Winter is fully here and whether you are feeling cold or warmth, hydration is always key when it comes to looking after your skin. For me, Winter is cold and the temperature has plummeted here in the South of France and is more log fires and cups of tea as opposed to rosè at the beach. 

Even though the days are shorter and it is dark for more hours than it is light, there is still a magical feeling that makes you want to get cosy and enjoy it. But enjoying it comes at a price with cold, wind, central heating and so on playing havoc with our skin which is why most of us are now in 'winter skincare mode'. The heavy-duty creams, serums, lotions and potions are out of hibernation to give us long-lasting nourishment. If you arent at this stage and just realised that you need to be ... then I do indeed always have many skincare suggestions here on the blog and the magical team who are Mintd Box, help me with this task month after month and have indeed put together some effective products that will help to hydrate and look after your skin. The excitement of trying out such A-list brands with Mintd each month really is a game-changer to any beauty routine .. and makes my job in reviewing them a skin dream.

Mintd Box, November, Hydration meets Moisture
I am sure you know MINTD Box by now, but just in case you are new here ....

"When you subscribe to Mintd Box, either every month or every other month, you will only ever receive FULL sized or DELUXE sized high end, a-list, beauty products that are themed for that month which shall save you a small fortune. No Samples, no let downs, just the latest must-haves in beauty. You can, in fact, click 'Mintd Boxes in the Categories section' (top of the page!) where you can see all the previous months boxes and their contents. It mainly features skincare as opposed to make-up but all is only ever 'high end and full size'. It isn't cheap but the products are premium and the savings are huge".

This months Hydration meets Moisture edition consists of 5 FULL/DELUXE sized products all found in high-end beauty stores. This edit focuses on hydration and nourishment to ensure our skin is protected throughout a chilly winter.

Mintd Box, November, Hydration meets Moisture
1. Oilixia Australian Kakadu Gummy Facial Cleanser (Full Size £24) 
2. Dr Roebuck Ultimate Hydrating Serum (Full Size £46)
3. Verso Deep Hydrating Mask (Super Deluxe/Travel Size £18)
4. Aurelia Firm & Replenish Body Serum (Full size £48) 
5. Maelee Verture Nourishing Hand Cream (Full Size £16) 

This month's edit is available via monthly, bimonthly, 3, 6 or 12-month subscription plans!
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The contents of this box have a combined value of over *£152/€178 for which you only pay £70/€78 per month or bi-monthly giving you an enormous £82/€96 saving as opposed to buying all products individually. You can't say better than that!

Mintd Box, November, Hydration meets Moisture
I am always sold when the word 'hydration' comes into play because hydrating and protecting your skin is the best thing you can do at any age and the younger you start, the better the long term results. Regardless of the season, you must always still apply your SPF as your skin always needs protection from the elements. 

This particular group of products consist of an antioxidant-rich cleanser, a moisture-boosting serum, a hydrating mask and deeply nourishing balm to ensure that your face, body and hands are all protected so that you stay gorgeous, hydrated and moisturised this winter and all throughout the year. Whether you are just looking for a new serum to add into your daily routine or you fancy trying a few new things, I will always give you this honest feedback on how I personally got along with each product in turn in the hope that just one, will make a difference in your beauty regime also. 

Oilixia Cleanser, Mintd Box, November, Hydration meets Moisture
1. OILIXIA Australian Kakadu Gummy Facial Cleanser (Full Size £24) (here!)
Inspired by the laid back beauty of outdoor Australia, this highly unique gummy textured cleanser glides over skin, turning tacky, to help lift off make-up and remove dirt deep down. By adding a little water, the gum turns into milk so that it can be easily removed. Containing Kakadu Plum extract, one of the best natural sources of Vitamin C as well as Phenolic Acid which gently exfoliates your skin for a smoother and brighter looking texture along with Macadamia oil and Eucalyptus provide nourishing and antibacterial actions. 

I have indeed had the pleasure of this product before and is a brand I have really got to enjoy. This is a totally unique cleanser as I couldn't name another one that works and feels as this one does. The gummy texture is very sticky so you can really get into your skin and physically lift off any dirt or grime which feel very satisfying. The high levels of Glycerin make this highly hydrating on the skin as the oils will all penetrate as you work this into your skin. The minty scent is a real comfort at this time of year and is definitely a cleanser you will benefit from using during the winter time.

Dr Roebucks Ultimate Hydrating Serum, Mintd Box, November, Hydration meets Moisture
Dr Roebucks Ultimate Hydrating Serum, Mintd Box, November, Hydration meets Moisture
Dr Roebucks Ultimate Hydrating Serum, Mintd Box, November, Hydration meets Moisture
2. DR ROEBUCKS True Blue Hydrating Serum (Full-Size £46) (here!)
Another Australian brand (because they are serious when it comes to looking after your skin) Dr Roebuck’s pack their formulas with clean, clinically-backed and high-quality ingredients that get your skin healthy. This deeply hydrating face gel/serum helps with everything from plumping, smoothing and softening the appearance of fine lines to moisturising and evening skin tone. Infused with hydrating and age-defying hyaluronic acid, aloe vera as well as peptides and CoQ10 to keep skin smooth, plump and hydrated while working to neutralise harmful free radicals to keep skin looking healthy and positively glowing. Proud to be vegan, free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates, silicones, harmful chemicals as well as being cruelty and gluten-free!

A totally new brand for me to try and the fact that I am a "hydrating serum addict' made this the first item I pulled out this months box. I use hydrating serums in my routine all of the time both day and night as during my years of skincare/facial training is was always drummed into me that everyone should be using a hydrating serum because 90% of us are dehydrated due to everyday factors and this is why I have used one continuously over the years. I love to try new ones as hydrating serums are never the same yet I have many favourites and this just got added to my favourites list. I love the cooling, rich serum/gel texture that really packs a punch on the skin and smells minty which I was not expecting! A lot of hydrating serums can feel sticky and tacky and thankfully this is neither and love how hydrated and plump my skin feels with this added into my routine. These products really do help with lines thanks to the plumping action which is why I find myself using them during the day and night as they work well under make-up to give your skin a smoother look. The pump on this is very generous and maybe pumps out more than you need so make sure you go all the way down your neck/decollete and don't waste a drop! I would definitely repurchase this one again and highly recommend it to everyone. 

VERSO Deep Hydration Mask, Mintd Box, November, Hydration meets Moisture
3. VERSO Deep Hydrating Mask (Super Deluxe/Travel Size £18) (here!)
This Deep Hydrating Hydrogel Sheet Mask is for parched complexions as it attracts and retains moisture to replenish cells’ reservoirs and in turn, ‘plumps’ skin from within. Each mask is infused with patented ‘Artificial Hydration Factor’ (AMF) which supports the skin’s ability to retain moisture and maintains hydration levels for up to 120 hours along with hyaluronic acid, grapefruit extract and ceramide-3 to further optimise the ‘AMF’ effect. It brings immediate relief from tightness and discomfort and leaves dry, dehydrated skin types feeling soft and dewy with a youthful freshness that lasts. 

I was introduced to this wonderful brand through last months Mintd Box and fell in love with their Nourishing Cream (here) so feel that the two together will work in pure skin harmony. Now I love a sheet mask so I am always happy to try new ones as they are that skincare product that is pampering yet multi-functional as you can use whilst watching tv, sitting in the bath or doing a chore. I was very excited for this mask having read the science behind it and anything that plumps are going on my face for a test! I absolutely loved the results this gave my skin; it was indeed very hydrating, soothing and my skin looked very happy. Being greedy, I would have liked a few more just so I could see more long term results but I would most surely purchase these myself going forward. This really is an ideal mask to use if your skin suffers from being dry, tight and sore from the cold as the consistency, result and ease of ease is 100% worth the buy. 

Aureila Body Serum, Mintd Box, November, Hydration meets Moisture
Aureila Body Serum, Mintd Box, November, Hydration meets Moisture
4. AURELIA Firm & Replenish Body Serum (Full size £48) (here!)
This is an intensive, lifting and nourishing body treatment that hydrates to instantly transform and replenish skin with a velvet softness. Aurelia’s signature African botanicals deliver omegas, essential fatty acids and vitamin E to nourish, protect and firm the skin. Comforting Shea and Cocoa butter provide replenishing richness to soften and smooth and Argan oil delivers lasting, deep hydration and soft, firm skin. Essential oils such as Mandarin, Lemongrass, Chamomile, Bergamot and warm Cedarwood all help to soothe, calm and invigorate your whole body. 

Now for me, this is the product I have been waiting for from Aurelia that makes me fall in love with them and I was literally shrieking when I used this for the first time because it was genuinely that good. I love body care, in fact, I am obsessed with body creams and lotions and use them every day without fail as the skin on my body gets so dry during the Winter and even starts it itch so I am always open to trying new! I have (through Mintd Box) tried a couple of Aureila skincare products previously but they just never wowed me enough to buy more which I hate saying because it is a brand that I truly wanted to enjoy and like more than I did ... and now, this product has done it. This Body Serum is truly stunning and could not be any more my ideal. The gorgeous pump bottle is beautiful and practical (love a pump) and the scent is out of this world. I love everything from its light hydrating texture, the way it absorbs gorgeously into the body and leaves you with this stunning spa like scent on the skin and delivers all those delicious ingredients in the deeper layers of the skin. Most heavy duty body creams are rich to the point where you find yourself having to air dry before getting dressed or you just miss them out but this one gives you all the hydration with instant absorption ... amen! I have read that it is also a great after-sun and a perfect body serum for mummies to be! The therapeutic benefits of all those essential oils really do relax and balance the mind and body so definitely a perfect gift idea but for me, I am 100% repurchasing for my own sake. It is just divine. 

Malee Hand Cream, Mintd Box, November, Hydration meets Moisture
Malee Hand Cream, Mintd Box, November, Hydration meets Moisture
5. MALEE Verdure Nourishing Hand Cream (Full Size £16) (here!)
A hand cream that gives dry, chapped, tired hands a healthy, hydrated glow. Proven to clinically condition and repair, this non-greasy formula leaves hands perfectly pampered. Malee products are as kind to the environment as they are to your skin, using only what your skin needs rather than unnecessary mineral oils, animal-derived ingredients, many known allergens and harmful parabens and silicones.

I love this brand after falling for their Body Oil earlier this year (see, body care obsessed as I said) so I was over the moon to see the hand cream in this months Mintd Box. I love that the whole Verdure line was inspired by Africa's wetlands and gives a forest fresh green fragrance with notes of Citrus, Mint and Patchouli to help uplift and warm and it really does just that. The scent combination is so unique as you start off with a lovely refreshing green tea scent then end up with a warm and earthy patchouli scent that's so cosy and comforting. I love this is not greasy because no one like greasy hand cream and its a beauty item that I would say everyone uses so make note of this to try should you want a really special one that doesn't break the bank. I spotted that Malee also make a candle in this scent ...  now on my wishlist. Heaven! 

MaMintd Box, November, Hydration meets Moisture
I don't think you can go far wrong here should you want a routine that will hydrate your entire body as Mintd have you covered ... literally! So act fast to get your hands on this box before the month is out as I feel it won't hang around.

If you are reading this for maybe ideas of what products to add into your daily routine that are easy yet will make a visible difference then definitely try Dr Roebucks Ultimate Hydrating Serum and treat your body to the Aureila Body Serum and Malee Hand Cream .. or add them to your wishlist should anyone want to treat you! But everything featured is so easy to incorporate into an existing routine yet make an effective result. Just remember, hydrate and protect your skin and you will be on the right path. 

 Mintd Box, November, Hydration meets Moisture
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What is your Winter Skin Saviour?