Caudalie is a brand I know and love well because they are simply a breath of fresh air. Their  extensive product line respects the environment and avoids all nasties with their main ingredients coming from the grape (i.e. grapeseed oil, grape water, polyphenols) which is how most of us associate them. It's like putting on your favourite pair of slippers with Caudalie; you feel comfortable, at home and you trust them.  I speak a lot about Caudalie as I have used their products for years and I never lose excitement for them. 

This month, Caudalie are running a campaign encouraging us all to 'Mix it Up' which represents changing your skincare to suit your skin's need, which is something I always advise when giving skincare consultations. As well as using different products on different days, did you know you can in fact 'mix' products together as opposed to using them separately, to give your skin results that you may not have realised were possible?

Ok. Your skin has different needs everyday, as do we, so why cleanse it in the same way everyday? We may need to 'pick n mix' sometimes to discover what textures, feels, scents and results that our skin may need on that particular day. I always say don't let your skincare routine be boring, look forward to it and make it a ritual not a chore so by changing it up, it becomes exciting everyday! 

Caudalie Skincare
To demonstrate, I thought I would chat through a few of Caudalie's HERO products that just so happen to be some of my favourites so I can tell explain tips on how you can combine products and 'mix it up' for fast results.

FYI! The entire Caudalie Cleansing line has been repackaged and is still as sleek and clean looking as ever and the best thing of all is that the Make-up Removing Cleansing Oil is in a NEW 150ml size (instead of 100ml) for the same price! Good times. 
Caudalie Skincare
• The *NEW* Make-up Removing Cleansing Oil, 150ml (buy here!)
This Make-Up Removing Cleansing Oil for face and eyes works quickly to dissolve all types of make up including stubborn waterproof, whilst taking care to remove impurities and clean your skin. The 100% blend of natural plant oils are designed to nourish and soften your skin without leaving it feeling greasy and all with a gorgeous light sweet almond scent which is what draws me into this oil even more. My skin is normal/combination and for me, cleansing oils and balms are my absolute favourite type of cleanser to use as I find them the most effective and this one is a dream. It cleanses really thoroughly removing all traces of make up in one cleanse, does not irritate the eye area or feel too heavy and leaves your skin feeling super soft and nourished. What more could you ask for in a cleanser? All skin types shall really enjoy this one as it ticks all the boxes for doing what a cleanser should do.

* Want to try it for yourself? Then stay tuned to the end of this post where you can get A FREE SAMPLE! *
Caudalie Skincare
• The Over Night Detox Oil, 30ml (buy here!)
This is a dry oil, rich in Omega 6 and Vitamin E that allows your skin to regenerate at night. Ideal for skin which is exposed to stress, pollution, UV rays and other free radical damage. The oil helps to detoxify and smooth the skin so you wake up looking refreshed. Let me tell you,  after using this oil, you really do! Infused with anti-oxidant Grape-seed, regenerating Rose Hip, purifying Neroli, smoothing Lavender and detoxifying Carrot Oils, this is 100% plant based and promotes cell renewal and eliminates toxins. 

I have spoken fully about this oil already before (here) as it really is one of my favourite night treatment oils to use on my skin because it is so unique. The scent is divine, the texture is super light and non-greasy, it absorbs almost instantly into your skin, doesn't break your skin out like some other 'detox' skincare products do and it leaves your skin looking radiant, soft and glowing. I mean, what more can you possibly ask for from a face oil; it ticks every box. I am always concerned about what damage the environment is doing to my skin so the fact I can slather my skin in anti-oxidants makes me feel a lot more protected! This works for all skin types and drier skins could even layer this up with the serum and moisturiser should you want or need to but this is a product you really must try because I know it has rather the fan club. 

Caudalie Skincare
• The Glycolic Peel, 75ml (buy here!)
This magic peel (because it is) helps to tighten pores and restore radiance to any complexion that is looking dull and tired ... hands up?! The gentle formula boosts skin to give immediate radiance which makes you look brighter and more youthful (yes please). It also helps to reduce dark spots and  pigmentation and even better, is suitable for all skinsI always carry a mini travel size of this one in my skincare bag whenever I travel as it guarantees to stop my skin looking dull from the perils of travel. It's so easy to use yet gives instant results which is why once again, the range is faultless.

Caudalie Skincare
• The Instant Foaming Cleanser, 50ml Travel Size (buy here!)
This is a soap-free, light and airy foam cleanser containing moisturising grape extract, sage to purify the skin and chamomile to soothe it; all together it helps to restore a lost radiance. I am not usually a 'foam fan' and avopid them where possible as I find them too drying but this is a rare one that I actually like and enjoy using because it doesn't strip my skin or leave it feeling tight like others I have used in the past. My little hack is to add in a drop of oil cleanser to make it a little more nourishing on drier skin days as I am about to tell you .... 

Did you know you can mix your skincare together?  .... I do it all the time!
• Mix Oil + Foam = for a silkier lather.
• Mix Foam + Exfoliator = for a whipped texture to deep clean & add radiance.
• Mix Milk + Foam = a creamy combo for skins that need extreme comfort.
• Mix Foam + Oil = to clean and focus on a targeted problem like congestion, sensitivity etc.

So, let's Mix it Up! If time is an issue for you then a few simple steps can make the world of difference to your skin. 
Caudalie Skincare
MIX Cleansing Oil + Foaming Cleanser = makes a silky lather that suits sensitive skin. 
If you are sensitive but you like the feel of a foaming wash, adding in some oil cleanser shall make cleansing a lot more nourishing and soothing but with the feel of a foam! 

Caudalie Skincare
MIX Foaming Cleanser + Glycolic Peel = makes the ultimate radiance cleanser.
If you need to boost your glow as well as cleanse then why not do both if you don't have time!
Caudalie Skincare
MIX Foaming Cleanser + Overnight Detox Oil = a cleanser to target congestion skin.
Add in a few drops of the oil into your cleanser which shall then help to detox your skin as you cleanse.

Try it, it may make the world of difference believe me!

I had to add in two other latest products that I have been trying from Caudalie that I feel have been making a valuable difference to my skin ....

Caudalie Skincare
The Premier Cru Eye Cream Set, 15ml (+ Precious Oil 10ml & Cream 15ml) (buy here!)
This is a very luxurious eye cream that has been designed to brighten, firm, smooth wrinkles and  reduce puffiness and darkness using soft pigments. It feels incredibly soothing on the eyes and is perfect for any time when your eyes are feeling dry and a tad dull as this shall get to work almost instantly. I have to say so far, so good as I always seem to get great results from Caudalie eye creams as the Vine[ACtiv] has been a real favourite ever since I reviewed it last year and I continue to still use that one in my routine. So if you are looking into new eye creams then maybe consider them as they get my vote. 

You can currently purchase the eye cream in this cute limited edition set which then gives you two luxury sized samples to try too; I'm so glad as I was dying to try the Precious Oil! 

Caudalie French Kiss
Caudalie French Kiss
• French Kiss, Lip Balms (buy here!)
I have again already spoken about these amazing lip balms on my other media pages and have since ended up buying multiple balms for friends as gifts! These lip balms not only look so damn cute but literally melt on to your lips, with a taste of vanilla and add a touch of colour. They contain a blend of Beeswax, Aloe Vera and Sunflower Oil to hydrate and soften the skin. If you haven't yet tried them then I highly recommend you do because it's that one product that we all seem to have in your stocks and they are such a great price for such a luxury balm.

Caudalie Skincare
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Caudalie have kindly offered all my lovely UK readers/followers the chance to claim a free 3ml sample of their latest Make-up Removing Cleansing Oil. Stocks are limited so act fast if you want to try it for yourself .... why not, it's entirely free! 

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Do you mix it up
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