As we enter this New Year, I for one am so ready for Spring/Summer as I am so over the cold now. I talked about rejuvenation for the skin on my last post, so what about a little for the body too? What better way to get your body hydrated for spring/summer than with a good nourishing oil and with the added bonus of some tan and shimmer, it skims over the bits we might want/need to hide! Shimmer Oils are the perfect accessory to make your body, hair and skin glow. Having never tried or heard of the brand Bellamianta before, I was kindly given the opportunity to try them out for review. A little heads up, with the January sales in full flow, this is one of those products you should be bookmarking!

Bellamianta is a new Irish brand on the scene, standing for 'beautiful aspirations'. Their range offers clean, nutritious, luxury tanning products formulated with clean ingredients yet delivering top quality results. Their formulas have built in nourishment, hydration and are all quick drying to give streak free results. 

Now having just found a self tan that I really love and swear by [here] I wanted to try the Bellamianta body oil to see how it faired as I am very fussy and not usually a fan of shimmering body oils as they can sometimes be too heavy and greasy, but this one may just have knocked all others out of the ball park and made me want to explore the brand further .... let me tell you why. 

Bellamianta Shimmering Dry Body Oil, Shimmer and Shine Set
As I said, I personally chose this particular gift set myself and I am so glad that I did. This Luxury Shimmer and Shine Set contains a 50ml bottle of Shimmering Body Oil and a Luxury Finishing Mitt

Bellamianta have created a unique blend of precious oils that work to illuminate, nourish and soften your skin, leaving you with a shimmering sun kissed glow. The key ingredient is Lecithin which helps to fight cellulite, hydrate, tone, firm and stimulate collagen. This in combination with Avocado oil, Vitamin E, and Sea Buckthorn Fruit Extract work together to help brighten and rejuvenate your skin. Now that I instantly liked the sound of; Who wouldn't?! 

Bellamianta believe in giving the best, healthiest and cleanest formulas without compromising on performance, hence all products are free from ... 
- Parabens.
- Harsh Chemicals.
- Genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s).
- Perfume.
- Alcohol.
- Animal derivatives.
- Petrochemicals.
- Sulphates.
- Silicones.


Bellamianta Shimmering Dry Body Oil, Shimmer and Shine Set
Bellamianta Shimmering Dry Body Oil, Shimmer and Shine Set
Bellamianta Shimmering Dry Body Oil, Shimmer and Shine Set
Bellamianta Shimmering Dry Body Oil, Shimmer and Shine Set
The first thing that stood out for me, apart from the stunning shimmer of this oil of course, is the scent. Most body oils all smell the same but having a scent of bergamot makes this oil even more divine. It smells heavenly on the body and you cannot help but keep smelling your skin! This has changed the way I feel about body oils totally. It is lightweight, absorbs instantly, makes my skin feel incredibly soft, smells amazing and gives the most beautiful shimmering tan without being too much and even more importantly non orange. The bottle has an easy dropper application that seals up well so you can easily travel with this one. 

You can of course also use this oil in your hair to add shine and on your face to highlight and add some radiance. Oily skins may want to avoid the face but it does make a beautiful highlighter when lightly tapped on top of the cheekbones. It does however look stunning on the décolleté and down the front/back of the legs; Very sexy! 

I call that a huge hit. A truly beautiful body oil that is actually very similar to the Nuxe Huile Prodigiuese Oil but a lot less expensive with a 'clean' formulation. I did try the Burberry body shimmer oil recently which was indeed very lovely, but if you are not a fan of the Burberry perfume then this is a fantastic alternative. I think this one shall appeal to so many of us because it is a beautiful full body, skincare product and not just a cosmetic thing. If you love body oils or you are yet to find one that suits, then you should certainly give this one a try. 

Bellamianta Shimmering Dry Body Oil, Shimmer and Shine Set
A must have for any events you may be glamming up for but so ideal to get your body feeling hydrated post winter and how gorgeous this shall be in summer months to help enhance your sun kissed skin, whether it be real or fake! 

Bellamianta Shimmering Dry Body Oil, Shimmer and Shine Set
This is a January Sale bargain because should you want to try it for yourself, I just noticed this whole set is on sale for the bargain price of just £13 instead of £20 from [here] and Cloud10Beauty [here] both offering international delivery; I am stocking up.

I excitingly have the Bellamianta self tan to try next, so stay tuned to my blog and Instagram for my thoughts about that one seeing as I have a tan that I truly adore, so can it deliver? We shall see!

Let's shake those winter blues and go forth and Be Bella Bronzed! 
Are you a body oil fan?