A new year, a new month and possibly a new you. Nothing transforms your mood more than having your skin feeling at it's best and Mintd Box have once again delivered an array of A-List brands that are nothing less than perfect. With this said, good skin does go hand in hand with what you put into your body, so a healthy balanced diet and plenty of water will make even more of a change, so that part is up to you but at least you can rest assured that your skin will be well and truly looked after on the outside.

Now I am not a fan of making New Years Resolutions because I feel it's automatically setting yourself up for a fall and it's easier to set monthly goals for yourself like 'get a new night cream' or 'exfoliate twice a week without fail' .... then these little actions turn into bigger ones like 'getting good skin'. 

This month's Skincare Resolutions themed Mintd Box shall help massively should you be looking for some new products to incorporate into your daily routine or perhaps you need to start one. The contents promise to rejuvenate, brighten, refine and reveal new skin and I think we are all in need of that at any time of the year. 

Skincare Resolutions, Mintd Box January 
In case you are new to Mintd Box, then as always here is a quick recap about what the Mintd Team do and create behind the scenes ... 

"When you subscribe to Mintd Box, either every month or every other month, you will only ever receive FULL sized or DELUXE sized high end, a-list, beauty products that are themed for that month which shall save you a small fortune. No Samples, no let downs, just the latest must haves in beauty. You can in fact click Mintd Boxes in the Categories section in the header bar (top of page!) where you can see all the previous months boxes and their contents. It mainly features skincare as opposed to make-up but all is only ever 'high end and full size'. It isn't cheap but the products are premium and the savings are huge".

The January 'Skincare Resolutions' themed box contains 4 Full/Deluxe sized products all exclusive to Mintd Box Subscribers and stocked in high end beauty stores such as Space NK, Harvey Nicols and Net A Porter.

Skincare Resolutions, Mintd Box January 
Skincare Resolutions, Mintd Box January 
The 'SKINCARE RESOLUTIONS' Luxury Contents:-
1. Sunday Riley CEO Flash Brightening Serum (Super Deluxe Size £35)
2. Omorovicza Rejuvenating Night Cream (Full Size £110)
3. Su-Man Refining Facial Polish (Full Size £38)
4. Apa Beauty Lip Loofah (Full Size £16)

Receive a FREE Omorovicza Elemental Emulsion when you sign up to 3, 6 or 12 month plans - (review here!).

The contents of this box have a combined value of over £200/€230 for which you only pay £70/€80 per month or bi-monthly giving you an enormous £130/€150 saving as opposed to buying all products individually. This is exactly why Mintd Box are unbeatable when it comes to discovering high end beauty brands in the most cost effective way. 

The value and saving this month is not to be missed out on!! 

Skincare Resolutions, Mintd Box January 
This box provides you with all the tools you need for a better skincare routine and sets the bar so you can follow on throughout the year doing good for you and your skin. 

I do try and test these boxes as much in advance of them launching as possible so I can give you not only a review of the box but of each individual item too as some of you may just like the sound of one product perhaps. As soon as I saw that there was a full sized Omorovicza Night Cream inside this month (being such a huge fan of the brand) I was elated and this was straight on my face. 

So the results are in and off we go ..... 

Skincare Resolutions, Mintd Box January, Sunday Riley CEO Serum
1. SUNDAY RILEY CEO Flash Brightening Serum, 15ml (Super Deluxe Size £35) (link here!)
A daily concentrated super serum that offers your skin a whole lot of brightening benefits of Vitamin C to even out an array of complexions whilst fighting the visible effects of ageing like crows feet, dullness and uneven skin tone. The serum is formulated with 15% Vitamin C but one that is oil-soluble so it doesn't oxidise like other Vitamin C serums so you can use this during the day time, night time ..  whenever you like and need a brightening glow! 

So after having used this a few times now I think I have found my ultimate Vitamin C Serum because this has truly been a delight to have in my skincare routine. I now feel annoyed at Mintd Box for making me fall in love as I know I shall want the full size once this one runs out, hahah! In the past I have been put off using Vitamin C serums because of their awful copper coin scent that I just couldn't get past, but this one smells so good, like fresh citrus oranges and it's a dream. I love that you are able to use this serum both day and night as I always hated being restricted to just night time use with others as they were always affected by sunlight hence you couldn't use them during the day. The creamy lotion sinks into the skin nicely leaving it feeling hydrated with a healthy glow which then creates a nice dewy base for your next skincare product. For me the texture is a dream and it didn't feel tacky on my skin, but you know you have product on so just don't over do the application; one pump will be plenty. Don't forget, being a serum this is designed to go under your moisturiser so it won't be the final finish and does in fact  absorb better being layered under other skincare products.

The brightening effects were instant as my skin looked super healthy after having applied this serum and only time will tell if it works on the other signs of ageing. I don't have any pigmentation so I cannot comment on that aspect but I feel this is one of the best Vitamin C serums I have tried because I know just how good Sunday Riley is as a brand. Their Luna Oil is a little miracle in a bottle (review here) and I know that I shall want to keep this CEO serum in my skincare routine so I definitely recommend it a million times over should you be needing a good serum in your skincare routine that will give you fast visible results.

Plus a full 30ml size retails for £70 so this is the perfect way to check if you like it first and get three other full sized products too!

Skincare Resolutions, Mintd Box January, Omorovizca Night Cream
Skincare Resolutions, Mintd Box January, Omorovizca Night Cream
2. OMOROVICZA Rejuvenating Night Cream, 50ml (Full size £110) (link here!)
This night cream is a deeply hydrating, reparative treatment that works with natural extracts, minerals from the Hungarian thermal waters and the 'hydro mineral transference system' (invented by Omorovicza). In real terms, this is a system that enhances the body's ability to recognise a good thing; like peptides, vitamins, minerals etc etc to cheat your way to having good skin. So while you sleep this cream is acting to undo any of the day's damage by building collagen and elastin to keep the skin supple. It holds a host of many ingredients such as Apple pectin to hydrate and retain moisture, plum almond oil to protect, wild carrot - Vit A - to boost collagen and hazelnut peptides to firm and lift. 

As soon as I opened up this luxurious glass jar I knew I was going to love this cream as Omorovicza is a brand that impresses me more and more with each new product that I try. First off the scent; like a buttery, almond, marshmallow that for me is heaven sent. My skin is normal/combination and the formula was spot on being not too heavy and just super luxurious and creamy, like your are wrapping your skin up in a comfort blanket. This really is luxury skincare at it's best for any night time routine. It feels super creamyintensely hydrating, non sticky and soaks into skin beautifully. For me this really adds the hydration and nourishment that my skin needs in this colder climate yet I feel it may be too rich for the summer months so definitely a winter skin product for normal/combination skins yet dry skins will adore this all year round. You just feel that you really are feeding your skin with goodness and putting it to bed in the most beneficial way. I still can't believe the value for money of having this full size inside this months box - you really need to get your hands on it fast should this sound like a cream for you. I shall of course keep you updated the more I use it! 

Skincare Resolutions, Mintd Box January, Su-Man Refining Polish
Skincare Resolutions, Mintd Box January, Su-Man Refining Polish
3. SU-MAN Refining Facial Polish, 125ml (Full Size £38) (link here!)
This is gentle gel-like facial exfoliator ideal for all skin types containing watermelon, papaya and ginkgo biloba leaf extracts to gently revive and renew dull looking skin without being a harsh physical exfoliant. This gorgeous blend of ingredients help to fight free radicals, work as an anti-imflammatory and promote cell regeneration. Not your average exfoliator!

"Skincare should be a ritual, not a chore. Life changes your skin, now change your skin for life" - Su-man.

I have in fact already tried this product thanks to a previous Mintd Box last year and is in full use in my skincare basket as we speak! It lasts such a long time and has in fact become one of my favourite manual exfoliators so I am thrilled to have a back up. I personally love this brand as the Su-Man Velvet Brightening Serum has to one of my all time favourite serums and if you are new to Su-Man skincare, then this polish is a great place to start. I have to mention how great the packaging is as the twist up cap allows you to distribute the right amount of gel with no mess. Little things like this make all the difference to you using a product don't you think? I love the soft scent of this exfoliator and when you massage the gel into your skin it creates tiny particles that gently buff away all the dead skin cells making your skin look brighter instantly. This really is a simple step to add into your routine 2 x week and will take your skin from dry, dull and lack lustre to soft, smooth and brighter. This really is a product that all skins will benefit from using. 

Skincare Resolutions, Mintd Box January, APA Beauty Lip Loofah
4. APA BEAUTY Lip Exfoliator, 11.4g (Full Size £16) (link here!)
A two-in-one lip scrub that has been designed to exfoliate and moisturise your lips in the most gentle and luxurious of ways. Sugar and Sweet Almond Seed are used to exfoliate and Jojoba OilShea Butter and Orange Peel are used to soothe and hydrate. 

Thanks to Mintd Box I am already very familiar with this product and has since become my secret weapon to any dry lip crisis. I recommend this all the time to anyone that asks about dry lips as it simply works wonders. This is not just another lip scrub; the formula is insanely luxurious and it cures dryness after just a few uses. The scent/taste is just like chocolate orange and the sugar particles are powerful enough to remove all the dry skin whilst the balm is so hydrating and comforting on your lips as we all know how sore having dry lips can be. In fact I rarely suffer with dry lips as I use balms very day but on one occasion last year they just became flaky and sore and I could not even wear lipstick as they looked so bad. No other balm seemed to cure it but then the Mintd gods sent me Apa Beauty Lip Loofah and in just a few uses, my lips were back to normal, hence I now swear by it. If the cold has you are suffering and you desperately need a cure .... then here is your answer! 

Skincare Resolutions, Mintd Box January
What a way to start the year and this is one resolution you can easily keep thanks to Mintd Box who have done all the hard work for you by finding amazing skincare products that will really work your skin ... all with an incredible saving too. 

The stars of this box for me are are ... well, every single product as not one has let me down or not worked for my skin so far so totally a dream box for me. I can't deny this box is definitely enhanced with the FULL sized Omorivicza Night Cream worth a massive £110 ... where you pay just £70 for everything. If you love this Night Cream or maybe want to try it then this the way to do it and discover some new things too.

I get so many of you saying how much you love the look of Mintd Box and I have been saying it since my very first box review back in August 2016; Mintd Box are unbeatable when it comes to high end luxury skincare so if you haven't subscribed yet then please make 2019 the year to start! You'll thank me, I swear to you.  

Skincare Resolutions, Mintd Box January
SO to recap, this box is worth over  £200/€230  for which you only pay £70/€80 per month or bi-monthly giving you a massive £130/€150 saving!! (+ you then get a FREE Omorovicza Elemental Emulsion if you sign up to a 3, 6 or 12 month plan!).

🌎Sign up to Mintd Box here and get free delivery in the UK but don't forget! - Mintd ships to UK, US, W Europe, North America and AustraliaFree Delivery For The UK for 3, 6 or 12 month plans.

How incredible is this month? This is a dream box! 
Let me know when you sign up.