This is a subject I could write a book on. I am a lipstick obsessive and for me there is nothing more exciting than trying out a new lip product. They hold so much power, transforming how you feel instantly and most of us don't feel complete without some kind of lip product such as a balm, tint, liquid lip, gloss, matte, liner, pencil .... the choice is endless.

I seem to be well known for a signature red lip because I love how it makes me feel and look. Whether it's a quiet lunch on a Saturday with my husband or a glam night out with the girls, a red lip really is for any occasion. So many people are scared of reds but it's just a case of knowing what tone works best for you. For me, warm orange toned reds work better than cool blue toned reds as I am more warm toned with my makeup and skin. I do however love and often wear a good pinky-nude with some added gloss should I want a toned down lip but it all depends on my mood and look for that day/night. I may not change up my eye look that often as I love a neutral palette, but my lips are where I like to be adventurous as I'm certainly not afraid to experiment with lip colour and never get settled in a comfort zone.

I realised lately I have been sent and also purchased a lot of new lip items and even though I post them more often to my Instagram, you many miss them on the blog so here is a round up of some new favourite lip products in all budgets that are 100% worth checking out. I couldn't list all my favourites as I feel this post would be more of an essay, but you can check my IG or search through this blog for many more reccys should you need. First up, a new love recently featured here on the blog ...

By Terry Lip Expert
By Terry Lip Expert
By Terry Lip Expert
1. 💋 *NEW* BYTERRY LIP-EXPERT MATTE & SHINE, €34 (buy here)
• Enriched with premium ingredients.
• Flawless, comfortable, all day vibrant wear.
• Kiss proof and smudge proof!
• The Vinyl glosses keep your lips hydrated with incredible shine!
• The Mattes give comfortable all day wear!
• Amazing shade range.
• Compact and makeup bag friendly.

Ever since receiving these I have reached for Bare Flirt Shine and Red Carpet Matte constantly as they are incredible! Check out my full post here for more shade swatches, but are a must try in my opinion if you want a groegous luxury lip!

Loreal Rouge Signature Liquid Lip
• Super lightweight with a barely there feel oil in water formula.
• No flaking or smudging or drying.
• Very affordable!

Should you be looking for a cheaper alternative to the ByTerry Matte then this is a good option. They aren't exactly the same and not as long lasting on my lips but I have to say the formula of this and the shade range is surely worth a try - plus they are often on special offer!
Clarins Joli Rouge Lacquer
Clarins Joli Rouge Lacquer
3. 💋 *NEW* CLARINS JOLI ROUGE LACQUER, €26 (buy here)
• Intense Balm texture
• Full on colour and high pigmentation.
• Rich and creamy in texture.
• Very hydrating.
• Glossy/vinyl finish.
• Smells of fruit cocktail!
• Great wear time for a balm!
• Compact and makeup bag friendly.

I am SO impressed with this new line and I adore this Shade 761 Spicy Chilli. I am a big Clarins Lip Perfector addict so it’s nice to find another favourite from them, plus I love how the bullet is disguised as a gloss … yet is a lipstick. These are so perfect for summer if you want colour, shine and hydration!

Sephora Collection Lip Rouge Lacquer
Sephora Collection Lip Rouge Lacquer
4. 💋 *NEW* SEPHORA ROUGE LACQUER, €11.99 (buy here)
• A balm like texture.
• High gloss/lacquer effect shine.
• Intense pigment.
• Very hydrating!
• Compact and makeup bag friendly.

This shade #12 Be the Boss, is a real red indeed! This Collection is a very affordable option and similar to the Clarins line and again ideal for Spring/Summer. Being a shine finish it obviously wont last as long as a matte but it does tint the lips so you aren’t left bare. For the price (€11.99) they are definitely worth checking out if you have a local Sephora!

MAC Lipsticks Love in Bloom
5. 💋 MAC LIPSTICKS €13 (buy here)
• Huge array of finishes and shades.
• Rich and creamy and always last well.
• Always guaranteed to have a shade you are looking for!
• Well priced for a higher end lippy.
• Limited Editions are worth looking into as they always a sell out.
• Compact and makeup bag friendly.

You can't ever not love a classic and a MAC lipstick is definitely that. I may not use as much from MAC as I used too but one thing I always love about their range is the eyeshadows and lipsticks. I especially love when they launch a limited edition collection as we all know they sell out all over the world in days and this pretty was from the latest Love in Bloom Collection and is a stunning every day natural pink that I adore. MAC will always have a lip colour in any finish for everyone.

Fenty Gloss Bomb
• Cruelty Free.
• High Shine gloss effect.
• Universal flattering shades to suit all!
• Non-sticky!
• Highly conditioning.
• Gives you a fuller lip effect!

Another new-ish addition to my lip collection and they are truly stunning glosses! I have two out of three shades and just love them as they work so well with other lip shades should you want to add some gloss or simply wear them alone. They have a very pretty sparkly finish that is not too over the top so would suit all ages.
Chanel Roue Allure Intense Limited Edition 
Chanel Roue Allure Intense Limited Edition 
• A true classic that is totally worth the splurge!
• Available in many finishes and shades.
• The Limited Editions are always stunning and worth the buy!
• Compact and makeup bag friendly.

I have many of them in my lip stash and adore the Rouge Allure Velvet should you like a matte finish that is very hydrating and rich. The red casing in this one had me sold and shall always feel like a special one in my collection. 

Bobbi Brown Crushed Lipstick 
8. 💋 BOBBI BROWN CRUSHED LIPSTICK, Shades (L to R) Sunset & Watermelon €28 (buy here)
• Lipstick meets a balm texture.
• Highly pigmented loaded with crushed pigments.
• Super nourishing and hydrated packed full of great ingredients.
• Nasty free!
• Compact and makeup bag friendly.

I suddenly became addicted to this range as the shade selection is gorgeous and the texture even more so. Watermelon has fast become my favourite shade to wear! If you have never tried these, then definitely check them out.

Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks
Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks
• Incredible shade range!
• Both formulas are very long wearing and hydrating.
• Highly pigmented, staying colour true!
• Cruelty Free.
• Compact and makeup bag friendly.
• Generally gorgeous to look at!

You can see from above that I have an obsession with Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks and you can read more about on my blog here. They just tick all the boxes for me as they have some of the best everyday shades in my opinion and Charlotte constantly comes out with new ones all of the time. Her Lip Liners, Lip Cheats, are also in fact my favourite lip liners ever as they are unlike any other out there and cannot recommend then enough if like me you want to cheat the look of your lips ... without having fillers! This is how I get my lips to appear bigger than what they are.

Charlotte Tilbury ICON and Latex Love
Charlotte Tilbury ICON and Latex Love
• Highly pigmented, high gloss latex looking finish!
• Super creamy and hydrating.
• Silky smooth and glides over your lips.
• Creulty free.
• Great day or night!

LOVE them! They are so crazy pigmented yet stunning should you love to see colour on your lips from a gloss finish. They do however have a musky scent to them which I know will deter some people from liking them but I personally like that scent and love how they look and feel on my lips. I am working my way through the shades having only recently had them sent over by the CT team (very kindly!) but Belle de Soir, a gorgeous peachy nude pink, has fast become a daily go to shade (pictured on the end) it's a must!

Charlotte Tilbury ICON and Latex Lov
The stunning ICON Palette (featured here above) which launched with these amazing glosses is gorgeous and even more so in real life! It is one of those palettes that you are unsure of at first but once you own it, you won't put it down. It is an all shimmer palette so you could easily integrate it into many other palettes and eye shades but again a great one for day and night and is just really fun and exciting to wear, like makeup should be!

So .......

I could carry on listing many more favourites from brands not mentioned such as Hourglass, Armani, Nars, Burberry, and so on ..... but these 10 were just a few NEWBIES & Limited Editions that I feel needed to be mentioned as finding a lipstick for those that struggle with the task in hand, may just find this of some use in time for the Summer!

(red) Kisses,💋