21 December 2017

Last Minute Gift & Sale Ideas

It happens every year, you blink and suddenly there are only a few days left until Christmas and you haven't started shopping yet or perhaps you need a last minute stocking filler or small gift? Seeing as my desk is jam packed full of Christmas goodies I thought I would put together a few last minute beauty ideas that shall get you out of trouble and items are easy to get your hands on last minute in stores. 

I wanted to share my love for a few products that I myself have bought or been kindly sent   as you may want to add them your own list after Christmas for the sales if all else fails. But Christmas or not, I have a big soft spot for all these brands and products ... 

Last minute, Beauty Gift Guide
FACE and BODY ...

Caudalie Gift Set
Caudalie Gift Set
Caudalie VinoSource Christmas Cracker, £9.50 / €11 (link here!)
This is perfect for a table or a secret santa gift! This cute cracker contains three of Caudalie's best selling hydration skincare essentials for dry and dehydrated skin i.e. most of us! Inside you get; 1 x Micellar Water (30ml), 1 x Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet (10ml), 1 x Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum (10ml). These miniatures are great for getting to know the range better or simply save them for when travelling, as I do! 

Caudalie Gift Set
Caudalie Gift Set
Caudalie Gift Set
• Caudalie Divine Body Collection, £27.55 / €32.80 (link here!)
A very luxurious body duo that emulates the Caudalie Spa feeling. This is the perfect duo to see you through the cold winter should you be needing some extra nourishment and TLC. Inside is; 1 x Divine Scrub (150g) and Divine Oil (50ml) Free! - as you technically only pay for the scrub! They are both full sized products and the packaging for this set is stunning. Definitely a gift that anyone would enjoy. I know I certainly will. 

Caudalie Gift Set
Caudalie Gift Set
• Caudalie Make-up Artists Secrets Set, £30.40 / €33.60 (link here!)
This is my favourite set out of the three because it includes two of my holy grail skincare items from Caudalie that I use religiously. Inside is; a Limited Edition Beauty Elixir (100ml) and French Kiss Tinted Lip Balm in Addiction - Free! - again you only pay for the elixir so get a nice little bonus buying this as a gift set. This is fantastic value for money and a gift that I highly recommend as I have used and raved about the Beauty Elixir for many years now as it really is an insider secret to glowing, healthy skin. Plus this bottle in particular is a collectors edition to celebrate 20 years of success and not available to buy alone which makes this set even more special. To be fair, you can't go far wrong with any of these gifts sets as they are all pretty darn amazing.

Crabtree and Evelyn Christmas Candles 
Crabtree and Evelyn Christmas Candles 
• Crabtree & Evelyn Christmas Candles, (link here!)
Now Christmas is not Christmas without a festive smelling candle let's face it and these mini's from Crabtree and Evelyn as absolutely stunning. I am a candle obsessive and not only do these candles look gorgeous but they smell just as good as they look too, plus they are rose gold ... win win! Think log fires, Christmas trees and party feels .... they shall infuse your home with just that. The White Cardamon Candle has notes of Mimosa and Mulled Spice where as The Red Berry and Fir Candle is a mix of Crimson Berries and Fir trees, both an English epitome of Christmas. Such a perfect gift for any candle lover or simply for yourself! How perfect would they be paired with a nice bath oil perhaps???

Beatitude Bath Oil
Beatitude Bath Oil

• Beatitude, Patience Bath Oil & Mini Christmas Cracker Gift (link here!)
Beatitude is new brand to me but wow, they sure can make a luxurious Bath Oil. These oils are so visually stunning and make any bath look inviting. Each oil is made with 100% natural ingredients with a mix of essential and plant oils. I love aromatherapy and the 'Patience' Bath Oil uses a blend of Rosemary, Lavender, Ginger and Juniperberry which helps to detox as well as ease knots, aches and pains. The ginger really comes through making it very warming, super relaxing and the scent shall fill your whole bathroom. These oils are especially non-greasy as they have been designed to disperse in water which I why I have fallen in love with them as I hate to feel oily. A Bath Oil such as this can make a great gift because people don't tend to treat themselves to luxury bath products but everyone needs time out after a long day so what better way to do so. 

As a Limited Edition for Christmas, Beatitude have designed some Crackers that each contain a 10ml bath oil - now that is the type of Christmas Cracker that I like! 
Soaper Duper, Zingy Ginger
Soaper Duper, Zingy Ginger
• Soaper Duper Body Products - Zingy Ginger Set, £26.50 (or £6 - £7 each!) (link here!)
If you read my blog or follow me on IG than you shall know my love for this brand as I rave about them all the time. This Zingy Ginger scent is my favourite scent of all and this Body Wash (500ml) and Body Scrub Duo Set (300ml x 2) is sure to give any body a boost. Infused with kukui and sweet almond oils, lime butter, eucalyptus, lemon, ginger and all without parabens, mineral oils and all bad stuff basically! You can read my review post in full if you want to know more here. But the great news is that if you are in the UK, then you can pick Soaper Duper up from Tesco and it's soaper cheap. Popped in a nice gift box or bag, it shall do the job well as the recipient is bound to LOVE it. 

Lancome Hypnose Sparklings Eyeshadow
Lancome Hypnose Sparklings Eyeshadow
• Lancóme Instatrends Sparklings Hypnose Eyeshadow, £22 (link here!)
These limited edition eyeshadows created by Lisa Eldridge are selling fast but will make any make-up lovers day. There are 4 shades in the collection, all black with a coloured glitter for a real intense smoky eye look. The pink glitter packaging is out of this world, hence why if you find them, I suggest gift one to a loved one or to yourself - they are amazing.

Chanel Rouge Allure Limited Edition Red
Chanel Rouge Allure Limited Edition Red
• Chanel Allure Velvet Limited Edition Lipsticks, No1, £30 (link here!)
This item shall 100% be on any true make-up lovers wish list. Just for the holidays, Chanel have dressed their traditional black and gold lipstick tubes in red. There are 4 new red shades created by the amazing Lucia Pica to match every skin tone; a red for all. As you can see, they are truly beautiful and would make a very special gift indeed. 

Dior Prescious Gems Collection 
• Dior, Precious Rocks Collection (link here!)
This has been one of my favourite Collections to launch this season and all of it has been in high demand, in particular the two Eyeshadow palettes, Ruby and Emerald. They simply stunning and again would make any make-up lover very happy. If you are after something special then do check out the collection if it hasn't sold already. 

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette 
• Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette, £60  (link here!)
You can never go far wrong by gifting anything Charlotte Tilbury in my book. The Instant Eye Palette in particular was the latest hottest eye launch and is perfect for any makeup fan as it contains a range of different neutral eyeshadows with 4 eye looks already prepared so that all occasions are covered. Charlotte Tilbury also do the most beautiful gift packaging so it definitely makes a perfect gift choice. 

Beauty Pie
• Beauty Pie, Gift Subscription! (Buy here!)
Beauty Pie again is a brand that I talk about a lot on my IG and Blog and it is growing bigger and better. You have to subscribe to the brand so that you are able to purchase all products at the factory cost, saving you a small fortune! I have written about it all here should you want to know more, but it's a brand that is gaining a lot of interest from many people in high places. A perfect gift idea would be to gift a membership which is £30 for 3 months or £99 for 12 months and trust me, it would be well received. 

Happy Socks
 • Happy Socks for Men & Women! (link here!)
Socks that really do make you happy. I mean, how cute it this box set? I know I love being extra cosy this time of year, so socks are a definite must and having a festive pair just adds to the fun of the holidays. Happy socks really do make the happiest socks as the patterns are so cool and fun so they make a brilliant gift and are way above your average sock buying! They are so soft and comfortable and both me and my hubby are wearing a pair!  For an extra luxe present you could pair them with a nice lipstick perhaps to make a small gift look a lot more! I really  love this brand as they are a genuinely fabulous company. 

NAILS .... 

Sensationail Express
Sensationail Express
 • Sensationail Express Gel Nail Polishes, £10  (link here!)
I have spoken about my holy grail 'at home gel polishes' many a time aka Sensationail. They have recently launched a few more shades including these fabulous new Glitter and Chrome finishes to get our nails party ready and they are stunning! You can read my full review here all about how they work but you simply use them with a nail lamp and being the Express formula means you only need the polish and no base/top coats and they shall still last a good week! You can easily pick them up from most drugstores i.e. Boots (UK), CVS (USA) for the perfect stocking filler, to add to a gift already or just for yourself! 

Kure Bazaar Nails
Kure Bazaar Nails
• KURE Bazaar Nail Polishes Gift Set (£42 or £16 each) (link here!)
If you prefer a polish then this is a brand that I am so excited to have discovered lately. Kure Bazaar are the first Nail Lacquers to be of 85% natural origin; based on wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn. The polishes basically detox the nail as you wear the colour yet they are super long wearing, have an ultra high shine and are very quick drying. I shall speak more about them soon as they have definitely sparked my interest and having used them, I am truly wowed. This set in particular is beautiful and could not be any better suited for me colour wise as this is all my kind of go-to shades. You can't beat a good nail polish. 

House of Fraser #BringMerryBack
❤️ House Of Fraser Charity Campaign to #BringMerryBack! 
I just wanted to end this post by bringing your attention to a very special campaign that House of Fraser are running in conjunction with Action for Children UK. In House of Fraser stores, there will be 'golden wishing trees' all across the country and all customers are invited to raise funds by purchasing a bauble/tag on which you can write a Christmas message or a favourite childhood memory. The baubles can then be hung on the golden trees or taken home to put on your own tree. 100% of the profit shall be donated to the Action for Children Charity for underprivileged children across the UK. Seeing as this is a time of giving, it's easy to share a message, so I shall be sharing mine on the Santa tag from House of Fraser below! If you can, do join me and do the same (ends 6th January 2018).

I hope this has helped to spark some ideas should you need a last minute shopping trip or you maybe making a list of items you want to target in the sales, either way, they will be great choices!

Last minute beauty gift guide 

I want to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and also to say a big Thank You to all of you who continually support me by reading this blog or following me on my other channels or even if you just stumble upon this article, it all truly means the world to know that my little space on the internet is doing some good. I love creating posts for you all to read which is why I hope to do it better and even more so in the New Year. 

Lots of love,


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