It would not be summer without a Cocktail themed Limited Edition Body Product from the Body Shop now, would it? As you know from a recent post (here), The Body Shop are a brand that has grown up with many of us and I think we have all tried a body butter or Shower Gel and we all have our favourite scent. Mine was the Almond line until they discontinued it but the new Almond and Honey line has kind of got me all in love. One thing I love about The Body Shop is how amazing all the Limited Editions smell and always just exactly like the name. 

This Summer the ever so popular Virgin Mojitio and Piñita Colada ranges are back! I was kindly sent two mini kits that can accompany me on my travels or just in my shower so I can share my love for these yummy tasting scents with you too. I am indeed a fan of a cocktail (or three) so if I can get one for my shower, then I am sold. I am just waiting for the Margarita version (please Body Shop!) seeing as that is my no1 drink of choice. 

I feel you do need the real thing in hand as you use these body products because the moment you smell these, you shall want to drink them. They are seriously that good. 

The Body Shop, Virgin Mojito  and Piñita colada
Onto the first, Virgin Mojito .... 

The Body Shop, Virgin Mojito 
The Body Shop, Virgin Mojito 
The Body Shop, Virgin Mojito 
The Body Shop, Virgin Mojito 
• Virgin Mojito Mini Gift Set, £10 Buy here!
A Citrus blend of mint and lime for the ultimate summer refreshment that shall have you thinking you are sat on a Sun drenched, Caribbean Island sipping the real thing. This cute set is perfect for any occasion containing a Shower Gel (60ml), Body Scrub (50ml) and Body Butter (50ml). 

I LOVE this scent as it really wakes you up in the best of ways and I am a massive fan of The Body Shop's body butters as they are so hydrating yet not greasy or sticky at all. You can use them as an after sun and smell amazing at the same time. 

The Body Shop, Pina Colada
• Piñita Colada Mini Gift Set, £10 Buy here!
If you are more of a Tropical fan then you won't be able to resist this scent of Pineapple Coconut that smells exactly like a Pina Colada. Containing a mini Shower Gel and Body Butter this really is the cutest little set and I have to say the shower gel is amazing and is in my shower as we speak. I am already going to get a back up of this one as it honestly smells so incredible. I am in love with this one hence you must go and have a sniff!! 

The Body Shop, Pina Colada

A great thing about these body products is that they usually go into a sale or promotion so they really are worth looking out for or go and have a sniff at least ... they are just too good to pass up.  

Another two exciting launches that I thought were worth a quick mention are the re-launch of their famous Vitamin E Cream and Mattifying Make-up Gel 
The Body Shop, Vitamin E Cream
The Body Shop, Vitamin E Cream
The Body Shop, Vitamin E Cream
Limited Edition Vitamin E Moisture Cream, £13 Buy here! (while stocks last 50ml/100ml) 
Designed by British Fashion Designer Eley Kishimoto, the best selling Vitamin E Cream facial moisturiser has had a stylish makeover. Lightweight, absorbs very easily into skin to protect and lock in moisture for all day hydration. Formulated with Vitamin E, 100% Hyaluronic Acid and Wheatgerm Oil helps with dryness and is suitable for all skins. How cute is this design?! I love it. I have grown up with this cult classic product as I think the Vitamin E Moisturisers and the matching Eye Cream were one of my first ever skincare buys as a teenager hence when I smell it, it holds many memories. I for one am a big fan of the range as its super affordable yet does a really good job. 

The Body Shop, Instamatte 
 NEW InstaMatte, £12 100% Vegan, Buy here! 
A make-up mattifying gel that is the quickest way to get rid of any shine on make-up free skin, on T-zones and foundation. This very handy make-up gem literally helps you with any unwanted shine situation for all skins. You can even use it on your lips to make glossy lipsticks matte or as an eyeshadow base! 

I love the name for a start as we all know we are Insta-obsessives. I have tried products such as this before but this one really is a good one. Highly recommend as being a shiny T-zone gal myself, this is a beauty gem for the summer. It really is a summer make-up bag essential. 

The Body Shop, Piñita Colada Collection
It is safe to agree that The Body Shop have summer covered. Fabulous summer launches that are all so affordable and yet so gorgeous so there is no need to feel any guilt when shopping. 

Have you tried any?
Keep up the good work Body Shop 👍