“With Lip Maestro, we wanted to create pure, vibrant colours that fit with every complexion. Outstanding, luxurious colours enhanced in a luminous matte formula.” - Linda Cantello, Makeup Artist for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics 

Giorgio Armani introduces a new generation of lip colour with this intense, seductive, illuminating lip range. The first lip stain with a comfortable velvet texture and a radiant finish that is never dry. Lips appear instantly plumped, radiant, with a non-sticky texture that offers hours of hydration and comfort

Now how many beauty products claim to do what they actually do do nowadays? Not many I tell you. Its safe to say that I am obsessed with this product and shall be purchasing more for certain.

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro Shade Selections 

How to apply? Apply straight from the wand onto the lip. Its angled wand fits your lip shape perfectly. I apply to the bottom lip first then press my lips together as this provides enough for the top lip too. You can easily wear this with or without a lipliner as the shaped wand keeps you great control to follow the natural curve of the lip, giving you a precise finish, radiant, intense finish. 

I have the shade 402 - Its bright!!!! 
KelliLash, Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro 402
KelliLash, Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro 402
Reasons why you need this in your life ...
If your looking for a new, bold, luxurious lip colour or just fancy trying something new, then look no further - you NEED this is your life. This is the most amazing luxurious, lip colour in a cream/liquid formula that I have ever tried and there have been a few. I haven't been a big fan in the past of liquid lipsticks as I found they just never lived up to the hype and were always dry but this one exceeds all my expectations. They are a tad pricey but a worthy investment. 

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestros not only look the part but they act the part too. Now come on, who wouldn't be proud to pull this out from their handbag? The packaging doesn't let it down, its classy & sleek. The formulation of this is just incredible. The creamy, velvet formula simply glides over the lips and instantly provides intense colour so only a small amount is needed. It doesn't feel dry, it doesn't go patchy and I like that it doesn't transfer too much either onto glasses and cups etc, its just leaves a hint of a lip colour. This is handy if you happen to rub up against your clothing, then you haven't that fear of a huge red lip stain that shall probably ruin your clothing. 

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro 402 after 5 hours from application
Did I also mention, they actually last, as shown above. In this above picture, I had eaten, drunk, eaten some more, drank some more and how impressive that the stain certainly is still very much visible and still wearable. This Lip Colour has no underlying white base which means the colour stays utterly true to give that flawless look. How long it lasts exactly shall vary on each of us as our lips are all very different and some of us do more with them then others (*mwah*) But you shall be able to relax in the knowledge that this lip maestro shall last you the entire day or night with no need to re-apply. Instead you could just apply a lip balm or gloss over the stain if you wanted to bring it back to life some more or just add another coat for more intense colour. Perfect for any red carpet or red lip make-up look!

  • Available from £25.00/€35.00/$32.00 online here and from all Giorgio Armani Make-up counters & stockists. 
  • Visit here for more information on Giorgio Armani make up. 

Let me know what shades you recommend and love!