ByTerry launches are always pretty special so to have some new skincare additions within the famous Baume de Rose category had me in a small frenzy and I can now obviously report that they are everything that By Terry is ... trés Magnifique! 

You may have already seen them over social media but introducing the new Baume de Rose Cleansing Trio. They all harness the nourishing, hydrating, regenerating soothing, benefits of rose inspired by the legendary Baume de rose lip balm. I mean, doesn't get much more luxe than this.

By Terry Baume de Rose Skincare

I feel that Byterry are updating their skincare line as I don't actually own much of it, apart from a couple Baume de rose lip balms of course and the most recent Baume de Rose Mask Sheet Mask and Baume de Rose Glowing Mask (below) that have been a huge hit and I use my Glowing Rose Mask often as that is one of my favourites (reviewed here). 

By Terry Baume de Rose Skincare

By Terry Baume de Rose Skincare

The trademark pink rose packaging makes you want to dive right in and even though the bottles are indeed plastic they still feel luxe where you can just admire the beauty of them. 

The Brand New 3 step Cleansing Routine consists of: - 

REMOVE - Baume de Rose Bi-phase Makeup Remover 200ml
CLEANSE - Baume de Rose Micellar Water 200ml
REFRESH - Baume de Rose Beauty Toner 200ml

They each have the same rose scent that is by terry, multi-sensory textures and hydrating formulas, to keep the skin clean, fresh and radiant. 

By Terry Baume de Rose Skincare

By Terry Baume de Rose Skincare

By Terry Baume de Rose Skincare

- STEP 1 Baume de Rose Bi-phase Makeup Remover 200ml £36/€39 (buy here)

Baume de Rose Bi-Phase Makeup Remover is designed to take away all the effort of removing your makeup. No more waking up with panda eyes as the powerful bi-phase rose technology makes it highly effective at breaking down long-wear, waterproof and water-resistant makeup. Enriched with rosehip & pastel rose oils, it gently removes makeup without harsh rubbing, tingling skin or blocked up pores.

It looks magical and it pretty much is. I am not usually a fan of bi-phase removers as I don't really like to use oil around my eyes, plus I wear contacts lenses so it can play havoc at times but this one is just fine. When shaken and the two layers are mixed together (as you must do before using!) it feels so light and moisturizing and caused me no issues at all. It removed all my eye make up with ease and just made my routine feel very luxe. 

By Terry Baume de Rose Skincare

- STEP 2 Baume de Rose Micellar Water 200ml £32/€35 (buy here)

The gorgeous Baume de Rose Micellar Water works to boost your skin’s hydration by +80%* and cleanse your face from all the nasties, leaving you feeling fresh and your skin looking luminous. The new generation of Baume de Rose Micellar Water combines the magic of micelles (a powerful cleansing active) - with glow-giving vitamin-rich rose oils and extracts. Together they work to remove impurities, cleanse and hydrate the skin. 

If you love the power of the rose but not the scent then the NEW Micellar Water is ideal as this one is also fragrance-free. I kind of wish it did smell of roses but by not doing so, it ticks the boxes for all skin types. Like it says, it does indeed feel so fresh and cooling on the skin and super hydrating. I love Micellar waters and use them religiously yet this is by far the most luxurious Micellar Water I have used to date. 

By Terry Baume de Rose Skincare, Beauty Toner 

- STEP 3 Baume de Rose Beauty Toner 200ml £36/€39 (buy here)

My favourite of all three and the one for all rose lovers like me; Baume de Rose Beauty Toner. This really is 'stop and smell the roses, oh and stare at them too!" This stunning Toner is infused with real rose petals, rosehip oil & pastel rose extracts. Use after your cleanser to achieve fresh, radiant glowing skin. 

For me this has shot up the list to become my new favourite toner hands down as I am such a Toner addict, always have been and is one of my favourite skincare steps to do. When toners are this good, you'll see why. It feels amazing on the skin being very light and refreshing and the scent is the piéce de résistance. 

Should you only try one to start, make it the toner, then you will come back for more .... so please don't blame me. 

By Terry Baume de Rose Skincare

By Terry Baume de Rose Skincare

- LIPS, Baume de Rose Lip Balm Spf 15 £40/€43 (buy here)

Back to where it all started with the original intensely nourishing most luxury lip balm of your life and ive mentioned it many times. It uses rose blossom essential wax to soothe and repair the condition of dry, chapped lips. The rose scent is pure heaven and in my opinion, the most stunning you'll find. It feels like velvet on your lips with no stickiness whatsoever to make your lips look fuller, hydrated and plumped. 

I love to use the baume as a gloss also as it has the most beautiful glossy sheen and the pink tint makes it such a great every day wear. They also make mini sizes from time to time as well as both an applicator bottle and crayon version for on the go too. I know its pricey, but it's so worth it. 

By Terry Baume de Rose Skincare


By Terry have added so many amazing products to their already fabulous brand and I for one am so happy to see skincare amongst that newness. The new line is nice and travel-friendly, not that we can do much of that right now but they really work well and make for a good hassle-free skincare routine or individually become a new addition into your already existing skin routine. 

Being a premium brand it is spendy granted, but if it's on your radar then I know you'll love them like I do. 

By Terry Baume de Rose Skincare

I have many By Terry reccomenadtions and loves so feel free to read more on the blog here or follow my Instagram for all the latest as I always post about them over there. Let me know if you try or buy! 

Kelly xx