I was recently asked by a brand, what my Beauty Resolutions for the New Year ahead were so this really got me thinking. In general, I hate New Years resolutions because let's face it, we never stick to them, do we? But if you set a more realistic goal I feel it is definitely achievable. So by making a list of 'Beauty Resolutions' (a big part of my life!) I think putting them into action may just work. 

Apart from my main goal of getting more organised and creating more content for the blog that is not so delayed, I have come up with 5 beauty goals that are very achievable as there is quite a lot I personally need to change up and it may just give you ideas to do the same.

Beauty Resolutions 2018 
I have a bad habit of holding on to makeup and skincare then it expires, especially foundations, lipsticks and mascara! So my aim is to make sure that products are either used up, donated or thrown away if out of date. Hence more space for new things! 

Beauty Resolutions 2018 
Beauty Resolutions 2018 
I am guilty as a Beauty Blogger of having so many beauty products that I forget what I own then half of it ends up untouched. By rotating products and re-organising more often means that forgotten products are then chosen plus it then feels like you have new products all over again but haven’t spent a penny. A resolution I think many of us would benefit from! 

Beauty Resolutions 2018 
I always have big issues switching off at night as I sit in bed on my phone, reading my IG,  replying to comments etc and this doesn't help. Sleep is so important hence it's not called beauty sleep for nothing! 

Beauty Resolutions 2018 
4. INVEST IN SILK PILLOW CASES ... and Olivia Halle pjs! (Image courtesy of Fenwicks BondSt)
Silk pillow cases are proven to help safe guard against wrinkles and being in my later 30s now, I need to do all that I can to help keep my skin in the best condition possible, plus I feel they may help with resolution No.3 and help me to sleep more peacefully! 

Beauty Resolutions 2018 
I rarely get facials as I don't make the time plus I am a tad fussy (coming from a facialist background myself) so when I occasionally do, I always say to myself that I should do it more often as I always feel amazing afterwards and the last BLISS facial I had nearly a  year ago was out of this world. So it's time I put this into practice and have more me time because being sat in front of a computer screen all day writing blog posts calls for more pampering sessions!

Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
What are your Beauty Resolutions? - Come on, 2018, lets do this.