That well known saying of having a bad hair day is very real because I for one know that if my hair is misbehaving then it will 100% affect the way I feel that day. This may indeed seem very vain and unimportant to some but for a lot of us, hair is part of our identity so I try and do all that I can to make it look and feel the best it can. I would love to be that girl who can rock a two second messy top knot and look fabulous but I can't. Therefore I need appliances and products that do a good job and I feel I have found my mechanical dream team.

I actually fly back and forth to the UK to see my hairdresser as he has done my hair now for about 12 years and we all know how hard it is to find a good one so when you do, you hold on to them! I have had some hair disasters here in Monaco believe it or not so I take no chances.

I always get lots of lovely compliments on my hair which I am always so grateful for, hence I thought I would let you into my styling secrets to run though my top three hair appliances that I use on my hair and truly believe them to be the best of the best. For me, Dyson, GHD and Lee Stafford take all the stress out of styling and give nothing but a professional finish.

Hair tools, Dyson, Lee Stafford Rainbow wand, GHD Styler 
My Hair ... naturally fine and fair and highlighted to lift my natural blonde colour. It is poker straight but goes like cotton wool when left to dry naturally so I always have to blow dry it, then straighten for sleekness ..... oh and getting a curl to stay in it is always a challenge!

I love to change how I wear my hair now it's longer so I switch from either straight to waved or big bouncy curls depending on the occasion but most days when I am working from home it is simply tied up in a pony tail or on my head in a clip (sorry to shed the illusion of being glam 24/7!) but these are the tools that help my hair to do all that .... 

Hair tools, Dyson, Lee Stafford Rainbow wand, GHD Styler 
Hair tools, Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer
The DYSON Supersonic Hairdryer, £300 (link here!)
I am sure that if you don't already own this hairdryer then you would have heard about it. I remember the news of "dyson doing a £400 hairdryer' and thinking WTH?! I read so many reviews about it online because as badly as I really wanted one, the price tag just seemed insane when I was actually very happy with my GHD AirDryer at the time. I put it off until my lovely husband bought me one as a gift and I swear to you now, this is by far the best hair dryer I have ever, ever owned in my lifeSo let's get a little technical first up ... 

Dyson had a total re-think about the way that hair dryers are designed then enlisted a hair 'a-team' to create a light, efficient, easy to use dryer that powerfully dries hair whilst styling it too. The change has transformed the shape as we know a hairdryer with the motor being in the handle which rebalances the shape and weight allowing us to be able to dry our hair longer without getting arm ache. (Hands up who always did? ME!). The V9 motor spins up to 110,000 times per minute making it super fast but quiet! The heat is cleverly regulated to keep the temperature under control so that it never burns but instead gives hair unbelievable shine. If you want to see more then check out this amazing video about the design and testing process here. Each dryer comes with the most ideal and perfect accessories such as two magnetic nozzles for smoothing and styling, a magnetic diffuser, carry case and rubber grip mat. The buttons are well positioned, easy to use and you shall see LED lights show up when it is switched on. The filter is actually located in the bottom of the handle which hardly ever needs cleaning out. 

Hair tools, Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

Hair tools, Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer
This is without a doubt, 100% worth that hefty price tag. It is not until you use this dryer that you are convinced on the spot, to the point that no other hair dryer will do even if you think your current favourite dryer is good enough. Drying my hair usually takes AGES (ask anyone) at least a good hour from start to finish which I thought wasn't that bad considering it used to take even longer before the GHD Airdryer. The Dyson is not only well designed to the point where I no longer get arm ache but I can dry and style my hair start to finish in about 30-40 mins ... I repeat, including straightening or curling! Not only does this supersonic dry your hair but it styles it at the same time too; it smoothes and straightens, making the styling part afterwards easier than ever and cuts the time in half. I simply love how quiet the dryer is aswell as the design, the lightweight feel, the buttons and even the attachments as they just magnetise on. The Dyson team really did think of everything

I honestly was not expecting it to be this impressive but turns out, it is. I actually now hate to dry my hair without it which is why it comes everywhere with me now! 

I say this in all honestly that the Dyson is not an essential to all because yes it is very expensive and certainly won't be in everybody's budget or even a priority but if you are someone who would invest and just needed an honest opinion then it's absolutely worth the investment because once you have it, you shall never pick up another hair dryer again

Now onto waves and curls .... 
Hair Tools, Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Wand
Hair Tools, Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Wand
The Lee Stafford RAINBOW SHINE WAND, £35 (link here!)
My hair (annoyingly) doesn't like to be curled. It does that annoying thing where you have lovely bouncy curls for all of half an hour before it drops out and you just look like you haven't been bothered to dry your hair, when in fact I took ages to get that result. I have drawers full of curling wands; fat ones, thin ones, curly ones, cheap ones, expensive ones ..... but I have now found my soul mate (in curling wand terms). I was in fact gifted this for review last year and had no expectation whatsoever seeng as I was just repelling them, so when this actually freaking worked, I held it up to the air like something from the Lion King.
Hair Tools, Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Wand
Hair Tools, Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Wand
Not only does the rainbow wand look amazing but it actually is just that. The special rainbow electroplated finish makes this very unique. It has a clipless 25mm barrel (which I love!) which is better suited for giving glamorous waves and big bouncy curls. You simply wrap a section of hair around the barrel and release, it's that easy. It heats up to a good 220ºc and is so easy to hold and use. Another plus is the cable is a good 3metres long as there is noting more annoying than a short cable. There is also a heat proof glove included but I find it easier to use without. 

Last year I bought the GHD Soft Curl Tong 32mm (£120 as above) and being GHD I thought it would be amazing seeing as I am a loyal straightener user but sadly I just couldn't get it to work for my hair. After half an hour of having lovely glamorous curls, I was left with semi-straight hair which was very disappointing. I found the clip to be a tad fiddly so I think the wave wand may have been a better option to be fair. In comparison, the Rainbow Wand is so much cheaper (£35!) and works for my hair so it really is all about trial and error and 'expensive' not always being the better option. 

When you see my hair curled or loosely waved, it shall be this little hair gem behind the look as I get so many compliments on my hair when I have used this!

Hair Tools, Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Wand, GHD Styler
GHD Straightener, around £130 (link here!)
I have always been a GHD straightener girl and have spoken about them before many a time because for me, they are the best. I have lost count on how many pairs I have owned over the years and I have about three sets at this present moment in time in use as I keep one in each location that I travel back and forth too. That is how much of an essential they are to my life! 

I love GHD's because as well as making my hair super sleek they are so lightweight which is great for travel, they have a universal voltage and they heat up insanely quick with an added safety switch off function which is a huge help for times when you can't remember if you switched them off?! The plates glide through hair which means you hold the heat on your hair for less time which is less damaging. I do actually use them to curl my hair too but I just prefer the looser wave effect that the Rainbow Wand gives. 

My rose gold set are of course my favourite pair and I find however much they change the styler version, they are still just as good and they last you years, which is why they are worth the money. 

Hair Tools, Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Wand, GHD Styler
I also wanted to mention a few key products that I swear by ... 

I have been an Elnett Hairspray (here!girl for years and years and no other hairspray comes close for me. I like that you get no stickiness, no heavy feel and no crispness yet it holds you hair in place, smells amazing and best of all, brushes right out! Personal friends that have grown up with me know that this hairspray is just me. I have mini cans for my handbags and the large ones for home! I even have back stocks and I am yes, a little obsessed. Safe to say, you shall always have hairspray if your in my company. 

The Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo (£4.99, 200ml here!) was a new find thanks to my mother in law buying me a can and since then I have repeat purchased time and time again as it's under £5! I have to say, I love Batiste dry shampoo as being very fair I don't mind the white residue that it gives as it adds to my highlights but I find after one day of using it, my hair will then need a wash as it builds up too much in my fine hair, but this one from Lee Stafford doesn't. It is less powdery yet really works and smells divine! Definitely worth a try.

If you are looking for ultimate luxury in Dry Shampoo then look no further than the Immaculate Spray from Bardou (£15, 200ml here!). This is actually amazing. The Spray seems to texturise your hair, adding body and volume as well as refreshing it and the formula is enriched with keratin to nourish at the same time. It really is one of my favourites that I tend to save for more special occasions when I want to add some grit and body into my hair for a day/night out rather than just be sat home! [Use code KELLYS10 for 10% off here]

Hair Tools, Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Wand, GHD Styler
As far as appliances go, Dyson and GHD are indeed investments, so you can hopefully rest in the knowledge to hear that they are indeed worth the money. Plus it is nice to know there are amazing affordable options out there too like the Lee Stafford Rainbow Wand, which would always make a great gift; they all would! 

Hair Tools, Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Wand, GHD Styler, Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer
Are you hair obsessed?
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