February is a month that focuses hugely on Valentines Day, so we are surrounded with flowers, chocolates, perfume, champagne and so on ... yet I for one believe that every day should be a day to show that you love someone which doesn't always mean with material items either; but let's not deny that getting spoilt is always welcomed. You can't beat some good old fashioned romance and speaking of which, did you know that Queen Victoria and Prince Albert made perfumes for each other as a symbol of their love for another? It is this romantic tale which led me to fall in love with one of the most luxurious fragrance brands in the world who are responsible for those royal scents in question. I am currently obsessed with The Crown (on Netflix) so I just had to share this one in a post! 

One of the hardest blogging tasks is describing fragrance; getting your excitement and love across in writing isn't easy because for me a fragrance is a memory, a feeling, a way of life and it just becomes you. Anyone that wears fragrance has their own signature, the scent we want people around us to recognise us by. It is no secret that I am a huge fine fragrance fan and I look for scents that are unique and no one else has. there is nothing more satisfying than being complimented on your scent, it's just a feel good factor! 

In this huge industry there is premium and there is premium. I'm now talking about a brand that is classed as the 'most expensive in the world'; so what does expensive really smell like? Just think what Chanel is to the handbag world and Dom PĆ©rignon is to the Champagne World, Clive Christian is that to the Perfumery world. A fragrance fit for Royalty ... quite literally.

Clive Christian Perfume
This is in fact a brand whose background revolves around LOVE as each scent offers up one masculine and one feminine take on that same fragrance to simply compliment each other.

Clive Christian was established in 1999, England and is the world's leading independent perfume house with all perfumes containing between 20-25% pure perfumeThe brand’s predecessorthe Crown Perfumery Company established in 1872, is the only house ever to have been granted permission to use Queen Victoria’s crown on its bottles; an image that defines every bottle of Clive Christian perfume to this day. This British perfume house has designed many sought after fragrances and their famous  'No1' scent was in fact considered to be the most expensive perfume in the world back in 2001 and 2006. It sells for a whopping $2,150/€1894 per ounce and is still top of that list today. 

Clive Christian Perfume
The first time I discovered the brand Clive Christian was in my favourite perfumery store in Cannes called Taizo Perfumery and as you can readily imagine they have so many luxury brands that are truly unique and very extra. I remember inhaling every scent in the store though it was in fact my husband that fell in love with a Clive Christian perfume. However, I now feel like Valentines Day has come early and I have a (not-so) secret admirer as I was very kindly sent over this incredible Travel set by Clive Christian themselves to showcase just how special they are.

Clive Christian Perfume
Clive Christian Perfume
Clive Christian Perfume
This brings me on to explain why Clive Christian perfumes have 'pairings'. In ode to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert who made perfumes for each other as a symbol of their love for one another, many of the brands scents are created in matching pairs so that they offer a complimentary interpretation for him and her; yet still being the same perfume. Hence you have the 'Feminine' side and the 'Masculine' side but you can of course choose to wear which ever side you prefer. The perfumes can also all be layered up in which ever way you like.

As you can see, each lid of every bottle is in fact a crown and as I mentioned above, back in 1872 the brands predecessor Crown Perfumery catered for high society in London and Queen Victoria was so impressed by the perfumes that she allowed an image of her crown to be used for the cap of the bottle. As Clive Christian took over, the crown stopper still applies and symbolises the brands British quality and excellence. He has stuck to the same values by cutting no corners unlike a lot of other brands today that do so to lower costs but with a brand like this, it shall forever be opulent and extravagantClive Christian was in fact made an OBE in 2012 for services to luxury goods as the design of the bottle takes as much work as its contents.

Clive Christian Perfume
TRAVEL SET ORIGINAL COLLECTION, Feminine £195 3x10ml (also available in Masculine) here!
This is a perfect starter set that allows you take your scent with you wherever you go and gives you a mix of intense feminine perfumes containing a miniature 1872, No1 and X. Each 10ml bottle has the same intensity and concentration (20%) as the 50/100ml sizes but allows you discover which scent you love more. Obviously all fragrances are parfum and not a toilette. 

• 1872 - Citrus Floral (30ml £135 - 50ml £225 - 100ml £350) here!
A floral, fruity citrus that combines clean crisp top notes with the intense bouquet of Rose de Mai, one of the rarest ingredients in nature. This is fresh, light and a perfect summer perfume that shall make you feel like you are sitting in the French Riviera. 

• No1 - Floral Oriental (30ml £295 - 50ml £450) here!
The most expensive of them all, with top notes of Mirabelle Plum, White Peach and Bergamot which slowly reveal Jasmine, Carnation and Rose. This one is a rich, elegant, sophisticated scent that has an old fashioned feel to it but with a modern intake. I feel 'enchanting' is an ideal word to use here and a great choice for evenings and winter months. 

• X - Chypre Floral (30ml £135 - 50ml £225 - 100ml £350) here!
Exotic Chypre and Egyptian Jasmine make this exotic alongside Bergamot, Mandarin, Rhubarb, Cashmere and Cedarwood. This is such a unique scent which really takes me back to scents worn in my younger years. It feels very chic, sexy, modern and ideal for day or night. This may just be my new favourite. 

Clive Christian Perfume
Clive Christian Perfume
All three scents are beautiful and so very different from each other which is what makes this travel set a perfect idea should you want to get to know the brand. I personally tend to gravitate towards floral, oriental, powdery, spicy kind of notes in a fragrance so it's been a tough call choosing between X and No1, but I think that X feels more like me, hence it is surely my favourite.

Clive Christian Perfum

Clive Christian Perfume
Like Victora and Albert, I am in love. I feel some brands compromise on quality when it comes to making smaller sized sets but here you have a stunning black case which oozes luxury yet is still very lightweight and portable. The perfume bottles themselves are like my very own crown jewels being so luxurious and weighty and so beautiful to look at which makes them highly collectible. These 10ml bottles are the perfect size for any handbag (and look very at home in my Chanel) and definitely cause attention when you pull them out to use .... although I may save these ones for special occasions!

The perfume itself is very intense and being of a high concentration you don't need to use much which in turn means they will last on your skin all day and all night as I could in fact still smell it on my clothing the next day. Everything from the packaging, the design, the bottle .... is just exquisite. For me they are a symbol of British culture at its best and being British myself, I feel very honoured and special each time I wear them. 

Clive Christian Perfume
I love that Clive Christian make sample packs because this is a perfume that you need to wear on your skin before making your decision and the sample packs are just as luxurious as you can see from above where I have a few other scents to try out. 

The Travel Set is the ultimate unique gift for anyone - male or female - or an even better gift for yourself. 

Clive Christian Perfume
Obviously there is that luxury price tag due to the high concentration of these perfumes, but for those who are really into their fragrance (like me) and strive to find something unique and individual, will definitely find it within this family. Clive Christian Fragrances in my opinion are worth every single penny as they are so much more than just a scent as the story tells you.

Clive Christian Perfume
In addition to their classic collection, Clive Christian have a new line named Addictive Arts which uses pioneering perfume technology inspired by mood enhancing ingredients and the thrill and rush of hedonism. Not for the faint hearted as they retail for an impressive £525 (75ml) ... so I guess I need to go investigate.

Clive Christian fragrances are available to buy online here and are stocked in some of the worlds most luxurious stores including Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Net-a-Porter, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales; also available across the USA, Europe, Australia, Russia and the Middle East.

A big thank the Clive Christian team for this wonderful opportunity to be able to tell you all about an incredible brand who have captured my heart entirely.

Have your ventured into the world of Clive Christian fragrances yet? 
Please do let me know your thoughts!

* Travel Set was Gifted from the brand for review.
* Not sponsored.