To all my fellow rose lovers out there ... it doesn't get much better or more luxurious than this! By Terry have upped the anti on their famous Baume de Rose Collection which is what they are famed for with the NEW Glow-in-Rose Collection which is all infused with rose based technology to help enhance skins natural radiance.

I for one am a huge fan of By Terry fan with baume de rose being my first ever By Terry purchase some many years ago which I still love today. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't use at least one By Terry product in my routine with an essential being the Brightening CC Serum. To compliment the effects of this very popular serum, By Terry have created a powder version which will be beneficial to many of our skins. 

ByTerry New Glow-in-Rose Collection
The NEW Glow-in-Rose Collection consists of ... 

Brightening CC Serum Powders - in four shades.
Baume de Rose Tinted Lip Crayons - in two shades.
Baume de Rose all over Oil - for face, body and hair. 

ByTerry New Glow-in-Rose Collection
From the moment I heard news of this collection through their IG page, I was sold. The pretty pink packaging alone was enough to pull me in, plus I knew that this was By Terry ... and they do it well. I headed to Sephora for a play albeit on a new opening store day so it was manic but the lovely team at ByTerry kindly sent over a few pieces for me to play with! So here I am to tell you a bit more about the collection in full and my real thoughts .... 
ByTerry New Glow-in-Rose Collection
BY TERRY BRIGHTENING CC SERUM, 30ml, £61/€68 - available in 4 shades (here!)
This is a very popular product in their line already and one that I use myself daily and have spoken about often. This Colour Correcting Serum helps dull, dehydrated skins with a radiance boost as it creates a veil of light reflective pigments to blur imperfections and give you a more even toned, radiant skin. The serum itself smells very lightly of fresh roses and feels like silk. It is heavenly. I use 'Apricot Glow' which gives my skin a gorgeous peachy tint as a base under makeup or alone on no makeup days and brightens up my complexion to make my skin look fresh and healthy. It is actually more skincare than makeup yet does enough to allow you to go makeup free should you want the option to, just use some concealer where needed or mix in a little foundation/tinted moisturiser just to add little coverage. This is a perfect for holidays and summer days where you want nothing on your skin but the confidence to wear it. Tad pricey yes, but worth it for what it does in my opinion.

ByTerry New Glow-in-Rose Collection
So the newness that comes is the above serum ... in a powder form!

Below I wanted to try and capture just what these products do as they are not a full on highlighter, but a complexion enhancer. They work to better your skin with a little brighten, blur and help us to feel good in our skin. I am lucky to have good skin, mainly because I have taken good care of it over my years and the results show and the products really enhance this ... 

ByTerry New Glow-in-Rose Collection
ByTerry New Glow-in-Rose Collection CC Powders
BYTERRY BRIGHTENING CC SERUM POWDER, 10g, £52/€52 - available in 4 shades (here!)
This is the NEW powder version of the iconic Brightening CC Serum. This illuminating powder captures the light and boosts your natural radiance using Optical Glow technology to help blur imperfections, even out the skin tone, intensify skin radiance, neutralise redness and create a flawless finish. Available in 4 shades to suit every skin tone. 

This powder combines luxury skincare and luxury makeup and can be used in so many ways! 

- Apply on top of your makeup as a finishing powder for a natural skin glow.
- For an all over glow, buff this into the contours and layer up for a more highlighted effect.
- You can use the lighter shades (1 or 2) as a highlighter on the high points of your face. 
- Lighter complexion can contour with a darker shade (4) for a more bronzed effect. 

The Compacts are pretty as a picture and the design itself is perfection. The rose embossing on the powder makes this feel even more luxurious and the powder is so fine and soft that it melts to your skin and doesn't even feel like a powder. The rose scent is just the icing on the cake. This is that finishing product I have been looking for when I want to add just a touch of radiance to my skin that isn't a highlighter yet is super buildable should I need to up the ante on days where I need all the glow. This powder will flatter so many skins and I think really compliments the serum really well. This is your 'on the go' CC Serum and great for keeping in your bag for touch ups. It would be perfect for bridal looks as it's not shimmery or glittery, but adds natural radiance with a magical blurring effect all in one compact ... and it helps that it's the prettiest pink compact you ever did see!

ByTerry New Glow-in-Rose Collection, CC Powders
ByTerry New Glow-in-Rose Collection, CC Powders
These are the shades that are most suited to my skin although I could use No4 Sunny Flash as a bronze/contour but for everyday, these both work perfectly. No2 Rose Elixir is stunning so you must try to go have a swatch of them all! 

No1 Immaculate Light (above) is perfect for highlighting on my skin tone as I love the brightness that this gives me. 
ByTerry New Glow-in-Rose Collection, CC Powders
ByTerry New Glow-in-Rose Collection, CC Powders
No3 Apricot Glow (below) is the shade in the serum that I use the most. This beautiful, warm peachy tone is the perfect shade for fair complexions like mine as its so neutral being not too pink and not too yellow that just lifts your skin in an instant ... as you can see from below. 

ByTerry New Glow-in-Rose Collection, CC Powders
If you haven't tried the original Baume de Rose Balm yet, then you should; it doubles up as a great hydrating cuticle balm and is a big treat for your lips. I personally like the shine effect it gives over lipstick yet is not sticky ... and tastes of fresh roses.

By Terry have used this same rose formula to produce tinted lip crayons .... 

ByTerry New Glow-in-Rose Collection, CC Powders
BYTERRY BAUME DE ROSE TINTED LIP CRAYONS2.3G, £25/€28 - available in 2 shades (here!)
A highly nourishing and innovative lip balm in a pencil that comes in 2 shades to flatter all skin types. These keep your lips intensely moisturised while you're on-the-go as they so easy to throw in your handbag. They fuse the power of Rose Blossom Essential Wax, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Ceramides to combat dry, chapped lips and protect against all weather conditions.

Naturally I was drawn to the Candy Rose (pink) as it gives a very subtle hint of shimmery pink to your lips so maybe swatch first if shimmer isn't your thing, and Sunny Nude (bronze) will be amazing with a natural golden bronzed glow. They have that same delicious rose scent, velvety-rich formula and are just super easy to use! They aren't as rich as the original balm which surprised me but great if you need hydration and a little tint for on the go, so ideal for gym bags, handbags, beach days and summer! 

ByTerry New Glow-in-Rose Collection, CC Powders
When I spotted a Rose Body Oil in the collection, for me, it got way better. I LOVE oils, I LOVE rose and I LOVE By Terry ... 
ByTerry New Glow-in-Rose Collection, CC Powders
ByTerry New Glow-in-Rose Collection, CC Powders
BYTERRY BAUME DE ROSE - ALL OVER BODY OIL, 100ml, £52/€58, Face-Body-Hair (here!)
A highly luxurious dry oil that can be used on the face, body and hair in a handy spray. It once again fuses their famous blend of Rose Blossom Essential Wax, Rose Oils and Vitamin E soothes sensitive skin, targets signs of ageing and improves overall texture. This 3-in-1 dry oil spray is a complete multi-tasker and again, the scent is a DREAM. 

For the face: it is best to apply a few drops on the fingertips and massage into your skin. For body: spray generously all over the body, especially on dry areas and massage in. For hair: you can spray on dry ends to hydrate, use it as a pre-shampoo treatment by applying to dry hair before shampooing to nourish and add shine or use after-shampooing as a hair drying protectant; just use a few drops on wet hair and style hair as usual.

I am always wary of oils being too heavy but this is perfection. It really does help from head to toe and not many oils are capable of that. It is so light yet highly nourishing and the spray nozzle is great at controlling the amount you use. If you adore the By Terry rose scent like me, then you shall definitely want this. I mean, can a body oil really get such better than this? answer: No! The glass bottle makes my dresser look fancy and my whole body glows. Winning! 

ByTerry New Glow-in-Rose Collection, CC Powders
This Glow-in-Rose Collection is every bit luxurious, indulgent, skin changing and effortless. Obviously not all of it is essential as such but once you try the CC line ie the serum and powder, I think you will see why the hype is so. This is a luxury line but one that really has the ability to transform your skin as opposed to just being makeup, which is what sets By Terry apart from other brands. I have always loved and supported By Terry and they always bring products that deliver results and not bombard us with launch after launch that just becomes impossible to keep up with.

ByTerry New Glow-in-Rose Collection, CC Powders
The Glow-in-Rose Collection does as it states; helps to enhance skins natural radiance (and more!). So definitely worth checking out!

If you are new to By Terry as a brand then I have lots of other posts on the blog, with recommendations so just click here.

Have you tried any of the collection yet?