When By Terry produces a Holiday Collection there are no gimmicks, no bombarding you with endless product, no tackiness but simply pure luxury that delivers the results as promised  ... and it always dazzles. When I saw this launch, I was once again blown away by the glamour of it all and the subtle changes that their famous key products take on. Taking a best seller and making a limited shade is the kind of thing that makes me want to buy; I know it works, I know I love it and some added Holiday sparkle is the cherry on the Christmas cake.
Should you not have ever ventured into the brand, this is a good time to start and I am a perfect guide because I have been a fan of the brand for many many years now and have some holy grail items that are unbeatable in my book. The Limited Editions always leave you wanting more be warned but they are a big introduction to a high standard of product that is By Terry Beauty.  

This year's Holiday Collection all aims to boost the skin's radiance and is inspired by gemstones and Terry's signature ingredient, rose. If you didn't know already, rose is a signature that Terry is renowned for and her ability to combine skincare and makeup is a reason why I love them as much as I do. Good skin comes from the care you take in it after all

By Terry Starlight Rose Collection 
The Starlight Rose Holiday Collection ...
- Starlight Rose CC Illuminating Powder *New*
- Starlight Rose Glow Booster CC Serum *Limited Edtion Shade*
- Starlight Rose Youth Glow Elixir Illuminating Primer *New*
- Starlight Rose Baume De Rose Liquid Lip Balm Mini 

... all Limited Edition! 

By erry Starlight Rose Collection 
By Terry Starlight Rose Collection 
Being an avid fan of all things By Terry, for me, the two key items I was most excited to see and try were the CC Powder Compact and the Glow Elixir because they are brand new and I love always fall in love with the special editions years after year. So let me tell you more about all .... 

By Terry Starlight Rose Collection 
By erry Starlight Rose Collection 
Starlight Rose CC Illuminating Powder | £61 *Limited Edition (here)
colour-correcting, radiance-boosting powder with built-in skincare properties, works to even out the skin tone with the most beautiful soft rose scent. This dazzling trio of shades is limited edition

There is a fine glitter layer that subtlety just sits on top of the powder to add subtle glow as you apply to your skin but will wear away as you use as to not be a disco ball. This powder is stunning and really does illuminate your skin to capture the light and boost your natural radiance to give a very natural radiant skin look with no coverage. It has an optical glow technology which colour corrects smoothes lines and blurs imperfections. The trademark Rosehip oil helps to even out the skin tone without drying the skin so it is perfect for all skin types for an effortless a flawless finish. 

By Terry Starlight Rose Collection 
By Terry Starlight Rose Collection 
The compact itself is actually quite small, fitting into the palm of your hand and feels very weighty being made of metal and not plastic which adds to the luxury feel of this powder. The engraved 'By Terry' on the front makes this even more luxe and this is definitely a palette you will be hesitant to dip your brush into, but the results make it essential. The three shades can all be used separately depending on the colour correction that you need or just simply swirl your brush around in all three and to get the glow, which is exactly what I do. You can, of course, use it as a natural highlighting powder also but whatever way you use this, your skin will be brighter and glowing. This really is a very special one to own; stunning to look at, stunning to wear ... and so By Terry.

By Terry Starlight Rose Collection 
Starlight Rose Glow Booster CC Serum | 30 ml, £61 *Limited Edition (here)
This is an illuminating, brightening face primer with colour correction. Infused with rosehip butter which regenerates skin cells, helps hydrate and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, moonstone extract and gemstone pearls. This limited-edition golden rose version of the iconic Brightening CC Serum evens out the skin to instantly brighten your look. Again the stunning rose scent, just adds to the magic of this serum. 

I have used the CC serum for years now as it is a staple in my daily routine regardless of if I am wearing makeup or not, this is on my face. The serum itself is so lightweight, buildable and makes your skin look alive with just a few drops hence this is why its a favourite. Being the party season and all that, this will be your saviour in skin preps and for also disguising the fact that you have partied!  

By erry Starlight Rose Collection 
The Starlight Rose limited edition shade is a soft pink tone (pictured top above) and is a lot lighter and pinker than the rose gold version they made last year (here) which again I loved and bought in bulk. Being a classic By Terry Product, the CC Serum does already exist in 4 shades, yet I always fall for the limited edition shades as they are always so pretty! Regardless of the shades, the CC Serum is universally flattering suiting all skin types and tones which is what makes this product so unique. 

The next new launch works in a similar way, yet is still so very different ... 

By Terry Starlight Rose Collection 
By Terry Starlight Rose Collection 
Starlight Rose Youth Glow Elixir Illuminating Primer | £195 *Limited Edition (here)
A luxurious brightening face primer with built-in skincare that gives skin a powerful glow. This premium and potent elixir is a powerful concentrate of 5 super-active ingredients to target uneven skin tone, dull complexion and signs of ageing. The Gel-Cream is infused with skincare benefits of hyaluronic acid for deep hydration, smoothing and filling wrinkles; rosehip butter for cell regeneration and strengthening the skin’s protective barrier; pearl absolute, moonstone extract and rose quartz extracts for revitalizing and anti-ageing benefits, boosting radiance and evening out the skin tone. This is a powerhouse of ingredients all bursting to give you amazing looking skin! 

I was so excited to try this on my skin and boy it did not disappoint and for me, is the Star of the Show. This makes your skin glow in the most beautiful of ways and makes it feel like silk at the same time thanks to all those skincare ingredients. The Elixir itself is rich and silky and feels so cooling and hydrating as you apply it. The shade is universal and is just slightly lighter and less pink in tone than the CC Serum (as pictured above) and transforms your skin by infusing it with luminosity to give the most radiant glow that I cannot do justice by simply telling you ... you need to get your hands on this and try it to see! 

If you don't necessarily need the colour correcting benefits of the CC Serum, then I would say splurge on the Elixir but you can, of course, layer them both up for the ultimate glowing, flawless finish should you want both! But seeing as the Elixir is limited and although not cheap, I would definitely suggest investing in it if this sounds like the products for you as it is essentially worth every penny, although I don't know what I will do when mine runs out?! Cry perhaps!?! It is the holidays anyhow, so when best to treat yourself or someone else! It is just fan-bloody-tastic. 

By Terry Starlight Rose Collection 
Starlight Rose Baume De Rose Liquid Lip Balm Mini | £14 *Limited Edtion (here)
A cult-classic that has been made once again become travel-friendly. This liquid version of the famous Baume de Rose is intensely nourishing with its concentrated rose blend formula, it soothes, conditions dry lips, protects all-year-round and gives a natural, glossy finish for a fuller, smoother, plumper look. You can, in fact, use it on your cuticles too, to help nourish and hydrate. 

This is true By Terry hero product and once again, another staple for me as I have about two sat on my dresser and carry a mini pot in my makeup bag at all times! I love that it is creamy, yet non-sticky and makes the best lip gloss with its glossy shine. Of course, the delicate rose scent is what makes this truly a must-have and the minis are my favourite way of making sure I can fit them into my bag at all times. 

By Terry Starlight Rose Collection 
I think we can agree that this is one stunning holiday collectin and one worth checking out. By Terry bring the magic in the beauty world and do it with so much class and chicness which is why I am always excited to see what comes next.

I get questioned a lot about By Terry product recommendations by those who are still yet to try them and my list is quite long to be fair, so you can always read more here but should you be wanting a fast list off the top of my head, then a few items that I 100% could now live without are as follows ...  

Kelly's By Terry Hot List 
(Copy and Paste!)
- *New Limited Edition Youth Glow Elixir
- CC Serum
- Lash Expert Mascara (the best mascara ever!)
- Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder Tinted & Clear
- CC Serum Glow Powder Compact (incredible!)
- Hyaluronic Hydra Primer
- Baume De Rose Lip Baume/Lip Expert Shine

By Terry Starlight Rose Collection 
What do you think about the Starlight Rose Holiday Collection?
Let me know your favourites! 

*Pssst! Don't forget the sales have already begun and a lot of the items are discounted already ... go go go!