Being a beauty blogger I test out many skincare brands so there are times when a product really stands out and ultimately blows me away and that is exactly what has happened with a new skincare brand on to the scene, Rosalena who specialise in 100% Natural Face Oils and have created something that is skin changing.

Rosalena are a London based company set up by two very inspiring women, Maja & Helena who set out to give us just what our skin needs and to make it an experience without putting chemical-laden ingredients into our bodies. The small range consists of 4 daily moisturising face oils made purely from plant ingredients with no nasties whatsoever. Each oil is naturally beautifully scented which adds to the whole experience and their philosophy to 'Pause, Breathe, Be'. The range allows you to choose which oil is best suited to how you and your skin feel. This is not just a case of 'putting on some moisturiser' this is a complete aromatherapy experience each and every day with a few mindful minutes of pure bliss for your skin and for you

I have always been a huge fan of facial oils but these particular oils are moisturisers that come in the form of an oil, instead of a cream. An oil can penetrate into our skin cells directly underneath the surface of the skin. This results in shine free hydration with a more nourished and brighter skin. I am sure you can agree, a very unique concept that makes perfect sense. No complicated jargon and fancy claims, just pure goodness. 

Rosalena Natural Facial Oils
Some words of advice, facial oils are great for all skins including oily as they balance and mimic your natural sebum production. Oils don't clog pores, dead skin does hence why it is so important to exfoliate regularly. Skin changes daily due to diet, stress, hormones, lack of sleep, too much partying .... so you can mix and match your oils to what your skin is telling you it needs. You can use them together by using one in the day and one at night, it really is easy to treat your skin using oils. Sometimes the scent guides you, the one you like the smell of most is sometimes your body's way of telling you that's the one you need. 

So let's get into the two oils that were sent out to me, being best suited to my skin of which I have been using over the past few months. First things first, packaging. You know it's a good start when your parcel arrives looking super pretty having been hand gift wrapped with a hand written note and a mini sample of another oil. It's the small things that make the biggest difference. 

Rosalena Natural Facial Oils
Rosalena Natural Facial Oils
Rosalena Natural Facial Oils
1. ROCK & ROSE Face Oil • Revitalise & Brighten • link!
First things first, the ingredients ... 

• Pumpkin Seed Oil: adds a radiant glow and lifts up the skin for a youthful complexion. 
• Safflower Oil: a moisture shot for skin, great for brightening and tired looking skin.
• Prickly Pear Oil: encourages collagen production which helps skin’s elasticity. 
• Evening Primrose Oil: Gamma Linoleic Acid plus Omega 3 & 6 help combat premature ageing and wrinkling.
• Grapeseed Oil: loaded with anti-oxidants, highly moisturising and light enough for quick absorption to keep skin toned, supple and hydrated.
• Natural Vitamin E: a powerful anti-oxidant that fights free radical damage and promotes cell renewal for a radiant and youthful skin.
• Organic Rosehip Seed CO2 Extract: a natural active ingredient high in both Vitamin A and Omega 3 Fatty Acid to nourish for a smoother, firmer appearance.
• Coenzyme Q10: stimulates collagen production, a skin saving essential. 
• Organic Essential Oils: Patchouli, reduces wrinkles and open pores by toning and tightening the skin, Sweet Orange, is uplifting and skin brightening, Rose Otto provides an instant beauty boost to tired skin. Geranium balances both skin and mind and reduces the appearance the appearance of wrinkles by tightening facial skin. The aromatherapeutic benefits of Jasmin Absolute promotes feelings of warmth, strength & vitality.

Rosalena Natural Facial Oils
Rosalena Natural Facial Oils
Rosalena Natural Facial Oils
Rosalena Natural Facial Oil
Rock and Rose (don't you just love the name) is a natural radiance booster enriched with vitamins and bio-active ingredients to rejuvenate and brighten the skin. This antioxidant rich daily face oil will help illuminate your complexion and energise your skin and mind.  It gives long lasting hydration for noticeably lifted and glowing skin so dry skin types shall love this one. This is the perfect 'morning after the night before' cure for your skin thanks to its detoxifying, hydrating and energising benefits!

First off, I love the dropper design of the bottles as you can really control how much oil you use which makes it easy for adding your oil in with other products too like your serum or foundation, should you want a more radiant look. A little oil goes a long way so don't over use! Simply cleanse, tone then apply your oil and I find that two drops is all I need. I love rose facial oils as they are always key to combating dry, dehydrated skin and this oil is by far the nicest one that I have tried. The texture feels so luxurious and it is a dream to apply. It smells divine but most importantly it lives up to its claims whilst being chemically free. It delivers the most incredible shine free hydration, plumps and firms up the skin, adds radiance and makes you feel like you have been at a spa for a facial. If you suffer with dryness and need more anti-ageing benefits to your skincare then this is the oil for you as giving you that shine free finish means that you can use this over makeup should you need a boost of hydration throughout the day. Just warm between your palms and lightly pat over the face; such a versatile product that tops many other rose oil brands in my opinion. If you have a dry skin that is a little lack lustre and really needs some glow, hydration and energy then I would 100% recommend this oil. Rock .... on!

Rosalena Natural Facial Oils
2. FRANK & SENSE Facial Oil • Repair & Replenish • link!
The ingredients ... 

• Buriti Oil: un does all that the sun has done to your skin come summer or winter.
• Frankincense: liquid gold for sun exposed skin renowned calming ingredient, needed for overexposed skin and busy minds. 
• Organic Seabuckthornalleviates sunburn & promotes cell rejuvenation.
• Natural Vitamin E: a powerful antioxidant which fights free radical damage & promotes cell renewal for a fresh, youthful look all year round.
• Organic Rosemary: a new-generation antioxidant.
• Organic Safflower Oil: a moisture shot for skin that needs hydrating, thanks to those oleic acids, great for brightening dull winter skin.
• Calendula: naturally repairs and refreshes the skin.
• Evening Primrose Oil: high dose of those famous GLA’s, plus Omegas 3 & 6 help combat premature ageing & wrinkling.
• Neroli, Rose Otto & Roman Chamomile: a revitalising combo to sooth, nourish & repair skin & mind and the smell will bring you right back to the high of your holiday. 
• Organic Rosehip Seed CO2 Extract: a natural active ingredient that nourishes skin for a smoother, firmer appearance.
• Remodelling Intense: cultivated in South Africa from the buds of flowers, not just a pretty face, it will restructure, firm your skin.

Rosalena Natural Facial Oils
Rosalena Natural Facial Oils
Rosalena Natural Facial Oils 
Rosalena Natural Facial Oils
Frank and Sense (again, the name!) is an all season beauty oil, rich in anti-oxidants and bio-active ingredients that rehydrate, regenerate and nourish. The perfect antidote for seasonal skin changes, effective for post sun repair and to combat the drying effects of winter. Get your glow, whatever the weather. Let's be 'Frank' because this oil makes perfect 'Sense'. 

This is hands down my WINNER. This oil has been my skins secret weapon all summer long. Think of this oil as 'the best nights sleep your skin shall ever have'. Never have I been so impressed by a facial oil and that is the truth. From the moment you apply this beauty oil, you and your skin immediately feel improved. It gives the most amazing shine free glow and delivers constant hydration to the point where you can feel all the repairing benefits that this oil is doing. I live in a very humid, warm climate come the summer and I am exposed to the sun daily all year round, as well as constant air-conditioning and constant travelling so this is perfect for me and I know this because I have seen the results on my skin. In fact the very first night I applied this oil, I awoke the next morning and my skin looked incredible to the point where my husband actually commented on how radiant I looked when I woke up; now that's a result that we all want.

Frank and Sense is very versatile so you can use it as and when you feel or everyday, it's what you and your skin need. Never would I have thought a product that is 100% natural could ever be this effective and make such visible changes. A product like this is one that everyone should own in my opinion as all of us are effected by climate and certainly makes  the perfect post holiday treatment. I for one shall not be without my Frank and Sense oil from now on. Two words - 'must have'. 

Rosalena Natural Facial Oils
Rosalena have really stolen my heart with their brand and I adore absolutely everything that they stand for and produce, especially as Frank and Sense has made it's way into becoming a holy grail skincare item of mine from now now on. I am so happy to be a part of spreading the love for their products as it is thoroughly well deserved in my opinion and sharing the very best products with you is what I do!

Rosalena Natural Facial Oils
** As a special incentive from Maja & Helena personally, they have kindly offered all of my readers a 20% discount of any purchase on their site so simply enter KelliLashLoves at the checkout here!  

*** The Frank and Sense oil is actually part of this months Mintd Box so if you fancy getting the oil and a few more skincare gems then see my last blog post HERE along with another promo code! Such options, so there really is no excuse not to try it for yourself!

Trust me, your skin shall thank you for it.