Whenever ByTerry host a new launch I know it is gong to be good because for me, they epitomise everything that is French Beauty. Classy, elegant, fun and always trรจs chic. I am a big fan of the brand in case you had not realised as a lot of my make-up collection is made up from ByTerry. Combined with what is my favourite make-up item to buy, lipsticks, this really is a dream launch for me hence I was bursting at the seams to have received this delivery from ByTerry HQ so that I could bring you more details on this amazing new lip line.

In short, the NEW Lip Expert line consists of a new range of liquid lipsticks in both gloss and matte finishes that have been designed to give your lips intense colour with rich pigment in just one coat.

By Terry New Lip Expert
This lip line was based on Parisian Style, with a glamorous "Haute Coleur' statement look. They are enriched with premium ingredients and the formula aims to give a flawless, comfortable, all day vibrant wear that is kiss proof. The vinyl glosses keep your lips hydrated and give incredible shine for radiant lips where the mattes offer comfortable all day wear!
Left: No15 Red Shot Shine & Right: No9 Red Carpet Matte
By Terry New Lip Expert
By Terry New Lip Expert
By Terry New Lip Expert
It was love at first sight for me. The classic ByTerry packaging oozes style and sophistication and they are very cute and compact in size. I love that the matte shades come in a matte tube and the glosses in a shiny tube - definitely helps when you want to grab one quickly! The doe foot applicator is the perfect size and fits perfectly with the contours of your lip making this very easy to apply.

I was kindly sent over a mix of shades that are very me; nudes, corals and of course reds. There are in fact 16 matte shades and 16 shine shades available in the line! 

By Terry New Lip Expert
THE SHINES (3g) £29/€32 (buy here!)
If you are after a mirror shine finish then these are for you! Silky, smooth and very shiny. This gloss shall aim to give you full cover in one swoop and it really does, although like me, you may want to layer up the brighter shades just to make sure you get that even coverage. They glide on with ease whilst drying down to an instant vinyl finish that shall keep your lips hydrated with Vitamin E and make your lips look nice and plumped.

Here I have 5 out of the available 16 shades (below) ... and you can see me wearing shade 15 Red Shot Shine as I wanted to show the two red finishes together for you. 

By Terry New Lip Expert
By Terry New Lip Expert
Shade Swatches from Right to Left ...
- No 3. Rosy Kiss
- No 9. Peachy Guilt
- No 10. Bare Flirt
- No 14. Coral Sorbet
- No 15. Red Shot

By Terry New Lip Expert
THE MATTES (3g) £29/€32 (buy here!)
If you want long wearing, super intense pigment and seamless in application then these are for you! Whether you wear a natural or bold shade the non-sticky formula applies flawlessly and wont feel tight or dry at all. I have to say this is one of there best formulated matte lipsticks I have worn to date. 

Here I have 4 out of the available 16 shades (stated below) ... and you can see me wearing Shade 9 Red Carpet Matte

By Terry New Lip Expert
By Terry New Lip Exper
Shade Swatches from Right to Left ...
- No 1. Guilty Beige
- No 2. Vintage Nude
- No 4.Rosewood Kiss
- No 9. Red Carpet

By Terry New Lip Expert
These lipsticks have the gorgeous trademark ByTerry rose scent that I adore the applicator really works wonders for this product. Both finishes are effortless and flawless, to the point where I have solely applied these reds from the applicator alone with no lip liner used whatsoever! This is how cleverly designed the wand is because it shapes and guides the colour to your lips making them super easy to work with. Those who are a bit scared of colour or liquid lipsticks in general will 100% be able to get on board with these; ByTerry have nailed it here. 

By Terry New Lip Expert
By Terry New Lip Expert
As you can maybe tell, Red Carpet matte is my favourite; giving me all the Marilyn vibes! 

C'est Magnifique! They are 100% worth the price tag should you be looking for an amazing (not just great) liquid lipstick. Here you have luxury liquid lipsticks at there very best and my new favourite matte formula to date. These finishes will work for any season being as there are so many shades to choose from. You can even layer the gloss over the matte should you want the intensity of both finishes and the shade combinations are endless. I love that they have a great shade range from nudes, dusky pinks, deep purples to bright reds ... so everyone shall find a shade that they love. 

By Terry New Lip Expert
Stay tuned to my Instagram page to see the other shades in action or just let me know any you what to see worn!  
You can buy the New ByTerry Lip-Expert online here and you can also read more ByTerry reviews here!

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