Hello hello! It's been a while, hasn't it?! What better way to come back than with some golden goodness from Charlotte Tilbury to brighten up all of our summer times. Hopefully, you follow me on Instagram so you have been in the loop of all the new beauty goings-on these last few months anyway! 

Charlotte Tilbury has been knocking out launches left, right and centre and I know it is hard to keep track of them all plus the purse strings can't keep up with all, but I have added in a few new products to my own collection (*all purchased by myself) that I think are most definitely worth the buy and are all products that are perfect for a summer glow

Let's start with 'newly new' and I am sure you have already seen this but the new Airbrush Bronzer ....

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer

This is a matte bronzer, available in 4 shades to suit all skin tones and gives the appearance of a sun-kissed, glowing complexion. The formula is infused with hyaluronic acid and is smoothing, pore-blurring and designed for both the face and the body, hence the compact itself is huge compared to the flawless compact powder. 

I went for Shade Medium and even though I am fair, I wanted the bronzer to deepen my skin tone hence I  didn't go for the Light. Medium is perfect for fair to medium skin tones to give you that real summer glow without looking too dark or too much. This really is bronzing made easy

The formula is the same as the ever so famous Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder hence we knew all it was going to be a hit as I have spoken about my love for that powder many times! It gives you this filter like, flawless skin without any powdery look or feel. I love how finely milled the powder is and the soft pigment means you can really build up the shade to get the depth of colour that you want yet still without feeling or looking like you are wearing a powder. Do remember though, because these powders are all so finely milled, you may use them up faster but to be fair, they still last me a heck of a long time. Oh and be careful with them, they are fragile if you chuck them into a bag. 

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer
I have loved Filmstar Bronze and Glow from the very start and had little hope of this being better than the Bronzing/Sculpting powder but I have to say I think I prefer this new one. Airbrush Bronzer is a lot warmer in tone compared to the Filmstar Bronzer which makes it just the perfect summer bronzer option (see pic below). I may even grab the light shade anyhow to use as a pick me up for all over my skin! 

I did also hear that come September, refills will become available making this even more of a great buy. If you are looking for a good warm summer bronzer that won't turn you orange or make your skin look dry, I don't think you would regret trying this one. I think it's superb

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer

Another new launch that I had to get my hands on was the stunning Desert Haze Eye Palette ... 

Charlotte Tilbury Desert Haze Eye Palette

Charlotte Tilbury Desert Haze Eye Palette
A luxury palette of Mattes that combines pretty peachy brown hues in a rich, creamy velvet-matte texture for Summer Eyes, any time of the year.  The palette has airbrush toned shades that all blend together seamlessly, whether you’re opting for a subtle peachy look or a smokey sunset look. 

The moment I saw the shade line up, I was sold. These are all so my kind of favourite tones and I do love her matte shadows as they just blend like a dream with no fallout or chalkiness. I love the Sophisticate Matte Palette which has been around for a while now as its such a useful one to own especially to use alongside other more shimmery shades. 

Charlotte Tilbury Desert Haze Eye Palette

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer, Beauty Wands, Desert Haze Swatches

You can build the shades up as much as you like to create any intensity you want. You can even incorporate the Airbrush Bronzer into the mix and use on the eyes too as I love to use bronzers on the eyes to add warmth. This really is a desert sunset in a palette. I think this has been added to their permanent line so hopefully, be one we can all get all year round; if not I will be needing a backup! 

Another new product that I added into my collection which is semi-new is the sell-out MAGIC LIP OIL. This is constantly out of stock, a sign of a good seller, so when I managed to get my hands in it I was thrilled and I can say, it has lived up to the hype. This is outright gorgeous.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Lip Oil

CHARLOTTE'S MAGIC LIP OIL | £28 (buy here)
Apparently, this is now the No1 Lip Treatment in the UK hence it's a constant sell-out. This Lip treatment has all the powers of a serum but in a lovely comforting oil formula that glides on with a crystal roller ball applicator in a squeezy tube. It was deisgned to work as a lip conditioner by day and lip mask by night. It is enriched with potent plant extracts and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and keep your lips feeling comforted and nourished. 

The love lip treatments as a whole and this is just lovely. It is the perfect texture being not too heavy or greasy by any means and gives a gorgeously subtle glossy look to your lips that you could wear over the top of a lip colour too and makes them feel nice and hydrated. I was really impressed by this straight from the first try although I did think the tube was quite small but having used it I see you only need to use a small amount. Being an oil, it just melts onto your lips to create a really nice veil that isn't crazy shiny so anyone could use this lip treatment. If you see this in stock, grab one, it's a must!

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Wands

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wands, Swatches
These have to be one of my favourite Charlotte Tilbury products as they are so easy to use yet so effective and gorgeous on the skin. The Beauty wands have been around for some time but new Pillow Talk shades have been added more recently and they are simply divine. These wands are a highlighter/blush hybrid that adds soft colour to your cheeks whilst giving a soft-focus, natural glow. The swatches above look a tad intense as they are not blended so don't be afraid because when they are, they create magic! This is your easy summer makeup trick that takes no time to apply yet will bring your skin to life with the most beautiful hint of glow and colour. I have been loving using cream blushers this summer as they are just so flattering; especially as you get older! 

Pillow Talk Original is a nude-pink, Pillow Talk Medium is a peachy-pink and Peachgasm is the most beautiful peach shade - check out more shades here

Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic blush

These are some of my favourite powder blushers and I own a few shades with Pillow Talk being my No1 favourite shade yet this particular one was a bonus entry. Ecstasy, (as above) is the perfect blush tone for those who like a very natural look or a blush that will work with any look really easily. I was in fact watching one of the gorgeous Sofia Tilbury Make-up sessions online where she used this particular blush shade and said how it was one of her favourites and uses it a lot in makeups, so I noted it down to go and order ... then checked my collection and low and behold this was brand new in the box in my 'new in'  stash. I do think Team Tilbury gifted to me some time ago and I had yet to use so that was a big win! However, this was a new discovery that I am gladly passing on to you as I feel it may be a shade that not many people now of and the two-tone peach pink is just a beauty. 

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer

I am sure as I write this, more products have launched or I have shopped some more so I will keep you posted but I do think that these are some really beautiful additions to the entire CT line, especially the new Bronzer as I feel this was maybe missing all along. 

You can shop all Charlotte Tilbury New in here....
Let me know if you shop and what you try!