17 October 2014

GHD Rose Gold Deluxe Limited Edition Set

The moment that I read that the gods of hair straightening aka ghd had launched a Rose Gold Limited Edition Collection, I think I hyperventilated. Anyone who knows me well knows this was made for me as not only am I a huge ghd fan (having owned about 7 pairs now) but I am obsessed with anything rose gold - it was even my wedding colour scheme for goodness sake. Yes, I love all things hair and all things rose gold - so this was very exciting.

After I managed to calm down from this revelation, my most amazing husband in the world as he is now known, ordered for me the ghd rose gold deluxe Set as a surprise gift - I think I screamed. Oh he did good and scores big husband points for this purchase.

The deluxe set includes the ghd V styler and the ghd Air hairdryer, something I was very excited to try to test if it was worth the expense like the styler is as we know that ghd products are not cheap.

GHD rose gold deluxe limited edition set
GHD rose gold deluxe limited edition set
GHD rose gold deluxe limited edition set
GHD rose gold deluxe limited edition set
GHD rose gold deluxe limited edition set
GHD rose gold deluxe limited edition set
This set also comes with some attachments - a V styler protective plate guard (sadly not rose gold) and two sizes of hairdryer nozzle. 

GHD rose gold deluxe limited edition set
The smaller Air dryer nozzle is designed for general drying all over the hair and wider sized nozzle is designed to direct heat on just one section of hair for a smoother, sleeker finish when using a brush. The Air dryer has variable power, temperature control and a cool shot button.

The control buttons are on the outside of the handle which has been ergonomically deigned for both left handed and right handed users - very cleverly thought out.

GHD rose gold deluxe limited edition set
The instant appearance of this collection is absolutely stunning as who knew a hairdryer or straightener could actually be a work of art. I have always been a loyal customer of ghd as I have never found any other brand to quite match up to them and I would highly recommend ghd to anybody as I believe they are most definitely the best stylers. As a company they look after loyalty which I think is very rare these days and is worth remembering when investing in any ghd product.

Whats New with the Ghd V Styler ...
I didn't expect this ghd styler to be any different from the original latest edition apart from being rose gold, but I instantly noticed when using them for the first time how lighter they are and weigh hardly anything which is great for travel especially seeing as they have a universal voltage. They heat up insanely quick and I like the fact that it has the safety switch off function too as we are all guilty of leaving them on and this makes sure no accidents can happen! The plate guard is a great accessory as I have one for my last set and it really helps if you are traveling with them and need to pack them away quickly as this lets you do that by covering the hot plates. The plates also seem to glide through hair a lot easier than my last set did which means I hold the heat on my hair for less time which is a lot better.

Now, the Air Dryer ... 
After eyeing this up for months I can safely say this hairdryer is 100% worth every single pennyI mean its actually incredible and didn't think a hairdryer could ever be this good which made me realise that my last one was pretty rubbish in comparison to this. I can never blow dry my hair like any hairdresser does as it is impossible but I tell you no lie, after using this for the first time I looked and felt like I had been to the salon and I actually enjoyed drying my hair for once, so much so I honestly cannot wait to dry my hair again which sounds silly but if you have tried this Air dryer then you shall know what I am talking about!

My results that I achieved using both stylers together .... in no time at all.
GHD rose gold deluxe limited edition set
The Air dryer is so quiet I had to check that I had it on full speed as I couldn't actually tell, even with a 2100W strength motor thats powerfully quiet! It dried my hair in half the time than normal so it most definitely lives up to all its claims and its worth the investment just for that reason alone as less heat means less damage.

The best thing about the Air Dryer is the wider nozzle option as once I had generally dried off most of my hair with the smaller nozzle, I changed to the wider one and used it with a big round barrel brush to add some volume at the roots and sleekness to the lengths as this nozzle directs all the air flow direct to one section of hair stopping any other bits of hair getting blown around and what gives you that salon finish. This is what I call my 'hairdresser nozzle' as I feel very professional when using this one! My hair even stayed sleek and straight the next day and needed hardly any work doing to it - this never normally happens when I blow dry it myself so I was even more impressed.

Now this Air dryer is not lightweight - it is heavy so not ideal for travel if you have a tight luggage weight allowance but definitely one to keep and use at home so you can achieve professional results because believe me, you shall do with and minimal effort too. 

This limited rose gold ghd collection is certainly pretty and on trend with the rose gold but most definitely a worthwhile investment for your hair. There are other choices in the collection so if you wanted to buy the stylers separately then you can do so, along with some other limited edition stylers.Luckily I now have plenty of ghd back-up which if you too are a ghd fan you shall know just how important this is, as being without them is just not an option!

- You can view the whole rose gold collection here but remember it is limited edition!
- GHD products are also available here online with free worldwide delivery!

What do you think about this collection?
I now have my eye on a ghd curl wand .... has anyone tried them? 

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