30 December 2018

Hourglass • Confessions and Celebrations

2018 has seen my love for Hourglass grow bigger and bigger as their products make up much of my daily face. Hourglass is brand worth every single penny in my opinion. As well as their incredibly famous powders and blushers, their lipsticks are first class and the Holiday Set Collection is one that I have been using all over the festive periodYou have probably already seen these Limited Edition launches with the face palettes and lipstick sets but regardless, I wanted to share these  products I have been using on my face relentlessly should you need any guidance, or persuasion. Plus you can still purchase all individually so this is not just a seasonal trend

We are talking lips and face and it doesn't come more luxurious or fancier than this ... 
HOURGLASS  Holiday Collection 2018, Unlocked Palette
HOURGLASS  Holiday Collection 2018, Confession Lipstick
HOURGLASS  Holiday Collection 2018, Unlocked Palette
Hourglass face palettes are a collectable. They sell out almost instantly, they have a huge fan following and ultimately give you all that you want in a face palette. You don't need them all (unless you are a super fan) so being selective to what you want and need is key, and obviously the shades included! Not thing they do do, is cater to many skin tones and types so this is a very universal make-up item to own. 

The latest face palettes are the Ambient Lighting Edit Vol.4 and Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked. I purchased unlocked a few weeks back myself as I really could not let this one slip through my grasp as I only in fact own a few trio face palettes as they just never seem to run out. One of the things that most attracted me to Unlocked was the fact that all shades were in fact new so there was no danger of having them already in another palette or single. PLUS they are 100% Vegan and being a cruelty free brand, a portion of profits goes to supporting the Nonhuman Rights Project; and being the animal lover that I am, this makes me very happy. I love the new logo on the casing too, I just wish that other brands would take note. 

HOURGLASS  Holiday Collection 2018, Unlocked Palette
HOURGLASS  Holiday Collection 2018, Unlocked Palette
This may in fact already be sold out, so if you see it and are debating it, buy it! 
It features 6 new shades of powder, bronzer, blush and highlighter. This palette gives you a photo finish look to your skin and simply enhances your complexion with very little effort needed at all. The powders are so finely milled and soft and last a life time. This was a little darker than I anticipated so very fair skins shall probably find the setting powders too dark but for me, I can definitely wear them all and shall be even better for the summer time. The blushers and highlight powders for me are the stars of this show as the shades are absolutely stunning. In fact, my new favourites and I have loved Luminous Flush for many years now, so it may have been thrown off the top spot. 

These travel friendly palettes are everything you need to crate and finding a flawless looking face and not many other palettes can offer that. I know it isn't cheap but it really is worth investing in because you get serious value for money in my opinion. Do not let this one slip but should you need a lighter shade range or you can't track this one down then look into the Vol 4 palette as I know already I am going to have to buy it before it goes! It contains 4 bestselling and 2 new shades PLUS the bets thing of all, the limited edition metallic pink compact which is what threw me as I wanted the casing, I wont lie. It has me. 

So onto the thing that gets me very excited and is my passion, LIPSTICK! 

HOURGLASS  Holiday Collection 2018, Confession Lipstick Set
Again, a *limited edition lipstick set* which contains the 3 best selling shades from the Confession line. The slimline applicator is stunning already but the metallic pink sets it off even more. This was kindly sent over and it is pure love and addiction! 

HOURGLASS  Holiday Collection 2018, Confession Lipstick Set
HOURGLASS  Holiday Collection 2018, Confession Lipstick Set
The 3 Shades 
• I WOKE UP - dusty rose (lightest shade) 
• IF ONLY - deep rose (mid tone shade)
• I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT = red currant (darkest shade)
HOURGLASS  Holiday Collection 2018, Confession Lipstick Set
I have in fact already posted a full review about these amazing lipsticks from when they launched last year as they are some of my favourites to date due to their amazing creamy texture, strong pigmentation, long wear satin finish, the ability to refill and the fact that they got into any small handbag for any evening. They are spot on, just lip smacking perfection. If you want to read that full original review click here

The good news is that even though this set of three is limited edition, each shade is sold separately so if don't want all three, you can still select a favourite and purchase all year round! 

HOURGLASS  Holiday Collection 2018, Confession Lipstick Set
I love that I can now interchange the other shades that I own into this pink casing or swap back to gold should I need it to match a handbag say ... just so my thing! 

HOURGLASS  Holiday Collection 2018, Confession Lipstick Set
Hourglass Confession; Shade - If Only
Hourglass Confession; Shade - I Can't Live Without
As above, I am loving all three shades but these two in particular are really unique and unlike any others in my collection and so perfect if you want to warm up a nude or berry tone yet not be to over the top. 

HOURGLASS  Holiday Collection 2018, Confession Lipstick Set
Enjoy the New Year Celebrations and the biggest thank you to all of you who continue to stop by the blog for a read, those new readers, brands who have given me opportunities to try products .. and to all who support me in this venture as it really means the world!! 

Get your favourite lippy at the ready to see in the New Year in style! 


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