11 April 2018

Clarins Super Beauty Gift • Which 4 will you choose?

Clarins is a brand that holds fond memories for me having worked and grown up within the beauty industry. I mean Beauty Flash Balm and Eau Dynamisante were life back in the day! When I was a teenager, Clarins was the 'it' brand and my mums collection was goals to me. I remember sneaking a try of her Clarins foundation then saving up my money to buy one for myself ... or adding to my Birthday and Christmas lists. As I got older, in my eyes the best job of all was to work on the Clarins counter. I idolised those girls in their white and red dresses as I so badly wanted to be one of them! I know, it's funny me saying that now seeing how my career panned out because at the time Clarins had no positions available which led to me getting my first beauty job working for La Prairie leading to a great career; so I guess it was fate. In fact, I worked near to the Clarins counter and got lots of free goodies from my friend so it all worked out for the best!

Clarins is one of the original beauty brands that is still going strong because it is a brand we all recognise and those who have used it for years, still continue to do so. I have never really been a fan of their skincare I have to admit as I never found anything that really worked for me but I am a big fan nevertheless of their make-up, body care line and suncare range; now those products to me are still as brilliant and as luxurious as ever. 

Clarins Gift with Purchase 

I was obsessed with the Tonic Body line as the scent for me was everything. My go to products back in the day were always the Tonic Body Lotion and Body Balm, Relax Bath, Eau Dynamisante, Eau Resourcante, Sunscreen and the Radiance Plus Glow for face .. now that was legendary (and yes back then it did smell of fake tan!). I do however love and use the more up to date version, Radiance Plus Glow Booster drops (review here!) as they are superb if you want to add a little bit of colour to your face, as you simply add a few drops to your moisturiser.

In more recent times, if you follow me well then you shall know that I am addicted to the Clarins Lip Perfectors (my shade being No5), Lip Oils and Fix Make-up Setting Spray. I use them all daily and I re-purchase them all time and time again. 

Clarins Lip Perfectors 
Clarins Lip Oils
The Clarins Gift with Purchase (GWP) is something that always entices anyone to stock up on their favourites because who doesn't like a freebie? Their GWP always offers amazing luxury sizes, that come in handy for holidays especially!

House of Fraser are currently hosting and for me, they have always been one of my favourite department stores to go to because their beauty department is fantastic as they offer some real exclusive/cult brands that are sometimes hard to access, plus they sell them online too which helps me out a lot. They kindly sent over the Clarins gift options so that I could pick my favourites and tell you a bit more about them which may help if you were looking to stock up on your Clarins favourites.

Clarins Gift with Purchase , House of Fraser
The Clarins Super Beauty Gift is on at selected HOF stores until the 14th April (so act fast!) and you get to choose 4 free beauty products worth around £54 when you buy two or more Clarins Products, with one being skincare. The gift choices are as follows:- 

• Gentle Eye Make Up Remover 50ml;
• Water Comfort One Step Cleanser 100ml;
• Gentle Refiner 30ml;
• Beauty Flash Balm 30ml;
• Hydra-Essentiel Serum 15ml;
• Extra Firming Serum 10ml;
• Super Restorative Serum 10ml;
• Exfoliating Body Scrub 100ml;
• Moisture Rich Body Lotion 100ml;
• Foot Beauty Treatment Cream 50ml;
• Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate 100ml;
• Tonic Body Treatment Oil 30ml.

I have divided up the face and body options to make it a little easier and picked out a few of my personal favourites should you need a little helping hand to decide on what 4 to opt for!

Clarins Gift with Purchase , House of Fraser
The Skincare choices (as above) are Gentle Eye Make Up Remover 50ml; Water Comfort One Step Cleanser 100ml; Gentle Refiner 30ml; Beauty Flash Balm 30ml; Hydra-Essentiel Serum 15ml; Extra Firming Serum 10ml; Super Restorative Serum 10ml.

Clarins Gift with Purchase , House of Fraser
The Body Care choices (as above) are Exfoliating Body Scrub 100ml; Moisture Rich Body Lotion 100ml; Foot Beauty Treatment Cream 50ml; Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate 100ml; Tonic Body Treatment Oil 30ml.

A few of my top picks .... 
Clarins Bath and Shower Concentrate 
- Relax Bath and Shower Concentrate here (100ml) smells heavenly and takes me back! It is a concentrated treatment, so only a capful is needed, that activates with the heat of the bath/shower water to soothe, relax and cleanse your mind and body. Scented with Basil and Camomile, it really does help to relax you after a stressful day. One for all bathrooms I say. 

Clarins Tonic Body Oil
- Tonic Body Treatment Oil here (30ml) is still a product I have in my stocks today. This is their best selling firming body oil that is key to preventing stretch marks. It's 100% pure plant extracts including Rosemary, Geranium and Mint help to firm, tone and improve the smoothness of your skin. Should I ever be pregnant, this shall be the oil I will be slathering on as its safe for all! It smells like a dream and I highly recommend you make this oil one of your four being a good 30ml size, or purchase the full size as one of your two or more! 

Clarins One Step Cleanser
- One Step Cleanser, Normal/Dry Skin here (100ml) is a really easy way to cleanse if you hate splashing water on to your face yet like the fresh feel of water. It smells of peaches and is really refreshing and cooling; great if you are pushed for time as it takes seconds to cleanse your skin this way. I personally like to use this one in summer when I need to freshen up my skin before applying make-up.

Clarins Intensive Bi-phase Serum
- Intensive Moisture Quenching Bi-Phase Serum here (15ml) is a light, intensely hydrating bi-phase serum that instantly quenches your skins thirst. The whole Hydra-Essential line is always raved about within the beauty world so I was really excited to try this one as like I said before, I don't usually use Clarins for skincare but this one is really good. It hydrates your skin beautifully and makes it glow! Hydrating serums are so my thing, I love them as I live in constant climate change so they are very valuable to my daily skincare routine. 
Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
- Beauty Flash Balm here (30ml) is probably what Clarins is most well known for! This is cult and whether you use it or not, you know about it. Essentially a radiance boosting cream that helps to wake your skin up in a 'flash'. It helps to moisturise, brighten, tighten and relax the skin so you look more refreshed. It really was one of a kind and the original skin booster! I think it is one of those cult classics you have to pick up, and such a great size too should you need one for travel or you want to try it for the first time! 

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
- Moisture Rich Body Lotion here (100ml) again for me, another classic that I have used and loved for years. The scent is so Clarins being a mix of Peach, Shea, Orange Blossom and Candlenut oil. This is an anti-aging body lotion that helps the skin on your body to be smoother and hydrated. Even though it is classed as 'rich' the formula soaks in beautifully and doesn't feel sticky or greasy at all. I adore it and if you love anything body related and have never tried this one, then you really should.

I guess this would be my four ..... (although it's so tough!) 

Gentle Eye Make Up Remover 50ml;
Water Comfort One Step Cleanser 100ml;
Gentle Refiner 30ml;
Beauty Flash Balm 30ml;
Hydra-Essentiel Serum 15ml;
Extra Firming Serum 10ml;
Super Restorative Serum 10ml;
Exfoliating Body Scrub 100ml;
Moisture Rich Body Lotion 100ml;
Foot Beauty Treatment Cream 50ml;
Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate 100ml;
Tonic Body Treatment Oil 30ml.

Clarins Gift with Purchase , House of Fraser
I have to say, writing this post has re-ignited my love for Clarins which is what makes this job so rewarding and I even discovered that my beloved Tonic Body Line is still available online ... I'm buying

If you need to stock up on your skincare for the summer, replenish your SPF's, treat someone to a gift or simply just treat yourself and rediscover the brand as I have .... now would be a good time. 

Clarins Gift with Purchase , House of Fraser
If you want to take advantage then head down to *selected House of Fraser stores now (online here!) until 14th April ... to pick out your 4! Hope this post helps. 

So tell me, 
what is your favourite Clarins product

* Selected UK Stores; Guildford, Glasgow, Oxford Street, Edinburgh, Manchester, Richmond, Cheltenham, Birmingham, Bath, London City *


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