I am a lipstick Queen and my obsession with Lisa Eldridge's collection is apparent. Every time she launches new shades, they sell out fast and I for one am that person on stand-by, watching the clock count down to when they go live and then I buy most of the shades. Blame FOMO.
Hence I have 6 new shades and wow, Lisa did us all proud by bringing these stunning shades and finishes into our lives. There are in fact three finishes in Lisa's range; True Velvet, Luxuriously Lucent and Insanely Saturated. 

Lisa Eldridge Lipstick

True Velvet - Each bullet has the appearance of plush velvet fabric. These are matte lipsticks with a saturated technicolour formulation and a creamy texture with a slight sheen that’s 3-D and luscious, not a flat matte yet lightweight, silky and comfortable to wear.

Luxuriously Lucent - An easy-to-wear creamy formula, a sheer moisturising lipstick with a balmy feel. They are sheer to semi-sheer buildable coverage lipsticks with a satin finish and have a luxurious texture that feels smooth and light.

Insanely Saturated - A full-on, creamy, full coverage Lipstick that glides seamlessly onto the lips and delivers a weightless, luminous demi-matte finish in one swipe. 

I personally love all the finishes but the Insanely Saturated and True Velvets are my dream because I love a high pigment and I love a bright shade and Lisa does them like no one else. The Luxurious Lucent are the perfect summer lip for days when you want lightweight and balm-like colours that hydrate and feel nice and easy to wear day to day. 

Lisa Eldridge Lipstick

Swatches & Try Ons

Lisa Eldridge Lipstick

The New Shades (£26/€32)

Luxurious Lucent

- ROSY SHELL - a light pink with a mix of cool and warm undertones. Rosy Shell is a picnic on the beach.
- JE NE SAIS QUOI - a warm, creamy coral that manages to brighten the face, without being an overtly ‘bright’ shade.
- WONDER WHEEL - A vibrant, reddish pink that houses nostalgic fun of the Ferris wheel.
- ATOMIC CHERRY (*not new, but new to my collection) - a fruit punch cocktail of a coral red, like a summer iced lolly hue.

Insanely Saturated

- SUNDAY MATINEE - A soft, pouty medium pink with a hint of warmth.
STRAWBERRY SHOCK - A bright, shouty Strawberry Daiquiri hue that instantly energises. A true Goldilocks of bright reds, it’s neither too cool or too warm.

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Rosy Shell, Je Ne Sais Quoi, Atomic Cherry, Wonder Wheel

Lip Liners in shades Morning & Petal

Lisa Eldridge Lipstick

... and my favourite shade of them all is Strawberry Shock. It is just incredible and loved by many already!! The tone, the texture, the brightness, the pigment, the way it makes me feel ... just real perfection. I think this is the best red anyone has made for Summer. 

Some shots from my Instagram of the shades being worn day to day. The shade descriptions are spot on and couldn't have done better myself. They really are as Lisa envisioned and all are so unique and unlike any others. Je Ne Sais Quoi is pretty magical as it's the only warm coral I have that really still brightens up your face! It really is genius. 

Lisa Eldridge Lipsticks

Lisa Eldridge Lipsticks

My Feedback/Thoughts 

This is probably the most excited I've been with a new shade launch. My most worn shades have been Strawberry Shock (obvs) Rosy Shell and Je Ne Sais Quoi as they fit the summer perfectly. Rosy shell is the most perfect Pink I have ever worn and cannot recommend it enough to all. Every new shade is stunning. Atomic Cherry and Wonder Wheel are slightly similar but Wonder Wheel pulls more pink than red. I would say that Atomic Cherry is an ideal way to get into Red; its a beginner's entry-level so bear that in mind,  but all the Luxuriously Lucent is a great way to make small steps into brights if you feel you want to wear a colour I will so afraid to. They just all have a uniqueness.

As well as lipstick, I can also highly recommend Lisa's Elevated Glow liquid highlighters as I have mentioned before as they are absolutely beautiful, as well as her Cream Blush but they did sell out first round and haven't come back to stock yet. I do own three of her lip glosses too but for me, I'm not so passionate about them as I am about the Lipsticks.

Lisa Eldridge Lipstick

My Full Collection Swatched ... 

Lisa Eldridge Lipstick
Lisa Eldridge Lipstick

You can see my previous posts here. 

Lisa Eldridge Lipstick

Each Lipstick retails at £26/€32 - SHOP HERE

Kelly xx

Check out the latest shades live in action over on my Instagram!