This post was actually meant to be slightly different, showing you a collaboration that Good Housekeeping had with beauty company, Showcase Beauty who sadly recently went into administration so the box as such is no more. So, I was in a predicament because there is no point in me telling you about a good deal that you can't no longer buy BUT the products included are so worth the mention because not only are they really great products but they are all cruelty-free A-List beauty items and you can buy them individually regardless.

Treating your skin right with cruelty-free brands that care about their ingredients with suited ranges of organic, vegan, natural, allergen-free etc is not always easy to come across so I wanted to run through some that you may have not known about that I have enjoyed trying myself as I think they are worth the shout out. 
Clean Beauty
Good Housekeeping and Showcase Beauty 
NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist | £21/€26 (LOVE!) buy here!
Vegan • Pregnancy safe • Nut free • Gluten free
Blended with 14 essential oils to help you relax, the 100% natural and soothing scent of lavender paired with a touch of sweet basil and fresh jasmine will help you prepare for sleep. It uses Organic Alcohol, English Lavender Oil, Jasmine Oil, Chamomile Oil, Patchouli Oil and 10 other specially selected pure essential oils. This was the first Item I reached for and it truly did not disappoint. I do have other sleep sprays that I use often but this has taken the top spot. I love Neom as a brand anyhow so I knew I would love this and this feels more like a fine fragrance than a Pillow Mist, hence the quality is super luxurious. Needed by all I would imagine and definitely makes a lovely gift for anyone in need of some stress relief but hates strong fragrances at night because the essential oils do all the talking here. 

Good Housekeeping and Showcase Beauty 
Good Housekeeping and Showcase Beauty 
Grown Alchemist Hydra Repair Day Cream | £31/€37 buy here!
Organic • Pregnancy safe • Gluten-free
A deeply nourishing day cream which leaves the skin feeling hydrated without feeling greasy or leaving shine on the skin. Suitable for all skin types, this quickly absorbed, botanical rich cream contains camellia seed to lock in moisture and geranium blossom to calm irritated skins. I have been dying to try this range so look forward to trying my first ever product and from first impressions, it's ideal for my skin right now. 

Good Housekeeping and Showcase Beauty 
Jane Scrivner - Skinfoliate | €30/£26 (🌟 MY STAR PRODUCT!) buy here!
Vegan • Pregnancy safe • Gluten-free
Skinfoliate is a gentle exfoliator, rich in natural AHA and BHA acids, that naturally buffs away dead skin cells to reveal brighter, softer, smoother skin and a more youthful complexion. SKINFOLIATE is formulated to achieve multi-level exfoliation for daily use whilst regulating and maintaining our Acid Mantle. I love Jane Scrivener skincare as Jane herself kindly sent over a few products some time ago and have loved them ever since. Her cleansing balm and daily moisturising oil are some of my previous favourites. I was so excited to see this product be a part of the box as I am a huge fan of chemical exfoliators in general as opposed to manual versions as they are less harsh and work more effectively on the skin and work to keep it glowing without any hassle what so ever. Well, this was the star of the show for me as it worked from the first application. I mean, I was online ready to buy a back up because this is by far, my favourite exfoliating tonic I have used to date without a shadow of a doubt. You just know after one use that this is good and just a few drops on a cotton pad, a few times a week is all it takes for this to work some serious skin magic that I have seen big results in my own skin. If you are lacking any kind of exfoliation in your skincare routine, this brings the glow to your skin and helps with texture and smoothness without irritation or harshness. This is my winner and a product that I will continue to use in my routine. 

Good Housekeeping and Showcase Beauty 
Cruelty-Free Makeup Options 

Studio 10 Lip Perfecting Balm Gloss - Bellini | £23/€27 buy here!
Vegan • Pregnancy safe • Gluten-free
A universally flattering, sheer peachy-gold gloss that warms the skin tone, glides on effortlessly and is non-sticky and won’t transfer. With the highest quality skincare ingredients, this helps lips to feel nourished whilst looking perfectly plumped all day long.

Dr. Lipp, Tint - Red Radish | £7/€9 buy here!
Pregnancy safe • Gluten free
With 100% natural ingredients, this famous cult lip balm has over 100 uses and surely hydrates and repairs while giving a gentle, day-time tint achieved through 100% natural vegetable pigments. I have been a long term fan to Dr Lipp and have mentioned them several times here on the blog, and the original balm especially is just an everyday essential for every emergency!! 

MEMI, Lash To Lash - Carbon Black£11/€13 buy here!
Vegan • Pregnancy safe • Nut-free
Define, curl and lengthen your lashes with this carbon black vegan mascara will coat every single lash giving you flawless, water-resistant and smudge-free lashes. It is hard to find fully vegan makeup brands, especially mascara so I think this will appeal to many people who are fully plant-based today.  

Good Housekeeping and Showcase Beauty 
Evolve Beauty, Satin Body Gloss | £21/€26 buy here!
Organic • Vegan
Add a bit of sheen to winter skin with this non-sticky body shimmer – the subtle gold particles are perfect for photos and parties. Formulated with organic camellia seed, bisabolol and castor oil to add a satin gloss shine to the skin. Massage onto limbs to reveal a glossy, shiny finish! This is just GORGEOUS and so easy to apply being a liquid ... with an additional spray nozzle for even easier application! 

Good Housekeeping and Showcase Beauty 
Vita Liberata, Beauty Blur Skin Tone Optimiser | Travel Size buy here!
Organic • Vegan • Pregnancy safe • Nut-free
This ‘do-it-all’ skin tone optimiser will enhance and perfect your complexion giving you a healthy, dewy glow. A makeup multi-tasker to prime and blur imperfections and give you a natural tint which is certified organic and good for your skin. This I cannot wait to use as I thought Vita Liberata only made body tans and this sounds perfect because who doesn't want some real-life filter action/blurring? I do!

Good Housekeeping and Showcase Beauty 
Lumity, 7 Day Supplement Pack | Trial Size buy here!
Nut free • Gluten free
Award-winning day and night supplements to support the body’s natural repair processes and nourish skin, hair and nails. Specialising in age-defying skin solutions, Lumity has garnered a skin-savvy cult following (including the likes of Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie, Helena Christensen and many more) who faithfully take the Day & Night Nutritional Supplements to support their bodies and skin from the inside out. A ground-breaking, powerful combination, this two-step team of high-quality omegas, minerals and vitamins, this advanced blend grants endless benefits. Unlike many other supplements, it’s formulated without binding agents, fillers, coatings, preservatives & flavourings. You do need to take 3xpills a day which is quite a lot if like me you hate taking pills that you swallow but it's worth the try for the results ... so will let you know!

Clean Beauty 
I am so impressed by this collection of products and brands such as Neom, Jane Scrivener, Grown Alchemist etc as they are so luxurious, effective and in high demand right now and appeal to many age groups and like I said, those who are aiming to use all CLEAN BEAUTY will appreciate. This is why I had to give them all a mention here on the blog and shout out to these brands.

Any favourite products or brands spotted?