One brand that doesn't rest is surely Charlotte Tilbury. Launch after launch, where even I feel out of the loop sometimes so I think the best aim here is to be selective as not every item will be to your taste yet some could have your name written all over it. One recent launch that got me was the latest Pillow Talk instalment; a mascara! So much so I ordered it as soon as it launched (•own purchase) along with the Pillow Talk Jewel Lip Gloss ... its just sods laws that my order went missing and took a month to arrive but it's here now and boy to was worth the wait. 

Mascara will always gauge interest as most of us wear it so trying a new one is always exciting. There are many brands out there that are known for mascara (ie Lancome) because they have always got it right but I do feel Charlotte Tilbury isn't one of those brands, until maybe now that is. She has always been a tad hit and miss with mascara from knowing opinions in the industry. For instance, I loved CT Legendary Lashes 2 but not so much the original and Full-Fat lashes was nice but I don't rush back to it. 

So let's Talk Pillow Talk. A line of which Charlotte Tilbury is now very famous for being their highest selling lipstick shade as it appeals to so many skin tones and ages being that perfect everyday makeup shade. Within the Pillow Talk family, I love the Eye Palletes, especially the original quad, the blush, the beauty wand, Lipliner ... but not so much the original lipstick. There are just other shades in her range that suit my tone better. I am sure we all think "how much more can a range consist of?!" ... so I  guess it was only time before a mascara joined the Pillow Talk crew! 

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, Push Up Lashes Mascara 
I won't leave you dangling here as I will tell you this mascara is utterly superb and will go as far as saying it is now sitting on par with my beloved ByTerry No1 favourite; so let me tell you why you may just need to try it!

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, Push Up Lashes Mascara 

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes | £23/€25 (here) 

Designed to give lashes Length, Weightless Volume, Stretch and Vertical Lift. Smudge-proof, humidity-proof & no curlers needed!

Key Selling Points -

- INNOVATIVE BRUSH - the injection moulded, micro pro precision paddle brush with 'load, comb & lift’ technology lifts vertically painting each individual lash, even the tiniest ones! 

- The DIAMOND-SHAPED BRISTLES on each side of the brush follow the lash architecture, reading the fan of the lashes for a magnifying & amplifying eye-opening effect!

- PUSH UP LASH-LIFTING POLYMER – derived from the larch tree, this natural gummy stretch & flex film former helps create a push up vertical lift & hold of the lashes.

‘KERESTORE™ 2.0’ KERATIN – creates a super-strong conditioning effect on individual hair fibres to create a thicker-look and feel on the lashes.

- SUPER BLACK SHADE - the super jet black shade adds instant intensity, volume & definition, enhancing the look of your eye colour and your lashes.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, Push Up Lashes Mascara 
Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, Push Up Lashes Mascara 

Packaging/Wand/Formula ...

The packaging wins on every level, I mean why are we so used to mascara being in a black tube?! I want all of mine in a pink and rose gold one! It looks stunning and of course, coincides with the Pillow Talk/Tilbury theme and I do love the baby pink boxes that all of the Pillow Talk collection comes in as opposed to the burgundy packaging. The mascara feels so luxe and weighty which I really like. 

The unique wand is where I feel some people will fall. You do need to get to grips with it because it is pretty special in the way that it works. We all have a favourite style I would say like I prefer a plastic wand as opposed to a bristle one and like them smaller with a minimal product on them. This tube I have to say, dispenses the exact right amount of mascara so there is zero mess

This Wand is an injection moulded paddle brush that is this shape as it enables you to load up your lashes, comb the mascara through and then lift them up; even the teeny tiny lashes! The diamond-shaped bristles that you can see go from small to longer, help to fan out your natural lashes to give a more flattering, eye-opening look .. and it works amazingly well. The formula is super black, glossy and you can feel the 'stretch' within in as it just loves lashes. 

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, Push Up Lashes Mascara 

A TIP on how to APPLY!

Use the flat side to coat the lashes with mascara, then comb it through turning the wand to the bristle side then use flat middle part again to tight line your upper lash line as you move the brush the lashes and this will give the illusion of much thicker lashes! I wear contact lens and this step did not irritate at all.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, Push Up Lashes Mascara 

My Results

I have to say, for me, this mascara has totally 100% lived up to all the claims. Most importantly as the name suggests, it really does push your lashes up and they stay up. I personally did still curl my lashes even though they suggest 'you don't need to do', but I just always do. 

It adds length and volume which you can customise from natural to intense, grabs and defines every single lash, even the bottom ones, it doesn't imprint on the eyelids, it seriously lengthens and you can really build upon the formula without it getting clumpy or heavy; just make sure you comb it through. It feels soft and light and your lashes still feel like hair-like lashes, not twigs. I had no flaking,  no smudging and by the end of the day, it looked as good as it did from when it was first applied. Seriously that good. I wasn't expecting it I will admit!

I love the way the brush gives you a fanned out, fluttery lash look that is so flattering and feminine. The fact that it can tight line too is just genius as this is a trick I was taught many years ago in my years of working and is used by many pro makeup artists. I will say, just play around with it and when you get the hang of this mascara, it can really really work for you.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, Push Up Lashes Mascara 

Verdict .....

Going by other reviews that I have read already about this mascara, I know it will split opinion because mascaras always doI will add in that I do think the fact that I use lash serums to grow my lashes out really does add to the results of all mascaras. 

This mascara is for those who prefer fluttery, lifted and defined lashes as opposed to a mega false lash. The fact that you can customise the intensity helps as you can achieve a very natural look or add in some more and create more volume but this is definitely more lifting, lengthening and defining. I absolutely love it and am already planning to get a backup. If you were debating the try, and you've read this post .. do it! 

Lash Comparisons (my top 3 favourites for volume and length)

- BY TERRY LASH EXPERT still my holy grail No1 but Pillow Talk is on a par. They give quite a similar effect but ByTerry just gives you that ability to really customise by adding in bigger volume etc with the changeable brush but both great formulas (review here).

- HOURGLASS CAUTION a similar effect as it too has a diamond-shaped wand and weightless formula but you will get much more volume from Hourglass should you want bigger lashes plus the wand is round, not flat should you struggle with the Pillow Talk wand (review here).

- CT LEGENDARY LASHES 2 again a great formula and mascara to give more of a false lash effect as opposed to 'pushed up' lashes (review here).

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, Push Up Lashes Mascara 

Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips in Pillow Talk | £22/€24 (here)

Another new launch has been Charlottes Jewel Collection so I thought I would dip my toe and try out the Pillow Talk Jewel Gloss too as I use glosses religiously plus this looked a great everyday shade to use over my more nude/pink lipsticks. It is a hydrating, plump-effect Pillow Talk pink, glittering lip gloss with a stunning rose gold sparkle (worn in all the shots on this page and swatched as below) ... 

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, Push Up Lashes Mascara , Jewel Lips
I recently fell in love with the Lip Oil too which I highly recommend if you have not tried it yet! (reviewed here). The gloss is stunning; I mean the sparkly packaging had me anyway but the gloss itself is non-sticky, super hydrating and just has this beautiful glossy look that is so perfect and flattering to those wanting a little extra 'plump' to their lips like me. I actually prefer this tone of Pillow Talk much more than the lipstick as the rose gold fleck just lifts the tone making it less cool and little more warm-toned. Safe to say I want to try the other shades!!! 

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, Push Up Lashes Mascara 

The good news is that seeing as its 'that' time of year there are lots of lovely gift sets with the mascara and the bigger bonus is that they do a smaller size should you want to just test the water first! 

Available at... 

Thanks for reading! -
Hope it helped, Let me know if you try it! 

Kelly xx