Swissline is a luxury skincare brand that I discovered over a year ago and introduced you to it here on the blog last April (full review here). Ever since that discovery, it has been a brand that has stayed well and truly within my skincare routine because to put it quite simply ... they are fantastic.

I always get very excited when new products come in from Swissline because it really does feel like Christmas. I was kindly sent over a few products from the Cell Shock White range and a New moisturiser that will save your skin barrier ... plus, an exciting Giveaway. 

swissline skincare

Just to recap if you are new to Swissline ... 

"Renowned in Switzerland and worldwide, Swissline’s products are highly praised by doctors, beauty experts and media alike. For the past 30 years, Swissline has been at the heart of science-based skincare thanks to Switzerland’s longstanding tradition of biotech innovation. At Swissline, we’re skincare experts with a passion for skin biology and beauty. Our philosophy is simple: Intelligent skincare respects and works with the skin, not against it. From ideation to creation, our Swiss DNA informs everything we create. Our award-winning formulas embrace natural actives and skin-identical ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Niacinamide, Pre and Probiotics, Madecassoside® and more.

Swissline’s effective formulas awaken the senses, giving you the relaxation and revitalization you’ve been longing for and can be found in exclusive locations across the globe. Our Golden Circle partners are made up of luxury medical clinics, medispas, 5-star hotels, and premium retailers. These state-of-the-art settings are perfect to bring our products to life in all their experiential and sensorial glory".

Swissline by dermalab skincare

Luxury ...

Swissline is a luxury brand with a luxury price tag which I know may not be in everybody's taste or budget but that doesn't mean you have to count it out entirely. If you are someone that invests highly in their skincare as I do and are maybe at a skin age where you warrant the investment of really looking after your skin, then this is definitely a brand that will interest you. 

swissline skincare, cell shock
So let me tell you about the new additions I have been using over the last few weeks/months ... 

Swissline by dermalab skincare

The Swissline Cell Shock White Range 

The Cell Shock White products provide ultimate radiance; think 'bathing your skin in light'. The range uses how powered ingredients such as Peptides, Stabilised Vitamin C, Arbutin and Glutathione as well as REAL diamonds.

The collection features cleansers, sunscreens, eye cream, moisturisers, treatment masks, serums and facial essence and a choice for all skin types.

Swissline by dermalab skincare  Cell Shock White 

Swissline Brightening Diamond Essence | €125 (here)

Designed for Pigmentation / Uneven skin tone / Dull skin

This is without a doubt the most beautiful skincare essence you will find! It instantly attracts with its REAL diamond clusters that work to fight pigmentation, pollution and urban stress. It uses 2% Lactobionic acid for guaranteed long-term results with minimal irritation. An “anti-stress” molecule helps to protect the cellular membranes from environmental hazards.

How to use - 

Apply every morning and evening onto cleansed skin. Pour a few drops into the palms of the hands and smooth over the face and neck avoiding the eye area. Allow to rest for a few seconds so the essence can sink in.

I love toners and essences as I really feel the benefit of them within my routine. Essences are that next step up between your toner and serum and this one in particular really does visibly brighten your skin and as it encourages gentle exfoliation, it also makes it softer and clearer. Granted this is a luxury spend on one of those products you will probably find you purchase as an add-on not an essential, but once you add this to your routine you really will be grateful that you chose it. I have to say that I am utterly addicted to this Essence because its just the most magical product to admire as well as use but once you have diamonds in your skincare routine, how are you ever supposed to do without?! 

Swissline by dermal skincare  Cell Shock White 

Swissline by dermalab skincare  Cell Shock White 

Swissline by dermalab skincare  Cell Shock White 

Swissline Brightening Aura Mask | €108 (here)

Designed to Renew / Brighten / Anti-Spot

A unique gel-cream mask that renews your complexion in just 15 minutes, while contributing to the reduction in dark spots, signs of redness and blotchiness.

How to use: 

Once or twice a week on cleansed skin. Allow to sit for 10-15 minutes before removing with water or a damp face cloth.  Use this with the above Brightening Diamond Essence for maximum results! 

This gel-cream mask has a pretty pink, pearlised look that uses a unique cocktail of blueberries, maple syrup and glycolic acid, with hexylresorcinol and glucosyl gallic acid, to give the ultimate skin uniformity. It also has a lovely light floral scent to it too. I love masks that include acids in their ingredients list because they really work to brighten the skin very quickly yet in a gentle way. If you are extremely sensitive then you may experience slight sensitivity but just make sure this is the only exfoliant you use. 

I love face masks so this was an ultimate treat. The texture is so light and cooling that it kind of lures you into a false sense of just being a lovely feeling mask ... until you really do notice the brightening results. The tone of my skin looked better as the redness I had faded come the next day. This is my once a week treat that I do to my skin when it really needs to be transformed and just kept happy. 

swissline skincare

Swissline Brightening Diamond Range 

Swissline Brightening Diamond Serum | €221 (here)

Designed for Instant Radiance - Firm Skin - Anti-Spot

A one-of-a-kind brightening serum with REAL visible diamond clusters. A dual-chamber system of synergistic power ingredients – glutathione, alpha-arbutin, vitamins C and E, clinically-tested multi peptides, soy isoflavones and … diamonds. What is not to like?!

This is my latest addition and one that really excites me because serums are the most targeted and most effective skincare product you can add to your routine. This Serum has a beautiful pearlescent rose tint which instantly helps to brighten along with the real diamond clusters of course and is designed to help relax expression lines and firm the skin. In my opinion, the serum is the most effective long term but used in sync with the other products ... well, let's just say your skin will certainly be very happy. I haven't been using this one for too long so I will report back on the long-term results but this is a product for those that really want a serious brightening and help with age spots and dullness. Worthy of the investment. 

Swissline Smart Cream Rich

Swissline Smart Cream Rich *NEW | €124 (here)

Designed for Vitality, De-stress, Non-stop Comfort

A very modern, velvety feeling moisturiser that brings back radiance and vitality to dry and dehydrated skin. Ideal for tired skin under urban-life attacks. THIS WORKS MAGIC.

The Science! Pure ATP at a record 2% concentration results in an effective activation of the skin’s metabolism. Madecassoside soothes stress-induced conditions and rebalances the skin's repair. Squalene and Ceramides support skin's barrier function.

A buzzword right now is skin barrier and this is that product that will protect it like no other hence this was instant love for me. This is the perfect everyday moisturiser that will transition you from the cooler months into the warmer. This is in fact a new rich version of the original Smart Cream. Although it is rich, it certainly doesn't feel it on your skin. It has a velvety, creamy, balm feel that just instantly absorbs into your skin as soon as you apply it, leaving you feeling hydrated, smooth and plump. This is a comforting hug in a pot. I have been using this one every morning ever since I was sent it and I have seen a dramatic difference in the sensitivity and redness that my skin was showing previously. That powerhouse cocktail of Squalene and Ceramides really does take good care of your skin barrier with minimal effort needed from yourself. You can even up the ante by mixing it in with one of the Swissline Boosters or even your favourite serum or facial oil ... I have been doing this and works beautifully. 

This is a product I will tell you to buy; becoming your everyday moisturiser for day/night for pure hydration and comfort. I personally think my skin will love this one all seasons but it's great there is a lighter option for the Summer if you have a tendency to produce more oil. Perfect for any skin of any age wanting to comfort and protection. This is now my favourite moisturiser and will be needing back ups. 

Swissline Brightening Diamond Range 

This is a brand that just gets better the deeper you go. I love luxury skincare because yes, it feels super luxurious, but when products give you the result that you want to see, it makes the investment and the usage all worthwhile. This is a brand that really does excite me every time and it's a brand where I just want to try everything. 

As I mentioned before this is a luxury brand and one for those who tend to invest highly in luxury skincare but there could also be that one product for you that is worth the investment. Remember to have a read of my first review here. It lists some of my everyday loves like the Luxe Lift Eye Cream, Luxe Lift Rich Cream, the Resurfacing Water, Spf 50 ... well, you get the picture.


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Good luck!

Kelly xx