Summer may be coming to a close but that doesn't mean you can't keep that sunkissed glow. Regardless of living in the South of France where sunshine is a big part of the South, I never like to tan in the sun, instead, I fake tan. 

Self-tanning will always be the safest way to get a golden sunkissed glow without the scary risks caused by the sun ... I've been there and trust me, it's not worth it. Skin Cancer has been a huge part of my life but in a way gave me the tools to educate and get clued up on the best tools to stay safe and 'fake' it. 

St Tropez is famous when it comes to tanning as I splurged and used them all throughout my 20s but back then it was a chocolate-like lotion that wasn't quite as easy to apply as tan is today! Fake tanning is a lot less hassle nowadays and gone are the days of the biscuit smell ... amen.

St Tropez Purity

I have my favourite brands when it comes to tanning and He-Shi and St Tropez are those. I have however been using the St Tropez Purity Line ever since it launched about a year ago or so now and it has been a staple ever since. I often showcase and discuss it over on my IG (should you follow me!) so you will know it's a love of mine. Most recently they launched the newer Purity Vitamins line which I was so intrigued to try and seeing as I have gone through many bottles of Purity, St Tropez kindly offered to send over the Vitamins range to see what I thought; thanks again Team Tropez! 

I am guilty of doing that thing where you just stick to what you know and love but now I can really compare and tell you what I think of them in comparison

St Tropez Purity


100% clean, vegan-friendly & natural tanning active.

St Tropez Purity

St Tropez Purity Water Gel | 200ml (buy here)

There are three options to the Purity line; a Mousse, Water Gel and Facial Mist. I haven't used the Mousse but it will work the same, I just love a Water Gel as I find it more hydrating on my skin. It is incredibly lightweight, completely transparent, yet helps you to develop a natural-looking medium tan. It feels cooling, fresh, with no sticky texture, zero transfer and absorbs quickly leaving you with a lovely skin finish as Hyaluronic Acid, keeps your skin plump and nourished!

You simply apply the clear, lightweight gel-to-water self-tan with a mitt and then it starts to develop into a natural medium tan in just 3 hours so it's a great one for adding a bronzey glow before you go out; a simply magical 'tan and go'! That is it. No waiting, no need to rinse, no staining clothes or bed sheets and it smells of tropical fruit juice! Its taken years, but the dream tan exists. 

My Go To Everyday Tan! 

This will give a natural, medium golden tan that lasts for days on fair skins like myself as an everyday kind of sunkissed glow that can be topped up every few days or so. It will surprise you in fact just how golden and gorgeous this goes; it did me! It is non-sticky and very hydrating being packed with hyaluronic acid as my skin can get dry on my body so this keeps it feeling healthy. Even though it is clear and has no guide colour you can easily feel where you have applied it and application takes minimal time. It is just an easy step that takes the hassle out of tanning yet you feel so much better for doing so as we all know we feel better when we have a sunkissed glow about us. It isn't the cheapest granted, but it does last well plus there are always offers on websites so just wait until you see one then try try try!   

St Tropez Purity Face Mist 

St Tropez Purity Face Mist | 80ml (buy here)

The easiest way to get a natural sunkissed glow and an instant hydration boost all year round in a lightweight, tropical scented Purity Face Tan Mist. The mist is clean and clear and the simplest way to ever self tan your face. The mist is infused with a 100% natural tanning actives, hyaluronic acid and non-pore blocking skincare ingredients such as Hibiscus extract known for its antioxidant properties and green mandarin water to refresh and revive skin. NO tell-tale self tan smell, no need to rinse off, simply spritz and glow for an instant radiance boost every few days all year round. 

If there was one product for you to try, this is it!

A total hero product for me as I love a facial mist and this one is genius. I still don't know how it works its magic but you can wear this under makeup or over makeup to refresh your skin yet it still leaves your skin with a gorgeous, natural glow regardless of having removed your makeup or not. Gone are the days of needing to mix tan drops into your moisturizer (that still had a faint whiff of tan) as misting is the way forward! It's the easiest method EVER .. plus you give your skin a boost of hydration with the hyaluronic acid every time you mist. 

Just like the Purity Gel Water, it gives your skin a light to medium sunkissed look that you can build up yet never streaks or turns orange. I like to use mine after my evening skincare routine as the last step so that I wake up looking healthy and not washed out as I never have my face in the sun. So this is a way to get a tan on your face safely. This is one of those products that really is ideal for everyone. Don't be fooled by the smaller bottle either because it does last you a really good amount of time. This is one I would definitely 100% recommend you try. I use mine all year round daily and always have a back up in my cupboard.

St Tropez Purity 

St Tropez Purity


Infused with Hyaluronic Acid for a long-lasting hydrating glow, these bronzing waters have antioxidant properties and Vitamin C & D boosters to brighten and protect your skin while mimicking the positive effects of the sunshine. So this means you can get your post-holiday sunkissed glow without the harmful effects of UV rays. Formulated with up to 95% natural skincare ingredients, no transfer, no-rinse, so you can apply day or night.

St Tropez Purity

St Tropez Purity Vitamins

St Tropez Purity Vitamins Body Mist | 200ml (buy here)

The newest addition to the Purity line, Self Tan Purity Vitamins Bronzing Water Body Mist is a lightweight and easy-to-use clear self-tanner that simply spritzes onto skin for a supercharged sunkissed glow and instant feel-good factor without the harmful effects of UV rays. Infused with 95% natural skincare ingredients, hydrating hyaluronic acid, refreshing green mandarin water and Vitamin C and D boosters.

How to use: the genius thing about this Spray is the long spray action from the nozzle. It makes it possible to cover large areas in just one spritz, which take no time at all. Just finish off by bending it in with your mitt and then your all good. Again, no rinsing, no transfer and suitable for all skins. It will develop in about 4-8 hours so a little longer than the Water Gel. 

A very natural, sunkissed result!

This is best to use for an instant radiance boost for pale to medium skin tones as this gives a light tan result, lighter than the Water Gel. For me, it was very subtle in its result but a great one to use for top-ups with the Water Gel I find. I think I will tend to use this one more in the winter to take the edge off paleness as for me it didn't give me enough colour so I did need to build this one up and spray again, but loved the natural effect never the less and my skin felt so lovely and healthy as the names suggests. 

This is a perfect product for those who steer clear of self-tanners yet want just a subtle gradual tan like the result that just makes you look like you have been sat in the sunshine and got a nice healthy glow. The mist is beautiful and the tropical scent will have you loving it even more. 

St Tropez Purity Vitamins

St Tropez Purity Vitamins Face Serum | 50ml (buy here)

A supercharged and vitamin-enriched bronzing water serum designed especially for the face, infused with the St Tropez unique Sunshine Complex: a blend of 100% natural tanning active and 93% natural skincare ingredients, for the most natural tan. Packed with hyaluronic acid, peach flower extract, green mandarin water and Vitamin C and D booster is known to brighten skin, protect from external aggressors and mimic the effects of the sun, without the harmful effect of UV rays.

Skincare meets Sunshine!

I love face serums, especially hydrating ones and this is a well thought out one that is packed with skincare benefits but has this magical sunshine complex (love that term!) that makes you look healthy and glowing after 4hours+. You use this just like a normal face serum; directly onto skin or you can mix with your usual moisturiser/SPF. Again it's clear, smells of tropical juice and won't block pores more importantly like other self-tanners. It is a little tacky feeling as the serum is very gel-like but absorbs nicely into the skin feeling fresh and cool. I find this one best to use at night so you wake with a lovely light/medium natural glowing result yet get all the skincare benefits. Pale skins will really benefit from this one as you will look sunkissed and is just a lovely easy step to add into your routine. 

St Tropez Purity

How Self Tan Purity Compares to Purity Vitamins? 

I am in awe that St Tropez managed to perfect an ultimate line of effortless self-tanners that are clear, scent-free, packed with skincare benefits and are ideal for everyday wear. 

I am so glad that I tried out both lines having only ever stuck with the original Purity line as I feel there is definitely a difference in the results achieved between Purity and Purity Vitamins yet they work in the same way being scent-free, clean and clear. I love that there is a choice of Gels and Mists as I feel this gives you a choice of preferred texture and I personally love each and every texture from both lines.

For me, the Purity line gives me more of a tan, albeit still natural, whereas Purity Vitamins was very natural. The Vitamins line really is your 'healthy glow' choice which is great for Autumn/Winter when you are showing less skin and you feel you lose that glow, this will make you feel amazing, just taking the edge off of being pasty. My favourites are still by far the Purity Water Gel and Face Mist ... they just tick all the boxes for me. Should you want to dip you toe in, then try the Purity Face Mist as I guarantee you'll love it. 

St Tropez Purity

It think it's great to flit between both lines and mix it up depending on how you feel and if these are too subtle then there is a wide choice to choose from with St Tropez. I did just purchase the Express Bronzing Gel so I will keep up posted on that one to!

Shopping Tip; I've added direct links to Look Fantastic (*affiliate) as they have discounts on St Tropez a lot of the time so that is always a great time to try and they do last you well! 

Have you tried the range? Let me know your faves! 

Kelly xx