MURAD is a brand I have newly got to know over the last year and I feel that they have grown a large social media presence in the beauty world ... and that is all for good reason. 

Whenever a skincare brand is led by a doctor/dermatologist or facialist I always feel 'this is going to be good' and that my skin is in safe hands as they know what they are usually talking about let's face it. I did my homework as soon as I received some products to try and found that their ethos of "Clinical, but cool. Doctor, but hardly dull. Science, but not stuffy" .. sums up the brand perfectly.

I thought I would run you through what I have tried so far to dip my toe in so to speak as I feel this is a brand that will appeal to many ages and skin types being in the mid-price range for high-end skincare and it's clean, bright-looking image is certainly enticing.

Murad skincare review


If like me, you are new to the brand then here is just a little background history ... 

"Dr. Murad founded Murad in 1989 and was the first brand of clinical skincare products, setting a new standard for high-performance skincare. Dr. Murad launched what he called his “skincare revolution” at a speaking engagement of which his manifesto was simple: “skincare is healthcare.” His vision was to bring skincare professionals of all stripes together to work as a team, using scientifically proven formulas and technologies, to help people achieve the healthiest, most beautiful skin possible. In recognition of unique scientific discoveries that have advanced the treatment of skin, Dr. Murad was granted his first of 19 patents".

The main selling point for me without even knowing the brand's history was the fact that it looked appealing from the first glance. The brightly coloured, range themed packaging has this trendy/cool feel that appeals to all ages, it definitely doesn't feel boring or confusing and at a mid-range price, it shows this is high end yet still affordable for a results-driven brand. I was matched to these particular products to get me started going by what I like to use and would have purchased for myself. Regardless of them being sent as part of what I do, the fact that you are reading about them here now tells you that I am on board with this brand 100%. 

They have a clever colour coding system too for their ranges so you can easily identify the families of ranges and what is suncare, retinol and so on plus each product states clearly on the box what step you use it in. 

My Skin Background 

Just for reference, I hit 40 last May and my skin is good; without any added help of fillers, injectables etc I have always taken very good care of it. My skin is fairly normal/dehydrated and I always look to work on the fine lines that I have and work to keep my skin firm, especially on the lower part because we all age, its just how we maintain ourselves that is key. I was recommended a Vitamin C Day Cream, a Nourishing Facial Treatment Oil, a Treatment Anti-Ageing Serum and a Retinol Night Cream. I have seen my own skin respond so well to the products,  more so than I imagined, which is why I wanted to run through them having given them a good trial ... and a continuation as this is a brand that will stick in my regime. 

Murad is a brand I know will appeal to many and it's really nice to find one that you know really will. 

Murad skincare review

Murad City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF50 PA++++ |  50ml £60 (shop here) 

This was the most recent addition to my Murad Collection and one I have been using daily since I got my hands on it. Our skin is met with aggressors daily like the harmful effects of the sun, pollution, blue light from screens etc and they damage our skin and cause visible signs of ageing, including uneven skin tone, dullness, and fine lines and wrinkles. No thank you!!! This cream is a fragrance-free, 100% mineral SPF protection against these 5 causes of skin ageing as a polymer matrix helps inhibit adhesion and penetration of toxins. The formula absorbs quickly with NO ashy residue and leaves a luminous, pearlized finish on the skin. Suitable for all skin types. 

Murad skincare review, Essential C Day Moisturiser 

Murad skincare review, Essential C Day Moisturiser 
I love a good sunscreen as it is part of daily life living in the South Of France, yet facial SPF's are where I get a little fussy. I have my favourites but I love the fact that this one is a mineral SPF and shields me from UVA, UVB, blue light, pollution & infrared radiation⁣.⁣ I personally prefer a cream texture as opposed to a fluid lotion formula so this ticked that box instantly for me as this is my dream texture. The gorgeous lightweight cream leaves my skin feeling hydrated, silky soft and very smooth. I love even more that it has a subtle peach tint that helps colour correct to instantly add radiance and wake your skin up! There is no dreaded white cast or ashy tone hence it sits really well under makeup yet looks great worn alone too. This is just a superb mineral SPF that won’t feel too much when used with other skincare yet will keep you protected in all instances. It’s also fragrance-free ... although I kind of wished it had a nice scent in truth, but I’ll cope! It's not the cheapest but is absolutely 100% worth the buy in my opinion as investing in a ‘separate’ facial SPF is a good skin investment. ⁣⁣

Murad skincare review, Essential C Day Moisturiser 

Murad Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30 | PA+++ | 50 ml £65 (shop here)

For those who love a fluid texture, you'll love this one. This is a Murad *Best selling daily moisturiser that helps promote radiance and protect skin from UV damage with this vitamin C-rich SPF. It has a potent antioxidant complex with ginkgo Biloba leaf extract that helps shield skin from environmental aggressors such as pollution for a glowing, healthy-looking complexion. Suitable again for all skin types. 

I did judge this as a sunscreen rather than a day cream at first then realised it is so much more. I am not usually a fluid texture fan I will admit and this is very fluid, but the results on my skin won me around. I firstly love the orange, citrus scent (this is what I wished the City Skin had!) and I love even more the finish on my skin. It is insanely hydrating and the glow it leaves on your skin is divine. Hence I like to use this when I know I want a really dewy looking skin under my makeup. The fact that it has a high SPF is another win and have to say this does all that it says it will.  My only gripe is with the packaging/application of this one as it's messy so I would love this formula in a better bottle but that's immaterial I guess if the product works. Protection and hydration is key after all so this is a great one for all skins, all ages and so very ideal for younger skins that really want to look after their skin. 

I think this is, in fact, one of my favourite Murad products so far as results go and one I would happily re-purchase. I think if Essential-C and City Skin had a child, it would tick every single box even more so (next product perhaps team Murad lol?!).

Murad skincare review,  Revitalixir Serum 

Murad skincare review,  Revitalixir Serum 

Treat: Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum  | 40ml £70 (shop here) 

Another Murad *Best-Seller, this sphere-infused serum for the face and eyes combats signs of stress-induced ageing to visibly reduce stress lines and renews vibrancy immediately and over time. It uses a skin-relaxing blend of neuropeptide, para cress and cannabis sativa seed oil which helps to smooth while boosting softness and injecting moisture. Niacinamide refines texture and wild indigo helps calm stress signals and visibly reduces under-eye dark circles. Caffeine re-invigorates tone while minimising under-eye puffiness. All skin types. 

A serum for stress; how many shall we order?! 
I am a massive serum junkie as the importance of them was drummed into me during years of training in my skincare career. This was one I was very excited for just going on the description alone. This serum is beautiful; and any serum that gives this kind of glow to my skin is a keeper for me! It looks inviting, it feels gorgeous, is very very hydrating and it's beautiful pearlised finish just makes skin look so healthy in an instant. The texture is perfect and it absorbs really well into the skin without being tacky or heavy hence the lightweight feel means you can use it as an eye treatment too which I love. I do definitely feel this has made a difference to my skin as it always looks 'better' ie hydrated, plump, radiant etc after I have included it into my regime. I really do think that sensitive skins will highly benefit from this one and get all the anti-age benefits too which are sometimes neglected due to the sensitivity. An even bigger bonus is that this 40ml size lasts ages so a great investment and is ideal for those who like multi-taskers for their money too! A superb every day, multi-tasking serum that will tick most of the boxes of what you need in your daily regime. 

Murad skincare review,  Vitamin Infusion Facial Oil

Murad skincare review,  Vitamin Infusion Facial Oil

Treat: Murad Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil | 30ml £55 (shop here) 

This treatment oil is powered by 6 key vitamins; A through to F, that target signs of ageing, boost hydration, brighten skin and defend it from free radicals for a more youthful-looking complexion. The feather-light formula absorbs quickly for an instant dose of radiance while helping balance skin for a healthy, vibrant glow. 

This has become another one of my Murad favourites that is maybe a little underrated but I don't see this one spoken about as much in the media. Again, another skincare item I am addicted to is Facial Oils; they are an integral part of any good skincare routine and a secret to keeping youthful and I have high standards by now. The scent is very subtle with this but the oil is gorgeously light and the way that it hydrates and works with your skin instead of sitting on the top of it just making you look all shiny, is idyllic. You only need 2/3 drops and this over a moisturiser is my dream end to the day. Because this oil works so well under makeup and you can even add a few drops into your makeup base should you be a tad dry and want to make your skin even more dewy and hydrated. My favourite way of using this oil right now is tapping a few drops onto my skin before a tinted moisturiser and then gently buffing in to give the most wonderful healthy, glowing skin look that is natural yet perfected when you just want a nice natural look. You have to try it. 

Again it's affordably priced for what it is and should last you well, so if you are looking for an effortless yet multi-tasking beauty oil that will nicely hydrate and add a glow then this is your guy. 

Murad skincare review, Retinol Night Cream 

Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream | 50ml £70 (shop here)

A luxurious night cream that helps minimise the signs of ageing you can see and the ones you can’t see yet, all while strengthening the skin’s protective barrier. It helps to improve the look of youthful contours and wrinkles while intensely hydrating. Skins: Normal - Oily - Combination - Dry.

The R-word that can often scare many but this is maybe one of the most gentle, yet highly effective treatments I have come across. I am not the worlds biggest retinol fan I will admit as I just don't think my skin likes it as most of the time I get a lot of broken capillaries after use where my skin just screams "too much!" I have done well without it over my time as my skin is wrinkle-free at the age of 40 but its also an ingredient I want to love as the fear of them creeping in scares me more so anything I can do to help that, then I will! I have heard rave reviews about this line so for me this was a real test. 

My skin is not really that sensitive but after using any retinol, it becomes it. This is why using retinol every other day or every few days is so important if you are like me so that your skin can be acclimatised. I did just this with this Night Cream and the first few days, I felt a tad tender and sensitive then after a week, totally fine. I think is mainly because the cream itself is so luxurious and rich yet feels light on the skin that my skin feels nicely 'hugged' by it which is perfect for the cooler months when I need a richer feel. I love the packaging/dispenser of this cream as it dispenses just what you need and no waste and keeps it free from sunlight. You will most surely notice a difference in your skin using this without a doubt because I did. I felt the surface of my skin was smoother, hydrated and 'refreshed'. Lines somehow looked softer and buffed out which I am all for! I think if you have real issues with texture and scarring etc then you'd notice even bigger results. I think this is a great line of you have never tried retinol before as it will ease you in gently. 

A new revelation is that I have been told that using this Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream with the Retinol Youth Renewal Serum reduces the appearance of wrinkles 3x better when used together SO ... I have the serum and will be putting this to the test as we speak and hope my skin stays happy. So stay tuned for a review to come of that and the corresponding Eye Cream

Murad skincare review, Retinol Night Cream 

Superb Brand, can't wait to try more.

So there will be more additions to come as I excitedly try out a few more products but I have to say I do feel that Murad is one of those brands where you really notice changes after that not long a time too. Sometimes I do think, am I just imaging the changes, but whatever, I am happy when my skin is happy! 
For me, the Essential C moisturiser has been a big hit and cannot wait to explore that whole Essential-C range more as well as being super impressed by City Skin and the Multi-Vitamin Oil. 

I think you do have to continuously use the product to get the full benefits, especially the instant ones, but when you find a product that works and you are happy with it then there is no issue. I feel Murad as a brand sits in between your spa ranges (like Elemis, Decleor etc) and the more intense medical ones because it's not all spa relaxing scents yet feels clinical yet in a really easy to use and easy to understand manner. Either way, its a brand you could easily slot a couple products from into your existing routine. You can dip your toe into the Murad pool as much as you like, as there is still a lot that I want to try from them!

Murad skincare review,

Coming .... 

Stay tuned for updates on the Retinol Youth Renewal Serum and Eye Serum and the highly coveted, brand new Vita-C Eyes Dark Circle Corrector Cream; trying all as we speak! 

Murad skincare review
FYI Look Fantastic often have some great deals on Murad and also have many Murad trial/gift kits if you feel you'd want to dip your toe a little and try what could be a real skin changer for you and Murad directly for all of their lineups.

Have you tried Murad yet? 

Kelly xx