"For every two minutes of glamour, there are eight hours of hard work". - Jessica Savitch, Broadcaster

Its very fair to say that over the last few weeks, a huge amount of glamour arrived here in the South of France, with two of the most famous celebrated worldwide events taking place, the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco F1 Grand Prix 2013Thats a 'whole lotta' celebrities, glamour, glitz, make-up, hair spray, oh and some rain to add to the event (yes it rains here).

Living in Monaco can give you a real insight into 'behind the scenes' which I personally love and to be able to be a part of even just a small bit of any of these events is just a great opportunity. I was very lucky to be watching the Monaco Grand Prix from the comfort of a very luxurious Sunseeker Yacht which was moored trackside so I was fully enveloped in the whole weekend celebrations - and my my, what a weekend of celebrations it was (eye masks were at the ready!!).

I thought I would just share with you from a more 'beauty point of view', some of my favourite make up looks that made an appearance on the red carpet this week and who I thought just blew everyone away with their red carpet beauty. Maybe next time you have a red carpet event to attend or even just a birthday party then maybe you shall be inspired to try and recreate one of these beautiful looks..... 

Cannes Film Festival 2013
 Red Carpet Make-up Looks
1. Nicole Kidman -  Her look is that of very 'simple glamour' with a soft, simple smokey eye, flawless looking skin (as always), a more pink toned red lip and soft natural blush, minimal contouring but still a strong brow to pull the while look together. I am a huge Nicole fan as I think she just oozes beauty and glamour and ages so very gracefully. I love the hair too as keeps this look quirky and modern. 

2. Carey Mulligan - A very sexy, modern red lip look with the sleek hair going on. This look is all about the lip with just a strong top liner on the eyes and more contoured skin as opposed to a coloured blush. Simple and works for anyone wanting an easy, strong red carpet look. 

3. Aishwarya Rai - This look of a strong smokey eye, contoured cheeks and a pale lip fits perfectly. The main focus point of this make up is the eyes, which you shall notice you are instantly drawn too! 

4. Cara Delevingne - The most beautiful model of the moment in my opinion. Cara can carry any make up look, however simple or wacky, and make it look simply amazing (don't you just hate that?!). I adore this incredibly strong look that only some people can carry off without making them look like a drag queen. Every aspect of this make-up is a focus point, the brows, lips, eyes ... true red carpet glamour. 

 Red Carpet Make-up Looks 

1. Cheryl Cole - Cheryl always manages to look stunning what ever look she wears. Sponsored by Loreal, she is a definitely the best face to entice you into buying high street branded make-up. Cheryl always goes heavy on the eyes as her focal point but with this toned down, more natural look, she still looks every inch of glamour.

2. Freida Pinto  - A very classic red carpet look with a strong but 'orange' based red lip this time, defined dark eyes and lightly contoured cheeks. Such an elegant make up look that looks very done without being too much.

3. & 4. Isla Fisher  - Personally I think Isla is just naturally so beautiful with her amazing red hair and pale skin tone and I just loved both of these looks on her. You can see here how a classic red lip vs a smoky eye can completely transform you depending on what 'mood' you may be in or what 'outfit' you are trying to match.

Monaco F1 GP 2013
Glamorous 'Day' Make-Up Looks 

1. Charlene, Princess of Monaco - Charlene oozes style, simplicity, elegance and is full of natural beauty. I love her smoky eye and lined eyes here along with her flawless skin .... oh to have that face shape and skin! Simply divine.

2. Nicole Scherzinger  - Does Nicole ever not look amazing?! I would kill to have her looks and figure! Embracing that healthy 'summer glow' and well groomed looks makes the perfect daytime make-up for any skin tone.

3. & 4. Cameron Diaz  - Cameron has suffered for years with bad skin/acne but from these pictures you would never know that. I think she caught some rays whilst here maybe as she looks very radiant and glowing! Both very simple looks that just enhance her natural beauty by defining key areas like the brows and eyes. When fair haired its important to fill in your brows to pull your look together and look more polished but more importantly to frame the face. 

Keep subscribed to my blog as soon to follow this post shall be some ideas on how to create your very own 'red carpet make up looks' and must have products!

Sneak peek at what me and my very own 'Red Carpet Ladies' got up too - here's to you ladies (you all know who you are!)

Oh so very Sex and the City ;-)
Monaco 2013 GP Weekend (Make-up, lashes by KelliLash)

Make-up your own Red Carpet Event <3