ByTerry has just launched their Summer Collection 2020 and this is exactly what is needed to kick off the new season and put a spring in your step in an unusual time. It has been a total joy to delve into with a mix of new makeup and skincare products hence I will get straight into what to expect from the gorgeous By Terry.

If you follow me on Instagram (if not, you should) then you will of seen a lot of this collection in action as it is fair to say that it was on my face quicker than you could say summer, so much so I feel backups of all will be needed soon enough! 

By Terry Spring Summer 2020 collection 
- CC Powder Brightening Palette
- Ombré Blackstar Cream Shadow Pen
- Baume de Rose Glowing Mask
- Baume de Rose Hydrating Sheet Mask

As well as the products I was gifted that are the main launches, there are also new additions of .. 

- CC Brightening Liquid Blush (here)
- Limited Edition Baume de Rose Lip Balm (here)

By Terry Spring Summer 2020 collection 
Once again, By Terry make ever item exquisite with their design and luxury feel. The Rose Gold accents on the CC Palette, the Silver Eyeshadow Pens as opposed to usual pale gold and the Baume de Rose skincare in its signature pink casing make it every part as beautiful on the outside as is inside. 

Let me start off with the what I think is the main attraction of this Collection, the Limited Edition CC Powder Brightening Palette because they a palette is always a star of the show ..... 

By Terry Spring Summer 2020 collection 
BY TERRY BRIGHTENING CC POWDER PALETTE Sunny Flash, €49/£42 (buy here)
This gorgeous looking palette hosts four brightening powders that work as colour correctors, bronzers, blushers and highlighter all in one and as always are skincare infused formulas, all enriched with rose extracts which gives this palette the most beautiful, light rose scent. If your complexion is looking dull then the Brightening CC Palette is designed to give your skin its glow back, correcting any dullness and using 'glow' technology and skincare benefits to minimize imperfections, intensify skin radiance, neutralize redness and create a flawless finish.

By Terry Summer 2020 Collection, By Terry CC Palette
#1 Champagne blush – a pearl shade that highlights high points of your complexion.
#2 Pink petal – a natural tea-rose pink, that illuminates washed-out, ashy looking skin with healthy pink undertones, also can highlight darker complexions.
#3 Vibrant rose – a rich ‘just-pinched’ tone lifts and livens cheeks with pink dewy freshness.
#4 Desert sparkle – the gold-flecked, sandy bronze lightens and evens out darker skin tones or creates a beautiful bronzed finish.

By Terry Summer 2020 Collection, By Terry CC Palette
I have been a fan of the CC Powders ever since they launched in May last year and I use Apricot Glow on my skin every day without fail because it really does add this magical effect that no other powder seems to (post here) yet they were sadly limited edition (and I pray they all come back!). The CC powder just adds radiance and glow to your skin but in a subtle, effective way and I always get complimented because of it! These powders really do just make your complexion complete and the only way you can really appreciate what I am saying is by trying them, you will be nodding in agreement. Trust me! 

By Terry powders are so finely milled that they feel like silk on your skin and the pigmentation of this one, in particular, is incredible. You only need to tap your brush and the pay off is divine. The delicate rose scent and the rose embossing is always something I adore because I know it's By Terry. This palette is absolutely stunning and I guarantee will bring your skin to life and be one that you use continuously all spring/summer as I know I will. The compact itself is the perfect size and weight to make it portable and great for touch-ups to work from.  

I managed to complete my complexion using only the new palette, after applying the new Hyaluronic Hydra Foundation (here) with the bronzer shade as my contour/bronzer, I mixed the two pink blush shades together to create my perfect cheek look and then the lightest shade as a highlight on my high points. You can even use the powders on your eyes too as I did with the bronzer to contour my eye with the Ombre Blackstar pen in Immaculate light. I captured the glow perfectly whilst snapping under the right light for and Instagram story (as below!).

By Terry Summer 2020 Collection, By Terry CC Palette
On my eyes I simply used the very famous Ombre Blackstar Pens which I have loved and used for years but these shades have elevated them to a whole new level of love ... 

By Terry Summer 2020 Collection, By Terry Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadow Pens
BY TERRY OMBRE BLACKSTAR CREAM EYESHADOW PEN €32/£29, *Limited Edition Shades (buy here)
A bestselling 3-in-1 eyeshadow, eyeliner and illuminator with a super creamy texture all in one handy retractable pen. It uses Tahitian black pearl extracts, a powerful anti-aging ingredient and is so buildable and blendable. There are 3 NEW shades; Immaculate Light, Rose Elixir and Sunny Flash as below ... 

By Terry Summer 2020 Collection, By Terry Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadow Pens
By Terry Summer 2020 Collection, By Terry Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadow Pens
I love these eyeshadows for many reasons; they glide onto your eye so easily, the creaminess makes them a dream to blend and work with, they are super pigmented and they do not budge as in they are totally waterproof making them ideal for summer wear. As I have gotten older, I love simple eye looks that look like you have put in more effort than you actually have and the Ombré Blackstar shadows do just that. Theses shades instantly make your eyes look more awake plus you can combine shades to amp it up for a more glam look too. These are the perfect summer shades for so many skin types and tastes and there is not one that I don't love. If you have never tried these, then try at least one shade yet I guarantee you'll be hooked and want all three shades, so being Limited Editon, go quick.

By Terry Summer 2020 Collection, By Terry CC Palette
Being in isolation now in Monaco for nearly 4 weeks, my hair is a mess, nails are natural (yet still painted) and I have not been feeling very 'glam' like many of us yet my skin always makes me feel good due to the skincare that I use and time that I put into it. This is why I was so happy to try some new By Terry Skincare, especially masks because I am a mask addict. Terry has launched two new mask addictions to her skincare line with a Baume De Rose Glowing Mask and Sheet Mask .... 

By Terry Summer 2020 Collection, By Terry CC Palette
By Terry Summer 2020 Collection, By Terry Sheet Maske
A Moisturizing face mask for all skin types, especially dry skin. This two-part sheet mask is luxuriously infused with real rose petals, rich rose extracts and hydrating rose oil. This is one major ROSE TREAT with real rose petals, I repeat, real rose petals! The mask’s special texture ensures ingredients are deeply absorbed into the skin and dry and tight complexions are designed to be plumped and soothed.

This is the ultimate sheet mask!!! Tell me you are not wanting this one? This is especially ideal for rose lovers and those whose skin feels like it needs a major dose of hydration. You will see rose, you will smell rose and your skin will be all the better for it. As soon as this mask has got to work not only will your skin feel soothed and nourished but look more even in tone and lines should look as less visible. This is your salon alternative right now, just add in some bubbles, music and maybe a cheeky glass of wine and you'll feel and look amazing. I love sheet masks and would definitely splurge on this one again and again. 

By Terry Spring Summer 2020 collection , By Terry Rose Glow Mask
A rich brightening mask to illuminate, reoxygenate and restore the skin. The mask transforms from a pink gel texture into a creamy white airy foam to clarify skin and promote a healthy glow. It is infused with regenerating, purifying and protective ingredients together with the same addictive mood-boosting rose scent that will have you in love from the start. You simply apply a generous amount of onto clean, dry skin, then the glowing face mask will start to tingle and bubble. Once the tingling stops, rinse thoroughly. Use 2-3 times a week. This is simple yet effective masking! 

If you like masks that take little time to work yet give you instant results then this is the one for you. I love these types of fizzing masks but be warned, they really do tickle the skin but the more you use them the more addicted you become I find and the results this gives your skin is worth a little tickle! I have used this a good few times already because the smell of rose lures me in but my skin looks so clear, bright and less stressed shall we say and I know this has really helped over the last few weeks. If you want to spoil your skin then this is the way to do it as I would highly repurchase this as I truly love it and just want all the Baume de Rose that is possible for me to own! I am addicted. Both of these masks are truly added bonuses to the By Terry range. 

By Terry Spring Summer 2020 collection 
I think you will agree that the collection has just encapsulated all things Spring/Summer and I have loved having a mix of new skincare and beauty as this is my ideal collection. I would say if there was one thing not to miss then I would definitely get your hands on the CC Palette because it can be used in so many ways and the formula is like no other. If you haven't yet tried the new Hyaluronic-Hydra foundation then that is also one to check out the season as it makes the perfect partner to this collection. But all in all, it's all worth checking out as this has to be one of my favourites By Terry launches by far. Thank you Terry for bringing the cheer this season as we could all use it. 

By Terry Summer 2020 Collection, By Terry CC Palette

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