This is the month where Chanel beauty sales seriously boom because receiving a bottle of Chanel fragrance at Christmas has always been a luxury classic. I always look forward to the Chanel Beauty Collections at this time of year because they do it so well; being classy, chic, traditional yet always constantly exciting. Last year I treated myself to the Limited Edition Red Bottle of No5 and every year they have a different focus on fragrance so do go to a local counter to see what they have on offer because they have some stunning gift sets, but I was being good this year as I still have a lot to use up.
It is no secret, I cannot resist a Chanel eyeshadow palette, especially when the word Limited Editon is used; as they are always the best ones. For me, this whole collection is so wearable yet I do own similar shades from previous collections like the lip colours, nails etc so I went for what I think is the star of the show ... the eyeshadow palette. This is why I thought I would showcase it in a post as it is such a beautiful palette to own and will work so universally for any occasion. 

Les Ornements De Chanel Holiday 2019 Collection
This year's Winter Collection, Les Ornements De Chanel Holiday 2019 Collection; The creative genius behind the beauty side, Lucia Pica, has drawn inspiration from the new LES ORNEMENTS DE CHANEL jewellery collection and has dreamt up festive, bold, glamorous and sophisticated makeup. Like a jewel, the collection reveals your skin's radiance and enhances your allure.

Les Ornements De Chanel Holiday 2019 Collection
A Chanel Christmas card ... doesn't get more luxe than this really!

Les Ornements De Chanel Holiday 2019 Collection
CHANEL LES 4 OMBRES #342 LUMIÈRE ET OPULENCE - Limited Edition £47 (here!)
Embossed with a singular golden CHANEL button on the surface of the compact, this luxurious palette of four eyeshadows shows off a unique couture allure with a precious vintage effect. A palette of four shades to layer, blend or use on their own.

The Shades:-
(Left to Right)
1 - a dark, smoky olive green with subtle, warm undertones and a pearly sheen. 
2 - a brighter, light-medium peach with strong warm undertones and a metallic sheen. 
3 - a light-medium, yellow olive tone with warm undertones and a pearly sheen. 
4 - a medium-dark brown with neutral/cool undertones and a pearly sheen. 

Les Ornements De Chanel Holiday 2019 Collection
Les Ornements De Chanel Holiday 2019 Collection 
Les Ornements De Chanel Holiday 2019 Collection 
The palette is definitely more of a warm-toned look which really suits so many skins yet can be incorporated with cooler tones too. The shadows have a gorgeously smooth silky texture like all Chanel shadows that are well pressed hence no fallout. They are highly pigmentated with long staying power as they just melt with your skin to blend like a dream. 

I love the subtle design details of the golden 'C' on the compact as opposed to the classic white, and the shadows themselves look like Chanel earrings and I think this touch is just incredible and is what adds to the whole luxury of a Chanel product. So much so it makes it hard to dip your brush into them but they are too stunning not to use. You can create a simple day time look that can easily be amped up to full glam hence why I think this palette is so useful to own. For me, these are all my kind of shades as I always opt for warm tones over cool hence it was a no brainer. I can see myself using this one a lot. 

The beauty of Chanel make-up is that it holds no age. It was in the past seen as an older person brand because of it being a luxury purchase, but Chanel is such a universal brand today that appeals to all and this collection would surely suit anyone wanting a little (or a lot) Winter Glam! I personally adore and wear a lot of Chanel make-up and you can see some other recommendations here as it has been a brand I have worn for many years now. 

Les Ornements De Chanel Holiday 2019 Collection
As I said above, being Limited Edition this will sell out so my advice is, if you like this and want one then get in there fast! Check out the rest of the collection as there are just so many beautiful items that will complement the look like the highlighter, lip and nails etc but you may already hence the Palette for me, is the star of the show.

Les Ornements De Chanel Holiday 2019 Collection
TOP TIP! If you buy anything as a gift from Chanel, always ask that it is gift-wrapped because the packaging is divine plus it saves you a job (you'll get bigger brownie points that's for sure!).

How do you love the Palette? 
Tell me if you picked anything up from the Collection! 

*Available from Chanel Counters and online at Chanel and Feel Unique.*