A Very Happy New Year to you all! So then 2017, a new beauty year is here and what better to kick start it than with January's Minted Box 'Rejuvenate' Edition

- Rejuvenate (verb)
make (someone or something) look or feel better, younger, or more vital. 

I think we can all agree that is what most of us are in need of right now after maybe eating and drinking perhaps a lot a little too much over the last few months weeks. Detox can often sound too much like hard work where as 'rejuvenation' is a lot nicer word to help describe a time for getting yourself feeling good. I am pretty sure you all know how Mintd Box works by now and if you don't then please go and check out one of previous un-boxings [here] and [here] which shall explain it all in full. The main difference between Mintd Box and other beauty subscription services is that there are no samples here, just real sized products which let you get to know a brand better so your fee is invested well in only high quality, luxurious, highly sought after products. There is no other beauty box out there that gives you better value than this one and satisfies a beauty lovers needs greatly. So let us dive into some welcomed pampering ... 

Mintd Box, January Rejuvenate 
Lets face it, it is very hard to get motivated in January and getting out of a relaxed slump is no easy task but with your beauty regime, it can be simple. The better your skin looks, the brighter and better your feel in yourself. We all know that. 

This months box contains 3 Full and 2 Super Sized high end beauty products stocked in luxury stores Harrods, Harvey Nicols and Net A Porter. One very exciting thing about this months box is that it contains a world exclusive launch of a brand new product from a well known, very popular brand! So let us unbox ... 

Mintd Box, January Rejuvenate 
Mintd Box, January Rejuvenate 
Mintd Box, January Rejuvenate 
Mintd Box, January Rejuvenate 
Mintd Box, January Rejuvenate 
Mintd Box, January Rejuvenate 
The Luxury Contents:-
1. *NEW* Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant (Travel Size £17/Full Size £55)
2. Sönd Hydrating Spray (Full Size £24)
3. Evidens Day Moisturiser (Travel Size £41/Full Size £205)
4. African Botanics Hand Cream (Full Size at £46)
5. MagicStripes 3x Deep Detox Masks (Full Size £31)  

The contents of this box have a combined value of over £159/€186 for which you only pay £65/€76 per month or bi-monthly giving you an enormous £94/€110 saving as opposed to buying all products individually. Another huge beauty saving!!! 

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant 
Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant 
Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant 
1. Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant (Travel Size £17/Full Size £55) link! 
This is a world exclusive launch to Mintd Box from Dermalogica so you and me can be one of the first to try out their latest skincare innovation (how super exciting!). Daily Super Exfoliant is not to be confused with the Daily Microfoliant as Dermalogica state they are indeed very different. The Superfoliant resurfaces skin and helps to prevent premature signs of pollution related ageing. It is a very unique super fine powder containing a pollutant absorbing ingredient, activated binchotan charcoal powder to extract dirt and oil as well as rice bran and lactic acid to help get rid of the dead skin cells. It is gentle enough to use daily but powerful enough to see instant results, and this is indeed very true. 

It is in fact super easy to use; simply pour out about half a tsp of powder into wet hands and slowly rub together until it all forms a foamy paste. Your hands must be wet for it to work! In circular motions, massage onto your face (avoid the eyes) then rinse. Now who says they dont have time to exfoliate? This is no longer an acceptable excuse! Sensitive skins can of course use this one too, just alternate the days you use it so your skin can acclimatise. 

So, is it any good you ask? 100% YES. The results are that of gorgeous glowing skin so I cannot sing it's praises highly enough. I actually love and prefer these types of powder exfoliants and this is the most advanced one that I have seen or used as yet. Trust me, this is a product that your skin shall thank you for and highly recommend getting your hands on this box for this product alone. This is a deluxe sized version but I actually thought this was the full size as it is more than sufficient to see your skin glow for a good while! 

Sond Hydrating Spray, Mintd Box
2. Sönd Hydrating Spray (Full Size £24) link!
A lightweight, refreshing moisture boost spray and toner containing an aqua based fusion of high strength silica that's easy and quick to use. It's powerful silica trademark ingredient works hard to bring relief to sensitive skins that are prone to eczema, psoriasis and acne. 

I was SO excited to see this product in my box as I am already a big fan of Sönd as I did in fact review their whole skincare line here on the blog last June and this product was one of my favourites from the line. This is a very unique anti-aging skincare line for sensitive skins. The Hydrating Face Spray is an intense spray instead that of a fine mist so you get a good shot of moisture to the skin in an instant. It has zero scent and leaves your skin feeling super hydrated and calm. This is perfect for any season as it's hydrating in the colder months and refreshing come the warmer months and also makes a great skin awakener! I love this product as it is the easiest way of soothing your skin and getting hydration into it fast, especially if you get that tight feeling, then a few mists of this and its gone. Very sensitive skins will love this one! I am actually using the Sönd Firm and Smooth serum again as my winter skin is appreciating it fully as are the products that follow it.  Do check out my previous review on the  whole line [here] should you want to know more. 

Evidens Day Moisturiser, Mintd Box
3. Evidens Day Moisturiser (Travel Size £41/Full Size £205) link!
A very luxurious day cream that brings immediate softness and comfort to your skin. It helps to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles whilst giving radiance back to the skin. Enriched with those magic ingredients Triple Collagen, QAI and moisturising agents, it gives youth, glow and firmness to the face, hence "rejuvenating". 

This does feel beautiful and very hydrating on the skin yet nice and lightweight. Being a very expensive brand this is a great way of trying the products and having enough to give it  a 'proper' trial before investing fully. For me, I save these more for when I travel as they are perfect especially when travel can play havoc with the skin then its nice to have something high powered and luxurious. We have seen Evidens make a few appearances now to Mintd Box which I know shall divide opinion for those who like to see new brands every month rather than a repeat. This product got me the least excited this month only because I feel that I know it already, not because it wasn't great, but newbies to this one shall love it.

African Botanics Hand Cream
4. African Botanics Hand Cream (Full Size at £46) link!
This is not just your average hand cream, oh no. Formulated to regenerate, repair, hydrate, soothe, even skin tone, brighten, restore, comfort and protect with Swiss Garden Cress, Alpine Rose, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid. It is jam packed with a bespoke blend of wild harvested African Oils, exotic butters and botanicals that soothe, soften and deeply hydrate to combat dryness and the appearance of age spots. I am sure if it could tuck you into bed at night too, then it would because that is what I call all singing all dancing!! I mean that ingredients list is like a dream spa menu. 

Now when I say this is a luxurious hand cream, I mean this is one heck of a luxurious hand cream as this is like treating your hands to a Chanel handbag. Being the hand cream obsessive that I am, I have firm favourites (i.e Haekels, Natura Ekos, Loccitane) and this is by far one of the the best I have ever used and goes top of that faves list. It makes your hands feel so nourished and soft without any heaviness or greasiness whatsoever. The scent is the winner for me as it is absolutely stunning and when using it you need to apply and inhale it as the Alpine Rose instantly hits you and literally transports you into a spa like mood. We have seen African Botanics before to Mintd Box and I am so glad to see them again. Their body products are crazy luxurious and yes, expensive which is why Mintd Box is such a great deal because there is no way most of us would spend £46 on a hand cream realistically without having tried it but now I see it is so worth that hefty price tag. If you are looking for not just a hand cream but an actual skincare treatment for your hands, then this is it. 

 MagicStripes 3x Deep Detox Masks
 MagicStripes 3x Deep Detox Masks
 MagicStripes 3x Deep Detox Masks
5. MagicStripes 3x Deep Detox Masks (Full Size £31) link!
Now this is most definitely a very innovative skincare item, a clay mask and a sheet mask combined! Magic stripes have combined an ultra fine clay and a microfibre mask sheet to not only clean the skin but help shape and tighten it too. This is the newest skin science for the good old clay mask. This mask deeply cleanses, helps to minimise pores, hydrates, clears, firms, tightens and smoothes fine lines. That is a lot of things for one sheet mask to be able to achieve.

This is probably the most fun I have had with a mask although the most messiest mask I have ever used too! I love masks that are almost a project so think back to art classes as a child when you had to cover a balloon in paper måché, well this is like that except your face is the balloon! It takes some faffing about with as this mask comes in two parts, top half of face and bottom half of face and you have plastic backings to remove so make sure you do this over a sink as you will get clay everywhere whilst trying to apply this one. It is so much fun plastering this on to your face and it sticks really well. Sit for about 20-30 minutes as you wait for the mask to set, looking like an Egyptian mummy. I did feel the tightening effects which tingled but caused no sensitivity or redness at all. Once dry, the mask peels off really easily and I could see it had really got into my t zone and cleaned out the pores! Afterwards my skin did in fact look really clear and felt extremely smooth, especially around the nose and cheek area so was really pleased with the result. This is definitely one of those masks to do when you have time on your hands and it's a Pj's and TV kind of night. We have seen MagicStripes make a few appearances now to Mintd Box and I am so glad as their products make skincare fun which makes you want to do a treatment. 

Mintd Box, January Rejuvenate 

January is off to a flying start as this months box is proof of so many new technologies and advancements that are to come in the skincare and beauty world and it excites me a great deal! I have loved trying out all these products and the stars for me have to be from Dermalogica and African Botanics

I know product repetition has divided opinion with Mintd Box as we shall always differ in what we like hence the bi-monthly subscription option is good should you maybe want to avoid the chances of that happening. I have loved this month's box (as I always do) as it has definitely helped me feel much more rejuvenated for the New Year! Hats off to the Mintd Team once again for amazing work.

If you fancy trying this box for yourself then head over to www.mintdbox.com and get FREE DELIVERY on your first box when you sign up using the promo code WELCOME17Ships to UK, W Europe, North America and Australia. I suggest you grab yours fast! 

What shall rejuvenate you this month?