Is it me or did November and December go by in the blink of an eyelash? It really did. I hope you all had lovely festive Christmas break (for those who celebrate) and the New Year is almost here. Having not missed a monthly round up post yet and knowing how much these posts are loved, I have combined what I have been loving over November/December together, as the time really has flown by feeling like the past two months were in fact one! I could in all fairness list to you an endless amount of products but like always, I have picked out those key star players that have shone. You can see what other beauty gems I have been loving over on my Instagram {here} .... So let's jump in .... 

Beauty Stars of the month 
Beauty Stars of the month 
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette 
1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette {here}
Possibly the most talked about launch from ABH this year. Modern Renaissance is an absolutely stunning eyeshadow palette with a massive following. It contains a collection of matte and metallic shades making this the perfect palette for creating some very pretty looks. The beautiful mix of pinks, taupes and berry shades are all super pigmented, very colour true and blend like a dream. This is Autumn/Winter in palette form but still very versatile whatever the season. I am not usually a lover of palettes that have a velvet case as they get so messy, but the pretty pink shade makes this very acceptable. I love it and only wished I had got my hands on this one sooner. There is a waiting list for this so my advice is that if you don't already own it, then get on that list!

Charlotte Tilbury Film Noir Nights, Lipstick and Liner Set
2. Charlotte Tilbury Film Noir Nights, Lipstick and Liner Set {here}
You may recognise this power couple from a few posts back where I spoke about them in full so head on over here if you want know more details and see this look worn in full. This limited edition duo has to be my favourite make-up set from the last few months as the light up presentation box really makes it exciting. The special edition lipstick shade in Opium Noir is absolutely stunning and a lip shade that has gracing my lips for many weeks now. The eyeliner is the best black kohl liner out there and one that I recommend highly so as always, Charlotte Tilbury has done it again by dominating the make up world and being a true winner for me. 

Too Faced Sketch Marker
Too Faced Sketch Mark
3. Too Faced Sketch Marker {here}
First things first, you need this. Why is that you ask? Because this is simply the best liquid eye liner that I have used to date, period. A strong statement I know, but it really is just amazing. The Sketch Marker is a liquid liner inspired by Japanese Calligraphy Pens, formulated to act as a drawing ink. The pointed felt tip nib is very flexible allowing you to use it like a brush to create the best cat eye flicks. Even though I wear a liner flick most of the time, I still hate the stress of doing them but this cuts the time in half as it makes it so easy!! I did fall in love with the Lancome Grandiose liner (post here) but I just found that it ran out so quickly and for the price, it wasn't very cost effective. This one however has not dried up, does not need shaking up half way through a flick and guides your angle perfectly. It is a very opaque black that does not transfer being a waterproof formula but removes easily with my Bioderma H20 make up remover. I saw Nic from Pixiwoo use the brown version on her brows as you can create the best hair like strokes with this tip, which I thought was a great idea! This is the one liquid liner you need in your makeup bag and there are so many shades too, so be sure to check this one out if you are on the hunt for a fantastic liquid liner. 

Bobbi Brown Sequin Eye Shadow, Rose Gold 
4. Bobbi Brown Sequin Eye Shadow, Rose Gold {here}
As soon as I swatched this eyeshadow in store, I was sold. Possibly the prettiest sparkly eyeshadow I have seen all year and being rose gold it was inevitable I was going to fall in love with it. This is a part of the Wine and Chocolate Winter Collection and these sequin eyeshadows are the stars of the show, as well as my monthly stars. No image does this shadow the justice it deserves so if you happen to be near a BB counter, please do have a look at this one for yourself. It is like real life star dust that gives a wash of colour to the eye but with tons of sparkle making this a good eyeshadow 'topper'. This is what I call a 'grown up glitter' without being too in your face, it's subtle yet gives you a party like feel. The gold embossed crest casing makes this eyeshadow even more divine. There are a few more shades that I sadly couldn't get my hands on, but all just as beautiful and so perfect for the festive weeks. 

Natura Creamy Hand Balm
5. Natura Creamy Hand Balm {here}
I love a good hand cream and one day I just happened to come across this one in my stocks from a recent BirchboxFr and instantly put it on my desk to use daily as it is absolutely brilliant. You know that feeling when you apply a good cream - smells good, feels good and doesn't feel sticky or heavy afterwards .. I had that exact moment with this one. It is a brand I have never come across before so I instantly googled to read more about it. It is a Brazilian brand this 'balm' is enriched with Brazil Nut oil and helps to strengthen your nails at the same time as giving all day moisturisation. It kind of leaves a lovely protective layer over your skin and the scent is just amazing that I could smell it all day long. My favourite hand creams have to be Haekels, Kiehls, Loccitane and now this one, all of which I highly recommend.

Lilibeth Precious Gems Brow Shaper Collection 
Lilibeth Precious Gems Brow Shaper Collection 
Lilibeth Precious Gems Brow Shaper Collection 
6. Lilibeth Precious Gems Brow Shaper Collection {here}
I have indeed spoken about this must have beauty tool in full detail {here} as it is one of those beauty essentials that makes so much life easier. The Brow Shaper is a mini tool that allows you create perfect eyebrows without plucking, waxing or threading. It has a stainless-steel coated sculptor that is designed not to cut or irritate delicate skin areas. We all have those fine fluffy brow hairs that make them look untidy and tweezers just can't get at them, well this can. It is not just for brows, it also works on the upper lip, chin, along the cheek, back of neck between hair cuts etc and bikini line should you need a little 'tidy up'. Basically anywhere that you have unwanted hair, use it. It DOES NOT encourage harsh or heavy regrowth rest assured! 

Lilibeth have launched the Precious Gems Collection containing a Black Shaper and a limited edition Purple Glitter shaper, totalling 6 months worth of hair removal! It is stunning and so pretty that I find myself just staring at it ... a magpie I am. The purple glitter shaper has been specially and cleverly designed to ensure no glitter fall out as we all know how annoying that is with any glitter product. A great gift idea for you or a friend (male and female!) as we all need one of these in our stocks for sure. ** Use code IBFKELLY for 10% off when you purchase through Instant Beauty Fix {here} **

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Gel
7. Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Gel {here}
After falling in love with one their face masks recently {here} I was so excited to try out more skincare from the beautiful Spa brand that is BLISSUK. I am always keen to try new eye products as the eyes are that one place that always needs a little, or a lot of help. Triple Oxygen treatments are what BLISS are famously known for in their Spa which are all about giving radiance back to the skin. This triple oxygen cooling eye gel contains caffeine to help deflate and depuff, soft focus powders to help fade fine lines and lots of Vitamin C to help lift and revitalise tired looking eyes. I think I can check all the boxes so this has been a god send to use, making it's way into being one of my favourite eye products. It honestly feels amazing as soon as you apply it and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my eye area as they seem to look a lot brighter and smoother which means less concealer is needed. One to try if you are in need of a little 'sleep in a bottle'.

MAC Mariah Carey, Mcizzle Lipstick, New ombre lip liner
MAC Mariah Carey, Mcizzle Lipstick, New ombre lip liner
8. MAC Mariah Carey Collaboration Collection
I had to add this collection in last minute as MAC have certainly been on fire the last few months with the hugely popular Liptensity (LOVE them) and Nut Cracker Launches and to finish off the year with a bang came the Mariah Carey Collection. Now this collection for me was very underwhelming as it consists mainly of a lot of nude lip shades, cool eye tones and a yellow bronze shimmer powder and all very standard in truth, but we all have to admit, the only reason you buy this collection is for the packaging. I mean look at it, it truly is stunning and sparkles like a diamond (even the card packaging too). The beautiful detailing like the butterly embossing on the lipsticks and the Mariah face on the powder proves that MAC really did go all out with this one and really does represent Mariah as we know her, famed for her love of sparkle and butterflies. Being the magpie that I am and eager to own a piece of 'sparkle' I picked up two items that I did in fact like, Mcizzle, a nude pink lipstick and the matching lip liner, New Ombré and together they make a beautiful combination. The collection sold out almost immediately being every makeup collectors dream but do look out for it should you see this in stores! 

Beauty Stars of the month 
Lots of top Beauty Stars I think you can agree which sums up what has been an incredible year in beauty. Maybe a New Year gift to yourself? But whatever the reason, all great products to try out ... anything grabbed your attention? 

I would just like to say a very Happy New Year to all of you who read and support my blog, you really are the best and I truly appreciate each and every read, comment and moment of your time. It means the world. See you in 2017 for some top new beauty stars! 
Lots of love,
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