A right royal trio landed on my desk recently and they couldn't be any more regal. Any new launch from the amazing queen of make-up, Charlotte Tilbury gets the whole beauty world in a tis because her products are some of the best out there. Super fan, right here.

Charlotte Tilbury do love to launch online exclusives that have us all hitting the 'buy now' button and this new lip launch is one of them. Your Lip Service features 3 legendary lipsticks in her award winning formula to ultimately make us all feel like a Princess, Queen, Duchess ... what ever royal you wanna be. 

I was ecstatic to be sent possibly one of the best PR packages I have ever had the pleasure of receiving. Not because it was all lip based (being the lipstick addict that I am) but because the bag of  lip treats arrived in a gigantic box containing the cutest balloons I have seen. I mean, I wish they would stay inflated for LIFE. I was truly bowled over and thank the team massively for the chance to bring you this amazing launch first hand to show you the NEW Royal Lip Service .... 

Charlotte Tilbury, Your Lip Service
Charlotte Tilbury, Your Lip Service
Charlotte Tilbury, Your Lip Service
Charlotte Tilbury, Your Lip Service
'YOUR LIP SERVICE' includes .... 
• The Legendary Queen, Matte Revolution Lipstick - 
a soft neutral wine shade that shall suit any age & any skin tone. 
Pair with Walk of Shame Lip Cheat.

The Duchess, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick - 
a stunning tea-rose pink that shall compliment any look. The moisturising formula leaves your lips soft and makes the perfect every day pink.
Pair with Pillow Talk Lip Cheat.

The Queen, Matte Revolution Lipstick - 
the best selling iconic rosy, jewel pink that instantly lifts your complexion to give a timeless, all season lip look. 
Pair with Pink Venus Lip Cheat.

As well as the lip trio I was also sent over the stunning Black Opium Noir Matte Revolution Lipstick that we saw last year as a limited edition and is back again for a limited time which you can see and read all about here. If you want it, then my advice is to act fast.
Charlotte Tilbury, Opium Noir Lipstick
Charlotte Tilbury, Your Lip Service Swatches
Charlotte Tilbury, Your Lip Service Swatches L to R: The Queen, The Duchess, The Legendary Queen. 
I genuinely have to say that all shades are absolutely stunning and know I shall enjoy wearing them as they have every look covered. I love the royal theme as I am often referred to as, ahem, 'Princess Kelly' or the 'Duchess' by friends so I think they are all in good hands, don't you think? (*wink wink*). The Queen is a shade that I do already own and love as it really does perk up your complexion as you can see on my skin tone above, without self tan I may add so I am super pale right now. I adore the Matte Revolution formula because for a matte lipstick, they don't ever feel matte or drying on the lip and really are long wearing. Most definitely one of my favourite matte formulas out there which is why I buy many of them. 

The shade that I was most excited for was The Duchess (obviously) and it did not disappoint in the slightest. It really is the perfect every day shade that isn't too pink, not too brown, not too blue, but just a gorgeous pink that I know many of you will love too. The super moisturising formula feels even more moisturising this time round and leaves a lovely sheen effect on the lips without being sticky or slippy and eliminates the need for a gloss or balm. I think this one shall appeal to everyone the most.

The shade that really surprised me was The Legendary Queen. In the bullet I thought, not my kind of shade, but boy was I wrong. It is such a unique shade that in fact looks lighter when on the lip. It feels like your favourite red lip has been dipped into a glass of red wine to give it a beautiful deeper red tone that sits between a bright and a dark. Do check it out because it is now a new favourite of mine.

These new shades are indeed all royalty because you feel special wearing them which I think is testament of a good quality lipstick. The amount of looks I get whenever I pull a CT lipstick out of my handbag is priceless. I have women staring as I apply them because they really are that striking in the rose gold casing. Another reason why Charlotte Tilbury are one of my favourite lipstick brands of all time.

Charlotte Tilbury, Your Lip Service Swatches
As well as all these gorgeous lipsticks, I was sent over two of the NEW Lip Cheat shades, Love Trap & Hot Gossip that fit perfectly into the current shade range. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheats are my favourite lip liners and I repurchase them each and every time that one runs out. My no.1 shades are Pink Venus and Pillow Talk. These two just seem to work with all my lipsticks and I love the way I can really cheat my lips to make them look bigger as my lips are tiny and I am still not convinced on lip injections so this works for me. The waterproof formula is like no other as it keeps your lipstick in place all day with no feathering or transfer. If you have never tried them, then may I please suggest that you do. 

Charlotte Tilbury, Your Lip Service, NEW Lip Cheat Shades
Charlotte Tilbury, Your Lip Service, NEW Lip Cheat Shades
Charlotte Tilbury, Your Lip Service
Yes Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are a luxury buy at £24 each but are well and truly worth that investment as I would not be sat here telling you so regardless of what PR parcels are sent. The 'Your Lip Service' set does save you money and is a great deal if these are all shades that you will wear, but you can also buy the shades individually should you not want them all.

Charlotte Tilbury, Your Lip Service
I do hope these new shades will eventually be incorporated into the permanent line but for now you can purchase them online; YOUR LIP SERVICE TRIO (£60)  here and all shades INDIVIDUALLY (£24) here

What is your favourite 'Royal'?