dehydrated skin types. 

The Science: 

- GOLD & SILK COMPLEX: This Complex combines colloidal gold with fibroin (protein from silk) to reduce the levels of lifestyle-induced skin damage and make the skin instantly silkier to the touch.
- MARINE COLLAGEN: Hydrolyzed collagen effectively moisturizes and delivers line-filling benefits.
- CELLACTEL 2 COMPLEX: Cell Shock's signature complex assists in all essential skin functions, while also helping to lift and revitalize the skin.
- BIO-MIMETIC GROWTH FACTORS 3%: Our botanical growth factors, isolated from seeds, mimic the expression of the FGF-2 (Fibroblast Growth Factor), boosting the synthesis of collagen and the extracellular matrix to improve the density and firmness of the skin.

Review: This feels so beautifully familiar and is just the ultimate in luxury moisturising quite frankly! I love its rich, silk-like texture, the gorgeous delicate floral scent and more importantly, the way it really hydrates your skin yet absorbs really easily to not feel heavy. I love a rich cream but I don't ever want a heavy feel on my skin. You could easily use this just as your night cream if you feel its too rich for the day or just keep it for the cooler months.

So, after some trials, this paired with the Resurfacing Water (coming up) is the skin dream because when I pair the two up at night, I wake to the most glowing skin I've ever had. I'm not talking 'leftover residue' or anything I am talking naturally glowing, hydrated skin like I've just had a facial. It just softens the look of lines and makes my skin look juicy and fresh. My skin feels silky soft and works with makeup perfectly. I like to use this combo on nights when my skin is feeling dehydrated and needs that extra boost. I am cursing the Swiss line team right now because that is a look I want to wake up to every day from now on and it isn't a cheap one, but it works some magic and if you get this result too, you'll certainly want to keep it in your routine! 

Swissline by Dermalab, swiss skincare

SWISS LINE CELL SHOCK 360° Anti-Wrinkle Serum, 30ml (€213) here

This silky anti-wrinkle serum is fortified with a triple collagen complex and hyaluronic acid and provides a visible line-filling effect by infusing dry skin with intense moisture and lasting resilience. It offers three different paths to collagen refurbishment by increasing the skin's own collagen production (via soluble collagen), strengthening it (via a collagen-boosting peptide and botanical extracts), and safeguarding it.
Ideal for Normal Dry Very dry Combination / Oily Sensitive skins. 

The Science: 

1. Soluble collagen, which increases collagen. 2. A collagen-boosting peptide, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4, strengthens collagen, together with botanical extracts from the Argan tree.-
3. Collagen protective factors, microalgae Nannochloropsis oculata together with a well-balanced fraction of polysaccharides, which safeguards collagen.
- HYALURONIC-ACID: This low molecular weight hyaluronic acid has a reduced molecule size that facilitates its delivery and enhances its penetration across the skin barrier, providing an immediate and long-term filling effect.
- OCEAN-MATRIX COMPLEX: comprised of polysaccharides from the botanical origin and a lyophilisate from the red algae (Porphyridium cruentum) is optimized to give a tightening effect that is intense and immediately perceivable. 
- CELLACTEL 2 COMPLEX: a unique cell-regenerating complex, boosts vital skin functions and revitalizes cellular metabolism to “lift” the skin and visibly reduce wrinkles.

Review: I love the gold bullet style packaging and the pipette application makes sure you get the right dosage every time, this I love as well as the clear panel on the side so you can actually see how much you have left; I wish more brands did this! The glassy looking, silky serum glides onto your skin and instantly gets to work I feel with a nice rich hit of hydration and a whole lot more going by the science behind it. Again it has a really nice light floral scent and is so easy to slot into your routine seeing as it really is a multi-tasker. The fact that it has a triple collagen complex sells it to me because any product that works on collagen is essential as your skin ages. I most definitely noticed over time the softening of fine lines that this and the Cell Shock line achieved. Being a serum, this will be a more intense version of the complex and I think that shows as I feel this definitely sped up the results that I was getting as my skin looked refreshed and my glow restored. My skin loves this range (typically) and all it's science and ingredients within it just excite me each time I apply it to my face. 

This is an investment serum but serums are always more expensive and are where you should invest your money in my opinion if you want to really want to see skin results. If you are wanting a serum that will boost your skin and give back that youthfulness then this could the product to elevate the rest of your skincare. 

Swissline by Dermalab, swiss skincare

Swissline by Dermalab, swiss skincare

SWISS LINE EVENNESS BOOSTER 2% Alpha-Arbutin, 20ml (€77) here

This booster Serum helps to reduce the appearance of pigmentation spots and puffiness and evens the skin tone. It is the key that unlocks all doors leading to the swift exit of hyper-pigmentation, one of the most complex skincare concerns. It contains Alpha Arbutin, a more powerful version of classic arbutin used in cosmetology. Suitable for Normal Dry Very dry Combination / Oily Sensitive skins. 

The Science: 

- ALPHA-ARBUTIN: a more powerful version of classic arbutin used in cosmetology that contributes to a reduction in the appearance of age-related spots. Swiss line use it at the highest possible concentration of 2% as opposed to the standard concentration of less than 1%.  Applied topically, it strongly inhibits tyrosinase and thus prevents the formation of melanin. 

Review: Again, I do beleive that serums are where you get results for your money and that you should be using at least two in your routine. Texture-wise this is a really nice liquid serum that feels super hydrating as you apply, non-sticky and absorbs without a trace. I don't have any pigmentation on my skin but as I mentioned before, I do get broken capillaries and redness occasionally on my cheeks and I did feel that both this and the Cell Shock Serum had an effect in taking it down. This was ideal to use at night so it could tackle any puffiness and I do think this has helped to keep my skin bright and even in tone. It is like one of those invisible heroes where you don't feel it is going to do much, but the improvements you gradually start to see tells you otherwise. I do believe if you are someone that suffers from dark spots and pigmentation then this is a serum you really need to consider as I think you shall get even better results. This is one of those products that you can slot into any existing routine really easily and reap the benefits plus its more affordable should you be looking to up the ante on your skincare routine. I think this serum has worked wonders on my skin and is a serum and ingredient (alpha-arbutin) I will certainly keep using. 

Swissline by Dermalab, swiss skincare

SWISS LINE RESURFACING WATER 10% Glycolic Acid, 100ml (€83) here

A bed-time toner that effortlessly transforms the look, feel and condition of your skin. It helps to clear away dead skin cells, evens-out tone, helps the skin retain moisture, speeds-up cell turnover, and deals with excess oil and breakouts. All skins except highly sensitive

The Science:

- GLYCOLIC ACID 10%: An even better way to use glycolic acid is as a daily exfoliator, providing the same results as stronger peels but greater ease and safety.
- MADECASSOSIDE®***: also known as “tiger herb,” isn’t merely the extract of the plant Centella Asiatica, used by most brands but a purified isolated fraction that soothes stress-induced conditions and rebalances the skin repair. 
- CELLACTEL 2 COMPLEX + ARGAN PLANT CELLS: Our world-renowned signature ingredient, Cellactel 2 Complex, offers its plant-based nutrients, proteins and trace elements to help boost the supply of oxygen to the cells.

Review: After one use I totally understood why this is known as the bedtime toner because this works serious magic whilst you sleep. I have tried many other sole glycolic toners yet never really found one that I felt was doing something great for my skin so I backed off using them, hence this was that product out of the bunch that I didn't really get excited for .... until I used it and now I think it may be a favourite of all time. Ok so firstly, like all glycolic, it does tingle a little as you apply it and smells like an acid toner but my word, does my skin GLOW with this magical potion. Not only that but the smoothness and brightness was just ridiculous. One of the first nights I used this, I paired it with the Cell Shock Luxe Cream and when I woke up my skin was glowing like I had just reapplied something?! This may sound a tad extreme but I honestly can't tell you the powerhouse that this duo are. I use it just a couple times a week as that is all I need but my skin stays smooth as silk and since then this has not moved from the bathroom. Unless something spectacular comes along and knocks this off its podium, this will be the only Glycolic that I truly recommend as the best. I know it's not cheap, but its 100% worth it; I am guessing this must be a best seller because the glow this gives your skin, is one you will want to keep. 

Swissline by Dermalab, swiss skincare


An invisible, lightweight sun protection in a water-resistant formula, offering high UV protection that can be applied to your face, neck & décolleté and hands to prohibit sun-induced age spots. Mineral oil and alcohol-free, 100% chemical filters. All skin types

The Science:

- DUAL-WHITE COMPLEX: This potent complex is enriched with liquorice and an extract of the Japanese cherry tree leaf. The two combined extracts grant a brightening effect due to the blockage of accelerated melanogenesis. This way not only the dark pigments are addressed but also the red pigments present in erythema, a UV-induced reaction.

Review: In my experience, Sunscreens have to be just as good as all of your other skincare products so that you want to use them every day as let's face it, they often aren't so enticing to use but are so important! So I may need just prewarn and say #SorryNotSorry here because yes this isn't cheap but this is SPF royalty. The results speak for themself and the results are A*. Being a skin cancer survivor, a high SPF is part of my world; it's essential hence I have those that I am really fond of and this one brings something new to the table because its super unique in its texture hence it has fitted into my SPF family nicely. It is unique because the texture is this liquid/lotion/water hybrid which at first feels like it is going to sit heavy and a little tacky when you apply it but as you leave it to settle - it completely disappears. I mean it becomes totally invisible like you haven't even applied anything, yet leaves your skin feeling like velvet with a glowing veil. I need to know what trickery this is because it's incredible how it works and gives you such high protection too being an SPF50. It creates the perfect base for makeup and is so light that you can even mix it in with your makeup or even a moisturiser if you wanted to. (see the pics below; before and after!) 

Swissline by Dermalab, swiss skincare
This is a Swiss line sunscreen so of course, not cheap and you can indeed get many more affordable SPF's of which I can recommend many great ones but if this is within your budget and you think you may want to try it, as its perfect for hands and neck then I don't think you will regret it. It's just absolutely beautiful and the results show. (I am done for as I will need more lol)

Swissline by Dermalab, swiss skincare

Overview ...

When I use my Swiss line Skincare as a routine, my skin feels like a big padded cushion. You can just feel all of those layers of goodness keeping it soft, plump & bouncy .. exactly how I want it to feel. I find myself wanting to use them in sync too which is rare when you do what I do as you tend to interlace with other brands more but I can honestly say they have worked so well for me. It is quite rare that I love 'everything' but I think its because this was all tailor-made around my skin and what I needed. I obviously love it all but I have to say the SPF Veil, Luxe Lift Eye Cream, Resurfacing Water all made a huge impression that I didn't expect and the two Serums and Luxe Cream are just making my skin so happy. I feel excited to use them. 

I do have to thank Swiss line for sending over such a generous selection so that I could really get to know them and use the products as intended in sync with one another for maximum results and so that I can give you a better rundown naturally too. They are a brand I have totally fallen in love with and feel connected to my Swiss Skincare roots once again. Even though I feel like I have tried a lot, I also feel like I have only just scratched the surface as their line is super extensive so I surely feel this won't be the last you hear or see of them around here! 

I always love to bring you honest recommendations for whatever your budget may be but if luxury skincare is your thing, then you really should check them out ... then let me know what you try! 

Kelly xx