Amongst the many brands that I showcase and try behind the scenes, some really stand out more than others and some stand out more than I myself imagined they would. This is when you read about them here on the blog and is what happened with this beautiful, new, unique brand.

The skincare market today is flooded with brands so it takes a lot for brands to stand out these days. What I really do enjoy is getting to know smaller brands and the real story behind them. I have my favourites when it comes to my own daily skin routine naturally but it's nice when a product makes an impact on what is already a great skin routine and makes its way onto your bathroom shelf. A lovely young lady called Mihaela sent me a really lovely email and introduced herself and what her company is all about so let me introduce you to Mazillo Skincare.

Mazillo Skincare

A little background on Mazillo Skincare ...

Female-owned brand, Mazillo, is a natural, folklore-inspired skincare brand. They have packed generations of traditions into unique formulations with the main mission to revive the history and folklore of their homeland, Bulgaria, and help your skin be its best. 

There are just 5 skin care products in the range; all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free and represent a full 5-step skincare routine. They combine nature with modern science in order to create potent and effective skincare products. One of the range's key ingredients is plant stem cells from calendula, Orpheus flower and the legendary Bulgarian rose. They also focus on sustainability as 90% of their formulations contain ingredients sourced locally and use glass bottles and jars and fully recyclable cardboard.

Mazillo Skincare

The Products ...

1. GENTLE CLEANSING OIL with Apricot Kernel Oil, Sesame and Hemp.

2. REGENERATE & PROTECT ESSENCE/TONER with Calendula and Stem Cells.

3. PURIFY & NOURISH FACE MASK with Bulgarian Rose Stem Cells and Bulgarian Brown Clay.

4. REPLENISHING MOISTURISER with Orpheus Flower Stem Cells.

5. FACIAL OIL with Blackberry, Plum and Tomato

Mazillo Skincare

Mazillo Gentle Cleansing Oil, 100ml €58 | buy here


This gentle oil eliminates every trace of day wear including SPF and waterproof makeup with a blend of 11 pure Bulgarian plant oils. Formulated with lightweight nourishing oils such as apricot, sesame and hemp, this oil-to-milk cleanser soothes while leaving your skin silky soft and dewy. *includes 100% cotton face cloth.

If like me you are a lover of lightweight cleansing oils, then this is one for you. It is fragrance-free, gentle and non-stripping and removes make-up and SPF super easily and turns to milk, making it feel light and nongreasy. Those who have a tendency to break out will find this a great help! Your skin is simply left feeling clean, nourished and hydrated.

Mazillo Skincare

Mazillo Regenerate + Protect Toner/Essence, 125ml €68 | buy here


With a herbal scent that will bring back memories of beautiful summer country strolls, the skin-refreshing essence toner provides deep hydration and protection against harmful environmental factors. Formulated with Calendula stem cells, this multitasker reduces the appearance of wrinkles and is gentle to all skin types.

This for me is one of my favourite products from the brand. Being a toner addict, I have really gotten into using Essences in my routine over the past year and I have to say when you incorporate them into your skincare routine, you really do notice the benefit. They add an extra layer of comfort and hydration to your regime that everything will benefit from. For me they have reduced the tight, dry feeling that I used to get throughout the day and have added an extra layer of plumpness to my skin. This one, in particular, has a real fresh feel to it like walking through country fields and feels super luxurious at the same time. It is light, refreshing, cooling, hydrating and has been a joy to discover. Essences literally take seconds to apply and feel amazing on the skin, yet they really will amplify the results of your skincare routine as a whole. If you are someone that likes natural brands yet you want to see great results, this is the one for you.

Mazillo Skincare

Mazillo Purify & Nourish Face Mask, 50ml €84 | buy here


Described as 'magic in a bottle' and 'a mask that you can feel working', this creamy non-drying formula will leave your skin clean and instantly nourished. Enriched with stem cells from the legendary Bulgarian rose, our pampering face mask purifies while maintaining moisture levels for supple and refreshed look and feel. Feel the tingle while the stem cells do their magic.

I got a bit eager with this mask and literally dove straight in without having a proper read beforehand (yes I am also guilty of that too!) hence the tingle was real. Automatically I was instantly worried that I was reacting to this mask, then felt comforted reading "I would feel the tingle"! So first things first that will happen so don't worry it's just the mask working its magic. The texture is lovely and creamy and stays that way without drying down on the skin which I really like. This is the reason I avoid usual clay masks because I hate that dry tight feeling and my skin really doesn't like it either. If you're adverse to the feeling then just leave it on for the minimum amount of time but you will still get a really great result. I did feel that my skin did look very clear after using this mask!

Mazillo Skincare

Mazillo Facial Oil, 30ml €71 | buy here


A potent blend of 12 cold-pressed Bulgarian oils, packed with vitamins and powerful antioxidants. This lightweight elixir will leave your skin nourished and protected for an all day healthy-looking glow.

This is the other favourite of mine. The moment I first used this oil, I was in love. The scent firstly transported me into the countryside, picking tomatoes from the vines. This light yet nourishing oil has a real herby, fresh aroma and the green tint really adds to the whole natural feel of this one. This is that oil that you reach for when you really want to feel comforted and you generally want to pack your skin full of goodness. For daytime, this is superb mixed into your daily moisturiser to just add all those extra antioxidants and to give a lovely healthy glow to your skin, as well as used alone in the evening to just transform your skin while you sleep. You know my love for facial oils and I think this one will be a superb
choice for all seasons as it doesn't feel rich and heavy yet you get so much nourishment from it. This is an Oil I would recommend to all. 

Mazillo Skincare

Mazillo Replenishing Moisturiser, 30ml €81 | buy here


This 100% natural refreshing, light, creamy formula will leave your skin hydrated, replenished and radiant. Powered by stem cells, the Replenishing Moisturiser is loved for its unique dreamy texture and silky soft finish. 

Now for me the texture of this moisturiser is not my usual go-to as it is quite fluid and light yet I will say it is super hydrating and leaves this really, silky and glowing. If you are a fan of real natural, herbal scents and like a moisturiser that is designed to do it all yet you don't want anything rich and heavy then this is definitely one for you to try.

Mazillo Skincare
Mazillo Skincare

I have been enjoying these products for a while now and can only say that they make me feel like I am in my garden pottering, on a country walk or back being a child again playing in the grassy fields. The range just screams nature at its best ... yet with a luxe feel. Kind of like glamping rather than being in a tent.

Mazillo may be small, but I think they have created something really special here. Plus there is a lot to be said for a brand that offers a smaller, smile lineup because I know there are many of you out there that get too confused with the skincare market today and every brand has to start off somewhere. I think that they chose well with the first five products as the line does have all covered. I think a Serum in the future would also be wonderful, maybe along with a facial mist in this countryside, type feels!

As I've already mentioned, the two stars of the show for me will most definitely the Essence/Toner and the facial oil. For me they are two products you can easily slot within your routine and they will make one heck of an impact.

Mazillo Skincare

I feel like Mazillo Skincare has created something very unique here and their passion speaks volumes.

Do head over to their website here if you want to get to know them some more, plus they have some deals on bundle purchases if you fancy trying out a couple of new products. 

Kelly xx