Need a break from your falsies & eyelash extensions but dread the idea of going 'au natural'? I know I did. All it takes is some lash TLC and a few tips on how to make the most of what lashes you naturally have. Giving your eyelashes a small break in between any enhancements shall benefit them a great deal making your extensions last better the next time round. Don't forget our eyelashes are exposed to the same environmental stresses as our body aswell as mascara application, curling, rubbing etc so TLC is very necessary.

One of my most read blog posts is How to get long lashes, the natural way and is the most asked question from you all.

1. Condition Your Eyelashes
Just like the hair on our head needing conditioning treatments to keep it strong and healthy, so do our lashes. There are many conditioning and lash growth serums on the market today and in my opinion a good one can work miracles! These serums help to speed up the growth of your eyelashes, encourage new growth and help to thicken them. It shan't happen over night and each person shall see individual results in different time slots but you are certain to see a big difference thats for sure.

Oils such as olive and castor oil can help to stimulate the hair follicles along with petroleum jelly. Applying one of these to a clean mascara wand, brushing through the lashes and leaving on overnight can result in seeing longer, fuller lashes within 2-3 months. 

Some treatments that I know and love ....
KelliLash, lash growth products 
1. Latisse here (the most medical treatment)
2. Enormous Lash here
3. Revitalash here
4. RapidLash here
5. Talika Lipocils here 
6. Talika Conditioning eye make-up cleanser here

2. Tinting, Perming & Lash Lifts
Having your eyelashes tinted instantly makes a difference to the fullness and length of your eyelashes especially if you are fair haired as you shall be able to see all those lashes. The darkness at the root creates a fuller look giving you thicker looking lashes and the ability to feel confident when not wearing mascara. Men actually tend to get their lashes tinted to give their eyes a more piercing look without looking like they are wearing make-up. This treatment can either be done professionally by a beauty professional, beauty salon or by yourself with a simple home kit, available here

Eyelash Perming and a Lash Lift gives the lashes a permanently curled up look, without having to keep curling them daily with your eyelash curlers. The eyes then appear more awake, brighter and the lashes look longer and more defined. This is professionally done with a solution that holds the curl for weeks as opposed to days. Visit here for further details. 
KelliLash, Lash Lifts
3. Cosmetic Products - Mascara, Primer, Lash Fibres
Using a lash primer on your eyelashes as a base coat before applying your mascara can give even the smallest of lashes incredible volume and length to amplify your mascaras effect. Lash primers are normally white and of a creamy consistency and you apply them in the same way as you do your mascara right before actually applying your mascara. They are also vitamin enriched to condition and fortify your lashes to protect against breakage. I highly recommend trying one out if you haven't already as they are available from many brands such as Kiko, Bourjois, Lancome, Dior and so on (there are loads!). 

Lash fibres are another great way to add extra length and volume to your lashes as the teeny tiny hair fibres grab hold of your mascara creating an extension to your eyelashes that is easily removed when you take off your eye make-up, read more here

A good Mascara is key lash lovers! Look for mascaras that are multi-tasking that shall add volume, length & definition as these shall ensure the maximum impact on those lashes of yours. Check out my blog post here to find out which ones I love the most. You shall see below is a product called Talika Lipocils & Black, this is a double ended serum and mascara duo, what a genius idea! A few ideas below to maybe try out ....
KelliLash, Lash builders
1. Benefit They're Real mascara here
2. Diorshow Maximiser lash lumping serum here
3. Talika lash extender here
4. KIKO building base mascara here
5. Lipocils & Black serum/mascara duo here
6. Blinc lash primer here

4. Make-Up Tricks!
A few make up tricks can do wonders to your face (trust me) and the same goes for our lashes, all it takes is a little make-up trickery thats easy.

Tight-lining - I was taught this tip by Laura Mercier who are famous for this super simple makeup trick that will make your lashes appear longer and thicker in seconds. Instead of lining above the lashes, the way you would apply a liquid/gel liner, work your liner product underneath the roots of your lashes into the water line. All you need is a gel liner or a shadow that you can wet and a small flat or angled brush to manoeuvre your product into the roots to fill in any gaps in-between your lashes. The eyeliner makes the lashes appear to start farther back on the eyelid, thus making them look longer!
KeliLash, Laura Mercier Tight linin
Laura Mercier, Flat liner brush
Curling - Using an eyelash curler before you apply mascara shall open up the eye and point the lashes to the sky not the floor! Heated eyelash curlers are great for lifting the lashes as opposed to clamping them if you struggle with them, see here.

Waterproof Mascara - If your eyelashes are short and straight and mascara weighs them down and you struggle to hold a curl once you have applied your mascara then try using a waterproof mascara. Waterproof formulations are designed to hold the lash up so after curling them, apply a coat of waterproof straight away and this shall keep them curled, making them appear a lot longer. 

Coloured Mascaras - Applying a coloured mascara to just your top lashes shall enhance your eye colour aswell as making your lashes look longer. Also try using a black mascara on the top lashes and a coloured one just on the bottom lashes to really make the eyes pop. 

Liquid Eyeliner on the lashes - Take a liquid liner and apply it in small strokes to the lashes then once dry apply your mascara. This shall darken the lashes and really intensify them.

5. After Care
Brush your lashes gently with a lash comb daily as like the hair on your head this helps to stimulate the hair follicles resulting in new hair growth. When removing your eye make-up be sure not to cause any damage to the lashes. Gently soak a cotton pad in your chosen eye make-up remover and hold over the eye for a few seconds to let the remover penetrate. Then sweep downwards and away from you until all is removed. DO NO rub the lashes as this can cause fall out. Sleep! We all lose eyelashes when we sleep due to friction against pillows, rubbing our eyes, sleeping heavy on your side or front etc so just be aware of your sleep pattern. Maybe invest in a silk eye mask to protect against rubbing. 

6. Vitamins & Diet
We all know how having a well balanced, healthy diet contributes to our overall health, especially the health of our hair, skin and nails. Supplement your diet to make sure you get the right amount of vitamins crucial to helping our beauty regimes!

  • Vitamin B-3, stimulates eyelash growth.
  • Vitamin C, protects our body.
  • Vitamin E, protects the hair follicles against free radicals. 
  • Vitamin H, also known as Biotin, encourages eyelash growth. 
  • Calcium, this mineral aids eyelash growth & prevents breakage.
  • Hair, Skin & Nails combined supplements.
  • Oils, Olive oil and castor oil are both said to lengthen your lashes when applied with a clean mascara wand and left on overnight. After 2-3 months of consistant application you should start to see fuller, longer, healthier lashes, 

Don't give up your 'falsies' (as thats just absurd) but for those times when you need to be a little 'au natural' then at least you can relax a little bit more about doing so. Let me know if it helped!