When it comes to my skin, I love to enhance and show it, not hide it. I have always taken great care of my skin as my whole career has focused around beauty and skincare so when it comes to a make-up base, I am not your full coverage kinda girl (unless an occasion calls for it) but I am all about light, dewy, flawless and fresh.

When it comes to choosing a base that caters to any season or any occasion then for me, CHANEL is my go-to. I have used my beloved holy grail Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation for about 10 years now and I am never without a new one in my stocks. Chanel make-up may not be in everyone's budget but let me offer up a word of advice; invest your money in a good base that shall set your skin up in the right way, plus these products last so you are spending wisely.

When the news spread about Chanel's latest 'Les Beiges Eau de Teint - Fresh Water Tint', the beauty community erupted. This product caused one hell of a stir because it's highly unique and unlike anything we have seen before; so obviously it divides opinion. I happen to be on TEAM LOVE here which is why I think its important to judge a product like this for yourself as it really is niche which rightly so won't be everyone's cup of tea but personally, this is a product I had been missing and thank god Chanel covered it.

This got me thinking ... I do love and use a lot of Chanel base products so I thought I would offer up a few recommendations on how you can get your skin looking summer ready and healthy, without the mask.

Chanel Les Beiges, Fresh Water Tint, New Swatches
Chanel Les Beiges, Fresh Water Tint, New Swatches
As I mentioned I have loved and used Chanel makeup for a long time so before I get into the NEW collection I just wasn't to mention a few products that I still love and use today and are simply  amazing for creating a light, radiant skin finish.

Chanel Les Beiges, Fresh Water Tint, New Swatches
- Oil-free, all skin types, light/medium build-able coverage, semi-matte finish, 10 shades 
In a nutshell this is a perfect everyday, fresh looking skin foundation and one I have used for about 10 years since it launched! It gives you brand new 'second skin' that is so fresh and very natural looking but still very buildable to however much coverage you need without being cakey or too heavy. It's fluid formula is very light like water and glides over your skin to make it look like your skin ... just a more perfected, flawless version of it! It has SPF15 which makes this perfect for day or night (just avoid for any special occasions involving photographs due to SPF's causing flashback) and I love how natural and glowing this makes skin look and it does it all with such ease so if you like quick and easy, then this does all the work for you.

Should you want a lighter option to wear on your skin then this next one is basically a tinted moisturiser version of the above ....

A favourite Tinted Moisturiser that is lightweight, super hydrating and instantly evens out your skin with a light coverage and nice tint of colour. The ultra fine fluid is creamy and glides on easily when applied with your fingers - it's that easy to use. If you want a bit more coverage then you can apply it with a brush. For me, this tint feels like a lighter version of the above Vitalumiere Aqua as it has the same feel, texture and lightweight feel. It gives a nice light coverage so if you are looking for foundation then this isn't for you but if you are looking for something that gives you a perfected outdoor glow that is natural, sheer and lightweight yet will last on your skin, then this is for you. The shade choices are different to that of the foundation line, but there is still a lot to choose from. I absolutely adore this tint and wear this one instead of foundation all summer long and even throughout the Winter too. It's gentle enough for all skin types, gives you high daily sun protection and is one of the best tinted moisturisers I have used. Worth the try! 

Chanel Les Beiges, Fresh Water Tint, New Swatches
A cult classic and a product that I have used since I was in my early 20s and was always complimented each time I wore this! This is a very unique cream-gel bronzer that simply warms up your complexion. I love it because it is very buildable and lightweight, glides on with ease and leaves skin with a velvety matte sun kissed glow finish. There is also no orange which is why this works on an array of skin tones. You really can experiment with this and apply it whatever works for you. It can be worn either on top of or under your usual any base and is great to sculpt the face too. It's so universal (as the name suggests) and lasts an eternity so if you have never tried this then please do, it will change your bronzing game for life! 

Chanel Les Beiges, Fresh Water Tint, New Swatches
Now onto the NEW Spring/Summer Collection and items I have fallen in love with and are basically all that has been on my face since I purchased them!

Chanel Les Beiges, Fresh Water Tint, New Swatches
This is niche because it is the first water-fresh tint by CHANEL (and any other brand that I know of!).
So let me just get this clear from the off ... this offers skin no coverage, just a tint of colour to bronze and enhance your skin and a boost of hydration for dewiness! This is why it has had mixed reviews because some people were expecting coverage which this is designed not to offer. The is your go-to on good skin days and no makeup days where you need a radiant healthy glow. This paired with a good concealer is all that my skin has needed and I adore it. 

Chanel Les Beiges, Fresh Water Tint, New Swatches
Chanel Les Beiges, Fresh Water Tint, New Swatches
Chanel Les Beiges, Fresh Water Tint, New Swatches
This water like fluid is lightweight, hydrating and very refreshing being as it is composed of 75% water to give an instant splash of freshness and hydration for a fresh complexion. The fact that this lightweight formula is composed of 75% is a reason that deterred some people away from this being as it isn't cheap but the 'water' aspect is skincare as this is designed to treat and tint your skin ... and not be  makeup. Created with micro-fluidic technology, micro-droplets of encapsulated pigments melt into the skin on contact creating a radiant bare-skin effect. A blurring and smoothing effect unifies the complexion and a lightweight, sheer coverage allows the skin’s natural beauty to shine through.  

How to use it!
Pump a small amount (2 pumps should do the whole face) onto the back of your hand and use the brush provided to gently apply to your face. Now you must use the brush provided to apply and blend this because it has some magical powers that make this liquid work where other brushes or fingers just won't do. Apply the water to the face in a circular motion for an even application wherever you want it; all over or in just certain areas, do as you please! I like to apply it all over my face, add in some concealer where needed, with a pop of Bronze Universal or Bronzing Powder (below) and that is it .... healthy natural skin is mine!

Do have a play with the shades as I actually went a shade darker as this is designed to add a bronze glow so I wanted that effect and chose shade Medium instead of Medium Light and it is perfect. As from my images above, you can clearly see the microfluid droplets held within the liquid that then burst to disperse the colour; it's kind of like adding a tint to a hydrating serum. They literally melt on contact with the skin and feel so refreshing and cooling yet gives this instant burst of bronzing the most amazing natural glow!

Chanel Les Beiges, Fresh Water Tint, New Swatches
This is my perfect summer 'every day' product that hydrates my skin and makes it come to life by adding the colour it badly craves seeing as I don't tan so this makes me feel a tad more healthy and matches up with the (fake) tan colour on my body too. Plus the Neroli scent is heavenly! 

But with any product, please, do judge them yourself - just try it!

Chanel Les Beiges, Fresh Water Tint, New Swatches
This is a dream powder that works so well with the New Fresh Water Teint and can't believe I did not have this sooner. This powder is not the one advertised within the new collection, which is in fact just a more sunkissed version of this one, but one from the Les Beiges range that gives you a radiant, glowing complexion, that is natural and so beautiful. This layered over the top if the Water Tint is perfection as it sets in place yet gives you even more flawlessness!!!! Plus the scent again is a dream and the casing oozes style and elegance .... I am just hooked.

Chanel Les Beiges, Fresh Water Tint, New Swatches
Chanel Les Beiges, Fresh Water Tint, New Swatches
With skin covered, I couldn't not include the stunning NEW Limited Edition Eye Palette because Chanel neutral palettes are a huge weakness of mine .... 

Chanel Les Beiges, Fresh Water Tint, New Swatches Eyeshadow palette 
Chanel Les Beiges, Fresh Water Tint, New Swatches Eyeshadow palette 
Chanel Les Beiges, Fresh Water Tint, New Swatches Eyeshadow palette 
• CHANEL LES BEIGES NATURAL EYESHADOW COLLECTION Les Indispensables *Limited Edition! (here)
I posted about this beauty the moment I purchased it on my Instagram as it really is a vision and more importantly a very wearable/usuable palette. It has a range of powder and cream textures that work perfectly together to create a variety of eye looks from natural to very glam and sophisticated. The softness of each shadow means that they are effortless to blend and the shades are all so universally flattering being neutral and fresh. 

The Shades: 
- A light warm brown
- An ivory pinky beige highlighter
- A warm taupe chocolate
- A pink peach
- A taupe platinum
- A taupe khaki grey
- A deep chocolate
- A bronze gold
- A dusty red-brown

Chanel Les Beiges, Fresh Water Tint, New Swatches Eyeshadow palette 
Not only is the casing just stunning but the contents match. I love these palette for everyday as they cater for a gorgeous day and night look all in one and they are so handy for travelling or your handbag as they are so compact yet are fancy to get out and show off! If you still manage to find this, don't let it slip through your hands as you will wear this all year long I assure you.

Chanel Les Beiges  Fresh Water Tint
With this latest collection, I really feel that CHANEL are back with a bang! They seemed a tad lost with repeats of what we have seen already or whacky colour that didn't suit everyone but I feel now they have had their experimental phases and are back doing what they do best and I am so happy about that. 

So now you know what is on my face! If you want to know about a few other products from other brands that I can highly recommend then see a previous post here

Chanel Les Beiges, Fresh Water Tint, New Swatches Eyeshadow palette 
Are you a Chanel fan? 
Let me know your favourite!