This is a very exciting reveal as this month marks Mintd Box's 1st Birthday and in that honour they are helping us to unleash our inner glow goddess just in time for the holidays. We are all after some glow, let's face it. 

I cannot believe that I have actually been reviewing Mintd Box now for a whole year but in that time I personally have to thank them for introducing me to so many amazing brands that have become staples to my beauty regime and maybe to yours too having had the chance to be able to share them all with you. I review a lot as a beauty blogger but I have to say that a highlight of my month is Mintd Box as the contents never fail to excite me. After one year they are still as unique as ever and stand tall above their competoriors to bring new beauty content to us every month. 

If you don't know about Mintd Box then please do head to a previous post here or search 'Mintd Box' where you can read about them in more detail. If you are looking for skincare products to give you that gorgeous glowing skin from head to toe then you shall definitely want to read on about some beauty gems right here .... 

Mintd Box, July, The Glow Edit 
The GLOW EDIT themed box for July is aimed at maintaining and improving your skin throughout the hotter months with staples to revitalise and energise your skin using active ingredients that are guaranteed to brighten, refresh, firm and smooth your skin from the inside out. The box contains 3 FULL SIZES plus 2 SUPER DELUXE SIZES that are all stocked in premium stores such as Space NK, Harvey Nichols and Net a Porter. 

Mintd Box, July, The Glow Edit 
Mintd Box, July, The Glow Edit 
Mintd Box, July, The Glow Edit 
The Luxury Contents:-
1. OSKIA Skincare Get Up & Glow Serum (Full Size £66) 
2. Anne Semonin Express Eye Ice Cubes (Full Size £43)
3. Supermood YouthGLo Baby Face Mask (Full Size £39) 
4. Omorovicza Gold Shimmer Body Oil (Super Deluxe £15) 
5. Quinteassentials White Elixir (Super Deluxe £8) 

For any new subscribers who purchase a 3 or 6 month plan, you shall receive the amazing newly launched Argentum Illuminating Bar worth a whopping £104 (from Net a Porter)! See last month's blog post for a full review of this product here

The contents of this July box are worth a whopping £171/€195 for which you only pay £65/€77 per month or bi-monthly giving you an enormous £106/€121 saving as opposed to buying all products individually. £106 saving?! That is some beauty saving I think you shall agree.

Mintd Box, July, The Glow Edit 
Mintd Box have really offered up something special this month with some products that have been on my very own wish list for some time, especially this first reveal (eeeek!) .... 

Mintd Box, July, The Glow Edit , OSkia Get Up and Glow serum 
Mintd Box, July, The Glow Edit , OSkia Get Up and Glow serum 
Mintd Box, July, The Glow Edit , OSkia Get Up and Glow serum 
1. OSKIA Skincare Get Up & Glow Serum (Full Size £66) Buy here!
A lightweight serum designed to energise and brighten by boosting your skin's oxygen intake to speed up cell renewal and improve efficiency. This has long term and instant results, with Milk Peptides and light reflecting particles to instantly lift and brighten whilst the signature ingredients such as Swiss Alps Stem Cells boost Collagen and fight free radicals to improve the texture of your skin. 

I was super excited beyond words to receive this as OSKIA is a brand of which I am a big fan of. I have recently fallen in love with their cult, Renaissance Gel Cleanser and Renaissance Mask so I knew it was possible that I was going to love this one. Turns out I do, massively! Oh my, this serum is a total dream as the moment I saw the pearlescent sheen that the serum has to it, I knew I wanted it on my face. I am a massive serum fan and this gel-serum absorbs beautifully into the skin with only a little needed as a little goes a long way. I obviously haven't used it long enough to tell you any long term results but first impressions are first class. My skin looks brighter and healthier after using this and the radiance it gives is divine. Used under makeup, it works so well as a make-up primer to help give your skin that natural glow and apparently you can also apply it over make-up to add a boost to your complexion. If you are looking for a good anti-ageing serum that shall add radiance to your skin then this is one for youThis is going to be a summer staple in my skincare routine that I know already know. I am in total love. Trust me, you need this one. 

Mintd Box, July, The Glow Edit, Anne Semonin Eye Cubes
Mintd Box, July, The Glow Edit, Anne Semonin Eye Cubes
2. Anne Semonin Express Eye Ice Cubes (Full Size £43) Buy here!
A very unique but brilliant concept with these Botanically rich cooling eye cubes, designed to treat dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles in one. Containing a blend of Marine Spring Water, Hesperidin, Hyaluronic Acid, Wild Indigo, Ginkgo Biloba and Gourd Extract all are used to help firm, hydrate and brighten. The cubes must be stored in the freezer for a minimum of 3 hours before use then turned out of the mould, wrapped up in the gauze provided then applied to the eye for as long as needed. You can even sweep them over your eyes and face before a night out to perk up your skin. 

This was another item that was on my own personal wishlist as this is so unique and I have never tried anything else quite like them. I am a big Anne Semonin fan as it was in fact Mintd Box that introduced me to the brand initially and now I cannot live without their Exfoliating Mask in my life, it works wonders for my skin. These cubes are in fact, amazing! Yes maybe a little fiddly for some I know, but if like me you like little beauty tasks then you shall love them. They feel incredible on your eyes, so cooling and soothing and make a great little pamper session. I wear contact lenses and use eye drops daily and working on a computer, being out in the sun etc all take its toll on my eyes so these are a god send. After using these cubes my eyes looked fresher and brighter and less tired. I often use eye patches if I have time in the morning to brighten up my skin before I do my make-up so these are a great addition to my collection. They would make a great gift as it's not really something you buy yourself even though you want to try them, hence I am so glad that they were part of Mintd Box and definitely the best way to try them for yourself.

Mintd Box, July, The Glow Edit, Supermood Youth Glow Mask
3. Supermood YouthGLo Baby Face Mask (Full Size £39) Buy here!
Supermood are a Finnish Skincare brand that use high quality, eco-friendly ingredients to create natural cosmetics. YouthGlo Baby Face Mask is designed to uplift tired skin and bring back that lost youthful glow. Vitamin A and C as well as Rosehip Oil give skin radiance, smooth fine lines and repair scars. Moth Bean is also a natural alternative to Retinol which helps repair sun damaged skin and signs of ageing. Green Tea, Ginkgo Biloba contain antioxidants that help prevent further damage and help to soothe and reduce redness. 

Any product that promises to make skin 'glow like a baby' has my attention. A totally new brand to me but I love a face mask so I was very keen to try it. First of all I have to say, I am not a fan of the scent. Scents are such a personal thing that can affect how you feel about a product but I try to never let that cloud my judgement as the mask itself was actually really nice. It has a rich creamy texture and my skin seemed to drink this in as what was a thick layer of mask, seemed to disappear into my skin immediately, but it did indeed feel softer once I removed it. This isn't my favourite of face masks but I think if you use it after the peel to which it's designed for then you would get a better result as it then becomes very nourishing. I shall maybe try it again after a peel and report back. 

Mintd Box, July, The Glow Edit, Omorovicza Gold Shimmer Oil
4. Omorovicza Gold Shimmer Body Oil, £52, 100ml (Super Deluxe £15) Buy here!
A golden shimmer oil for hair and body that leaves skin smooth and glowing with it's subtle gold particles. Awarded "Best Skin Glossing Oil' by Harpers Baazar, the key benefits include a powerful anti-immflamatory, the healing power of Calendula Oil, softens skin with Apricot Kernel and Vitamin A, boosts collagen production, leaves skin firmer and more supple ... to name a few. Not just an average body oil hey?! Suitable for Sensitive, Dry, Oily and Combination/Normal skins. 

I am very fussy when it comes to body oils as I hate the feel of being greasy and have a very few select favourites that I stick to so I am always reluctant to try new ones but the scent of ylang ylang as I opened it up got my attention. The scent is divine. Coconut, ylang yang, apricot, calendula ... my kind of body scent, plus the oil itself is just beautiful and so luxurious. This really does absorb well into the skin which impressed me more than I thought. The gold shimmer is very subtle so you shall naturally glow which is personally what I want from an oil. I don't like to use oils on my hair so for me this is body only and a great one for summer nights when you want to look sexy and sun kissed in a nice dress. This in full size is quite the splurge so having this deluxe size is a great addition to the box as I don't think I would invest in the large size personally. But I would like to try more from the brand as this is my first product that I have tried from them and I love it.

Mintd Box, July, The Glow Edit, Quinteassentials White Elixir Tea
Mintd Box, July, The Glow Edit, Quinteassentials White Elixir Tea
5. Quinteassentials White Elixir (Super Deluxe £8) Buy here!
Quinteassentials (don't you just love that name!) have made Tea into an art form. London Tea Designer, Bernadine Tay, uses her scientific knowledge to create unique blends and has won 7 Great Taste Awards out of her 13 blends and is now tea judge. That is so a job that I want! White Elixir is a premium white tea rich in anti-oxidants and charged with Superfood Spriralina Algae to promote a healthy complexion and inner glow. The tea has notes of Jasmine and can be served hot or cold over ice. The blends help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, promote weight loss and encourage healthy hair, skin and nail growth. Tea really does hold some serious power, especially this 'beautea'.

I am British, so of course I am a massive tea fan. I am a strong believer in Tea being good for the inside and the outside as it really can contribute to good skin, hence why I am such a big tea drinker and not a coffee one. I was crazy excited to find this inside the box because what is it with us Brits and Tea? It really is just a thing. I am proof of that lol. With this tea you have little infusing pouches and stirrers so you can infuse resting over a cup or enjoy it as a cold iced tea in the summer months. I love the fact that you have a QR code to scan which not only plays you a music track but acts as your tea timer so you get the perfect brew time. It is details like that which make me love them. So simple yet so well thought out, I truly am obsessed. This flavour tea, is my kind of tea. I don't do fruity as I my tea loves are Assam, Jasmine, Green, Mint, Earl Grey etc so this is my ideal. I am so happy to have discovered this brand thanks to Mintd Box once again. Fellow tea lovers, you must try! 

Mintd Box, July, The Glow Edit
Mintd Box, July, The Glow Edit
Anyone would think it was our Birthday with this amazing box of beauty goodies! 

It is safe to say a lot of these products shall be well loved by myself this Summer with the Oskia Glow Serum and my White Elixir Tea being real stars of the show and products that I highly recommend checking out. 

Another stunning line up from Mintd Box who I am so happy to wish a Very Happy 1st Birthday!! Well done for being so brilliant and unique! Cheryl puts in so much work behind the scenes to bring us all these amazing boxes month after month and all I can I say is that if you are still deciding about signing up to them then the fact that after a whole year, the boxes still excite ME and I review them on the blog ever month, says it all. This months box is a must have for starters. 

I was trying to choose my favourite box from the last year looking back over all my previous posts, but it is just impossible as there have been so many that I have loved, I cant call it! Mintd Box is just too damn good as they feed my beauty needs too well. 

Mintd Box, July, The Glow Edit
You can sign up to Mintd Box here with free delivery in the UK and free delivery on your first box using code WELCOME17. Available Worldwide and ships to UK, W Europe, North America and Australia! Don't forget, any new subscribers who purchase a 3 or 6 month plan shall receive the amazing newly launched Argentum Illuminating Bar worth a whopping £104 (from Net a Porter)!

Here is to another amazing, beauty filled year!
What is your favourite item from this month's box?