When I think of effortless, summer makeup, I automatically think of By Terry because their products are always so flattering on all skins as well as being super luxurious of course. 

Two new launches came out around May and even though I'm only just getting to mention them here on the blog I have been raving about them over on my Instagram ever since I got them as they have been in full use over the summer. In case you haven't seen them, here they are ... and they are summer essentialssssssssss!

The new launches are the Brightening CC Liquid Blush and Blackstar Crayon Eyeliners ... both staple items to any summer makeup bag.

By Terry cc blush


TWO new Brightening CC Liquid Blushes, in shades Rosy Flash and Sunny Glow. The radiance-booster liquid blush is designed to make you glow up all day long thanks to its innovative optical glow technology and colour correcting pigments.

They come in an easy clickable pen applicator with a buildable liquid formula, enriched with white rose stem cells which eliminate toxins and neutralise free radicals.

By Terry cc blush

By Terry cc blush

The Shades

N°1 Rosy Flash - a rose gold blush for a glow that livens cheeks with a ‘freshly-pinched’ hue.

N°2 Sunny Glow - a warm copper shade for the most beautiful, bronzed finish.

By Terry cc blush

My Feedback

How I use; I love both of the shades but being fair, Rosy Flash works as a beautiful rosy pink blush on my cheeks where as Sunny Glow is definitely a bronzer shade for my skin so I use this when I just want to add warmth. But the magic is when I use them both together as they really scream summer skin.

Firsty, I love the packaging with the beautiful design on the casing as it feels so By Terry and luxe. I think the application is genius as it really is a throw in your bag/go to the beach/touch up your face kind of item! It is extremely easy to use as the fluid formula is easy to blend with your fingertips or a brush and it's very easy to build upon without looking cakey or heavy. I like to pump out a few clicks onto the back of my hand first then use a face brush to apply and blend into my cheek. You can of course apply direct from the brush tip itself and then use your fingertips. 

The formula is super hydrating and just adds that wonderful healthy glow to your skin that summer calls for. I will say the formula is actually very sheer once blended so start by adding a little and build up to the intensity that you want but thanks to the hydrating formulation of this it still stays natural and dewy looking.

By Terry cc blush

This is most definitely for those that like a natural, summer skin, fresh look and also for those that want that easy effortless make up routine then this needs to be in your bag. That magical By Terry CC formulation which combines both makeup and skincare is just a dream when it comes to making the most of your skin. 

Below I have compared the newest CC blush to the CC original serum if, like me, you will use it more as a bronzer. The original By Terry Sunny Flash CC Serum actually comes up quite dark on my skin whereas this CC Blush is much better suited to my tone. It just seems to have a softer warmth that melts into the skin and looks very natural.

By Terry cc blush
Swatches; Above: in daylight / Below: in bright sunshine 

By Terry cc blush


The second launch ... Waterproof and long-lasting eye pencils enriched with youth ingredients. Highly pigmented colour. No transfer, no smudging. Vegan and clean formula with sustainable packaging.

This eyeliner can be used as a liner or kohl to add full colour to your eyes. The ultra-soft, smooth lead delivers highly pigmented colour and an extra precise finish for easy, flawless application. Available in four highly pigmented shades with a matte to iridescent finish.

By Terry Blackstar Waterproof eyeliners

The Unique Formula

Enriched with anti-ageing ceramide 3 to support the delicate eye area and keep its optimal hydration level.
This crayon is made from renewable resources with 65% bio-based plastic from sugar cane and 35% from mineral oil to create an eco-friendly packaging.

By Terry Blackstar Waterproof eyeliners

The Shades:

BLACK PRINT - deep matte black
BROWN STELLAR - sparkling light brown
BRONZE GENERATION - iridescent khaki
BROWN SECRET - deep matte dark brown

*swatches below in bright daylight so you can see the stunning finishes. 

By Terry Blackstar Waterproof eyeliners

My Feedback

These liners are so smooth and creamy, they apply like a dream without any dragging to the eye whatsoever which makes them ideal for all ages and eye types. They are intensely pigmented, very easy to smudge and blend out, long wearing and the waterproof formulation definitely makes them stay proof. Plus they remove easily with normal eye make-up remover so you don't have to worry about using a special oil-based one. I mean, what more could you ask for? They are the perfect summer eyeliner

For me personally, the shades are all spot-on and are all the shades I keep on rotation in my own collection. As I've gotten older I have made the transition from black liner to brown as being softer it is a lot more flattering on my eye. I love that with this formula, you still get all the intensity and opaqueness (especially the mattes) but just in a less harsh way. I love smudging them on the lash line with a lick of eyeshadow and mascara and that is your easy summer eye done. Please, do try them!

By Terry Blackstar Waterproof eyeliners

As you know, By Terry is a favourite brand for me and warrants a lot of my daily face so I am always in awe of everything they do quite frankly but I think you will agree that these new launches are just ideal for a summer makeup bag and have already been on holiday trips with me.

Where to buy: check out the deals here as I know the CC Blush has a deal!

Enjoy your Summer,

Kelly xx