Beauty Tools are fast becoming widely more popular and sophisticated than ever before because 'good skin' has taken over from cosmetic buying with people choosing to take better care of their skin rather than masking it with makeup or tweaking it with fillers and botox. We haven't all got the time and budget for expensive beauty salon treatments so having an 'at home' option is what more of us want today, but these 'at home' options will only benefit if used in the correct way and done as part of a regular routine (take note!).

We are all guilty of buying gadgets on a whim, then after a couple of uses it sits in a box somewhere gathering dust. I am sure we all got sucked into a thigh master somewhere along the line (I sure did!) and it's the same with beauty tools. There are many great ones to choose from too so I wanted to create a beauty gadgets series here on the blog, reporting on these beauty gems that I have tested and approved so I can separate the gimmicks from the ones that are worth the spend, so you don't have to find out the hard way! Being in my (very) late 30s my skin is ageing, so I can put them to the test. 

You may remember a post I wrote all about an amazing eye tool discovery called the EYCICLE (in case you missed it - here!) which seriously impressed me and I use that still to this day when my eyes are in need of some help. Well, the creator of that little gem has come up with another incredible facial tool that gives you visible results, so let me tell you more ...

001 London Skincare, CRYOpress
Baby it's cold ..... inside!

001 London; a British brand created by aromatherapist and beauty therapist Ada Ooi. Her idea was to return skin to a state of natural equilibrium, so her line fuses bio-chemistry and traditional apothecary principles from Asia and beyond. She created a line of skincare that combined western technology with Eastern principles mixed with a dose of London Luxury. Ada is in fact famed for her healing facials and that is definitely on my bucket list to do.

The newest addition to her range is the CRYOpress, a game changing beauty gadget for your very own Cryotherapy treatment 'at home'. Cryotherapy is in fact a treatment that involves the use of freezing or near-freezing temperatures. It is said to be a safe alternative treatment and preventative for many ailments and I think this shows because Cryochambers seem to be all the rage nowadays!

The CRYOpress has a sustained cold temperature of -8 to 2.5°C and biologically triggers the skin for an intense facial workout, increasing blood circulation and continuously pumping oxygen and nutrients into the skin which encourages lymphatic drainage. All in all this will improve your skin's overall appearance and core and keep it looking fresh and healthy.

001 London Skincare, CRYOpress
001 Skincare kindly sent this over (gifted) for trial purposes and seeing as I come from a facialisit background myself, I knew just how amazing treatments like this can be for your skin. They also kindly sent over their Alpha Glow Flash Facial Serum that is designed to be used alongside the CRYOPress so I was very keen to try both and see just how the worked together.

001 London Skincare, CRYOpress
The CRYOPress Benefits!

• Tightened, firmed and lifted skin.

• Minimises pore size.

• Releases muscle tension to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

• Soothes inflammation, redness and reduces puffiness.

• Improves stress-linked skin conditions, such as rosacea, acne, eczema and psoriasis.

• Regenerates tissue to aid scar recovery.

• Reduces pigmentation or uneven skin tone.

• Rejuvenates tired skin for a clearer and more radiant complexion.

- Continual usage is like sending your face to a gym regularly, your skin will be trained with the right signals to perform for optimal results.

How it Works ...
When the CRYOpress is in contact with your skin, cold receptors are stimulated which in turn opens up your blood vessels to increase blood circulation. The continuous rolling motions help with the task in hand and deliver more oxygen and nutrients that encourage new skin cells whilst flushing out toxins in the skin. In short, oxygenation encourages new collagen production which equals tighter skin!
001 London Skincare, CRYOpress
How to Use it ....
The CRYOPress comes in a little cloth bag for easy, protective storage and needs to be kept in the freezer until very cold (at least 30 mins before use but best to leave it in full time!). Just rinse free of any product and wipe clean before and after use. Use the roller back, forth, up, down, outwards and inwards over the areas of your face and massage for about 5-15 minutes. This shall wake your skin up instantly.

It is actually a very large sized roller yet very lightweight with all the weight being in the roller  end itself making it sturdy and very easy to use.
001 London Skincare, CRYOpress
001 London Skincare, CRYOpress
The partner, Alpha-Glow Flash Facial Serum (50ml) is a 3-in-1 serum-primer-mask that acts as a super serum combining 9 powerhouse ingredients in one bottle. It has been designed to mimic the effects of a facial with that after facial glow that lasts for days. The 001 Skincare team recommend using this alongside the CRYOpress, so I did just that.

This serum really surprised me as I expecting an oil like texture but it is in fact a super lightweight water-like serum that absorbs instantly into the skin, which actually works well with the roller as you don't want anything too slippy as this is a 'roller' after all. Both work really nicely together to give your skin a power house glow.

001 London Skincare, CRYOpress
There are directions on the box should you want a 'roller' guide to follow but you kind of just find your own way with the device and a routine just naturally flows.

001 London Skincare, CRYOpress
My Results!
The first time I used it, I sat at my dresser, put on a YouTube video and just rolled away. I rolled for a full 15 minutes and to be honest I could have carried on going longer because my god this is relaxing! In the above image, I have no make up on my actual face, apart from a little eye and lip balm, and even though I have always been blessed with good skin, this has made a huge visible difference!

Your face will go red as the blood flows and your skin is being awakened. The coldness instantly eases any tension in your body as you roll it over your face and makes you feels really energised and lovely. The ice cold sensation on your skin feels amazing and I kept thinking, this in summer will be a god send! Plus it shall be the perfect solution to jet lag and facial puffiness after a long flight ... I mean, it really ticks so many boxes.

After just a couple of uses, I was 100% convinced the fine lines on my forehead looked softer and my skin felt and looked tighter, as well as feeling baby soft and was just naturally glowing .... and it wasn't until my husband also commented the same that I knew this really had made a difference!! I mean this is seriously IMPRESSIVE, so much so that I used it again the next day and the next as you get hooked on the results let me assure you. This is why it now features highly in my skincare routine as this without any doubt, WORKS.

001 London Skincare, CRYOpress
The Alpha-Glow Flash Serum took some getting used too as I just couldn't believe how watery it was in texture but I do feel this added to the final results in making my skin look more radiant. The two do make a great duo for a special occasion where you need your skin to be on point! Not an essential, but definitely worth trialling them together if you are looking to invest in this beauty tool.

You may wonder how this compares to say a Jade/Rose Quartz Stone Facial Roller for instance as I am a big fan of those too (here) and they do have similar benefits but Cryotherapy gives you more tightening and awakening results as you would ideally use it in the morning where as a jade roller would be better suited to evenings when you want to relax and maybe help a mask to penetrate into the skin more. I do feel the CRYOPress has given me faster results in truth. 

001 London CRYOPress
Would I Recommend it?
Most definitely, positively, YES! This proves to me yet again that at home facial tools are becoming the way forward and salon visits are not essential should you not have the time. These are not gimmicks, but hardworking facial tools that really give you those visible results that we all want to see. 

There are of course similar tools on the market that work like just this one and other methods such as facial ice cubes for instance but let's face it, they are messy and you don't get water dripping down your arm with this one! Plus the CRYOPress requires zero effort and once you have it, it works for life ...  ie no further costs. 

Cost - £75 - for what it does, very reasonably priced as this would be one facial at a salon and you have as many sessions as you want here; Enough said and oh, (pssst; scroll down for 20% off!!).

001 London Skincare, CRYOpress
CODE! The lovely team at 001 Skincare London are offering you 20% off! Click here and use the code 'KELLY20' to claim your saving; should you want to try it for yourself or gift to someone perhaps (ships worldwide too!) *valid for one month from this post publish date*.

You can make a saving with the CRYOpress Duo, £134 (worth £160) which gives you both the CRYOpress £75, Alpha-Glow Flash Facial £85 with a saving, or simply buy separately.

When it comes to beauty tools, 001 Skincare London really know how to do them well. Even though this was gifted to me for review, as always I was under no obligation to post about it but when a product works, I want to shout it from the rooftops and seeing as I get asked about beauty tools all the time, here they are - gadgets that DO work.

Have you tried it? Please Let me know if you do! 

*Items gifted yet under no obligation, not sponsored, an affiliate link used.*